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Drabble: Cold Water

Title: Cold Water
Type: light humor, yaoi, drabble
Parings: Roy/Ed
Rating: PG

Summary:  Roy accuses Ed of dumping cold water on him in the shower.

Ed looked up from his book when he heard the yell.  He half got up out of his chair, then sat back down and stoically tried to ignore what he’d just heard.  Since their last fight, Ed hadn’t talked to Mustang, and Mustang hadn’t talked to him.  He sure as hell wasn’t going to be the one who caved, and that was that.


The sound of Al’s clanging footsteps met his ears, and again Ed looked up to see his brother quickly walking toward the table.  Sitting down, Al grabbed the nearest book and began studying it intently. 


Okay... Ed thought, but didn’t have time to ask about the strange behavior because a moment a very wet and—except for a towel around his hips—very naked Roy Mustang walked into the room.


“You!” Mustang breathed, pointing a finger at him.  Ed blinked, unsure what this was about, but very aware that this was the first thing Mustang had said to him in days.  “You poured cold water on me while I was in the shower!”


“What?!” Ed exclaimed.  “No I didn’t!  I’ve been in here the whole—”  He stopped abruptly and looked at his brother.  “It was Al!” he accused.


“Right.  You really expect me to believe your brother would do something like that?” Mustang asked as he walked toward him.  


“Al!” Ed said accusingly, but his brother simply ignored him.  Before he could speak again, Mustang had picked him up, and hoisted him up over his shoulder.  “Where are you taking me?” Ed demanded as Mustang turned to leave the room.


“I need to show you the evils of pouring cold water on a man,” Mustang said simply.


Ed lifted his head.  He wanted to give Al an evil glare for framing him, but he knew why Al had done it, so instead he gave him a crooked smile and mouthed ‘thank you’.

Tags: drabble, oneshot, stories
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