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The Mustang Chronicles - Chapter 21

Title: The Mustang Chronicles

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist

Type: Non-Yaoi—may have some light Roy/Riza themes here and there and some eventual Parental!Roy

Story Summary:  A collection of drabbles and longer chapters that touch on Roy Mustang’s live.  Expect humor, angst, general stuff, etc.  Originally written for </a></font></b></a>100moods, though not actually being posted there any longer.


Go here for chapter listing

                Chapter Title: Target Practice

                Characters: Roy, Riza

                Type: General

                Prompt: No prompt

                Word Count: 2,108

                Chapter Rating: PG

                Warnings/Spoilers: None

                Chapter summary: Roy takes Riza out shooting for her first time.

- 21 -


The Mustang Chronicles


No Prompt


Target Practice



“Damn, that was a good breakfast!” Maes exclaimed.


Roy rolled his eyes and continued to clean his gun.  The man had been proclaiming the excellence of his mother’s cooking for the last hour.  He could see doing it when she was around, but what was the point now?


Roy looked over to where Maes had his gun taken apart as well and frowned.  He would prefer to not be doing this here either.  Normally, Roy did everything he needed to before he came home, but there hadn’t been time before they’d left.


He turned his attention back to his gun and after a moment he felt a nudge on his arm.  Looking up, Roy growled, “What?”  To this, Maes grinned and nodded to the other side of Roy.  Turning his head, Roy looked to see what had caught the man’s attention. 


“Hi, Roy!” Riza said, as she dumped her bike near the fence and trotted over to where they were sitting on the porch.


“Riza,” he said in greeting before turning his attention back to his gun.


He heard her lean against the wooden railing surrounding the porch, then, “You know, the funniest thing happened last night.”


Roy sighed, and tried to ignore her, but Maes said, “Oh yeah?”


“Yeah, I woke up and looked out my window and saw fire down this way.  I mean, it must have been pretty big if I could see it from my window.”


“You don’t say.”  Roy could hear the laughter in Maes’s voice now.  “So you thought you’d come down here and tell us about it?”


“No.  I already know it was Roy’s fault,” she said simply.  “He was probably trying to show off or something.”  Roy scowled down at the pieces of his gun.  What a brat!


“You seem to know him pretty well!” Maes chortled.  To this, Roy looked over at Maes and shot him a dirty glare before glancing over to the blonde fourteen-year-old. 


“Of course.  I know everything about him,” she bragged.


“Oh really?” Maes snickered before saying, “Do you know if he wears boxers or briefs?”


To this, Roy’s eyes widened.  Riza’s hands flew to her mouth and he could here her giggling behind them.  Turning, Roy hissed, “Maes!”


With a grin, Maes said, “I think we should go shooting.”  Roy glared at him, but at least the subject had been changed.


“Can I come?” Riza asked.


Roy turned, about to say ‘no’ when Maes said, “Of course!”


“I don’t think your father would approve,” Roy said, not exactly happy to have her come along.


She shrugged.  “He won’t know unless someone tells him.”  Roy raised an eyebrow at that, and she glared at him.  “You better not say no.  Who was it that convinced him to...”


“Okay, fine,” he said, cutting her off.  This was as good of a time as any to pay her back for what she’d done for him anyway.  Then he wouldn’t feel like he had a debt to her that hadn’t been paid. 


“Oh, you know... I just forgot,” Maes said with a frown Roy knew was fake.  The man looked apologetically to Riza and said, “I told the old lady here I’d help her with a few things.  Maybe just you and Roy should go this time.”


“What!” Roy growled.  The lie was so obvious too!  “You can’t get out of it!  You’re the one who suggested it!”


Maes gave a helpless shrug and looked at Riza.  “You don’t mind, do you?”


Roy looked over at her and noticed that she actually seemed a little pleased.  Shaking her head, Riza said, “He’s pretty hard to deal with, but I’ll manage.”


Roy looked from one to another with a feeling that he’d somehow been tricked into this, though he wasn’t sure by whom...




“It’s not fair,” Riza complained unhappily. 


“No,” Roy said again.


“But he said that I could use it!”  She did not sound happy, but there was no way he was giving in.


“That’s right; he said you could use it.  He didn’t say you could carry it there.”




Roy stopped walking and looked at her.  “Look, Riza...  A gun is a dangerous thing.  You haven’t had any training with it.  The best thing is for me to carry it there.”


“Oh and letting you carry it would be safer?” she taunted.


He started walking again and growled, “What’s that supposed to mean?”


“It means that if you’re so responsible then why did you think you had to prove yourself?” she asked.


Roy made a sound of irritation.  Not her too...  “What’s the matter, Riza?  Jealous that I can burn more things with my alchemy than you can with your cooking?” he asked, knowing it would irk her.


“Roy Mustang!  You take that back!  I’m a good cook and you know it!”


Turning off the road into the junkyard, Roy smirked; pleased that he’d changed the subject so smoothly.  Pointing around, he told her to find all the whole bottles she could for targets.  It took about fifteen minutes to round up the amount of bottles they wanted and to find a good place to line them up at.


Standing a good ways off, Roy carefully handed her Maes’s gun.  She held it awkwardly, and he frowned.  That wouldn’t do at all.  One shot like that would probably knock her off her feet.  Walking behind her, Roy wrapped his arms around her and held his hands over hers.


“Okay, so... you need to hold the gun like this,” Roy explained as he moved her hands to the right places and brought the gun up where it needed to be relative to her body.  “Okay?” he asked.


She nodded and said, “Okay...”  Her voice sounded a little breathy, but he supposed she was just nervous about shooting a gun for the first time.


“Now, you need to have a good stance.  You could be knocked off balance if you don’t,” he explained before reaching down and moving her legs.  He stood back and glanced at her before drawing his own gun.  “Like this,” he said, showing her.  Her eyes wandered over his body before she nodded and adjusted herself. 


“Do you want to go first?” he asked.  He didn’t want her to be intimidated by the fact that he was better than her.  Not that he was really great, but this was her first time.


“Uh...”  She looked nervously at the bottles, then at him.  “Can I see you do it first?”  He nodded and moved a little away from her.  Readying himself, he took aim and fired.


“You missed,” Riza said after a moment.


He glared at her, but she simply raised an eyebrow.  With an irritated sigh, Roy took aim again, this time taking his time.  He concentrated on the bottle the same way he concentrated to do flame alchemy.  He pulled back on the trigger and the bottle shattered.  Feeling a little smug, Roy glanced at her and said, “What about that?”


She grinned and made a sign of approval with her hand.  He shot a few more times, hitting a couple more bottles, before he gestured that it was her turn.  They traded places and he watched as she readied herself.  Licking her lips, Riza carefully aimed the gun before nervously squeezing on the trigger.  A loud gunshot rang out and the gun bucked in her hands causing her to step back a little.


“You alright?” he asked starting back toward her, but she only nodded and waved him off.  Again she raised the gun.  Her lips pressed together and focused hard.  This time when she squeezed the trigger, she stayed in one place.


In the end, Riza didn’t hit a single bottle.  After the last shot was fired, she stood there, looking almost dejected, before finding a place to sit down.  He watched as she held the gun in her hands and stared down at it. 


Roy frowned.  He supposed he would feel disappointed too if he couldn’t even hit one bottle.  Walking over to her, he said, “Don’t worry, Riza, I couldn’t hit much my first time either.


“You’re worse with the gun than you are with flame alchemy,” she said.  “That’s not saying much since you suck with that too.”


“Hey!” he crowed.  He’d been trying to be nice!


Turning her head to gaze up at him, Riza gave him a serious stare.  “Which one will you rely on to keep you safe?” she asked solemnly.


He returned her stare for a moment before sitting down beside her.  “Probably flame alchemy,” he answered truthfully.  “I want to become a State Alchemist and they usually rely on their alchemy more than stuff like guns or knives.”  He paused.  “Sometimes they rely on others to back them up too.”


“Oh...” she said and looked back down at the gun.  “Who will protect you?”


Roy shrugged.  “Maes, I guess.”  Her head came up and she gave him a look that said she wasn’t sure she thought that was good enough.  “He’s not great with the gun either, but he’s awesome with his knife.”


She frowned and her face took on a gravity that almost made him want to console her.  “He doesn’t know enough about you to protect you.  I mean... You’re stubborn and stuff...  He doesn’t seem like the type that can handle you...”


“Thanks a lot...” he muttered.


“I mean it!” she said forcefully, then with a softer tone she said, “But I know you...”  She glanced down at the gun in her hands and her grip tightened on the weapon.  “I will protect you...”




When she looked back up at him he could see that her eyes were moist.  “I will!  One day I’m going to be the best shot ever and...”


“I don’t think you’re father will let you practice,” Roy pointed out. 


“He will,” she said stubbornly.  “And I’ll join the military too.”


“You have to be at least sixteen to join,” he explained.


“I can wait,” she said.  “You just have to promise to stay out of trouble until then.”


He frowned.  The thought of having Riza trail him everywhere wasn’t exactly a thrilling prospect, but it wasn’t that thought that was on his mind right now.


“Riza, I’m... I’m touched; really I am, but...”  He plucked the gun from her hands and held it tightly.  He really was touched that she would care so much...  “A gun is a weapon meant to kill people.  Being a soldier also means that you’ll need to kill people if you’re ordered to.  You don’t want that, do you?”


“Well... no, but...”


He reached over and held her hands in his.  “These hands aren’t meant to kill, Riza...”


“And yours are?” she cried, snatching her hands away and wiping her eyes.


“I can take care of myself.  Besides, if your father knew that you were joining the military because of me, I don’t think you’d have to worry about me getting killed in the line of duty,” he said wryly.


Instead of answering him, Riza simply stared down at her hands and sniffled softly.  Unsure what to do now that would make her cheer up, Roy stood and walked back to the spot where they’d been shooting from.  Pulling out his gloves, he slipped them on and reached his hand out to snap.


“Hey, Riza,” he called with a grin.  “What do you say we just get all the bottles all at once?”


When she looked up, Roy turned back to the bottles and snapped his fingers in quick succession.  Each bottle burst outward with the heat he was creating inside of them, except for the last one which stood whole and intact while a pile of garbage beyond it burst into flame.


“Oops...” Roy murmured.


He heard an exasperated sound near him and looked over to see Riza standing next him with a small smirk. 


“See!” she said, pointing.  “That is why you need someone like me around.  I don’t need to protect you; I need to protect helpless civilians from your stupidity and carelessness!”


Roy grinned feeling pleased with himself.  “But I did get all the other ones.”


Throwing her hands in the air, Riza started walking away from him as she shook her head.  He let his grin slip into a bland smile and started to follow her.  He knew this would help her get herself together.  That’s why he would never tell her that he’d actually aimed for the trash heap at the end, and not the last bottle at all.


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