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Blind Obsession - Chapter 7

Title: Blind Obsession
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: NC17
Type: Yaoi with a small dash of het, Smut with a side order of plot, AU—Ed is 17 and Al has his body back.
Warnings: Smut, Language, Various Kinks
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Summary: Roy finds Ed having some ‘fun’ with himself, and decides to include himself in the entertainment without letting Ed know it’s him.

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Blind Obsession


Animalistic Fornication

Ed walked quickly and scanned his surroundings for the place he was supposed to meet the man, then stopped so that he could check his map again. He shifted the umbrella, letting it lean against his shoulder awkwardly as he pulled the map out and looked it over.

It had been raining in Central for the last two days, and he’d hoped that today would be different. The rain wasn’t cold—it wasn’t the season for that—but it was wet, and since their meeting place was out by the river, that meant he had to trudge through a whole lot of mud to get where he wanted to go.

He stuffed the map back in his pocket, regained his hold on the umbrella, and began walking again. At least it wasn’t the middle of the night. Ed had been a little skeptical when he’d seen what time their meeting was at, but had figured the man knew what he was doing. It wasn’t fishing season, and that was the only time there was ever anyone here in this area.

Ed sighed heavily and glanced cynically at his surroundings. Now though, it was raining heavily, and while it was a great cover, Ed wondered if the man would even show up. He frowned. It would really suck if he came all this way for nothing...

Kicking at a rock, Ed watched it bounce and splash through a few muddy puddles. At least he’d have gotten away from Al for a while... Since the night he’d spied on his brother fucking that girl on his bed, their relationship had been a little rocky. The problem wasn’t Al screwing on his bed—he actually thought it was a little kinky—it was that now Al kept looking at him strangely because of the damn hickeys. He always seemed as if he was about to say something, then he wouldn’t; which irritated Ed to no end.

Part of the discontent was also that Ed wasn’t sure how he felt about his brother now. Why hadn’t Al told him about the girls? Al had always been so open with him before... It was hard to imagine his brother going through girl after girl, but the evidence had been right there mating before his eyes.

The next day Al had mentioned something about going out that night and Ed had asked if it would be with the same girl. Al had simply shook his head and said that he didn’t really feel like he’d connected with the other girl... Ed had wanted to say that it sure as hell looked as if they connected to him, but he kept his mouth shut. No way was he going to let Al know he’d been spying on them from the closet.

So his home life was a little shaky at the moment, though he wasn’t sure if it was worse being at home or at work. He and Russell were getting along better than he’d expected, but that wasn’t saying too much. The guy was a fucking workaholic and he expected everyone else to be too. Ed came to work at least an hour early now and often left thirty to sixty minutes late so that he could get everything done.

That, of course, did not put him in the best of moods when he had to trudge over to Central Headquarters and report to Colonel Mustang. If Ed ever decided to quit the military, it would be because of Mustang. The man was insufferable. Mustang knew Ed didn’t like to be teased about the marks on his neck or about however sexually active he might be—Ed had told him straight out—but it was as if the fucking man didn’t care. It was as if Mustang delighted in making him mad, and after having dealt with that attitude for so many years, Ed was starting to really get sick of it.

Sometimes he thought that Al was right. He should just quit the military. It wasn’t as if he couldn’t find a job somewhere else, even if it wasn’t a job where he would use alchemy. But, as much as Ed hated to admit it, the devil he knew was much more preferable to the devil he didn’t. He had no way of knowing if he’d be any more happy somewhere else, and at least he knew what to expect right now.

He stopped and squinted as he peered through the downpour. He could make out the faint outline of his destination, and the desire to get there flared up within him. Ed began to jog, his heavy boots splashing mud and water as he went.

The pavilion wasn’t very fancy. Concrete covered the ground in a large square. Four heavy poles stood upright at each corner and held up a roof that peaked up in the center and angled down toward the sides and corners. There were a few table and bench combinations in the pavilion, but nothing else. He didn’t care that it wasn’t fancy or great. At least it was dry.

Ed pulled off the long, black raincoat he was wearing—he’d pilfered it from the military clothing storehouse—and laid it on one of the tables. He glanced around him and admired how the water flowed off the roof and created a curtain of water around the whole pavilion before pulling the blindfold out of the coat pocket and tying it securely around his head.

Instantly, Ed became much more aware of the sounds and smells around him; much more aware of the way the warm, damp air felt against his skin. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t been able to hear the rain falling or the water flooding off the pavilion roof before, or been able to smell the scent of damp plants, mud, and the over all ‘river smell’, but he relied so much on his sight that those things usually seemed to take second place. Now that he had the blind fold on, his senses seemed to automatically shift.

He reached out with his hands and felt in front of him as he moved forward, and when he felt the bench, Ed sat down and waited; curious as to what they were going to do this time. Where they going to fuck on the tables? Was it the fact that they were out in the open at day time that was supposed to be the exciting factor—the chance that someone might see them? It was a little thrilling, though he also felt very secure in the knowledge that the probability of someone catching them was extremely low, and even lower with the rainstorm.

Ed waited, growing ever impatient and excited, for maybe ten minutes before he thought he heard something. He turned his head, though with the blindfold he couldn’t see anything.

“Hello...?” he said, then mentally kicked himself. If it was that guy, then of course he wouldn’t answer...


Roy smirked as he watched Ed look around blindly, then put the umbrella and bag he’d brought with him on the table before pulling off his coat and laying it down as well. He glanced around feeling pleased. He hadn’t planned on there being rain, but it was going to add a lot to what they did here.

Walking over to Ed, Roy touched his finger to one of the hickeys on the back of Ed’s neck, then moved around to Ed’s front. “You could have let me know it was you sooner,” Ed complained, standing up quickly and folding his arms. Roy grinned and gave Ed’s ass a firm smack, just to show that he would announce himself however he pleased, then pulled him close and ground his hips against Ed’s.

We’re going to have some fun today, Ed... Roy thought, then took a hold of Ed’s shirt and made an upward motion with it.

“You want me to take my shirt off?” Ed asked, and when Roy tapped him on the nose, Ed quickly pulled off his shirt and set it on the table. Feeling pleased that Ed was becoming so good at picking up his silent commands, he rewarded Ed by fondling his groin, then grabbed the waist of Ed’s pants and gently shook it. Ed paused only a moment before taking those off as well.

Very good, Roy thought with a grin, thrilled that with just a touch, he could get Ed to do what he wanted. Why couldn’t it be that way in the office...? Of course, the boxers had to go too and, with the same signal, Ed took those off as well.

When Ed was completely naked, Roy eyed him lustfully for a moment, then moved over to the bag, dug around for a moment, then pulled out a bowl and a can of beef chunks in gravy. Walking away from the table they were at, Roy set on the ground, opened the can, and dumped the contents inside.

“What are you doing?” Ed asked curiously, as if he really expected an answer. Roy looked back at him and grinned when he saw how Ed’s head was cocked to the side; listening.

At that, Roy smirked and thought, You’re going to be perfect for this.

Turning his attention back to the bowl, Roy dipped his finger in the gravy, then put it in his mouth. He nodded in approval. Despite not being heated, it was good; and though Roy could have heated it, he didn’t want to chance using alchemy around Ed at all.

Heading back over to his bag, Roy reached in again and pulled out a thick collar with a link for a leash. He grinned, pulling the leash out of the bag and stuffing it halfway into one of his pockets, then undid the clasp on the collar and walked back over to Ed.

He tapped the collar against his leg for a moment, giving Ed a considering look. The teen could easily put a dent in the fun if he decided he didn’t want to play this way today. So far he hadn’t tried to push Ed into anything too rough—some people just didn’t go for that sort of thing—but he’d like to try it with him at least once. Ed was a big boy, Roy reasoned, he’d be able to handle it.

Stepping forward, Roy reached up and put the collar around Ed’s throat. “What the fuck?!” Ed said immediately, reaching up to inspect it with his hands, and Roy smacked his ass, which made Ed instantly pulled his hands away. Clasping the collar, Roy tested it to make sure it would move easily, then pulled the leash out of his pocket and clipped it onto the collar.

Feeling satisfied, Roy rested one of his hands on Ed’s shoulder, applied a little pressure with his thumb and middle finger, and pushed down slightly. Ed made a ‘hmmm’ sound, as if he was trying to decide what it must mean, then hesitantly lowered to his knees. Feeling pleased, Roy let go and patted Ed on the head like he would a dog,

“You’re a sick man, you know that, right?” Ed said. “Next you’re going to want me to bark or something.”

Roy raised an eyebrow and grinned before tapping Ed’s nose in a ‘you got it’ way. Of course, he hadn’t thought of having Ed bark, but since he’d brought it up, Roy was more than happy to let him do it. The hardest part would be not laughing out loud.

“Fuck no,” Ed said flatly.

With a smirk, Roy reached down and gave Ed’s rear another smack. Unless Ed said his safe word, Roy wasn’t going to let his little pet get away with not doing as he was told. Color rushed to Ed’s cheeks and he pressed his lips together tightly as if to say that there was absolutely no way he was going to act like a dog.

Grinning broadly, Roy gave a tug on the leash. He wanted to take his pet for a walk. Still, Ed didn’t move. Frowning with deep displeasure, Roy tugged hard on the leash, nearly pulling Ed over.

“Go to hell!” Ed growled stubbornly.

The urge to pull the leash harder filled him, made his cock throb with the possibility. He wanted to force Ed to obey; wanted to make him do what he wanted by brute strength. Yet, he held back. Hurting Ed wouldn’t do anything but cause problems. As much as he wanted things rough right now, he didn’t want to take it too far and have Ed stop their fun.


Ed grunted and resisted the hard pull coming from the leash and collar. “Go to hell!” he growled. No way. No way in fucking hell was he going to act like a dog. After a moment, there was another tug, but Ed sat back on his heels and shook his head stubbornly.

There was a moment of silence before the weight of the leash shifted as the man walked behind him. He felt the man push his ass up off his heels, then rub his lower back and rear lightly. Ed started to sit back again, but at the same time the man gave him a hard smack on the ass as if to say, ‘don’t even think about it’.

Ed growled in the back of his throat, but stayed up on all fours. He was patted again, then the weight of the leash changed again as the man walked in front of him. There was a small pull and Ed resisted again before giving a sigh and moving forward a little.

This was definitely one of the most embarrassing things he’d ever done, but he also didn’t want to make the man mad at him so that there wouldn’t be any more get-togethers. There wasn’t anyone else that he knew of that he could go to for sex besides his hand, and while that was convenient, it was a lot better with someone else.

For his obedience—or at least, Ed guessed that was the reason—the man patted him on the head.

Sick fuck... Ed thought, rolling his eyes behind the blindfold.

He continued to crawl on his hands and feet, and somewhere in that time, the man had fallen back a little because he felt a hand run down his back, then to his ass. Suddenly, Ed yelped when he felt a sharp pinch on his butt.

“Son-of-a-bitch!” Ed yelped, but the spot was instantly petted and rubbed.

He was led in another direction, and Ed followed it before a backward pull on the leash signaled him to stop. There was a sound accompanied by the leash wiggling around a little, then the sound of the man going through... a bag? Ed wasn’t sure, but that’s what it sounded like.

Sitting back on his heels, Ed wondered when they were going to get to the sex. He tried to imagine himself, totally naked and led around on a leash. It was... well... odd, but... sort of kinky and hot in a way...

He felt his cock react to both the image and his thoughts, and reached down and touched himself. Now that he had the chance to think about it instead of stubbornly refusing it outright, Ed started to get a little curious as to what would come next. There had to be more to this than just being led around. They had to fuck sometime.

Suddenly something was slipped on his head. With a frown, Ed reached up and touched it before muttering, “Fuck...” It was a thin headband with two fuzzy ears sticking up. They were soft and pliable to the touch, and Ed’s fingers lingered there for a moment before dropping his hand back down to his crotch.

“I’m not a fucking d—” he began and stopped. What was the big deal about acting like a dog? It was just for fun, right? Ed frowned as he thought about it. Maybe it was because he was always referred to as a dog—a dog of the military... Perhaps he was so adverse to this because he’d always felt like he was being led around blindly by the military, especially Mustang. When he and Al had been trying to find a way to repair what they’d done, he’d felt like a fucking blind dog on a leash that was held by Mustang...

Well, he wasn’t a ‘dog of the military’ here, and this wasn’t Mustang. Here he was just some random teenager acting like a slut for some random stranger, and Ed decided he wasn’t going to let anything distract him from finding pleasure in whatever it was that they were going to do. And that was the last coherent thought he had before he was swatted on the butt by the man to indicate that he wanted Ed to get back on all fours.


With eyes moving over Ed’s naked, crawling form, Roy wanted to ask how it felt to be led around, and if he was humiliated enough, but he swallowed the words and decided it was time to move this along to the next level. Moving back over to the table that held his bag, Roy leaned down and tied the leash to the bench, then moved over to the bag.

He dug around in it for a moment, then looked back to see Ed sitting on his heels and playing with himself. Roy smirked, then turned back to the bag and pulled out a set of dog ears. He slipped them on Ed’s head and admired the sight as the teen reached up and inspected what had just been put on him.

“Fuck...” Ed muttered, then, after a moment, dropped his hands back down to his cock. “I’m not a fucking d—” Whatever else he was going to say was cut off by a small frown.

Roy shook his head and moved back to the bag. He dug around for a moment more, then pulled out a bottle of lube, a cock ring, and a fun little toy he’d picked up from Dickie’s shop; something he’d been able to get at a discount for buying the collar and leash.

Walking around behind Ed, Roy knelt down and moved his free hand to smack Ed’s ass. Ed instantly moved up onto all fours and Roy took a moment to let his eyes wander over his body. From his angle, he could see Ed’s cock—already half hard—twitch and stiffen.

Oh yes, you little whore. You like this don’t you? Roy thought with a grin. His own cock was beginning to harden and he licked his lips in anticipation. Ed was there on his hands and knees, his ass sticking out and ready for someone to screw him...

Roy moved his fingered in-between Ed’s ass cheeks and touched his opening gently. What he really wanted to do right now was to pull down his pants, force his cock into Ed, and fuck him hard. He was in the mood for action, in the mood for rolling around and having wild and dirty sex.


He let his pointer finger move inside of Ed just the slightest bit and smirked when Ed groaned and moved his body back, wanting move than just the tip of his finger.

But, he was also in the mood for this. He wanted Ed to be his pet, wanted Ed to be his little bitch and go where he was told and do what Roy wanted him to do—and to do it in the most degrading way.

Ed whimpered a little and pushed his body back more as if he’d be able to get Roy’s entire finger into him. With a smirk, Roy pulled his finger out and enjoyed the look of frustration that came over Ed’s features. Picking up the lube bottle, Roy squeezed some into his hand, lubed up his fingers, and slid the same finger all the way in.

“Fuck, yeah...” Ed moaned, moving his body a little.

I’m so nice, Roy thought smugly as he worked his middle finger into Ed’s willing asshole.

Ed groaned and moaned, “Touch me... Touch my cock... Come on, give me more than just two fucking fingers, or maybe that’s your dick, huh?” Roy scowled at the childish, but desperate sounding, taunt. “If it’s not, then prove it, dammit! Do me!”

Oh, I’ll do you, alright... Roy thought, sliding another finger inside of Ed, trying to get him stretched out just a bit more; then, deciding that would be enough, pulled his fingers out and lubed up the toy before plugging Ed’s ass with it.

“What’s that?!” Ed asked in surprise, turning his head blindly. Roy leaned back and took in the sight of the tail sticking out of Ed’s ass. He grinned and nodded in approval before grabbing the cock ring and quickly putting it on Ed. “Wait!” Ed said, sounding a little unsure. “What’s that?! Hey!”

Roy smacked Ed’s ass hard, reminding Ed that he was in charge and also that he wasn’t about to give a verbal reply. As a teenager, Ed could cum faster and more often than Roy; a point that was a little annoying. Roy wanted to put them on an even playing ground for now. Besides, Roy liked being the one to decide just when Ed would be able to cum. It made him feel powerful—something that aroused him just by the very thought alone.

“Ow! Shithead, that fucking hurt!” Ed complained irritably. Roy shook his head before leaning close and running his tongue along the slight red mark on Ed’s ass, then gently blew on the spot where he’d licked.

Better? Roy asked silently. He had plenty of smart ass remarks he would have loved to make, if only he could, but instead, he settled on running his hand along Ed’s back in the same way one would pet a dog.

“Arg! I’m not going to act like a dog! This is stupid!” Ed said, his face red. Roy glanced down at Ed’s cock with a smirk, thinking that Ed must not think it was that stupid. Not willing to take no for an answer, Roy crouched in front of Ed and gently scratched his ears and head like he would a dog, then under Ed’s chin.

Ed clenched his teeth together and his nose flared out as he huffed heavy breaths. Roy decided he’d give Ed a moment to decide. If he gave the safe word, then he’d back off and they’d do something else, but he hoped...

Finally, Ed hung his head, groaned, then lifted his head again and gave a barking sound. Roy grinned widely, glad that the game was still on.


Ed barked again. He felt ridiculous, and if anyone he knew—or anyone at all!—saw him like this, Ed thought he’d die of shame. Yet, he still tried to get into the spirit of it. He barked and wagged his ass all in the hopes that this brilliantly kinky man would let him blow his load.

He’d play along for now. It really wasn’t as bad as he’d first thought anyway—as long as no one he knew found out—and sooner or later they’d need to get to the fucking.

Ed crawled around on his hands and knees for a few more moments until he was brought to a stop. He opened his mouth to say something, but his head was pushed down toward the ground. Suddenly he smelled...



Roy watched as Ed cautiously stuck his tongue out and touched it to the gravy. There was a moment of silence before Ed said, sounding a little more amused than anything else, “You’re joking, right?”

He reached down and barely pushed on Ed’s head again. No joke. Roy licked his lips and touched himself as Ed carefully licked at the beef chunks and gravy. Soon enough he’d have Ed’s tongue touching his cock—licking him like the dirty bitch he was...

After a minute, Roy pulled on the leash, ready to do something else. He ran his hand along Ed’s back, then reached under and stroked his chest and belly. The food seemed to have helped Ed’s mood a little because he instantly dropped to his side and let his tongue lull out of his mouth, while Roy moved his hands over his chest, letting his fingers catch and tease Ed’s nipples before slowly going down to his stomach then just a little lower to ghost along his cock.


Ed panted heavily, then groaned when the man took his hand away. He wanted to get off so bad but the bastard wasn’t giving him enough stimulation. Whatever was in his ass was driving him to distraction with need as it bobbed and moved with each movement he made.

There was a small tug on the collar and Ed got to his hands and knees, letting himself be led forward. The man stopped walking, and suddenly an idea came to him. So the man wanted him to act like a dog, huh? Well, right now he was a dog in heat and when dogs wanted it... He quickly crawled to the man, wrapped his arms around his waist, and began to hump his leg while panting with his tongue hanging out. He wanted to get off, and he wanted it now.

He could feel whatever was in his ass moving as he humped and Ed thought he was going to explode if he didn’t cum. It felt so damn good! But it just wasn’t happening! Ed whimpered a little, then felt one of his hands being moved to the front of the man’s pants. With shaking hands, Ed undid the button and zipper, pulled down the pants, and took the man’s hard cock on his hand. He was about to start giving him a hand job when he felt a finger touch his lips.

Of course...

Dogs don’t give hand jobs...

Ed leaned over as well as he could while still having his groin pressed against the man’s leg, and began to sloppily lick his balls and cock. The man grabbed him behind the head and held him still long enough to thrust his penis into Ed’s mouth. His grip loosened, but it was still there to prevent Ed from moving his head away from his cock in the wild and desperate humping he was doing.

He tried to imagine how he must look humping some guy’s leg with something stuck up his ass while sucking cock. The mental image excited him even more and he couldn’t understand why he hadn’t cum yet. He was so there!

At the same time, he could feel the cock in his mouth pulse, and a moment later the man pulled out in time for hot cum to shot out on his face, then he was pushed back and he felt warm liquid on his cock.

Not his cum—no, he fucking couldn’t cum—but the man’s cum. It dribbled down his length and balls. A moment later he felt a hand on his head, gently pushing his face toward his own groin.

Like a dog... Ed thought. Dogs licked themselves, and it was obvious to Ed what this man wanted him to do.

At first, Ed wasn’t sure if he’d be able to reach that far. He was flexible, but not sure if he was that flexible. Lying on his side, Ed curled in on himself and found that he actually could—with difficulty—reach his own cock with his mouth. He grinned, thinking that this opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for him when he was by himself.


Roy sat back on the bench with his legs spread wide. He wanted to relive the image of Ed sucking him and wildly humping his leg, all the while the tail was bouncing up and down—probably giving Ed some damn good stimulation in his ass—but he decided to push it away for now. He’d be able to think about it later.

Right now, he was enjoying the sight of Ed licking cum off his cock. Roy certainly wouldn’t have been able to lick himself like that. Even when he’d been Ed’s age, he’d never been that flexible. In fact, most men couldn’t, and he hadn’t actually believed Ed would be able to do it either; wanted him to be able to do it, but hadn’t believed he could.

Roy ran his tongue along his lips as he watched Ed take the head of his cock into his mouth and start to blow himself. Nice try, he thought smugly. While that might have worked any other time, the cock ring was going to keep Ed from cumming until Roy took it off.

He smirked and sat forward so that he could reach down and run his hand along Ed’s back, then down to his ass before he grabbed the tail and wiggled it a little, making a moaning noise escape from Ed.

Bringing his hand back up, Roy fondled himself while watching Ed try to get off, then stood and quickly undressed, not wanting to chance damaging his clothes. Completely naked now, Roy stepped over to Ed and pulled him to his feet. He enjoyed one last look at Ed, then took off the collar, ears, and pulled the tail out of his ass, leaving only the cock ring in place.

Roy eyed Ed’s naked body and touched himself. He was starting to get hard again, not only from the sight before him, but also from what was coming next. He’d been wanting some rough sex for a while, and he was pretty sure Ed would be able to oblige him in that area.

He reached over for the lube, squeezed some out, and lubed his cock. The only problem was that, despite his size, Ed was much stronger and there was the possibility—probably a small one, but it was still there—that one of them could get really hurt if Ed didn’t realize this wasn’t supposed to be real fighting.

Probably me, Roy thought wryly, but he decided the risk was worth it as he put the bottle down. Stepping forward, Roy smacked Ed’s hands away from his erection, where he was fingering the cock ring as if trying to decide what it was and the best way to get it off. He pulled Ed to his feet, grabbed his hands, and positioned his arms and fists into some semblance of a fighting stance. He hoped that would give Ed an idea of what was going to happen next.

“What?” Ed said, sounding a little confused. He seemed to be thinking about the posture of his hands, but Roy didn’t give him any more time. Stepping forward, Roy grabbed him and roughly forced him down onto the table.


Ed grunted as he connected with the table, then he felt the man roughly sticking his fingers into him. He almost wanted to lay there and let it happen, but if he understood right, he was supposed to be fighting this, or at least enough to make it interesting.

Pushing back, Ed kicked the man away—not hard, but enough to move him—then began to turn. He was instantly tackled and dragged off the table and down to the ground. Ed could feel the man on top of him, and with his full weight on him, Ed struggled to bring himself to his hands and knees in an effort to crawl away.

Apparently that was exactly what the man wanted him to do because Ed felt the head of the man’s cock press against him before being roughly shoved inside. Ed shouted, more in surprise than in pain. Whatever had been up his ass earlier had well prepared him for this.

The man thrust roughly into him once before Ed started to crawl away. There was a grunt from the man as he grabbed tightly around Ed’s arms, trying to force him to stay in one place. But Ed pushed with his legs and they rolled over so that the man was on his back and Ed was lying on him.

He tried to sit up, but the man reached down and grabbed his cock. Ed froze immediately and waited with heavy breaths while the man worked to take off whatever the hell was preventing him from cumming. When it was gone, the man rolled him over and suddenly they were drenched with water as they moved right through the curtain of water spilling off the roof, and ended up in the rain and mud.

Ed grunted, as he worked to get back up on his hands and knees in the slippery mud, all the while the man, whose cock was still inside of him, reached his arms up under Ed’s to get a better hold so that he could start plunging into him again.

It felt so damn good... yet, Ed didn’t want to give up that easily and slammed his elbow back, hitting the man’s chest. He heard a grunt and the man’s hold instantly loosened, but immediately the man grabbed his hair and pulled his head down roughly to hold him.

Ed struggled as he felt the man push into him, trying to go deeper even though it seemed as if he was already inside of him so far that there was no way in hell to go in any more. He tried to move, but the man’s grip on his hair tightened even more and it began to hurt.

Worry suddenly struck him. This was just play, right? He knew that he’d be able to get out of this if he really wanted to, but that would mean hurting the man. Would that be necessary? Ed didn’t think so, or at least, he hoped not... If the man really wanted to hurt him, he could have done so before now... but...

The man gripped his hair tighter and Ed’s forehead sank into the squishy mud. The man’s other arm had regained its tight hold on his flesh arm and was pulling it back in a rough and almost violent way as he thrust.

It’s just a game, it’s just a game, it’s just a game... Ed thought over and over, but it hurt, and he was being so rough on him... Sudden fear washed over him. What if he said his word and the man didn’t stop...?

Feeling a little panicked, Ed sucked in a deep breath and shouted, “Nobelium!”

Instantly, the man stopped and his grip loosened. For a moment, there was only the sound of the rain hitting their bodies and the ground around them, the sound of the man breathing hard behind him, and Ed’s own erratic breathing... so loud in his ears...

Relief washed over him, and Ed sighed. It didn’t last long, however, as he realized that he’d just killed their fuck session. He swallowed hard. Would the man be angry? Would he just leave? Would this stop them from having sex again?

“I... I’m sorry,” he said loudly, so that he could be heard over the rain. “I just...” He felt incredibly stupid. Would the man be displeased to know that Ed needed reassurance, or upset that he hadn’t been trusted? “I... it kinda hur—” Ed broke off. He didn’t want to admit that it had been too rough. He didn’t want to sound like a total pussy... “I just needed to know...” he finished lamely.

There was a moment of silence, then he felt the man’s head rest on his shoulder and at the same time could feel the man exhale sharply. There was another moment of silence before the man nodded against his back, then Ed felt a small pat on his side.

The man moved up a little, then ran his hands slowly over Ed’s back before coming back to his ass where he held on tightly and began to move again.


“Nobelium!” Ed shouted and Roy instantly stopped and loosened his grip on Ed’s hair. Not only did his body stop, but for a moment, his heart stopped too. He stared down at the kid, who was now covered with mud and drenching wet, in disbelief. Ed wasn’t serious... was he?

There was a long moment of silence, then Ed said loudly, “I... I’m sorry. I just... I... it kinda hur—” He cut off and paused for a moment, then said more quietly, “I just needed to know...”

Roy closed his eyes, leaned forward, and rested his head on Ed’s back while letting his breath out. Of course... Well, Roy supposed that he might try it too if he was in Ed’s position. Ed had no idea who the hell was fucking him, and the kid didn’t like to hurt people if he didn’t have to. Much better to check... The more Roy thought about it, the gladder he was Ed decided to try out his safe word. He’d much rather that than Ed deciding he needed to kick some ass to be safe.

He thought about what Ed had just said, then frowned a little. Ed hadn’t finished the thought, but it sounded like he was going to say that it hurt. Had he been too rough on Ed? On Ed who got into fights all the time? But then, sex was different... And when Ed fought, he was often in control. He was able to control the situation a lot more than he had control of this situation...

Finally, Roy nodded as he decided not to do rough sex like this with Ed again and reached down to pat him on the ass, though had to settle for his side since he was covering Ed’s rear completely.

Pushing himself back up, Roy moved his hands over Ed’s back, enjoying the feel of the warm rainwater lubricating Ed’s skin, then grabbed onto Ed’s ass and pushed into him again. He was so close... If Ed hadn’t interrupted him... but he had. No use thinking backward.

Reaching around, Roy grabbed onto Ed’s cock, deciding he’d be nice and get the kid off while doing his ass. Ed moaned loudly and bucked his hips with the need for release. Roy smirked and leaned forward to suck on Ed’s neck. The kid was too far gone in his own little world of pleasure to notice it, which was all the better for Roy since he’d have a nice new hickey to tease Ed about later.

Moving his own hips with Ed’s, Roy let Ed guide the speed and enjoyed the feel of the tight muscles inside of Ed’s ass, squeezing and moving around his cock. He slid his hand up and down along Ed’s length and suddenly Ed’s motions became jerky as if he couldn’t decide whether he wanted his hips forward while he climaxed, or back so that he could take in more of Roy’s cock.

It didn’t matter to Roy; who was reaching climax himself, aided by the clenching of Ed’s muscles as he came hard. He released Ed’s neck and pressed his face against Ed’s wet back, trying to get enough air and to let his racing heart calm down a little.

When his mind cleared enough, Roy stuck out his tongue and ran it along Ed’s back. The mud on his body had been washed away by the torrent of warm rain, and Roy felt the sudden urge to get another taste of his little fuck toy. He made a ‘mmm’ sound and licked Ed’s wet body again before pulling out and patting his ass.

Looking down at the mud he was kneeling in, Roy watched as the rain mixed Ed’s cum with the deep brown earth, then looked back at Ed, who was holding his hands out blindly, and shakily getting to his feet. With a sigh, Roy stood as well, and grabbed onto Ed’s muddy hands. He led Ed forward to where the water was gushing down from the roof of the pavilion so that Ed could wash off his hands and feet, and so that Roy could rinse off as well.

Then he guided Ed inside and moved him toward a bench. Roy reached up and wiped the water from his face, then looked at Ed, who was now sitting on the bench and laying back so that the back of his head rested on the table. His messy, wet hair had bits of mud in it and was plastered to his face, neck, and shoulders.

Roy shook his head and moved over the bag he’d brought with him. Pulling two small towels out, he tossed one over into Ed’s lap, then began to dry himself off with the other. When he’d seen how rainy it was, he’d figured there might be a chance they could get wet. Now he was glad that he’d had the foresight to bring them.

“You know...” Ed said, catching Roy’s attention. He looked over to where Ed was starting to dry himself off. “This is probably going to sound really lame, but... well...” Ed stopped speaking, but continued to dry himself off. Finally, he said, “I guess... I kinda trust you... You probably don’t know it, but I could kick your ass if I wanted to...”

Ed seemed to be having a hard time saying what he wanted to say, and Roy was starting to feel a little uncomfortable with all this talk of trust. He didn’t want Ed to trust him or feel anything at all toward him. He just wanted to have a good time. Trust was okay if it meant they could do more crazy things and have more sex, but trust wasn’t okay if it meant Ed was starting to feel anything in particular for him.

“Well,” Ed went on. “You stopped when I said my word... I mean, not that I distrusted you before, but you know, I just don’t really know you so... yeah... I just wanted to say that...” he finished lamely.

Roy eyed him seriously for a moment, trying to decide if there was any emotional attachment hidden in those words—anything he should be wary of, anything that would be an obvious signal that they should stop this.

When he felt satisfied that Ed was simply giving him some sort of compliment, Roy sighed, draped the towel over his neck and shoulders, walked over, and patted Ed on the head. Just keep being fun, he thought, yet he wondered how long they’d be able to do this. For a few more months at least, he supposed, or at least hoped, yet he didn’t know.

They saw each other every day, but luckily it wasn’t for that long. Ed on assignment at the laboratory made it much easier, but eventually that would come to an end and they’d begin to see a lot more of each other. Eventually it would be too hard to hide. Something would slip. Something would happen. Better that they break it off before that... before Ed’s assignment was complete. How he would end it, Roy didn’t know, but that was three or four months away. He had plenty of time.

A/N: I have to admit this chapter was not my favorite to work on. It was a pretty difficult one for me to write, and there were a lot of problems along the way—which was why it took me so long to get it out to you. I don’t foresee the next chapter being so difficult, so hopefully it won’t take as long to get it out. Hope you enjoyed this chapter anyway. ^_^
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