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One Shot: Deceit

Title: Deceit

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist

Rating: NC17

Main Characters: Hughes, Envy, Mustang, Ed, Lust

Type:  Yaoi, Dark, Horror

Warnings:  non-consensual sex/rape, blood, gore, etc

Summary: After following Envy to an office, Maes listens through the door and hears Ed pleading for his life, and Mustang taunting and threatening him.


This is the last fic I’ll spam you with today, I promise!  haha


A/N (PLEASE READ):  If you do not like dark fic or if you have a weak stomach DO NOT read this story.  If you are looking for romance, something cute, or something smexy, this is not what you’re looking for.


And, eh, Happy Halloween.






Maes locked the door to his office and started down the dimly lit hall.  He’d stayed late to work on a case, and was now in a hurry to get home to his family.  He was looking forward to kissing his sleeping daughter on the cheek, eating whatever was left over from dinner, and perhaps getting a little ‘love’ out of Gracia. 


He swiftly walked down the hall, passing another hall, then stopped when movement caught his eye.  A slim figure, with long, black-green hair, wearing what looked to be a black halter top and some sort of cross between shorts and a miniskirt walked into an office.  The person looked exactly like the shape shifter Ed had drawn for him when he’d been in the hospital...


Taking a deep breath, Maes moved softly toward the office and put his ear against the smooth wood.   His eyes widened when he heard Edward Elric’s voice pleading for mercy and Roy Mustang’s voice coldly telling him exactly how he was going to gag him, beat him, and fuck him... and that Ed would like it, oh yes... he would like it...


There was a moment of silence, then a scream sounded; only slightly muffled by the heavy wooden door he was leaning against.  Maes could faintly hear heavy sobs through the door, and Ed’s voice, heavy with pain and tears, begging for the pain to stop.  His heart ached at the broken words and the pleading in a voice that was usually so proud and sure.


Pulling out his knife, Maes gritted his teeth and prepared to rush in and save the boy when he felt something sharp and pointed digging into the back of his neck.  A hot searing pain spread from that point through his neck and head, and he cried out in pain as whatever it was slid deeper into him.  Stepping forward a little in an effort to get away from the pain, Maes pressed his body to the door and squeezed his eyes shut.  He could feel something warm and thick flowing from his neck and down his back.




“Hands up,” he heard a woman’s smooth voice say.  He wanted to refuse, but he wasn’t exactly in a position to do so.  When he complied, Maes felt his knife being relieved from his grip.  Whatever had been stabbed into his neck was pulled out and he groaned both in relief and at feeling the flow of blood quicken.  She commanded him to turn around, and when he did, he saw a tall woman with black hair and a black, form-fitting dress.  She had a red tattoo in the middle of her chest right above her ample breasts. 


The tattoo of the homunculi.


She had an arm raised and one of her fingers were stretched out to a point which was so close to his neck that Maes almost didn’t dare to swallow for fear of being cut when his adam’s apple moved.  Blood—his blood—dripped off of the tip of her finger and onto his uniform.  The woman lifted the sharp finger up and swiped the edge against his cheek, wiping the blood off on his skin.


“Who are you?” he demanded, then cringed when he heard another scream from inside of the office.  Loud laughter that sounded like Mustang’s met his ears, but he was sure that laugh belonged to the other homunculi—the shape shifter...


Her full lips pulled up into a smile that showed her perfect white teeth.  “I don’t think you’re in any position to be asking questions, or to be demanding answers.”  She lifted her other hand and held up the knife she’d taken from him moments before.  “You’ll have to do better than this.”


He scowled at her, but then stiffened as she moved that long pointed finger back to his throat, then rested it lightly against the skin there.  The end was barely touching him but it was sharp enough to produce a small sting. 


She slid the finger down his throat and he tried not to wince as he felt the small cut it was producing in his skin.  When she reached the uniform, the woman dragged the finger down the fabric and he could hear it being cut.  Down his chest, to his stomach, and to his...


Maes gasped involuntarily, and tried to shrink away as she reached his groin, but he was already pressed against the door, and there was nowhere to go.


“Don’t worry,” she murmured with a smirk.  “I’m not going to maim you or kill you.  I’m just here to get you excited...”  The pressure at his groin was instantly gone and he breathed a sigh of relief.


Suddenly, another figure walked up beside her, this one shorter and fatter.  He stared stupidly up at Maes with a finger in his mouth before saying, “Can I eat him, Lust?”


The woman’s black lips pulled down into a thoughtful frown, and she shook her head.  “Not this time, Gluttony.  He gets to suffer first.”


The shorter homunculus pouted unhappily, then trudged forward to open the office door.  With a smirk, the woman nudged him to move into the office.  Turning around, Maes walked into the dimly lit office, but stopped involuntarily when he saw Edward Elric on his hands and knees, which where chained to the ground.  He was naked, and covered in bruises and cuts.  Blood flowed heavily from a gash on one shoulder and on his side.  He had a gag in his mouth, which was covered in blood from his bleeding nose, though Maes wondered if some of the blood dripping down Ed’s chin was also from his mouth as well.


Roy Mustang was there too, or what looked to be Mustang, and he stepped forward and brutally kick Ed in the stomach, causing Ed cried out weakly and crumbled a little.  Mustang turned and looked at them, and when he saw Maes, he raised an eyebrow and growled, “What’s he doing here?”


Maes scowled the other homunculus pretending to be Roy—his friend would never be so cold or cruel—and glanced down at Ed, desperate to find a way to help him.  The boy lifted his head and stared at him with liquid gold eyes that were filled with pain and anguish.


“It seems this cat got a little too curious.  A shame really,” the woman—Lust—said as she dragged what he believed to be his knife down the back of his uniform and smacked the flat of the blade against his butt.


Maes grimaced a little, but felt grateful that it wasn’t the sharp edge which had been smacked against him, then glanced up at Mustang and saw that he was being studied; cold calculation in those black eyes.  Suddenly the man smirked and walked over to him.  Staring deeply into Maes’s eyes, Mustang said flatly, “Yes... a real shame.”  He paused, then stepped back.  “Kneel,” he commanded, pointing down at the spot right in front of him. 


Maes growled in the back of his throat, and planned on refusing when he felt the tip of his knife pressing into his back.  Deciding that kneeling would probably be in his best interest for now, Maes knelt and glared up at Mustang.  He was studied again, then Mustang pulled back his hand and backhanded him hard enough to make his nose bleed. Hot blood gushed down his nose, over his lips, and dripped off his chin to the floor below where it made soft splattering sounds. 


“You’re a fool, you know that?” Mustang spat in a tone that could have either been anger or contempt.  Undoing his military pants, Mustang pulled his cock out before stepping closer and laying it against Maes’s cheek. 


“How about you show me how good of a friend you are?” Mustang purred, then rubbed his penis up and down Maes’s face.  He could feel wetness where the precum was being spread on his skin, but didn’t bother to try moving his head away.


“You’re not my friend!” Maes growled.  “Roy would never do this!”  He turned his gaze to where Ed was kneeling on the floor.  “Or that.”


Mustang grabbed a hold of Maes’s hair and pulled roughly, making him look up.  “Suck my cock, Lieutenant Colonel.  That’s an order.”  He paused, then said more smoothly, “Or maybe we should get your slutty wife to do it for you,” the man said, making Maes snarl.  “Perhaps... that cute little girl of yours?”


Maes’s eyes widened in disgust and horror.  “You pervert!  Stay away from my family!” he yelled angrily, horrified at the thought of either his beloved wife or darling daughter having to face such depravity.


Mustang shrugged, then nodded down at his erection; the tip of which was now being rubbed against Maes’s blood covered lips.  “Well, someone needs to take care of this for me, and his mouth is busy at the moment.”  Mustang nodded his head to where Ed was watching the two, blood from his nose still flowing down his face and mixing in with the saliva escaping his gagged mouth to drip off his chin and onto the floor.


Pressing his lips together, Maes turned his head more toward Ed, then said, “Don’t worry, Ed.  It will be alright...  I’m going to help you,” before turning back to Mustang and hesitantly opening his mouth. 


“Good boy,” Mustang murmured, pushing his cock into Maes’s mouth.  Maes made a face at the bitter precum taste which was mixing with the metallic blood taste.  He’d never had someone’s penis in his mouth before, and it was hard not to pull away and spit, or even throw up in disgust. 


Mustang let go of where he was holding onto Maes’s hair and grabbed both of his ears tightly, making him let out a muffled scream of pain.  Mustang thrust hard into Maes’s mouth, over and over again muttering, “You like it don’t you?  You like having my cock in your mouth like this.  You just wish you could have been sucking it all along instead of doing that cunt bitch of a wife.  Bet you want a bit of ass too, don’t you?”


Maes made a growling sound, and narrowed his eyes up at Mustang.  The man... the thing... laughed sharply, and released Maes’s ears and grabbed tightly onto the sides of his head.  “Since we’re such good friends, I just might share little Fuckmetal with you.  He wants it.  Can’t you see it in his eyes?  He likes being treated like the worthless trash he is.”


Mustang’s words trailed off into grunts, and Maes glanced over at Ed out of the corner of his eye.  He was staring at them with a look that he could only classify as horrified interest.  Suddenly, Maes gagged as Mustang climaxed and spurted hot cum into his mouth and throat.  He tried to pull away, but Mustang’s hands slipped into a hard grip on his hair to keep him in place.


“Swallow!” Mustang commanded flatly.  “Swallow it, you disgusting fuck!” 


Realizing it was either swallow or choke, Maes forced himself to swallow, then coughed violently as Mustang stepped back, pulling out of his mouth and doing up his pants. “If you’re that bad with that whore, it’s no wonder you only have one kid,” Mustang said, then gave his hair one last violent tug before walking over to Ed.


The teen’s eyes widened and he tried to move away, but couldn’t given the shackles holding him to that spot.  Mustang smirked and knelt down in front of the boy.  “Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you.”  Glancing over at Maes, Mustang’s eyes took on a lustfully dangerous look.  “How about we have short stuff here show you how it’s done.”


Maes growled angrily.  If that thing thought he was going to let Ed give him a blowjob, he was wrong.  “Screw you!” Maes spat. 


Mustang chuckled, then said, “Not tonight,” before untying the gag and pulling it out of Ed’s mouth.  The teen worked his jaw, then looked angrily up at Mustang.  “I’m not going to...”


But whatever Ed was going to say was cut off by a vicious punch to the face.  “You’ll do what I tell you to!” Mustang growled, them motioned to Lust.  Suddenly, Maes felt sharp pain in the back of his neck again.


“Stand up and walk over there,” she directed smoothly.


Maes stood up, knowing that if he was dead, there was nothing he could do to help Ed.  He walked slowly to where Ed was glaring up at Mustang, hate shining in his eyes despite his injuries, and the swelling in his cheek.  Ed turned his head and glanced up to where Maes was standing above him, and his face took on a resigned look. 


“I’m sorry, Ed...” Maes murmured.  “I’ll find some way to help you though, don’t give up hope...”


“How sweet...” Mustang murmured flatly, then walked around to where Ed’s bare ass was sticking up for all to see.  “Undo your pants and put your cock in his mouth.”


Maes stood there for a moment, trying to decide the best course of action, then glanced down when he heard Ed say, “Just do it.”  The teen’s eyes held a dark determination that made Maes’s heart go out to him.  With a nod, Maes knelt down as he undid his pants.  His penis was soft, and he loudly blew out his breath.  This sort of thing did not turn him on... yet to stay alive long enough, he needed to do this.


Ed glanced down and frowned, almost in disapproval, making Maes feel slightly embarrassed.  Trying to think of something arousing, Maes stroked himself, and when he was semi-hard, Ed murmured, his voice rough from the screaming he’d been doing, “That’s enough, just...”  He glanced back to where Mustang was standing, then to Maes again, “Just put it in.”


Apologizing yet again, Maes pushed himself gently into Ed’s mouth, and looked up in time to see Mustang bring a hand down hard on Ed’s ass, causing him to move forward and take in all of Maes’s length.  Mustang slapped his hand against Ed’s ass again and again, causing red marks to appear over the smooth skin.  With each slap, Ed grunted, but continued to move his tongue around Maes’s cock in a way that brought more pleasure than he could have believed possible.


Maes half moaned, half groaned.  What Ed was doing felt so good, yet he knew it was wrong to enjoy this.  He had to think of a way to get them both out of this situation; yet, with each slap from Mustang, Maes became more angry until finally he snapped, “Stop that!”


He heard Ed groan from below and petted Ed’s head as he stared angrily at Mustang.  The other man smirked and walked over to him.  “Jealous?”


“What?” Hughes asked, then cried out when he was slapped hard on his ass.


“I think you’ve had enough of this.  We should move you on to the main course,” Mustang said, then pulled him away from Ed’s mouth and back behind Ed.  Maes swallowed hard.  He knew what was expected of him now, but he didn’t know if he’d be able to...


“Fuck him or die,” Mustang said in a low voice, then moved to Ed’s head and grabbed his hair tightly.  “You won’t go alone either.”


“I’m going to kill you for this,” Ed growled angrily, then screamed when Mustang pulled back hard on his hair and backhanded him again.


“Okay!” Maes cried, afraid for Ed.  “I’ll do it!  Just stop that!”  When Mustang glanced at him expectantly, Maes sighed, grabbed onto Ed’s ass, and pressed the head of his cock against the opening before looking back at Mustang.  “What about lube?”  It would hurt Ed less if there was lube...


“You want lube?” Mustang asked with a raised eyebrow, then let go of Ed’s hair with one hand, and motioned for Lust to come to him.  When she did, he held out his hand expectantly, and she gave him the knife she’d taken from Maes.  Faster than Maes would have thought possible, Mustang reached over and sliced deeply into Ed’s thigh, causing the boy to scream loudly.  “That should do it for you,” Mustang said.


Looking over the gash in horror, Maes rubbed Ed’s lower back and said, “I’m sorry, Ed.  Just...”


“Just do it!” Ed yelled desperately.  Maes reached over, swiping at the flowing blood with one of his hands and shakily spread it over his erection before pushing slowly into Ed.  “Faster!” Ed demanded.  “This is fucking agony!”


Feeling determined, Maes grabbed onto Ed’s ass and thrust hard into him.  Ed cried out, but when Maes stopped, Ed yelled, “Don’t stop!”  Looking up, Maes saw that Mustang was gripping Ed’s hair tightly with one hand and was slowly slicing into Ed’s scalp with the knife.


Digging his fingers into Ed’s ass cheeks, Maes tried to concentrate on what he was doing.  Obviously it would be better for them both if he just hurried and did this.  Even though he knew it was to help Ed, Maes couldn’t help feeling shame at what he was doing, and also at the fact that he was actually getting pleasure from it.  His breathing grew more shallow and he made little whimpering noises as he neared climax.


“They say that causing a great shock can make someone’s muscles tighten and if you’re inside them, then you can get the best orgasm of your life,” Mustang said, interrupting Maes’s concentration.  He looked up and saw the man tightening his grip on Ed’s hair.  Maes’s eyes widened as Mustang lifted Ed’s head, causing Ed’s breathing to escalate frantically and his eyes bulge fearfully.  “Should we find out if that’s true?”


“NO!” Maes shouted, but Mustang fell to his knees and brutally slammed Ed’s head down against the ground.  Maes could hear a loud crunching sound, but it was blocked out by the intense waves of pleasure as the muscles in Ed’s ass contracted tightly around his cock.


Again, Mustang slammed Ed’s head on the ground, causing blood to splatter and pieces of skull to scatter over the hard floor, and with the next contraction of Ed’s muscles, Maes came with a loud scream.  Stars filled his vision and all he knew at that moment was the pleasure, then it was over and his body wanted to collapse.  As his vision cleared, his eyes fell on the floor where Ed’s crushed head lay.  Blood was pooling around Mustang’s knees, turning his uniform an ugly shade of purple.


“No...” Maes cried brokenly, and tears leaked from his eyes.  He pulled out of Ed, did up his pants, and started toward Mustang, intent on tearing the man apart, but Lust quickly moved behind him and held him back.


“You BASTARD!” Maes screamed hysterically.  He fought against being held, but it was of no use.  The homunculus holding him was too strong, and after a minute his intense rage was gone, leaving him drained and hollow—feeling a sense of failure and loss.  He was released, and, with tears flowing down his face, crawled toward, Ed’s dead body.


“No...” he sobbed, petting the part of Ed’s skull that wasn’t crushed.  “No, no, no...”


He heard a sound beside him and looked up to see that Mustang had risen to his feet, the blood running down the legs of his uniform from his knees, and was now staring contemptuously down at him.  “A fitting end, don’t you think?  A short death for a short person.”


“You monster!” Maes shouted, through his tears.  “All of you homunculi are monsters!”  Maes felt himself losing control as anger and rage took hold of him once again.  Even though he hadn’t wanted to, he’d still done that to Ed, and he hadn’t been able to save him...


Maes jumped to his feet, grabbed Mustang’s collar, and stared hatefully into the face he knew so well.  “Show me your true form!  If you’re going to kill me like you killed Ed, then do it in your true form!”


Suddenly he felt a knife, his most likely, plunged deeply into his chest.  He glanced down at the hilt, then back up.  “I’m sorry, Maes,” Mustang said quietly, yet with eyes devoid of remorse.  “This is my true form...  You shouldn’t have put your nose in where you didn’t belong...”


Maes’s eyes widened in pure shock.  “You...  No...  Roy...?  But... Ed...” he breathed in disbelief.


There was laughter behind him and he looked back to see Ed standing up, breaking the chains, and checking himself before glancing up.  Blood ran hideously down his destroyed face, and Ed swiped at it before he took on a look of displeasure.  All of a sudden Ed changed to the homunculus he’d seen earlier. 


“That really wasn’t as much fun as I thought it would be...” the homunculus said, touching his now clean face.


“Shut up, Envy,” Roy growled, then glanced back at Maes.  He watched as regret played over Roy’s face, before it hardened into cold resolve.  “You always were too nosy, Maes.”  He felt the knife twist inside of him, and he reflexively grabbed onto Roy’s shoulders to steady himself.  His mouth opened as he tried to breathe in more air, and he coughed, causing blood to trickle from the corners of his mouth.


Roy leaned forward and gently licked the blood off his lips, then murmured softly, as if to a lover, “I can still taste me on your lips...  I’d always wanted you, Maes.  I’ll always remember that moment...”


“How...” Maes forced out hoarsely.  “How could you?  Why?”


Roy frowned.  “Isn’t it obvious?”  Maes shook his head, trying to stay alive long enough for answers. “I told you, Maes,” Roy said.  “I told you I would become fuhrer one day, and that I would do anything to achieve that goal.”


Maes opened his mouth to say more, but couldn’t find the air.  He felt his grip slipping before he dropped to the floor.  Roy knelt over him and pulled out the picture Maes kept in his jacket of his family.  “Don’t worry about your wife and daughter,” Roy said in a way that made Maes’s blood go cold.  “I’ll take good care of them...”


“No...” Maes breathed in horror.  He struggled to lift a hand, to grab onto Roy, to tell him to stay away from his family, but he couldn’t.  The world was going black, and as hard as he tried to stay conscious, his vision darkened, and then there was nothing.


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