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Blind Obsession - Chapter 6

Title: Blind Obsession
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: NC17
Type: Yaoi with a small dash of het, Smut with a side order of plot, AU—Ed is 17 and Al has his body back.
Warnings: Smut, Language, Various Kinks
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Summary: Roy finds Ed having some ‘fun’ with himself, and decides to include himself in the entertainment without letting Ed know it’s him.

Chapter Listing Here

Blind Obsession


Mistaken Perception

Ed was jolted awake as his alarm clock sounded, and he quickly reached over, hit the ‘snooze’ button, and pulled the blankets over his head. He wasn’t ready to wake up yet...

He heard the door open, then, “Rise and shine, brother!” Ed grabbed his pillow and clumsily threw it in the direction of the door, before snuggling back under the covers. “I’m making breakfast. It should be ready in about...” A pause. “...ten minutes, so don’t stay in bed too much longer.”

“Go away...” Ed grumbled tiredly; but now that the door was open, he could smell the bacon, eggs, and whatever else it was that Al was making. His stomach growled hungrily.

“Ten minutes,” Al repeated cheerfully before Ed heard the door close.

Throwing the blanket off his head, Ed turned onto his back and groaned. His whole body was sore... He was never going to fuck in a car again... Not only had it been cramped, but it had been uncomfortable, and he’d never been in so many strange ass positions in his life.

He’d spent a lot more time with the man last night than he’d thought he would. In fact, he hadn’t gotten home until almost five o’ clock that morning, which was not good given that he had to be up at seven to get ready for his new position...

Ed’s stomach growled noisily, complaining that there was food being made in the kitchen and it wasn’t getting any. Suddenly, the alarm clock went off again and Ed’s eyes popped open before he reached over and slammed his hand down on the ‘off’ button.

Mumbling under his breath about the unfairness not getting to sleep in and at having to work in this new position, Ed sat up and scrubbed a hand through his messy hair as he got out of bed and stumbled tiredly toward the closet.

Ed stopped and stared blearily at the closet doors. They were made of wood and instead of being one piece, the doors were slotted horizontally in a way that kept the closet well ventilated. Shrugging his shoulders in an attempt to ease the soreness, Ed reached out and pulled one of the doors open.

Because of his brother, the closet remained relatively organized and clean. There was a small set of drawers on each side of the closet, leaving empty floor space in between the two sets of drawers so that the clothes hanging from the hangers didn’t get ‘cramped’, as Al put it.

Ed had the sudden urge to settle himself down on the empty floor space, close the door, and hide from the world as he tried to get more sleep. There was actually enough room there for him to do something like that. In fact, he’d hidden in there before to look at some of his magazines.

He pulled down a pair of black leather pants and pulled them on before relieving a hanger of a black tank top.

Of course, he didn’t have to hide in the closet. He normally only looked at that stuff in the apartment when Al was gone, but it made him feel a little better knowing that he was right next to the drawer he kept them in, and if he had to hurry and put it away, then he could...

Shrugging into the tank top, Ed opened one of the drawers and grabbed a pair of socks, then closed the closet door and moved over to sit down on the bed. As he pulled the socks on, Ed’s eyes strayed to his dresser. In the top drawer was an envelope the man had slipped him that contained a note, a map, and the rest of the money he’d silently been promised for his ‘services’.

Glancing cautiously at the door, Ed pulled the note out and scanned it before looking at the map. He was supposed to meet the man next Saturday night at the river that was just outside of Central City to the west. Apparently there were several small pavilions near the river, for when the river was high and the weather was nice. Great spot for fishing in the summer, though this wasn’t exactly the time of year for fishing, so the pavilions would be empty.

The map marked which pavilion he was to wait at, and, according to the note, he didn’t need to wear or do anything special. Just show up and ‘be ready for anything’. The note also indicated that he should keep his safe word in mind in case anything happened that he wanted to stop.

“Brother!” he heard Al call from the kitchen.

“Just a minute!” he hollered back as he quickly stuffed the map and note back in the envelope, then put it back in the drawer.

Rushing out of the room, Ed hurried into the bathroom, grabbed his brush, and began pulling it through his hair as he walked to the kitchen where Al was hovering over the stove and flipping a pancake.

Setting the brush on the table, Ed reached back and began braiding his hair. “Smells good,” he complimented.

“Thanks!” Al said as he put the pancake on a plate that was already full with scrambled eggs, bacon, and sausage. He picked up the plate, and another filled exactly like the first, and brought them over to the table. Scowling down at the brush, Al said, “Brother...”

Ed rolled his eyes, but picked up the brush and tossed it over onto a chair before sitting down at the table and eyeing the food hungrily. His stomach growled again, and he picked up a piece of bacon and chewed on it as Al retrieved two glasses of juice and put them on the table before sitting down.

He watched Al pick up his fork and take a bite of the eggs before looking up at him. Reaching over for the juice, Ed paused when Al stopped chewing and simply stared at him.

“What?” Ed asked defensively. He hadn’t done anything that he knew of to get a lecture.

“Ah... nothing...” Al said slowly, then lowered his eyes with obvious reluctance and took another bite of his food. Ed rolled his eyes and began shoveling food into his mouth.

“So, brother...” Al said after a minute. “I’m going out tonight with this girl...”

Ed swallowed and said, “This girl? Is this a new one? What happened to the girl you were going out with before?”

“It didn’t really work out, but this one is pretty nice,” Al said quickly. “That’s not the point. The point is that we’re going to the aquarium tonight, and I thought maybe if you didn’t have any other plans—”

“I’m busy,” Ed interrupted.

“I’m not trying to set you up,” Al said mildly, then took a small sip of his juice.

Ed looked up from his plate and met Al’s eyes before raising an eyebrow. “Oh really?” Al was always trying to set him up, and Ed was sure this was some sort of trap. His brother was tricky like that.

“Really,” Al affirmed, and Ed frowned at the strange look his brother was giving him.

“What’s the catch then?” he asked, picking up another sausage and biting into it. There had to be a catch, he was sure of it. Though, even if there wasn’t, Ed really had no desire to go hang out with Al and his new flavor of the week.

Al shook his head. “No catch. You can bring whoever you want.”

“Riiiiight,” Ed said sarcastically. He knew it. This was the catch. He had to bring someone to go. “And exactly who would I bring?”

Al studied him seriously for a moment, then said slowly, “I don’t know. Why don’t you tell me?”

“I’m not dating anyone,” Ed growled. “I’m sure you’d be the first to know if I was.” At that, Al gave him a concerned look that made Ed snap, “What?!”

“You’re not dating anyone?” Al asked slowly, his voice filled with hesitant confusion.

“Fuck... I said I wasn’t, right?” Ed growled, then speared his pancake angrily and stuffed the whole thing in his mouth. He glared at Al when his brother gave him that same worried look.

“Brother...” Al said slowly, then looked down at his plate before picking up one of the pieces of bacon and taking a bite. Ed rolled his eyes and waited for whatever lecture was forming in his brother’s mind.

Finally, Al looked up and said, “Is there anything you want to talk about...? I mean, I guess it’s not really my business, but... you know, I care about you and I’m always willing to listen. No matter what...”

Ed worked to swallow the food in his mouth, choked, and quickly grabbed his glass and gulped the juice to force the pancake down, then gave his brother an incredulous look. “What the fuck are you talking about, Al?” he asked, feeling both amused and irritated. “I’m fine, except for the fact that I have to go into work, and I’ve already talked to you about that. What else am I supposed to talk to you about?” And how the hell did we get on this subject? he wondered silently. “Why the hell do you always want to talk about stuff?” he added in frustration.

Al opened his mouth, but closed it then looked down at his plate. “I just want us to share things, you know?” There was a moment of silence in which Ed thought his brother would say more, but he didn’t. He simply picked up his fork and began to eat again.

Ed studied his brother for a moment, feeling a little guilty because Al looked so much like a kicked puppy. He almost said something, but decided against it. Better just to let things lie. He wasn’t good at smoothing things over anyway. Looking down at his now empty plate, Ed drew a finger across it in regret, and sucked on it briefly. He was still kinda hungry...

With a sigh, Ed stood and dumped his dish into the sink before heading to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Grabbing his toothbrush, Ed slathered the toothpaste on the bristles and began to scrub vigorously before letting go of it for a moment to put on some deodorant.

Bringing his gaze up to the mirror, Ed froze and stared at himself in horror. On his neck were two large and very dark hickeys. His jaw dropped open and his toothbrush fell from his mouth to the sink below. One of them was down near his collar bone and he’d be able to hide it easily by wearing his jacket, but the other was far too high for him to be able to hide...

“Son-of-a-fucking-bitch...” Ed breathed, as he gently touched his neck. He turned his head, then cursed again, when he noticed there was another one on the back of his neck. He couldn’t see the whole thing, but he could see that it was there...

“Mother-fucking bastard...” Ed growled deep in his throat, then snatched the toothbrush from the sink and quickly finished bushing his teeth. Racing out of the bathroom, Ed grabbed his jacket and angrily put it on.

He was pissed at the man, but also at himself. He’d meant to tell him not to mark him up again, but it had slipped his mind each time... Ed knew that it wasn’t exactly fair to be mad at the man since he hadn’t known Ed didn’t want him to do that, but he wanted someone to be mad at besides himself.

After pulling on his boots, Ed snatched his keys, wallet, and pocket watch from his nightstand, and stormed into the living room. He stopped for a moment and looked over to where Al was still sitting at the kitchen table. His brother looked up at him and it suddenly dawned on Ed what their conversation had been all about.

Al gave him a small frown, and opened his mouth to say something, but Ed pointed a finger at him and said, “Don’t.” Al blinked, looking a little surprised, and Ed said angrily, “Look... I’m not dating anyone. And you’re right; it’s not any of your business so just stay out of it, okay?”

A slightly wounded look crossed Al’s face, and Ed groaned and rubbed his face with a hand before saying, “Sorry... I’m just tired. Bitch at me later for being a jerk, okay?” He dropped his hand and glanced over to Al in time to see his brother give him a bland look and a small nod. “I have to go...” Ed muttered, feeling like a total ass. He opened the door and mumbled, “Thanks for breakfast,” before leaving the apartment and closing the door behind him.


Ed pushed open the front door to Laboratory Two and stepped up to the glass window that separated the general public from the receptionist. The woman behind the glass was a plump woman with straight, shoulder-length hair. She wore glasses and some of her brown hair was hooked behind each ear. Large, gaudy earrings hung from each lobe which matched her flower colored dress. Personally, Ed thought it looked like someone had skinned a couch to make the outfit, but then it wasn’t as if he was some sort of fashion king himself...

At first, she paid him no mind as she plunked away on a typewriter, but when he tapped on the glass, she looked up at him, gave him a large smile, and moved away from the typewriter to open the glass window.

“Good morning, honey,” she said pleasantly. “Is there something I can help you with?”

Ed hated pet names, but he knew she was simply trying to be nice, so he tried to ignore it and said dully, “Yeah, I’m Edward Elric. I’m supposed to report in to Section Four.”

She looked him up and down as if assessing the truth of that, and he wanted to yell at her that no matter how young he looked, he wasn’t a grade school kid. When she seemed satisfied with what she saw, the woman said, “Let me check on that.”

He sighed as she closed the window and moved over to a drawer and pulled out a clipboard. She ran her finger down the paper, then stopped midway and tapped on it before picking up the phone. When she was done with the call, the woman moved back in his direction and, instead of opening the window, opened the door that was next to the window and invited him inside.

“He’ll be right down,” she said, then slipped the clipboard under his nose. “I need you to sign here so that I can have a badge made for you.” Ed rolled his eyes, but did as he was asked. When he was done, he looked up and saw that she was giving him an amused look.

“You must live an exciting life,” she mused with a small grin. He stared mutely at her, knowing that she was referring to the marks on his neck. As if his silence was an affirmation, the woman nodded knowingly, and said, “I remember being young like you. Enjoy it while you can.” She winked at him, and he smiled back weakly. It was better than beating her to a pulp, which was what he really wanted to do.

“Edward!” a familiar voice called behind him before he could say anything he just might regret.

He groaned, not wanting to deal with this, but having no other choice. Turning, Ed didn’t even try to look civil as he said, “Russell...” in greeting.

The tall, blond teen grinned widely at him and said, “That would be ‘Mr. Tringham’ to you, Ed! I am your boss for the next few months, after all!”

“Technically, Roy Mustang is my boss,” Ed said flatly. Not that having Mustang as a boss was any better, but for the moment it was better than admitting that he was going to work under Russell...

“True,” Russell said, still grinning. “But, I’ll be the one telling you what to do in the lab.” Ed groaned inwardly as Russell waved to him and said, “You need a lab coat before we head upstairs. I think we might have one in your size.” The last was added with a laugh.

Ed growled deep in his throat as he followed and muttered, “Fucktard...” This was why he didn’t want to work with Russell... The guy was smart—a brilliant chemist—but he as also fucking pompous and annoying as hell. Sort of like working with Colonel Mustang, but at least Mustang had some class. Russell was just...

“Here we are!” Russell exclaimed happily, obviously still on his high of being in charge of Ed. He tossed a long, white lab coat to Ed, who caught it deftly and slipped it on. It fit him rather well, and he looked up to give Russell a smug grin.

Instead of being put off, Russell merely smirked and waved Ed toward the elevator. He pushed the button and, as they waited, Russell looked down and studied him with an amused and curious gaze.

“So... Looks like you’ve been having some fun,” he probed with a leer.

Ed wanted to pull the collar up on the lab coat to hide his neck, but he had a feeling that would provoke more teasing than he wanted to deal with, so he studiously kept his arms by his sides. When the doors opened, Ed walked into the elevator, turned to Russell, and looked him up and down before saying smoothly, “Height isn’t the only measurement that matters to the ladies, Mr. Tringham.”

Russell walked in and pressed the button for the fourth floor. His smile looked a little strained, and Ed felt smug at having scored a point. There was a moment of silence between them before Ed asked, “Okay, spill it, how did you land this job?”

“I applied for it,” Russell answered nonchalantly with a shrug. He was a little more subdued in his speech now, for which Ed was grateful.

“You applied for a lab management position with the military and they hired you for it?” Ed asked skeptically. The elevator pinged, and when the doors slid open, the two of them stepped out into the hall.

“Not exactly,” Russell said hesitantly, starting down a sterile, white hallway. “I actually applied for your job.”

“My job?” Ed asked with a confused frown.

“Yeah... the job you’re filling in for right now,” Russell murmured, now looking rather uncomfortable. Ed stopped walking and folded his arms. Something wasn’t right here and he wanted answers before he took another step. Russell looked back at him, then stopped and sighed.

“Russell...” Ed growled.

Walking back to him, Russell said, “There was a lab accident. The man who previously filled my position died, and a few others were seriously injured. There were others who could have filled this position better, but none of them wanted the responsibility.”

“What the hell kind of project is this?” Ed asked, both concerned and irritated.

“I’ll give you all the details in my office, but basically we’re working on creating explosives, so what we’re working on is highly volatile. Unfortunately, that means we have a lot of accidents... Too many, if you ask me.”

Ed rubbed his eyes and said, “I don’t need more excitement in my life right now. Why did you request me for this position? I’m not a chemist; I’m an alchemist.”

“I know, but we’re having trouble filling the positions,” Russell said seriously. “I’ve had a few guys quit, and the people qualified to do the jobs don’t want to work for the military because the private industry pays more and is less hazardous.”

“That still doesn’t answer my question,” Ed said, shifting his weight and tapping his fingers on his arm.

“I know you’re not a chemist, but you do know chemistry, right?” Russell said with a frown. “Alchemy and chemistry have several relating factors. You’re brilliant, and...” Russell mumbled something that Ed couldn’t hear.

“Say that again,” Ed said.

Russell looked a little miffed, but said a little more loudly, “I need you. I need your talent, and I know that I can count on you not to jump ship when there is a chance of a little danger.”

Ed turned his head and eyed Russell up and down, trying to determine if the guy was serious or not, then finally nodded. “Okay...” Ed grumbled, a little mollified by Russell’s praise. “But don’t expect me to like it. I’m not here because I want to be, and I’m not going to stay any longer than I’ve been assigned to.”

“I just need you for a few months,” Russell assured him. With a sigh, Ed nodded. “Okay,” Russell said, his previous good humor returning. He waved a hand and starting walking. “Let me show you around.”


“Alphonse!” Ed shouted loudly as he walked into the apartment. “I’m home!” He shut the door and kicked off his boots before making his way to the kitchen and opening a cupboard in search of something to eat. “Al?!” he called again, then looked up at the clock and sighed. Of course... Al was probably still at work, and then after that he was going out with his new bimbo...

Muttering to himself, Ed shucked his jacket off and hung it on the back of one of the kitchen chairs, then opened the fridge door, trying to decide if he wanted to fend for himself, if he wanted to go out for takeout, or if he wanted to order something for delivery.

Ed wasn’t thrilled with the prospect of cooking something. He could cook, and actually he wasn’t too bad, but he just didn’t like to cook. Really, he’d worked his ass off all day and he had no desire to make anything. Besides, cooking reminded him too much of chemistry and he’d definitely had enough of that for the day.

Fucking Russell...

Who knew the guy was such a workhorse? After he’d shown Ed around the lab and finished his explanations about the job, Russell had promptly given him his instructions and gone off to bark orders to some of the other employees. He’d asked one of the lab technicians, who was much older than Russell, if it bothered them that he was so bossy. Surprisingly enough, the man had said that none of them minded. He’d gone on to tell Ed how devoted Russell was to the program and how ‘The Kid’ was determined to not only get the project done on time, but to avoid any further accidents.

Well, at least Russell wasn’t being a lazy ass and letting all the others do the work...

With a sigh, Ed closed the fridge, walked over to their old, beat-up couch, and flopped down on it. He really didn’t want to go out again... The best thing would have been to pick something up on his way home, but that fucking bastard Mustang had kept him for so long asking this question and that. Some were just the dumbest questions...

He could have been home an hour ago if he wasn’t required to report in to Mustang every night after working at the lab. And then, of course, Mustang had felt the need to poke fun at the marks on Ed’s neck.

Seriously, he was going to kill him one day. He took his joking too far sometimes. The last thing he needed after his day with Russell was time with his asshole commanding officer... The meeting hadn’t lasted long after Mustang had dispersed with the work related questions and began probing Ed about his neck. Maybe he would have picked some dinner up on his way home if he hadn’t been so pissed...

Fucking Mustang...

Sooooo, what? Food here, or order something delivered... He mulled over it for a couple minutes, then decided that he was hungry now and that delivery would take much too long. Pushing himself off the couch, Ed wandered back toward the kitchen and decided on canned soup. Not the best thing in the world, but it was edible.

After he was fed, Ed took a quick shower and wandered out of the bathroom with only his boxers on. When he got to his room, Ed glanced at his bed, then to the closet, trying to decide if he wanted sleep, or if he wanted to do some ‘reading’.

After a quick look at the clock, Ed decided on the latter. After all, Al was out and he had the place to himself. Opening one of the closet doors, Ed pulled out the drawer that held his magazines, chose one, and was about to head back to his bed when he heard the front door open, then Al’s voice talking to someone and a feminine laugh.

In a panic, Ed slipped into the closet, quietly closed the door, then sat down in the empty space between his and Al’s dressers and waited. The last thing he wanted to do was meet whatever woman Al was dating, especially in his boxers holding a porn magazine. Of course, he didn’t want Al to see him with a porn magazine either. His brother would probably lecture him or something, and he really wasn’t in the mood for that either.

Unfortunately, they didn’t leave right away. In fact, Al was giving her ‘the grand tour’ of the place. How fucking nice, Ed thought sarcastically, hoping he wasn’t discovered hiding in the closet. Now, that would definitely be embarrassing. Sitting in your own closet, mostly naked, with a porno... Ed looked down at the cover. A gay porno at that...

“And this is the room that my brother and I share,” Al said walking into the room followed by a tall, blond girl. He could see them through the slits of the closet doors. She was definitely attractive with her short hair pulled into a high ponytail, short pleated skirt that didn’t come close to her knees, and her tight shirt that was barely visible under a short jacket.

“You and your brother must get along well to be able to share a place like this,” she observed. “I could never share with my sister.”

“Actually, we used to be really close, but...” He sighed and she looked at him with a small frown. “Sorry, I don’t want to burden you.”

She reached out and touched his shoulder, and said, “No, it’s fine. I want to know.”

Al sat down on Ed’s bed with his shoulders slumped and said, “I just don’t know what to do anymore. We don’t talk like we used to, and... I feel like he’s hiding things from me. No, I know he’s hiding things from me. I just wish that he’d come to me and talk...”

The girl sat down beside him and wrapped her arm around his shoulder. “I’m so sorry...” she whispered. From Ed’s view, he could see his brother’s sad-looking face as he turned it to gaze at her, and Ed felt a pang of guilt in his chest.

He’d been such an ass... Al was always trying to do things with him, but he was so stubborn... Ed swallowed and told himself that he’d make more of an effort to spend time with his brother.

“Thanks,” Al said, then wrapped his own arm around her waist. “I... I know this will probably sound dumb, but I really feel like we’ve bonded tonight, both at the aquarium and here...” His brother placed his other hand right above her knee and said quietly, “Would it be alright if I kissed you? I just... I don’t want to do anything that would make you uncomfortable...”

Ed nearly choked. What the fuck was this?!

The girl looked down, probably trying to look demure, but Ed could tell that she wanted the kiss and was pleased with his interest. She nodded a little, and Al leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. As he did so, his hand inched up her leg, pushing the already too-short skirt up just a bit higher.

“Maybe we should go,” Al whispered barely loud enough for Ed to hear. “I... I don’t want to take advantage of you.”

Yeah right, Ed thought, recognizing the fact that Al was shamelessly playing the girl, and completely shocked at it.

“I guess I just needed a little closeness...” Al’s voice held a note of regret and pleading, that, though very convincing, was so obviously fake that Ed wondered why the girl didn’t slap him and storm off.

But she didn’t slap him and she didn’t storm off. In fact, Ed was surprised to see that she moved in closer and murmured something about it being her choice to stay as they kissed again. Al slid his hand up her thigh a little more before moving it up to rest lightly on one of her breasts.

Ed was stunned. Was that whole speech just an act to get the girl to make out with him? If so, it had been a pretty damn convincing speech. Hell, he had been convinced, and he felt a little irritated that he’d fallen for it. Of course, there was always the chance that Al really did feel that way, but was using those feelings to his advantage.

But either way, his brother had been leading his date on to get her to become friendlier with him! His younger brother! What the fucking hell?! And to top it all off, his brother was now straddling said date on HIS bed!

What kind of messed up shit is this... Ed thought, as he leaned forward to get a better view. Al was leaning over her, and sucking on one of her exposed breasts as he pushed her skirt up to bunch around her stomach. His hand slid down to her thigh, then over to finger her pussy. The girl made a moaning noise as Al began to circle one of his fingers around her clit.

His cock twitched at the sight, and Ed reared back a little, covering his face with his hands. He couldn’t watch this! It was just so... wrong! Normally, he’d be totally into watching two people screw each other senseless, but this wasn’t just anyone, it was his brother! The sound of the girl panting loudly met his ears, and his cock throbbed in his boxers, begging for attention. There was the sound of shifting, then a small gasp from her and a moan of pleasure from Al.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, Ed chanted over and over in his mind. Uncovering his eyes, he looked out the slots in the door in time to see Al thrusting into the girl, and her arching her back and letting out a half-groan, half-moan. Ed’s mouth watered at the sight of Al slowly beginning to plunge into her as he fondled her breasts. It was just so hot and arousing...

If there is a hell, I’m going to be sent there... Ed thought as he reached down and pulled his cock out of the slit in his boxers. He gripped himself tightly and began to slide his palm up and down his length as he watched the two fucking on his bed.

It didn’t matter that it was his brother and some girl anymore. Right now it was just two people humping and fucking, sucking and licking, moaning and groaning. The girl was loud in her exclamations of pleasure, drowning out the soft moans Al was making in his own pleasure.

It didn’t take long for both the girl and his brother to cum. The girl screamed loudly as her body found satisfaction, and if Al made any loud noises when he came, Ed didn’t hear them over her.

Hot need gathered at Ed’s groin as he quickly reached his climax. Hot cum spurted out onto the door before dripping down his hand. He let his breath out as quietly as he could and wiped his hand on his boxers, all the while keeping an eye on Al and the girl.

Strangely enough, Ed felt a little disappointed. It was if the whole experience had been... lacking... in some way. Sure, there had been the excitement factor of watching two unsuspecting people fuck each other, but at the same time it had been so... well... uneventful...

He idly watched them kiss and snuggle for a bit before they got dressed, remade Ed’s bed, and headed out of the apartment. When he was sure they weren’t coming back, Ed opened the closet door, returned the magazine back to the drawer, then flopped down on his bed and pondered what had just happened.

There was so much to take in... The fact that his brother wasn’t the blushing virgin Ed had thought he was and how smoothly he’d gotten the girl into bed with him. Did he do that all the time? Is that the real reason Al went from girl to girl? Was his brother just a player? Ed couldn’t see it, couldn’t believe it; but then, an hour ago he wouldn’t have believed his brother wasn’t a virgin either...

And then there was the actual act itself. It just seemed so... well, unfulfilling, and boring. Nothing creative or different about it at all... To Ed, it almost seemed as if it were a small step above jerking off.

Maybe the thrill for Al wasn’t actually in the sex... Ed mused. Maybe it was in the chase. He supposed he could understand that if it were so... That would make up for Al’s lack of creativity... Or maybe he had just been looking for a quick fuck tonight...

Yawning, Ed got up, changed his boxers, then turned off the light before returning to his bed—which held the faint aroma of what had just happened there. Ed wondered if he should feel outraged that they’d had sex on his bed, but truthfully he didn’t. He actually thought it was kind of kinky, and added some spice to what had just happened.

Ed pulled the covers up to his shoulders and snuggled into the sheets. For some reason, it made him feel a little better that Al wouldn’t be so straight as to not be willing to fuck on someone else’s bed. He smirked a little as he set his alarm clock. In a way, it also made it seem so unreal... so not like the Al he thought he knew...

He yawned again and closed his eyes. Who was he kidding? The Al he thought he knew didn’t have sex—he was the eternal virgin. The Al he thought he knew was someone who was much too nice for his own good, someone everyone liked, and someone who didn’t like to hurt other people’s feelings. The Al he thought he knew couldn’t possibly be the type of person who would sweet talk girls to get them into bed with him, then leave them after the chase was over...

Ed yawned again and burrowed deeper in the covers. Though his thoughts continued to come up with theories about Al’s sexual motivations, likes, and habits, he found himself drifting off and soon weariness overtook him and he was fast asleep.
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  • 100moods Challenge - Bouncy

    Title: Everyone Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist Characters: Mustang and crew Prompt: Bouncy Pairings: Roy/Ed hints Type: General, Implied Yaoi…

  • Object of Gossip - Chapter 14

    Title: Object of Gossip Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist Rating: PG13 Type: Yaoi, Humor Warnings: Language Pairings: Eventual Roy/Ed Summary:…

  • Sins of the Past - Chapter 02

    Title: Sins of the Past Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist Rating: R with a chance of an occasional NC17 chapter here and there. No promises either way.…