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Blind Obsession - Chapter 8

Title: Blind Obsession
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: NC17
Type: Yaoi with a small dash of het, Smut with a side order of plot, AU—Ed is 17 and Al has his body back.
Warnings: Smut, Language, Various Kinks
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Summary: Roy finds Ed having some ‘fun’ with himself, and decides to include himself in the entertainment without letting Ed know it’s him.

Chapter Listing Here

Blind Obsession


Experimental Luxuria

“Hi, Ed!”

Ed looked up from the volumetric flask to see a boy with blond hair looking interestedly at the equipment on the table. Pulling his safety goggles from over his eyes and letting them rest on his head, Ed said, “Hey, Fletcher.”

Fletcher Tringham, Russell’s younger brother, turned his attention to Ed and grinned widely. “Whad’r you workin’ on?”

Ed smiled and began explaining the tedious and boring process in the most exciting way possible; and Fletcher, for his part, asked all the right questions to urge the inflated explanation forward.

“You want to give me a hand?” Ed offered, and was pleased to see Fletcher’s face light up with excitement.


“I don’t think so,” a voice said behind them. They both turned to see Russell standing there with his arms folded and a scowl on his face.

“But, brother!” Fletcher whined.

Ed glanced from one to the other, knowing that whatever Russell decided, was what would happen. Not only because he was in charge of this particular section of the lab, but because he was in charge of Fletcher. Their father had abandoned them when they were younger and ended up getting himself killed. As for their mother... Ed didn’t know. Neither talked of her and Ed could only suppose she’d either left them to fend for themselves or she’d died as well.

Either way, Russell had become the pseudo parent. It was something Ed understood—him being the older brother without parents—though he and Al were far too close in age for Ed to have taken on a parenting role.

The two Tringham brothers had many more similarities in looks than Ed did with Al. Their hair was the same color; they had facial features that, though different by age, were quite alike; their eye color was the same... hell, even their eyebrows were similar.

In temperament, the two weren’t similar at all. Russell was... well, he was very intelligent, but he was an arrogant ass. Not much more to say about that. Fletcher, though, was a fun kid to be around. He was very bright, loved alchemy, and—most importantly in Ed’s opinion—he liked Ed and thought he was brilliant. Yes, the kid definitely had good judgment. It was too bad he’d been born as Russell’s younger brother.

“Absolutely not,” Russell proclaimed with a note of finality. “Where’s your lab coat? You know you’re supposed to be wearing one when you come here. And safety goggles!” Russell’s mothering brought a heavy sigh and a roll of the eyes from Fletcher. Lifting an arm, Russell pointed toward the door. “Go get them on now.”

“But I’m not going to be here that long,” Fletcher countered as he turned to do what Russell had told him to.

Ed was about to turn back to his work when Russell rounded on him. “And you! This isn’t a playground! Do not invite my brother to help you with your work!”

“He’s old enough,” Ed reasoned. “When I was his age—”

“When you were his age, you were stupid enough to try human transmutation and lost your younger brother his body,” Russell hissed in a quieter tone so that he wouldn’t be over heard. “Maybe you don’t care about your younger brother’s safety, but I care about mine.”

Ed narrowed his eyes. “That was low...” he growled. The words stung, but he knew Russell had a right to be concerned. There had been two accidents in the past month; one caused by carelessness, and one by an unstable factor. Luckily no one had died, but four people were injured and three of them had been taken off the team permanently.

Bringing a hand up to the bridge of his nose, Russell closed his eyes for a moment and gave a small sigh. “I know... I’m sorry...” he muttered. Dropping his hand, Russell folded his arms and looked around the large room. “Look,” he said, not looking at Ed. “I... I guess I’m still a little upset about those two incidents... I promised myself when I took this position that there wouldn’t be any accidents on my watch.”

Ed noticed Fletcher come back into the lab; wearing goggles and a lab coat that was far too big on him. He started toward them, but Russell shook his head and pointed toward his office. Fletcher gave an exaggerated fold of his body as if to say he was so picked on, then started for the office, greeting other lab workers on his way.

“I took this job for Fletcher,” Russell said unexpectedly. Ed turned his attention to Russell, who was still watching Fletcher. “I wanted him to have something stable, you know? Something better... I was really lucky to have landed this job. It pays great and I’ll have a chance to get a different government job after this project is complete.”

Russell was quiet for a moment, seemingly lost in thought, then turned to Ed. “It’s important that I protect him, and that nothing happens so that we’re separated. If an accident happened while Fletcher was here and he got hurt... or if I got hurt or killed...” He trailed off, then said, “I just don’t want any more accidents. I want everyone to practice safe working habits. You understand, don’t you?”

Ed glanced quickly toward Russell’s office door. Fletcher was inside and no longer visible. Yes, he understood... He’d feel the same way if his and Russell’s positions were reversed. Hell, he had been in that situation before; wanting to protect Al and fearing separation.

“Yeah, okay, I get it,” Ed said in an offhand manner. “Is this the part where you say that if I fuck up you’ll put me over your knee and spank me?”

“I’ll do better than that,” Russell said, rolling his eyes.

Better than spanking? You must be amazing, Ed thought in wry amusement. The thought of having any type of sexual relations with Russell wasn’t immediately desirable; yet, as Ed eyed his temporary supervisor, he had to admit that it wouldn’t be too horrible either. Russell was pretty good looking, even if he was a complete and utter fuckwad.

“I’ll write your ass up,” Russell continued, and flicked a finger at the safety goggles on Ed’s head. “Put those back on and get back to work,” he said irritably, then started toward his office.

Ed rolled his eyes, then watched Russell’s ass as he walked. Bringing the goggles down, he shook his head and turned back to his work. Yeah, Russell wasn’t bad in the looks department, but unless the opportunity jumped out at him and bit him on the nose, there was no way in hell Ed would ever bring it up.


Roy glanced up when he heard a knock on his office door. Glancing at the clock, he smirked and called, “Come in.” The door instantly opened and Ed trudged into the room. He looked tired and, by the sour look on his face, irritable. Sitting back in his chair, Roy said, “I always look forward to your smiling face and cheerful presence. My office just lights up when you walk in—”

“Shut the hell up,” Ed growled.

Being as obvious as he could, Roy scratched lightly at his own neck in the same spot Ed had a particularly dark hickey from their most recent fuck session. “With your sweet talking it’s no wonder you have such an active love life.”

Roy had given Ed that hickey a few nights ago in a dark movie theater. The theater house was in one of Central’s red light districts, and was known for its illicit films. He’d had Ed attend the last showing so that there would be very few people, and had instructed him to sit in the balcony and watch the first twenty minutes of the show, then put the blindfold on. Roy had let him sit there listening to the actors have sex for another ten minutes before he’d made himself known to Ed.

There had been heavy petting, hand jobs, and oral sex. If anyone had noticed two people getting each other off in the darkness, they would have blown it off—that type of behavior happened all the time in such theaters.

It had been a risky thing—meeting in such a public place—but the thrill had added so much to the excitement that Roy was trying to plan another public meeting in the near future.

Ed glared darkly at him for the statement about his love life and the obvious reference to the love mark on his neck. It was so amusing to see the teen acting like that when Roy knew how much Ed liked their fuck sessions together. In the back of his mind he could still see the kid writhing under his touch and begging for more... It made him hard just thinking about it...

“What’s the matter?” Ed asked snidely. “Jealous that you don’t have my stamina anymore, old man?”

“I think I could keep up with you,” Roy chuckled and held out his hand. “Give me your daily report and you can leave.”

A slight dusting of pink highlighted Ed’s cheeks before he looked away to open his book bag and search for the report. There was shuffling, then more shuffling, then a slump of the shoulders. “Aaaah, shit! Mother fucking son of a bitch...” His cussing faded into incomprehensible mutters, then he looked up and mumbled, “I don’t have it... I must have left it in my locker at the lab...”

Roy frowned and glanced at the clock as he estimated how long it would take Ed to go back, get the report, then return. “It’s getting late, and I think I’m going to leave. Why don’t you go get it and slip it under my door? I’ll read it over first thing tomorrow morning.”

Ed scowled. “Why don’t I just go get it tomorrow morning and bring it over then?”

“Because, I want you to go get it tonight and put it under my door,” he said softly, waiting expectantly for Ed to affirm that Roy was the one in control and to obey.

“I hate you... You know that, don’t you?” Ed said angrily as he closed his bag.

No, you don’t, Roy thought as he eyed Ed. He was getting hard from this, and Roy thought that perhaps he would jerk off after Ed left. This was almost as good as getting Ed to do something when he was blindfolded. Not quite as good, but almost...

“I’ll do it tomorrow,” Ed said stubbornly. “I’m tired, and I want to go home.” Standing up, Roy walked around his desk to stand right beside Ed. Putting one of his hands on Ed’s real shoulder and the other on Ed’s back, he guided him toward the door.

“Tonight,” he whispered in Ed’s ear and squeezed his shoulder. What he really wanted to do was pull Ed down on the couch, or the floor, or even on his desk, and fuck him senseless.

His cock twitched and throbbed at the prospect, and it was all he could do to push him out the door. The surprised look on Ed’s face when he turned back to look at him was almost comical, and Roy forced himself to not laugh. Instead he simply shut the office door, then turned and leaned against it with his back.

He sighed and closed his eyes, trying to analyze what had just happened. Why the hell had he grabbed Ed like that? Why had he whispered in his ear and squeezed his shoulder? He never touched Ed outside of their fuck sessions. Would Ed suspect? Would he make any connections?

Roy didn’t think so. Ed was very smart, and maybe if the kid had reason to think it might be him, that would be different, but... But still, he couldn’t make a slip like that again... Not if he wanted this to go on for a while longer.


“I’ll do it tomorrow,” Ed said, feeling stubborn. “I’m tired and I want to go home.” He watched as Mustang stood and walked over to him. He was expecting some sort of quip or smartass remark, but that’s not what happened. Instead, the man put a hand on his real shoulder and one on his back, then began to guide him toward the door.

“Tonight,” Mustang whispered in his ear, then squeezed his shoulder. Ed blinked in surprise, then stumbled out into the hallway when Mustang pushed him out of the office. Turning, he looked at the man in surprise, but didn’t have time to say anything before the door was shut firmly in his face.

There was a long moment of silence as Ed stared at the closed door. He was torn between pounding on it and shouting that Mustang would get the damn report in the morning, and doing what he’d been told to do.

Ed thought of the whispered command, and he felt a shiver tingle down his spine that seemed to gather warmly in his groin. ‘Tonight,’ Mustang had said; and though there had been nothing provocative in what Mustang had said, but how he’d said it... Ed couldn’t help but feel compelled to obey.

And the small squeeze on his shoulder...? It felt so... familiar... It reminded Ed of him... Whenever he ‘told’ Ed to do anything, he expected to be obeyed, and Ed was only too willing to comply with his desires...

Maybe that’s why I feel such an urge to do what Mustang wants right now, Ed thought irritably, trying to convince himself as he turned and started down the hallway. He thought about his secret lover, about being with him... It had been about a month since they’d fucked in the rain by the river; about a month since Ed had tried out his safe word...

He nodded to the security guard at the front entrance of Central Headquarters and left the building. His first instinct was to head home; but, almost without thinking about it, he started toward the lab.

Ed thought about his secret lover a lot nowadays. At times, he wondered who the man could be; and, at other times, he resolved that he didn’t want to know. If he didn’t know, then the man could be whoever and whatever Ed wanted. All he had to do was imagine it, and that was so much more inviting than reality.

Not knowing was much better. Being aware of who was touching, licking, and fucking him... knowing who was taking charge and ordering him silently around... and knowing the man knew that at each command Ed obeyed almost without question... He wasn’t sure how he’d feel about that. Humiliated, perhaps... Anyone who knew him wouldn’t believe that he’d be willing to surrender his self-control to someone else, yet he was... and in the most intimate ways possible... Would he even be able to look his lover in the eyes if he had to...?

No... Ed didn’t want to know who his secret lover was. He wanted to fantasy, didn’t need the complication of knowing, because right now, reality was not his friend. Reality was his and Al’s strained relationship. It was going to a job he didn’t like, working under a temporary supervisor who he’d rather have never seen again, and having a commanding officer that he hated with all his heart.

Reaching up, he touched the hickey on his neck that Mustang had pointed out. Ed knew that it was partially his own fault. He needed to tell his lover to stop marking him up, but it never seemed that important when they were with each other. Still... Ed didn’t see any reason for Mustang to be such an asshole about it. He couldn’t count the number of times he’d told Mustang to back off. Why couldn’t the man leave him alone about it?

Because he’s a selfish bastard, Ed thought as he used his badge to let himself into the locked building. He knew there were a few people still in the building somewhere—people who didn’t know that normal people stopped working and had a life after work—but, for the most part, everyone had gone home. The lights were off except for the dim guide lights on the ceiling.

Pushing the elevator button, Ed waited, still wrapped up in his thoughts. His lover... well, he, at least, seemed to respect Ed’s boundaries. There were no lingering doubts in his mind that the man would back off if Ed wanted him to, and his time with his lover had become a little more than just a fuck session. Oh, nothing had really changed between them, but Ed felt different about it. He supposed that having a certain amount of trust for someone did that; though it might be more than that...

The elevator pinged and the doors opened for Ed to step inside. Pushing the button for his floor, Ed leaned against the side of the elevator and waited.

Why couldn’t everything in his life be as simple as what he had with his unknown lover? He had no obligations to that man; and, in return, the man had no expectations of him—well, except that Ed would do what he wanted him to. But Ed actually wanted to do what he was told to do. It wasn’t a mandatory thing; he could leave at any time if he so wished.

The elevator doors opened and Ed stepped out, starting toward his section of the lab.

Perhaps that was the difference. Ed felt obligated to continue living with Al—they were brothers and Ed did love him... And, of course, he felt obligated to stay in the military because, well, he didn’t really know anything else. He’d always been in the military. He had rank, status, good pay, great benefits... He had a career with the military... It would be stupid to leave, right?

Resting his hand on the doorknob, Ed pressed his forehead against the door and sighed. But he hated being in the military... Hated working in this lab, hated working with Russell, hated having to report to Mustang every damn day and endure his shit.

And Al? Ed loved Al, but he hated the strain between them. He hated feeling like he was walking on eggshells all the time, hated the looks his brother gave him, hated knowing that somehow he was making Al sad... Basically, Ed just hated his life right now. He wanted things to improve, and they’d have to, wouldn’t they? There really wasn’t much room for it to get worse, so no where else to go but up, right?

Turning the doorknob, Ed slipped inside the dark lab room and moved quickly to his locker. Opening it, he glanced inside for where he could have set the report. His lab coat and safety goggles were neatly hung on a hook, a few chemistry books lined the shelf on the top, and beside those there were some packaged snacks that he kept around incase he got hungry.

But no report.

He frowned and drummed his fingers silently on the metal locker as he tried to remember what he’d done before leaving. He’d taken off his lab coat and goggles and put them away... He’d had the report in hand and was about to put it in his book bag when...

Ed slapped a hand to his forehead as he remembered and glanced at Russell’s office. Of course! The fucktard had called him in for a few things and Ed had set it on Russell’s desk! Shaking his head at himself, Ed headed toward the office. He would get the report and take it home with him. He’d drop it off in the morning; and, if Mustang didn’t like it, well... fuck him.

Grabbing the doorknob, Ed quickly opened it and stepped inside, but stopped when he saw that the small, dimly-lit office wasn’t empty. Inside, Russell was sitting on his chair, head back, eyes closed, pants pooled around his ankles, and hand wrapped firmly around his cock.

Or, at least, his head had been back and his eyes had been closed. Apparently, Russell was just as shocked at Ed being there as Ed was of Russell being there, because his eyes went wide, his mouth dropped slightly, and he simply stared for a second before letting go of his cock and turning so that he could hide his lower body under the desk.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Russell asked, his tone threaded with surprise, anger, and embarrassment.

Ed stepped inside, closed the door, then pointed at the report laying on the corner of the desk. “I came for my report...” he murmured, then shifted slightly. The sight of what Russell had been doing, the slight smell in the air, the knowledge that he’d just caught someone else in the act of getting themselves off—especially in a place like this—well, it was definitely enough to set Ed’s own hormones off.

Russell’s eyes were on him like a scared and reactive animal. Slipping the book bag off his shoulder, Ed set it down on one of the chairs, then moved over to the desk.

“It’s better with someone else...” Ed murmured.

Russell looked away. “I don’t know what you’re talking about...”

Ed’s groin throbbed with the need of this, yet his mind was asking him what the hell he was thinking. This was Russell! He couldn’t just come on to him like this... But he was. He’d never done anything sexual with anyone else besides his unknown partner. What would it be like to know who was at the other end of the shaft? What would it be like to actually see what he was doing to someone else? Would it really make that much of a difference? And besides, he’d already seen Russell wanking himself; they were already in an awkward situation, so why not do something with it?

“Ever had a blow job?” Ed asked, getting straight to the point. Sweet talk and hopping around the subject wasn’t his style. Whenever he tried being subtle, it just came out wrong.

Russell glanced back at him and was silent for a moment as he studied Ed. Then he swallowed, licked his lips, and with a voice full of desire, whispered, “No... You offering...?”

Another moment of still silence, then Ed nodded slightly. His heart was pounding nervously in his chest and his breathing was becoming a little labored. His mind was screaming at him to stop this madness because nothing good could really come out of it, but his body had a firm hold on him and his base instincts won out.

Russell turned the chair so that his lower body was visible again, and Ed moved over and knelt before him. He rested his hands on Russell’s legs and felt the small hairs press against his real palm. The smell of musky testosterone seeped into his nostrils and the sight of Russell’s erection filled his view.

He studied it for a moment as it was the first penis beside his own—and, well, Al’s, but that didn’t count—that he’d ever seen. He hadn’t even seen his secret lover’s cock... It was so strange to actually see it... In a way, he almost felt disoriented by seeing as he got ready to do this. A hand rested on his head and Ed felt himself calm a little at the touch. Seeing what he was doing and who he was doing... he wasn’t used to that, but feeling things...

Russell’s hand relayed just how eager he was for this as he pushed Ed’s head toward his cock. Sticking out his tongue, Ed dragged it along the underside of the shaft. A small moan escaped from Russell, but nothing more, so Ed parted his lips and took Russell’s cock into his mouth.

The cock was smaller than what he was used to, and Ed found that he was able to take more in than he normally could. He kept his eyes open as long as he was able, but it just didn’t seem natural, so he closed them. Without the distraction of seeing Russell’s body, it seemed that his other senses kicked in with greater clarity and he was able to focus on the other sensations; the feel of Russell’s hand on his head, of his arm rubbing slightly against the inside of Russell’s leg, the smell, the air temperature...

He could feel the way Russell’s cock pulsed against his tongue and lips, and recognized the signs of imminent ejaculation. A moment later, that’s exactly what happened, and hot, salty-flavored cum filled his mouth. Ed swallowed automatically, and waited until it was obvious Russell was finished blowing his load before pulling away.

Wiping his mouth, Ed looked up and studied the almost shocked and horrified look on Russell’s face. It was as if he was just now realizing what they’d done. Russell opened his mouth to say something, paused, then slightly pushed Ed’s head away, stood, and pulled his pants up.

“I... I have to go...” Ed stood slowly and watched as Russell fumbled clumsily with his belt. “I...” Russell began, but trailed off. He finally got the belt fastened, then walked quickly toward the door. Resting his hand on the doorknob, Russell stopped and said, “This never happened... okay?”

“Sure...” Ed murmured feeling a little embarrassed at how Russell was acting. When Russell got Ed’s affirmation, he literally fled from the room.

With a heavy sigh, Ed plopped down on Russell’s chair. That had been an extremely disappointing experience... It wasn’t as if there had been any expectations on Ed’s part, but he certainly hadn’t supposed Russell would scurry off like a frightened dog.

Reaching down, Ed fondled himself through his pants. He was still hard... With a bland feeling he couldn’t place, he undid his pants and pulled himself out. He touched himself with long, slow strokes as he tried to forget what had just happened. Sex was good for that... good for forgetting the dregs of what life doled out...

Fuck Russell... Ed thought dully. Fuck Mustang, fuck the military, fuck Al, fuck my whole fucking life... There would be problems tomorrow... He knew it, could feel it. The only good thing about tomorrow would be meeting up with his secret lover at the motel specified on the note...

Closing his eyes, Ed continued the slow pace with his hand and when the climax came, it wasn’t quick and sharp, but slow and building; a burning sensation in his groin that washed over him like the feeling of water flowing on his skin. He opened one eye and glanced down at his wet hand. Only, now it wasn’t water that was flowing onto him.

With a sigh, he wiped his hand on the underside of Russell’s chair and on the carpet before doing up his pants. Then, grabbing the report, he stuck it in his bag before quickly leaving the office and trying hard not to think about what tomorrow would bring.
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