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Misspoken - Chapter 4

Title:  Misspoken
Rating:  PG13
Type: Light Angst, Humor, General, Yaoi
Warnings:  Language
Summary:  During an argument, Ed says something that makes Roy wonder what his subordinate really thinks of him.

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Ed closed the book he’d been reading and flopped it onto the pile that was stacked on the library table before glancing up at his brother.  “I think we have enough information.  We should just go and check out the situation there.”


Al flipped the page of the book he was reading and nodded his metal head.  “Yeah, I think you’re right, brother,” he said before closing his own book. 


“We should—” Ed began but stopped when he saw Mustang walking toward their table.  He groaned inwardly and started picking up his papers.  It had been a week since his little fuck up with words, but luckily life had continued on without anyone acting much different.  He really didn’t think about it much anymore since the colonel had just acted like normal the next time he’d seen him, but still it was something that stayed with him.  He needed to be more careful about what he said.


“Fullmetal,” Mustang said in greeting, then nodded at Al.  “Alphonse.”


“Good morning, Colonel Mustang,” Al said much more cheerfully than Ed felt.  His eyes roamed over the man’s body as his brother and the colonel exchanged morning pleasantries.  He looked so good...  Ed’s heart beat quickly in his chest and he turned his attention to gathering up their research material. 


He was being stupid again.  He needed to get over the fact that, not only would the colonel never look at him that way, but they’d never even be friends.  The only thing about him that interested Mustang was what he could do to make him look good.


Ed smirked at one of the books.  Mustang hated it when Ed caused trouble for him.  It pissed him off royally, in fact.  He supposed the nicest thing he could do for the colonel would be to stop causing so much trouble, but the truth of it was that when Ed made trouble for Mustang, he also got to see him more. 


He knew there must be something wrong with his logic, but to him it seemed the best way to get to spend time with his crush and also to hide the fact that he wanted to be there as well. 


It suddenly occurred to him that he was being spoken to, and he lifted his head.  “Eh?” he asked.  “What?”


Mustang shook his head.  “You don’t ever listen to anything I say, do you?”


Fighting the embarrassment that had washed over him, Ed scowled.  “Well, maybe if you had something to say worth listening to, I would.”


“I asked how your research was coming along,” Mustang said flatly.


Ed paused, quickly trying to decide what to say.  If he was rude, then Mustang might leave, but he might stay to return insult for insult too.  He could blow the colonel off, which would be more ‘him’, but then Mustang would leave, and Ed didn’t really want him to go yet.  Of course, he could shock the hell out of the man and actually be polite.


“What’s the matter?” Ed asked in a smartass tone.  “Too damn lazy to read the reports I give you?”  Mustang folded his arms, raised an eyebrow, and stared at Ed with such a considering look that Ed actually began to feel a little uneasy.


Finally, the man said, “I guess you could say that.  I was about to get lunch.  Maybe you can come with me and fill me in on all the stuff I’ve been too lazy to read.”


Ed’s eye’s widened a little, and he stammered, “”  Like a date?!” Ed thought, then quickly amended that.  No, it wasn’t a date, but... lunch?  With Mustang?  He glanced quickly at his brother and swallowed in an effort to get some moisture into his throat.


“Yes, lunch.  You know, the meal eaten between breakfast and dinner,” Mustang said flippantly. 


Lunch... with Mustang...  Ed’s mind was still trying to grab a hold of the idea.


“I’ll just stay here,” Al said, opening his book again. 


“You’re welcome to come with us,” Mustang offered. 


Ed suddenly felt even more panicked.  Go to lunch alone with Mustang??!  “Al, no, you have to come,” Ed said quickly.  Although he did want to be alone with Mustang, he also was afraid of it.  “You wouldn’t let me suffer alone would you?!”


“I actually felt like that should be my line,” Mustang said dryly.


“Hey!” Ed shot back.  “If you didn’t want me to come, then you shouldn’t have invited me!”


The colonel opened his mouth to say something, when Al interrupted them.  “Be quiet!  This is a library!”  Both he and Mustang looked at Al, and his brother said, “This is why I’m not going.  I am the one who shouldn’t have to suffer.  The two of you bring this on yourselves!”  And with that, Al looked down at the book and Ed knew he was doing his best to ignore them.


Ed glanced at Mustang who looked at him with a raised eyebrow.  Turning, Mustang beckoned to him before starting away.  Ed nervously looked at Al before standing and following Mustang out of the library. 


Lunch... with Mustang... alone... 

It wasn’t a date, but he could at least pretend it was. 

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