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Drabble: Inversion

Title: Inversion
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: R
Type: Yaoi, Drabble, General
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Word Count: 474
Summary: It wasn't something they had meant to happen; never should have happened...






It wasn’t something they had meant to happen; never should have happened.  The late night meeting on the deserted street was unexpected and the forced conversation had been strained; but, somehow, it had led to a lewd and base offer, and an acceptance that was hesitantly eager.


They both knew it shouldn’t happen; both knew it was wrong—forbidden.  But the illicitness brought an attraction to one, and the other had indulged in too many taboos to concern himself with the consequences.  This was nothing.  This would bring pleasure and perhaps a little pain, but nothing close to what he’d known before.


The darkness hid hesitation until they began.  The touches and caresses were soft in the beginning, belaying the uncertainty each felt for the sin they were about to commit, but that didn’t last long as passion flared hot into a scorching need that overtook their senses and rational minds.  It wasn’t love that had prompted the offer for what they were doing.  No, it had been pure and unadulterated lust mixed with an unnatural attraction; something that represented itself in the gloom-filled interior that rang with the moans, shouts, and exclamations of pleasure and gratification that accompanied such elicit and stimulating sensations.


Experience and ignorance intermingled as the older of the two penetrated the physical shell and the younger infiltrated the soul of the one who would take the thing he could only give once—a truth that neither regretted.  There was hot breath on sweaty skin, exclamations of an aroused hunger that couldn’t be satiated only once, lips joining and tongues fighting for dominance and control—something they both desired, yet something neither could ever quite capture before it became unimportant. 


Fine, black hair mingled delicately with long, blond hair—coarse in feel as its owner was in temperament and word.  They touched and fondled greedily as their slick bodies moved together.  There was cool metal against warm skin, and the belief that although no nerves inhabited the false extremities, he could still feel the other as well as with the natural limbs he possessed.


A series of climaxes dotted the night, like stars in the sky.  Some were brighter than others, yet each shed light and understanding; each was tasted with eagerness and enjoyed to its fullness.


And then there was rest; an entity all in itself.  It set the glue that they’d applied to their new understanding of each other; and, in the morning, they both knew that this wouldn’t be the end of a one time secret, never to be revealed, but the beginning of something that, in time, they would share with the world, whether the world wanted to know or not.

Tags: drabble, stories
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