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Blind Obsession - Chapter 3

Title:  Blind Obsession

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist

Rating: NC17

Type: Yaoi, Smut (with a side order of plot), AU?

Warnings:  Smut, Language

Pairing: Roy/Ed

Summary:  Roy finds Ed having some ‘fun’ with himself, and decides to include himself in the entertainment without letting Ed know it’s him.


A/N:  this story doesn’t follow any exact timeline, so I suppose you could say it fits in the AU category.  Ed is seventeen in this story, and Al has his body back.

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Blind Obsession




Oral Fixation


Ed looked up the steel, fire escape ladder that led to the top of the building.  The location appeared to be rather quiet and the building seemed as if it hadn’t been used in some time.  Everything was so dark and mysterious...  Anything could happen and no one would see or hear a thing.  He smiled a little to himself and shrugged.  Ed quickly checked his back pocket and felt the pillowcase sticking out, before climbing the ladder.  He was so very ready for this.  His cock twitched in anticipation, and he licked his lips at the thought of being fucked up the ass again.  That night in the warehouse had played itself over and over in his mind these last few days and he was dying for a repeat.


When he neared the top of the ladder, Ed saw that the roof of the building was surrounded by a tall, chain-link fence, but it was easy to climb over.  Once on the flat, concrete roof, Ed glanced around, not sure what to do next.  From where he stood, Ed could see two structures in the moonlight.  Each had a door, and he guessed that one led to a stairwell going into the building and the other must be some sort of shed for supplies.


It was then that something white on the concrete caught his eye and he walked toward it.  Bending down, Ed picked it up and examined it.  It was a neatly wrapped, square package with a small envelope on top. 


Ed bit on his lip lightly.  There was no name on the package, but he supposed it was just too much of a coincidence for it not to be for him.  But...why a package?  Feeling a little indecisive, but curious at the same time, Ed pulled the envelope off the package and pulled out a folded piece of paper.  He tipped the paper to catch the light of the moon before scanning the note.  It was typed this time, not hand written.  


This package is for you.  I expect you

to wear what is inside.  I am watching

you, and I will not show myself until

then.  After putting on your gift, stay

where you are until I come for you.


Ed looked up from the note and glanced around.  In the darkness around him, Ed could see no one.  Nothing moved, but that didn’t mean that someone couldn’t be out there.  Returning his attention to the package, Ed pulled off the white wrapping, then lifted the lid on the small box. 


His brow furrowed when he saw a folded piece of black cloth.  He stared at it for a moment, then he realized what it must be.  Pulling the material out of the box, Ed held it up and watched it unravel from its folded shape into that of a well-made blindfold.  The material was thick, and the fabric felt soft—almost silky to the touch.


He rubbed it between his fingers.  It definitely felt much nicer than the pillowcase; that was for sure.  Setting the box and note down, Ed again glanced around uncertainly.  Here goes nothing, Ed thought a little nervously before wrapping the blindfold around his head and tying it in the back.


His automail fingers caught in his hair for a moment and he spent almost a full minute trying to get the strands free from the joints.  He always wore his hair in a braid when he was working or doing ‘normal’ everyday things, but tonight he’d decided to leave it down.  He didn’t want this stranger to be able to recognize him.  After all, the name ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ wasn’t exactly unknown to the public and his braid was part of that image.  He also wore a pair of faded blue jeans and a tee-shirt, not the normal black and red outfit he often wore, or the turtle neck he’d been wearing for the last couple of days. 


Ed scowled.  He was going to have to give this man a piece of his mind.  Because of that, he’d had to endure Al’s questioning looks over the weekend, and Mustang poking fun at him on Saturday and all day today.  If he had to suffer, then the one who gave the damn hicky to him should have to suffer as well. 


When he was done tying the blindfold, Ed waited patiently.  It was strange how his other senses seemed to be clearer when he couldn’t see.  Or perhaps he just noticed things more easily when he didn’t have his sight to distract him.  The night air warm against his skin, the smell of the concrete and bricks, the chirping of crickets and the sound of cars in the distance... he was just so acutely aware of it all that it made his skin tingle slightly.


Ed’s heart thudded in his chest and he whipped his head around this way and that with every small sound that caught his attention.  After a few more minutes, the sound of footsteps met his ears and he licked his lips nervously. 


This was it...  This was what he’d been waiting for.  Arousal grabbed a hold of him, holding him tightly in its claws.  A burning need coursed through him and his penis swelled, pushing almost uncomfortably against the inside of his pants.


Almost uncomfortably, but not quite.


The footsteps stopped and he knew the man was standing next to him, probably studying him.  Ed wondered if the man liked what he saw...  He jumped slightly when he felt something pressed softly against his lips.  A finger?  Yes, that was what it was.  The finger moved lightly over his lips, lingering there for a moment, then catching the bottom lip as it slid down to his chin, to his throat, and finally to the collar of his shirt.


Ed licked his lips, he could taste the man where he’d touched him on his lips.  Again he licked his lips, then opened his mouth so that he could get more air.  What would come next?  What would the man do?  Ed wanted to say something, but he couldn’t quite form the right words.  Instead, he moaned softly when he felt the finger slide over his shirt and move down to his waist.


He felt the bottom of his shirt being pulled up, and suddenly it was pulled off him.  He felt tiny goosebumps on his skin at the rush of air against his previously protected chest, and his nipples hardened slightly.  He felt so exposed... but he liked it.  Footsteps met his ears as the man walked around him.  The sound stopped, and the next thing that Ed knew, the pillowcase that had been sticking out of his back pocket was pulled free. 


His hands were grabbed a moment later and brought behind his back before he felt something—the pillowcase most likely—tying his wrists together.  He felt slightly nervous about that, but decided not to let it bother him too much.  If the man meant harm, it would have already been done. 


Moments later, Ed felt a push on his shoulders.  At first he was confused, then he realized the man wanted him to kneel on the ground.  Awkwardly, Ed knelt, waiting for what would come next.  The sound of a zipper being undone met his ears before he felt something warm and thick touch his cheek.


The musky smell of male genitalia met his nose and he felt the man move his cock along his cheek, then drag the tip over Ed’s lips, spreading wet precum as it went.  Ed licked his lips, catching the man’s penis in the process.




Roy stared lustfully down at Ed.  After the teen had licked his lips once, he held his mouth slightly open with his tongue out.  Roy smirked.  Ed was a quick learner.  He knew what was going on here and he was more than willing to try it out.  He shook his head, once again amazed at what a dirty, little slut his teenage subordinate was. 


Moving his cock near Ed’s tongue, Roy wondered if the kid had done this before.  Had Ed given head to others besides him?  Had he bent over for others and let them screw him senseless?  Who knew how many others the boy had been with...


The thought aroused him as Ed moved his tongue, licking his penis like a lollipop.  Roy breathed hard at the feel and at the sight of what was happening.  Ed would start at the bottom of his shaft and slowly slide his tongue up to the tip of his cock.  Not only was Ed doing that, but it looked as though he was enjoying it as well.


Roy reached around Ed’s head, and after pressing his cock against Ed’s mouth, he pulled against Ed’s head gently.  Ed opened his mouth wider and let himself be guided forward.  Roy let out a low moan at watching his length disappear into that willing mouth.  He went as far as he could before Ed’s gag reflex kicked in, then moved back to where the stimulation would be the greatest. 


Too bad...  Part of him had hoped the kid could deep throat, but he wasn’t surprised that he couldn’t.  It was just another part of his fantasy about Ed having been with many people—a fantasy that he was sure was false.  Roy was pretty sure that Ed’s sexual experience was limited, but it was still exciting to think about.


Roy let the kid fumble around with sucking him off for a few minutes, before he pulled out.  Thick saliva dripped from his cock and onto Ed’s chin.  Ed smacked his lips together a couple of times, but made no move to try removing the spittle. 


Kneeling down in front of the teen, Roy leaned in and touched the tip of his tongue to one of Ed’s nipples making him gasp in response.  He moved in closer and took the now erect nipple gently between his teeth and flicked it with his tongue.


“Fuck!” Ed exclaimed.  His chest was heaving, and his hips shifted forward a little.  “Touch me...  Please...” the teen moaned.  Instead of obliging him, Roy wetly dragged his tongue to Ed’s other nipple.  “Aahhh... dammit... Please...” Ed begged, thrusting his hips forward again.




The man pulled out of his mouth, making spit dribble down his chin.  Ed smacked his lips together a few times, trying to decide what he’d thought about having someone’s cock in his mouth.  The taste was...interesting.  In any other circumstance, he might have thought it was a bit gross.  However, for this...  This was the taste of another person, another man... It was the taste of sex, and he wanted more.


He was about to open his mouth to speak when he felt something wet and warm touching one of his nipples.  He gasped at the sudden feeling as well as the way it made his penis throb in response.  The stranger captured his nipple between his teeth and began flicking his tongue over it.


“Fuck!” he gasped, his eyes widening under the blindfold at the sensation.  It felt so damn good!  His cock pulsed and he rolled his hips forward, humping at the air.  “Touch me... Please...” he moaned.  His cock rubbed slightly against the inside of his pants, but it wasn’t enough.  Instead of doing as asked, the man dragged his tongue across his chest and claimed the other nipple. 


“Aahhh... dammit... Please...” Ed cried out.  He thrust his hips again, and wiggled his fingers as if that would make them suddenly not tied anymore.  He’d always been able to touch himself when he wanted to—a fact that made this horribly maddening.


Moments later, Ed felt his zipper being undone, and his pants pulled down to knees and he could hear the zipper clank against the concrete he was kneeling on.  The warm night air felt chilly against his hot groin, making him shiver slightly.  But at least it was free now.  He could feel it sticking out, begging to be touched and caressed.


When nothing came, Ed thrust out again.  This time there wasn’t the feel of his pants to produce even a little stimulation, and he whimpered softly before driving his cock forward again. 


“Please...” he panted.  He knew they’d just started, but he was so hard up right now...  He’d never gotten to this level of need in such a short amount of time before. 


The man released his nipple, causing it to feel wetly chilly as the saliva against his skin dried.  Ed swallowed hard, before letting his mouth fall open again as he panted.  He could hear the man shifting on the ground, then suddenly something warm touched the tip of his cock.  Ed thrust forward involuntarily, but met only air.  He whimpered as he realized the man must have moved away.        


“Lick me!” Ed demanded, feeling frustrated and eager.  “Come on, suck on me too, you fucking tease!”  Almost instantly, he felt wet warmth licking around the head of his cock.  The tongue flexed and moved in a way that made Ed let out a loud, “aaaah” with each breath.


Suddenly the feeling was gone making Ed want to cry in aggravation.  Just that much had brought him so close...  He just wanted to cum, dammit!  He was about to say so, when he felt himself being pushed backward.


Ed, kneeling upright on his knees, sat back letting his ass touch his heels.  He stopped, but the man pushed slightly on his shoulders as if wanting him to continue backward, so he did.  His feet parted slightly to make room for his tied hands as he kept going, then they parted more so that Ed could lay his back and head against the cold concrete.  He wiggled his hands slightly.  The position wouldn’t normally be too terribly uncomfortable, but with his hands tied behind him, they poked against his back.




Roy stood there for a moment enjoying the view of Ed lying back at such an odd angle before the little shit said, “You’re lucky I’m so damn flexible.”  He smirked.  That was definitely a true statement, and he actually felt slightly jealous that Ed could do that.  He certainly would never be able to do something like that. 


The teen’s penis stood straight up in the air and Roy grinned before moving forward, leaning in, and gently licking Ed’s balls.  Ed half-gasped half-whimpered making Roy grin even more.  It did a whole hell of a lot for his ego, knowing that what he was doing was being enjoyed like this.  He liked seeing his sexual partners squirm with pleasure beneath his touch.  Roy felt the fleshy sacks tighten under his tongue before he slowly dragged his tongue up Ed’s shaft to the head of his hard penis.  


“Yes!” Ed moaned, almost in relief, yet still needing.  “Lick me!  Suck me! Oh fuck, just whatever you do, don’t stop!”  He tried to thrust with his hips, but the angle made it almost impossible.  Roy grinned before slowly slipping his mouth over Ed’s cock.  “Mother fucker...yes, go down on me.  Do it!  Make me cum!” he panted, and again Roy felt Ed try to thrust.


Roy almost wanted to oblige him, but instead he simply took his time bringing his lips all the way back up to the head before moving his lips away and sitting up straight.  He wanted this to last, and he loved hearing the dirty shit that came from his little whore’s mouth. 


He grinned when Ed whimpered, “Noooo, don’t stop! 


Roy stood and walked around to the side of the teen.  Ed’s mouth was pulled down into a small, open-mouthed pout, and his cheeks were flushed a deep red.  Stepping over Ed’s body, Roy knelt down and placed a knee on either side of Ed’s head before sitting lightly on Ed’s chest.


He reached forward and placed a hand on each of Ed’s smooth cheeks, feeling the warmth there before sliding them down.  One hand he slid behind Ed’s neck, the other he moved to the teen’s mouth.  Ed’s lips were slightly parted as the teen breathed through both his nose and mouth.  He slowly traced Ed’s lips with a finger, before slipping it into the boy’s mouth.


Ed’s lips closed over the finger, then sucked hard.  Roy licked his lips at the sight and at the feel of Ed’s tongue pressing against his skin and pulsing as he sucked.  A smirk spread across Roy’s face as he thought that it he’d rather something else be in that willing mouth.


Slowly, Roy pulled his finger out and watched as Ed licked his lips, then stuck out his tongue in a way that made Roy grin lustily.  He moved his fingers across Ed’s waiting tongue, feeling the warm wetness on each digit before leaning forward and resting his hands against the concrete.  He moved himself off of Ed’s chest, and positioned himself over Ed’s eager mouth. 


Slowly he moved himself down until he felt Ed’s tongue touch his against his balls.  The teen seemed to pause for a moment, as if unsure, before imitating what had been done to him.  Roy grinned.  Oh yes, Edward Elric as indeed a fast learner...


Roy enjoyed the sensations on that sensitive area for a small amount of time before shifting his hips and dragging his cock against Ed’s face and lips.  When the head of his cock touched Ed’s open mouth, Roy pushed himself inside.  He fucked Ed’s mouth in swift, jerky strokes.  He was so close that he could almost taste it, but this wasn’t how he wanted Ed when he came.


Forcing himself to stop thrusting, Roy pulled out and stood above the teen’s head.  His cock glistened—wet with Ed’s saliva—in the moonlight.  Leering now, Roy reached down and guided Ed to a sitting position. 


Ed groaned a little and wiggled his arms.  Roy frowned and thought perhaps he’d better get on with it before Ed’s real hand lost all feeling in it.  With a sigh, he guided Ed back to an upright position on his knees before kneeling himself.  When he was ready, Roy grabbed onto Ed’s neck and pulled him forward and down. 


When Ed’s lips touched his cock, the teen said petulantly, “Hey, what about me?”


You’ll get your turn, Roy thought before reaching over and smacking Ed on the ass.  When Ed opened his mouth to yelp, Roy thrust himself into Ed’s mouth and rocked his hips.  His fingers threaded through Ed’s hair and he gripped the teen’s head tightly.  This was how he wanted to cum, and he was going to get his before Ed. 




Ed tried his best to remember everything about giving blowjobs that he’d read, but most of it wasn’t exactly usable in this position.  All he could do was simply try to keep his teeth out of the way as the man skullfucked him hard and fast. 


He supposed he should be somewhat shocked at the rough treatment he was getting, but he wasn’t.  He was enjoying every damn minute of it.  He loved how the man was using him like some sort of dirty whore for his pleasure.  It was hot and it made his already hard cock throb and twitch in eager anticipation for release.


Suddenly the man gripped his head even tighter and pushed in deeply.  Ed could feel the man’s penis spasm against his tongue before hot cum spurted into his mouth.  In surprise, Ed gagged and pulled away causing some of the cum to squirt on his lips and chin.  He spit the warm cum onto the ground and coughed when some of it slid back into his throat. 


As the shock of it wore off, Ed swallowed, trying to decide what he thought about the taste that was in his mouth.  It was sort of bitter and kind of salty...  Not exactly the most delicious taste in the world...  He stuck his tongue out and licked his lips before shrugging mentally.  He could get used to it, he supposed. 


He’d always wanted someone to cum in his mouth, and now that he’d gotten it, Ed kind of wanted it to happen again...  He hadn’t really been prepared for what it would be like, but now he knew.  Ed grinned.  He’d even gotten some on his face and that was definitely raunchy.  He wondered if he could get this stranger to cum on him again... maybe somewhere else on his body...


Before he could say anything, Ed’s head was being pushed to the ground.  He turned his head and felt his cheek press against the cold concrete as his bare ass was stuck up into the air.  He felt excitement and eagerness flash through him.  This was it.  The man was going to fuck him now.  He’d wanted this ever since...


Then it dawned on him.


The stranger had already shot his load. 


Ed frowned feeling a little unsure.  What would come next?  Why would the man want to bend him over like this if he couldn’t screw his ass? 


The answer came in the form of a warm tongue to his balls.  The tongue moved back to that sensitive space of flesh between his cock and his ass making Ed squirm from the almost ticklish feeling it produced.  Hands grabbed his ass tightly as the tongue slid wetly to his entrance. 


Ed gasped softly when he felt the tongue push slightly into him.  He’d heard of this, but he’d never been able to imagine what it would be like from either perspective, which didn’t matter anyway since he never would have been able to imagine it feeling like this! 


His mouth dropped open as he gasped for breath.  The man’s tongue twisted and wiggled against that first ring of muscle and Ed tried to scoot backwards for more, but the man held him still.


Saliva dribbled from his open mouth and down his cheek to the ground, but he paid it no mind.  Instead he gasped, “More!  More!  Oh, fuck!  Dammit yeah!  Fuck me with your tongue!”  He tried to push back again, but once more the man held him tight.  “Bastard, let me move, damn you!” Ed growled, his voice laced with desperate need.  His cock was so hard that if he didn’t get release soon, he thought he’d die.


In response, the stranger smacked him hard on the rear causing Ed to cry out slightly at the sting.  “That hurt, you fuck!” Ed growled lustily.  He grinned and tried to push back again.  Again came the smack on his ass that meant the other didn’t want him to do something.  It stung even more, being smacked in the same spot, but there was just something so kinky about it that Ed was about to push back again when the man pulled his tongue out and moved to take Ed’s balls gently in his mouth.


“Aaaaaaah yeeeaaah...” Ed purred softly into the concrete and once again let his mouth hang open. 


The man released his balls and he could hear and feel the man turning himself so that he was slightly under Ed and facing him before reaching around Ed’s body, grabbing Ed’s ass, and dragging his tongue along the underside of Ed’s cock. 


Ed suddenly had the strongest urge to sit up, grab the man’s head and fuck him the same way he’d been fucked.  Unfortunately, his hands were tied and he wasn’t exactly in the best position for that anyway.


“Enough of that!” Ed cried, unable to stand it any longer.  “Just suck me off.  Please, I’m begging you!”  And, of course, Ed didn’t mind begging, not for this, not like this.  It added to the feel of it all.  Right now he wasn’t too proud.  Right now, he was this man’s dirty slut, and hell if he didn’t like begging like this.  If he had to look the man in the eyes when he was done, maybe it would be different.  Maybe.  But he didn’t and it wasn’t.


The man must have sensed Ed had reached his limit because a moment later Ed felt his cock surrounded by the man’s warm mouth.  With need driving him, Ed thrust as well as he could in that position as the man gave him the best damn blow job he’d ever had.


Granted, it was the only blow job Ed had ever received, but that didn’t matter.  It was still the best fucking thing he’d felt and when he came, he came hard with a yell that he didn’t recognize as his own until he felt his throat burn from the shouts he was making.


His torso sagged a little as he knelt there, ass still in the air and cheek still against the concrete, while the man moved out from beneath him.  A moment later, he felt something placed in his hands before his wrists were untied. 


Groaning, Ed slowly sat back on his heals and moved his arms in front of him.  He heard footsteps moving away from him and he had a feeling that this was it.  Suddenly, he realized that he hadn’t gotten what he’d been hoping for since the last time he’d been with the man.


“We’re not done for tonight, right?” he said loudly, in disappointment.  He hoped not...  When no answer came, Ed said, “I’m taking the blindfold off!”


Still no response.


With a sigh, Ed untied the black blindfold and pulled it off.  Blinking, Ed looked around quickly, but saw no one.  His lips turned down into a small pout.  He wanted more...  He was totally ready for more... He wanted... needed...


Looking down to what had been placed in his hands, Ed saw it was a small envelope.  Opening it, Ed read the note inside before looking around again.  Whoever this man was, he was everything he wanted in a sex partner, and Ed didn’t even have to think twice about whether or not he was going to respond to this. 


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