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The More I Learn to Care for you - Chapter 4

Title: The More I learn to Care for You - Roy's POV

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Main Characters: Roy Mustang, Ed Elric
Rating: R

Warnings: Language, sex
SummaryRoy takes Ed out on New Year's Eve, but it doesn't go as he'd planned... [RoyEd]


A/N: This story is being co-written with kikiko_haru  I am writing Roy’s POV and she’s writing Ed’s.  All of Ed’s dialogue in what I post belongs to her, but everything else is mine.


Kikiko is writing a companion story to this (with the same name only with ‘Ed’s POV’ in the title) where all of Roy’s dialogue belongs to me, and the rest is hers.  


The More I Learn to Care for You – Roy’s POV


Chapter Four




Roy opened the door and let himself into the North Central Library.  It was a small building that anyone could access, but it did have a little hidden area for the state alchemists to do their research without being bothered by the normal patrons.  Walking toward the door that would lead him there, Roy turned the door knob as quietly as he could and peaked inside.


Ed was sitting at a table that was strewn with papers.  He seemed rather engrossed in what he was reading and Roy wondered vaguely what could be so interesting.  He didn’t give it too much thought however, since, despite the fact that the teen was rather outgoing and athletic, he was one of the biggest nerds Roy had ever met. Every book was read as if it had the secrets of the universe written inside.


Maybe to Ed they did. 


Roy slipped inside and shut the door quietly behind him before leaning against the wall to study the teen.  He smiled slightly as his eyes wandered over Ed and smiled a little at the black dress coat the teen was wearing, the one from New Years Eve…  He frowned.  Since that night, the two of them hadn’t been on the best of terms.  He’d supposed Ed would get right on the ball and start asking him out so that they could get on with their bedroom life.  Roy was all in favor of that because, as much as the idea of Ed figuring out how rough it is to court someone was, he was seriously staring to go through sex withdrawals.  Not that he couldn’t satisfy himself, but there was nothing like thrusting into Ed’s body and making the short teen cry out, begging for more.  That thought made him smile, a brief one that quickly disappeared.  


He hadn’t figured it would take Ed this long.  A week tops, but it had already been three weeks since then, and still nothing.  Roy felt a little put out at this.  Maybe Ed just didn’t care?  Was it too much trouble?  Perhaps the teen wasn’t as committed to their relationship as he had supposed...


This thought bothered him more than he wanted to admit.  He’d gotten pretty attached to Ed, something that hadn’t happened to him before.  Normally he just dated for the fun of a good time and maybe a romp in the sheets, but Ed, had turned out to be a different catch altogether.  He had bonded with Ed in a way that he couldn’t explain...


Roy shifted his weight unconsciously as he continued watching Ed work.  Was Ed too young to be in a relationship?  To Roy, the teen had seemed rather mature, despite his bouts of childishness here and there.  He’d supposed Ed could handle a relationship, but...


He shook his head.  No, Ed had shown himself to be rather capable over New Years, especially over dinner that night.  He had remained calm and collected even when he’d obviously been upset.  Maybe it was just him.  Maybe the blond had decided Roy wasn’t for him.  He pushed that thought away immediately and moved from the wall.  He didn’t want to dwell on this right now, maybe later, but not now.  He had things to do and this was one of them.


Walking silently up behind the studious teen, Roy smirked, thinking of all the lame tricks Ed had pulled on him to get his attention.  Ed seemed to like that sort of play, and Roy liked to cater to his lovers.  Therefore, instead of just announcing his presence like he normally would, Roy slipped his hands over Ed’s eyes.


“HOLY FUCKING SHIT!” Ed yelled, turning quickly and pulling Roy’s hands away.


Letting his smirk form into a grin at Ed’s unexpected reaction, Roy grabbed onto Ed’s wrists and used the teen’s momentum to pull Ed around so that his back was against the table and pressed his lips against Ed’s.  The teen squirmed in his grip then mumbled in a barely recognizable tone, “Roy?”


“I didn’t know you liked it rough...” Roy murmured back.


Just the thought made his groin burn with desire.  If he could, he would pull Ed onto the table and... well, he could... technically... but he wouldn’t, because first of all they were in the library, and second he had said no sex until Ed came up with a successful date...  Not for the first time, Roy cursed himself at that idiotic idea and the fact that he was too stubborn to let it go.


The teen squirmed, trying to pull his hands free and push him away at the same time.  With a smirk, Roy let go and briefly touched Ed through his pants to give him a little reminder of what he’d been missing these past few weeks before stepping back.  “I see you’re working hard as usual,” he said and thought guiltily of his own paper work waiting for him back in his office.  “I have some papers that need to be gone through too.  Perhaps while you’re at it...” he joked, waiting for some sort of outburst about how lazy he was.


Instead, Ed turned around in a near panic and started quickly shoving the papers on the table into a messy pile.  The teen glanced over his shoulder, then back to the table before muttering, “Sure, sure... um, place them over there,” Ed said in an out of breath tone while pointing to the corner of the table.


Roy chuckled.  “I was just joking, Ed.  I’d never have you do my work...”  Because I wouldn’t be able to get away with it, he thought before kissing Ed’s ear.  Better to let that thought go unsaid...  Leaning over Ed’s shoulder, Roy said with mild curiosity, “What are you working on?  You’re usually not so easily surprised and flustered.”


“Nothing!” Ed exclaimed hurriedly.  “Who said I was working on anything?” Ed muttered, huddling over the papers protectively.  “What are you doing here?” Ed asked, then accused, “Skipping out on work?  I’m busy here.”  Ed shrugged him away and when Roy stepped back he saw that the teen’s ears and face had turned a deep red.


Roy frowned.  “I’m not... skipping out on work... just... taking a break.”  He was.  Really.  He did have a legitimate reason for going to find the teen, but he wasn’t sure how long it would take so he’d done it on his break.  “You know, we do get breaks,” he said, as he walked to the other side of the table, pulled out a chair and sat down.  The idea of taking scheduled breaks never seemed to click with Ed who would just continue to work for hours on end sometimes.


Curious at Ed’s blushing and quickly gathering up the papers, Roy watched Ed scramble around, then frowned.  Trying to make a bit of small talk, Roy said, “Hakuro seems to think I have all the time in the world to work on some of the pointless things he sends my way.”


“That sucks...” Ed said distractedly as he flipped the paper over and put a book over the top of the stack.  “So what do you want?” Ed asked, a note of relief in his voice as he sat back down in his chair and ran a hand through his hair with a sigh.


Starting to feel a little suspicious at Ed’s behavior, Roy glanced at the pile under the book, then back to Ed.  “That’s not anything illegal is it?”  He didn’t want to be caught up in another one of Ed’s little escapades.  Not that the teen had done something like that in a while, but... he did have that track record.


Ed snorted and said in annoyance, “No,” before glaring at him and saying, “But I am busy so...”  This was followed by a quirked eyebrow.


Roy gave Ed a guarded look before shaking his head.  He supposed Ed would tell him if something was going on.  At least he hoped they had built that much trust between them.  Instead of pressing the issue, Roy decided to get to why he was here.  Reaching into his pocket, Roy pulled out a piece of paper and unfolded it. 


“I need you to do some research on this and report to me on it in a week.  I need an official written report and you should be ready to give an oral report if General Hakuro should request it,” he said in a bored, business-like tone.            


“Great,” Ed said, taking the paper and looking at it.  “Are we done?” the teen asked quickly.


Roy frowned and glanced at the table, then back to Ed before nodding and getting up to leave.  Folding his arms, Roy looked suspiciously down at Ed.  He was really curious now.  Ed didn’t act this way for no reason.  Fighting the urge to ask again what was going on, Roy shook his head and forced a casual wave as he walked away.  He could just be imagining it...


As he walked away, Roy listened to the sound of shuffling papers behind him.  Suddenly he remembered something and turned around, “Oh, and, Ed...”


“Eep!” came the small squeak from the teen as he stiffened and refused to make eye contact.


Roy stopped and scowled.  Enough was enough.  “Okay... What the hell are you working on?” he said as he made his way back to the table.


“Fuck off!” Ed exclaimed and gathered the papers to his chest.  With a deep blush, Ed scrambled out of his chair, backed away and watched Roy advance on him.  “This isn’t for you!”


They might not be for him, but they were for something, and he was working on military time right now.  Scowling, Roy said, “Ed, let me see those.”  He held out his hand and continued to walk toward the teen.


“NO!” Ed yelled, putting them behind his back.  “If you come any closer... I’ll... I’ll...” Ed stuttered as if trying to figure out what to say, when his back connected with the corner.  “Hit you,” Ed finished.


Roy stopped in surprise.  Ed would hit him?  Anger bubbled inside of him at that.  What Ed said could be taken two ways: One being that he would strike out against his partner, which would be called domestic violence; the other being that he would strike out against a superior officer, an offense that had severe punishments attached to it.


He decided to act on the second thought, and scowled deeper.  “Major, I’m ordering you to hand over those papers.”  He paused.  “Now.”


“No way!  I won’t,” Ed said loudly.  He shook his head, making his braid swing, then gave him a stubborn look.


Roy suddenly had a mental image of Maes’s daughter refusing to do what she was told in the same way.  He couldn’t help himself and laughed.  Ed blinked, then glared at him.  Grinning broadly, Roy decided he would keep that to himself.  He was pretty sure Ed wouldn’t appreciate being compared to a little girl.


Roy made a ‘give me’ gesture with his hand and said, still chuckling, “Come on, hand them over.” 


Ed pressed his lips together, then rolled up the papers and shoved them in his jacket pocket.  Clapping his hands, Ed touched the pocket, making the coat shimmer, and gave Roy a smug smirk.  “What papers?”


Letting the glare come back, Roy dropped his hand and said irritably, “Not amusing, Fullmetal.  You know that is defying a direct order from your superior officer.”  


Ed frowned and squirmed a little.  “It has nothing to do with you... er... with the military.  Just drop it... please.”


Roy rubbed his forehead in frustration, then gave Ed a bland look.  Even if it had nothing to do with the military, Ed could be planning something that could cause problems later...  But then, he could be reacting to nothing... 


“Just let it go, Mustang,” Ed said.  “Go back to work before Hawkeye finds you.  You’re... distracting me.”  He squirmed again and glanced down at the floor.


He was distracting him, huh?  Smirking, Roy walked over and pressed a hand against the wall next to Ed’s head and leaned in close.  “I have a legitimate reason for being here,” he said, kissing Ed’s ear, then continued in a whisper.  “I’m sorry that you’re easily distracted.  Perhaps we should have a discussion about this in my office...”  He paused.  Oh how he’d love to have a discussion about this in his office, followed by some... exercises on not being distracted... Roy thought of some very delicious things he’d like to...


Roy cut off that line of thought.  He’d said there would be none of that until Ed took him out and he didn’t want it to seem like he couldn’t stick to what he said.  Instead of continuing, Roy pulled back and said in a business-like manner, “But that will have to be another day.  Okay, Fullmetal, I’ll let it drop for now, but it better not be something that I’m going to have to cover your ass for later.”


At that, Ed smirked and said smartly, “You like covering my ass.”


Roy raised an eyebrow and tried hard to fight back a smirk.  Oh, yes, he definitely did like covering Ed’s ass literally...  “Some types of ass covering are better than others,” he said.


Ed pushed himself off the wall with his shoulder.  Pressing himself against Roy, Ed reached around and grabbed his rear.  “You could cover it... tonight...” Ed whispered.


Such a tempting offer, and he almost gave in.  Instead, he pushed away and used all the will power he could muster to say, with a heavy sigh, “Sorry, I’m busy tonight...  Maybe another night?”  Come on, Ed, Roy thought.  Work for this a little at least...  The thoughts were laced with doubt that the teen even planned on going through with this.  Maybe he should just give in.  They both obviously wanted sex... Part of him wanted to give in, but his pride wouldn’t let him. 


It was a bit irritating to think that perhaps Ed just wanted to fuck.  He’d really thought the teen was more of a relationship type of person.  Maybe he was... Just not with him...  The thought was actually a bit depressing given that he’d become so attached to Ed...


Normally, Roy wasn’t really into relationships, they were just too much of a hassle, but he couldn’t help his desire to keep Ed.  Unfortunately, a part of him still longed for the freedom of single life, and it constantly wore on him; challenging his need to keep Ed as a partner.


Ed dropped his arms and frowned before moving back to lean against the wall.  “Yeah... sure...”  The teen looked away, pouting, then said, “Whatever you say,” before pushing way from the wall and brushing past Roy to sit back down.


That went well, Roy thought sarcastically and pulled out his pocket watch.  Frowning, Roy said, “I’d better go.  I have a meeting in fifteen minutes.  Give me a call sometime, or something, and maybe we can get together, Ed,” Roy said, again trying to urge the teen into contacting him for a date.  He didn’t want to be the one to cave.  He’d never given in on what he’d said to anyone else, why should Ed be any different?  But he was.  Roy didn’t want to admit that to himself, but it was true.  Ed was different.  Ed made him want to give in...  Roy put his watch away and kissed Ed on the top of the head before making his way out of the room.




Roy hung up the phone and finished writing the last half of the message on a piece of paper before rereading what he wrote.  It was hard to concentrate because his mind kept going back to Ed.  He frowned.  Roy hadn’t seen him since yesterday in the library and Ed hadn’t seemed to be in a very good mood...  Suddenly the door slammed open causing the coffee in his mug to ripple slightly. 


“Good morning, Fullmetal,” Roy said flatly, not looking up from what he was reading.  “In a good mood today, I see...”  Ed’s explosive personality had gone from ‘mildly annoying’ to ‘mildly annoying but a little cute’ since they’d started seeing each other.  He wasn’t sure if he should feel a little alarmed over this or not.  


He listened to Ed’s footsteps as he crossed the room and suddenly a folder was thrown onto his desk.  “Fuck off...” Ed mumbled and Roy looked up to see the teen stalking to the door.


“Wait,” he said in a commanding tone.


Without turning around, Ed stopped and sighed and said in annoyance, “What?”


Roy set down what he’d been working on and picked up the folder.  Opening it, Roy leafed through the pages, then glanced back up at Ed.  “What is this?”


“Your report,” Ed answered in a hard, flat voice.


Roy pressed his lips together, feeling mildly irritated at how he was being treated.  If he had done something to piss the kid off, he could at least understand it, and maybe dish it out with some well placed teasing, but he couldn’t think of anything he could have done to warrant this. 


“Obviously,” he said irritably.  “But this isn’t due for a week.”  He looked down and glanced at some of the pages.  “This is a research report, Fullmetal.  I don’t care how smart you are, these things take time.  This is...”  He shuffled through more of the papers with a frown.  “This is very sloppy work.”  Usually, Ed was very thorough with his research; this was obviously thrown together without any real work.  He closed the folder and flopped it on the desk.  “I’m not giving this to the general.  You’re going to have to redo it.”


Snarling, Ed spun around and stalked over to the desk.  Snatching the folder, Ed growled, “Fine.”  Giving him a sour glare, Ed turned and started toward the door again.


“Wait,” Roy commanded and Ed stopped, waiting silently.  Maybe it wasn’t him.  It wasn’t uncommon for Ed to be irritable to everyone if there was something bothering him, and being a brat was kind of in Ed’s general personality so...


Getting up, Roy walked to the door and shut it before turning around to face his young lover.  Leaning against the closed door, Roy said quietly, “What is going on?”  Maybe he could get Ed to talk to him.  They had been a little distant from each other for the past few weeks, and Roy had a small bit of hope that perhaps Ed would confide in him and let Roy comfort him. 


Instead, Ed glared up at him and said, “Is there anything else, Colonel Mustang?” 


Roy felt a small stab in his chest, but tried to ignore it.  Why should it matter to him if Ed talked to him so coldly?  They’d been drifting apart since New Years Eve; he should have seen it coming.  Should have realized by the way Ed was acting that what they had was coming to an end.  Roy supposed it was foolish of him to feel hurt, there were plenty of fish in the sea, so to speak, but there was only one Ed, and he had hoped Ed would be a keeper, not a catch and release...


Moving aside, Roy said, “No, I guess not.”  He turned and started walking toward his desk.  “Dismissed.”  As he turned and sat in his chair, he looked up to see Ed still standing there.  A moment later, Ed glanced back at him and Roy had the strongest urge to try to get the teen to talk again, but the glance was brief, and then Ed was heading out of the office.  When the door shut, he had a sad thought that his office suddenly seemed much emptier than it had a moment before.



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