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Descent - Chapter 5

Title: Descent
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Type: Angst, Divergence (splits off from episode 32) Romance, Mystery, Political, Yaoi, Het, etc.
Word Count: 3,605
Rating: NC17
Main Parings: RoyxEd, AlxWinry, (there are various other minor relationships)
Summary: After Al gets his body back, a violent fight between the two brothers sends Ed into a deep depression. Can Roy help Ed even when he can't help himself?

Previous chapters here


Chapter Five

Stray Dogs

Roy felt antsy and couldn’t seem to concentrate on the work before him. A large stack of paperwork sat on his desk. Dull reports and mundane requests to either approve or disapprove were not his idea of a good time. He cradled his head in one hand staring blandly at the grains in the wood of his desk.

He really wished he’d hurry and get promoted.

He was lifting his free hand to turn the page when the door to his office burst open. A short, blond teenager stalked into the room carrying a folder thick with papers in his hands. The new arrival turned and roughly slammed the door behind him before stalking across the office and violently throwing the folder onto Roy’s desk; scattering papers everywhere. A few documents fell slowly to the floor near his feet.

“Welcome back, Fullmetal,” Roy said calmly, as he looked Edward Elric up and down. He was missing the long, red coat and black jacket he usually wore, and only had on the black tanktop and pants. The sight of the teen showing skin was alluring; arousing in a way that made him want to see what to see more.

Sighing, he looked at the mess of papers scattered across his desk. “He must have got up on the wrong side of bed this morning... like always...” he muttered to himself, then to Ed, “Well, Ed, I see that your brother’s politeness hasn’t rubbed off on you yet.”

“Well, Roy, I see that Hawkeye’s work ethics haven’t rubbed off on you yet,” Ed replied snidely.

He smiled, and thought he kind of liked hearing Ed saying his name, although he’d much rather hear it moaned or screamed it in the middle of a hot, lusty romp in the sheets. The mental image excited him, and he thought perhaps he’d like be alone for a bit.

Besides... he really didn’t want to accept Ed’s resignation...

“Actually I was in the middle of something, so perhaps we could have this chat another time?” Roy said.

Ed growled, then said harshly, “I’m not here on a social call! You wanted me to turn in my resignation papers in person, so there they are. I’m not going to let you put this off or keep jerking me around.”

“I’m not putting you off,” he lied. “I do have urgent business that I need to attend to.” Like throttling the joystick in the bathroom. “Besides, I need to know that you’ve really thought this over. Are you sure leaving the military is what you want to do? Because, Fullmetal...” Roy leaned forward in his chair and looked into Ed’s eyes. “ of your stature are in short supply.”

Ed’s hands clenched into fists and he yelled, “I’ve had it with your damn short jokes! Just sign the fucking papers. You’re giving me a headache...”

Roy watched his subordinate and wondered how long this energy would last if they were screwing each other senseless.

“You sure it’s a headache and not a foot ache?” Roy asked with a smirk. “I know it must be hard to tell the difference...”

Ed stalked over to the desk, slammed his hands down and looked straight at Roy. “Shut the fuck up! I can’t believe that out of 100,000 sperm, you were the quickest! Your jokes aren’t funny. Now sign the damn papers, you...”

Speaking of sperm... “Okay, I’ll sign them.”

“...arrogant son of a bi... what?” Ed stopped his rant with a stunned look on his face.

“I said, ‘okay, I’ll sign them,’” Roy repeated calmly, then looked around. “Of course, that is if you’ll find which papers are yours...”

Ed peered warily at him as he moved to go through the papers. Roy turned in his chair and looked down at the documents on the floor.

“Fullmetal…” Roy said evenly, trying not to betray anything.

“What?” came the irritated response.

“Why don’t you start with the ones over here?”

He heard an irritated sound from the young man, then, “You’re right there, you pick them up.”

But what fun would that be? Roy thought before saying, “Yes, but they’re there because of you.”

Ed walked around the desk and knelt on the floor. Roy looked at the blond head, which, in his line of sight, just happed to be right between his knees, and smiled. “That’s not a bad position for you, Fullmetal.”

The teen’s head jerked up and Roy saw a startled look on his face. When he saw Roy’s expression, Ed eyed him up and down with a sneer on his face. “Is that what your superiors say when you go in for your evaluations?”

Roy leaned forward in his chair, putting his face close to the kneeling teen. “Are you implying that I’m sleeping my way to the top?” he asked in amusement.

“Did you just make a pass at me a minute ago?” Ed countered.

Roy grinned; his desire burning with this new development. “What do you think?”

“I think you know what I was implying when I said what I did.”

He leaned forward and whispered, “Well, your implication was wrong.”

Ed stood and looked down at the seated man. Roy thought even a blind man would have noticed the large lump in the blond’s pants. “I guess one out of two isn’t bad?” Ed said, his words light, but full of the deeper meaning.

Roy reached out and moved a finger along the buckle on Ed’s belt. “I guess not.”

For almost a second there was silence, before Ed dropped the papers he was holding and climbed onto him, almost towering over his commanding officer, as he straddled Roy’s legs. Ed roughly pressed his lips to Roy’s as he began undoing the buttons that held the colonel’s military jacket closed.

It didn’t take Roy long to recover from the boy’s quick movements. He grabbed Ed’s firm rear in one hand, moved his other to unbuckle the belt and slipped his tongue inside the teen’s mouth. Ed, now pulling open the jacket and starting on the white shirt, pushed his own tongue into Roy’s mouth, urgently trying to take control of the kiss.

Before Ed could finish unbuttoning the shirt, Roy, now done with the belt, moved his other hand to Ed’s ass before hoisting the young alchemist up and onto the desk. Ed grinned mischievously and scooted away. Lying down, Ed stared at him with an inviting look.

Roy raised an eyebrow and said through deep breaths, “What about the paperwork?”

“Fuck the paperwork.”

Hoisting himself onto the desk with one knee, choicely placed between Ed’s thighs, Roy leaned over the prostrate boy and said, “I’d much rather fuck you.”

Ed grinned then quickly wrapped his legs around Roy’s, grabbed his shoulders and used his body weight to turn the man over onto his back. Ed, instantly in the dominating position, looked down at Roy and said, “I’m in charge now, Flame Alchemist.”

“Oh really?” Roy countered and began to lift his hands to grab the boy, but Ed moved quickly and pinned them down. “If you’re good, maybe I’ll let you be on top later, but right now you’re being, very, very, bad,” Ed said the last as he rubbed his swelling erection against Roy’s. He groaned and when Ed let go of his wrists, Roy grabbed the teen’s head, pulled it down, closed his eyes, and roughly kissed him as he let his other hand go back to getting Ed out of his...

The phone rang.

Roy ignored it.

The phone continued to ring so he reached over, intending to pick the phone up then hang it back up again. But as his hand reached for the phone, the feel of the young man in his arms slowly disappeared. When Roy’s hand landed on the phone, he opened his eyes, trying to figure out what had happened to his new play thing as his bedroom materialized around him in the darkness.

The phone continued to ring.

He blinked at the change of scenery. The phone rang again and he roughly yanked it from the receiver and growled, “What?”

There was a moment of silence before Kain Fuery’s voice hesitantly sounded on the other line. “I’m sorry to wake you at this hour sir, but I just got some information that I thought you’d like to know.”

He grabbed his pocket watch from the night stand. He tried twice to push the silver button, but his thumb kept slipping. His palms were sweaty; his whole body was covered in sweat. His penis was hard from the dream and Roy had a sudden, insane urge to hang up on the short, mousy master sergeant and have himself some hand to gland combat while thinking of how his dream might have ended.

Instead, he tried to ignore his throbbing need. Adjusting his boxers, he opened the silver pocket watch; but in the darkness he couldn’t make out the time. A faint light from the street lamp outside came through the window behind his bed and he turned the watch slightly to catch the glow. When the beam shone dimly on the thin, crystal face, Roy grunted and let the hand holding the watch drop down on the mattress. It made a small bounce before laying still.

Roy sighed.

This had better be good.


Winry opened the door to Al’s room and peeked inside. Although it was morning, the storm that was still raging outside hid most of the light from the sun, making the room dim and gray. Through the gloom, she saw Al lying on a bed, eyes fixed on the ceiling. In a way it was so strange... Six years earlier that same bed had held another injured Elric; a small boy of eleven missing an arm and a leg.

The two situations were so different though; then, Ed had saved Al by giving up his arm, and Al had stayed by his brother’s side during the time Ed recovered, both from the trauma of losing two limbs, and also after the automail surgery.

This time however... this time it was Al in the bed, but he was alone. No brother to keep him company, to stay by his side.

Winry frowned.

And hadn’t Al suffered the first time too? Not just because his brother was in pain, but because his spirit hadn’t had a body of flesh and blood to call home. And hadn’t that been Ed’s fault too? If he would have just listened to Al and not gone through with trying to bring back their mother, wouldn’t things be so different now?

Her lower lip trembled slightly and she swallowed the lump that was forming in her throat. She felt so angry at Ed. After all they’d been through, how could he hurt his own brother like that? How could he attack the boy who had always idolized him?

And what about her? She hadn’t done anything to deserve his wrath. The words he had spoken burrowed painfully inside her, hurting her in a way that his physical attack hadn’t.

She pushed the unpleasant thoughts away, opened the door fully, and walked into the room. Balanced on her arm was a small tray holding some eggs, toast, and a bottle of milk. She placed the tray on the small bedside table and sat down next to the bed.

Winry looked down at her friend and sighed. Dark circles had formed under Al’s soft, brown eyes making him look worn and haggard. In the two days since Ed had run off, Al had slept very little. Winry knew that he blamed himself for the argument, for the fight. She wished she could make him believe that he wasn’t responsible, but nothing she said seemed to help.

“Good morning,” she said softly.

“If you say so.”

Winry chose to ignore his pessimism. “I brought you some breakfast.”

“I’m not hungry.”

She grabbed an extra pillow from under the bed and propped it under Al’s head. “I don’t care. You need to eat.” When she got no response from him, Winry picked up the plate, speared a couple pieces of scrambled egg and held it to Al’s mouth.

He looked at her for a moment, sighed, then took the fork from her. “I can feed myself...”

Winry nodded and surrendered the plate to him. Some people were just too stubborn to take it easy. Al would be up and walking around sooner than he should. It had been the same with Ed when they had first equipped him with his automail. Winry just hoped he wouldn’t try leaving to find his brother before his body could handle the stress of travel.

She frowned. A kick to the ribs, a kick anywhere, from automail was no laughing matter. Al was lucky he only had to contend with a black and blue midsection and a few broken ribs. It could have been worse…

Ed... Why...? Why did it come to this, how did it come to this? And where did you go? Why haven’t you come back? Why haven’t you called? Don’t you care about Al at all?

Tears filled her vision and she stood up quickly. Turning her back to Al she said, “I’ll be back, keep eating,” before running from the room.


Roy looked at the map and sighed. In the four days since Fuery’s middle of the night phone call, Roy had learned quite a bit without learning anything at all, if that were possible. The Organization had taken a large strong hold in the east. The military had been stationed out there to take care of the rebellion led by that priest, who just happened to have disappeared during some of the fighting... (1)

According to Fuery, a large group from The Organization had taken sides with the civilians and had rallied them against the military; strengthening Lior’s position. Not only that, but many other towns and cities in the East joined with The Organization, revolting against the militant government.

Not many knew of this new development in the east, and the higher ups were trying to keep it secret for as long as possible. Roy didn’t think this was a secret that would keep for very long given the magnitude of the situation. It had been this information that Fuery had been so anxious to give him. Truthfully, the news probably could have waited until the morning, but it was important, and if his junior officers were going to do things like tap into phone lines in the middle of the night to get a job, that he gave them, done, then he’d better be willing to be woken up.

Of course, what had possessed the man to do such a thing in the middle of the night was beyond Roy, but whatever got the job done, he supposed...

The door to his office opened and Lieutenant Hawkeye walked in, shutting the door softly behind her. He looked at the clock on the wall and was surprised to see how late it was.

“Going home, lieutenant?” he asked.

“Actually, I have some things to finish before I start enjoying the weekend, so I’ll be staying late.”

“Oh. I see.”

“I saw that there was light on under your door and thought I’d offer you a ride home if you were ready to call it a night(2),” she offered.

Roy looked at her in surprise. Since he didn’t live very far from central headquarters, he usually just walked home.

She seemed to understand the look on his face because she said simply, “It’s raining(3).”

He turned and looked out the window. It was dark, and sheets of water ran down the outside of the glass.

‘Raining’ was an understatement.

Perhaps a ride would be nice after all.


Roy stared out the car window as Hawkeye drove slowly down the street. The rain was coming down so hard that the buildings beyond the sidewalk were only fuzzy shadows in the darkness. The storm was truly an amazing display of nature’s fury.

He was just glad he didn’t have to fight out in it.

Without the use of his gloves he would have to resort to drawing arrays, if it were possible in the amount of mud there would be on a battlefield. Of course there was hand to hand combat, but he wasn’t very skilled in that area…

Well... we all have our strengths... he thought. I have flame alchemy, Hawkeye her guns, Armstrong his strength, Fuery his brains, Breda his tactical skills, Falman his amazing memory, Havoc his stealth and diplomacy skills, Elric his automail and his ability to transmute without a circle...

He sighed at the thought of the stubborn, young alchemist.

Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric... he thought the name in his head.


Suddenly a blurry patch of red passed by his window and Roy sat up straight.

Fullmetal? He turned around in his seat, but could only make out a red fuzzy blob through the rain.

“Lieutenant, stop the car!” he ordered.

Her foot went to the break immediately and the car began to drift slightly to the side of the road before it stopped. If they had been going faster, the car would have slid down the street and hit a pole.

“Back up!”

The car began to drive in reverse until they once again passed the red blur.


When the car stopped, Roy grabbed the umbrella at his feet, opened the door, opened the umbrella, and stepped out into the rain. The red blur was walking toward him and soon the blur became a short, blond teenager wearing a long, red coat. The boy’s shoulders were slumped, his head bowed, and he walked with slow shuffling steps. He was so drenched that a tub of water could have been poured on him and he wouldn’t have gotten any wetter.


The shuffling gait stopped, but Ed didn’t raise his head.

Roy walked over to the seventeen-year-old, moving close enough that the large umbrella covered them both. The two alchemists stood there for several minutes before Roy spoke again.


Ed’s head, still down, turned slightly away and Roy’s eyes narrowed. Slowly, he brought his hand up and took a hold of Ed’s chin. He gently tried to move Ed’s head up to look at him, but the boy resisted.

Roy took a firmer grip and pulled up with more effort, though still being gentle. For a moment, Roy thought he wouldn’t be able to get Ed to look at him, but then he surrendered and his head came up easily in Roy’s grip.

What Roy saw made him gasp slightly. Ed’s left eye was bruised, but starting to heal; black and blue just beginning to show the change to a sickly yellow. The other eye was baggy and had dark under circles, from lack of sleep he guessed. The teen’s nose was also bruised and a small amount of crusty blood was visible in one of the nostrils. Ed’s eyes were red and puffy, and his face looked splotchy. The Flame Alchemist could only suppose this was from heavy crying.

But the worst thing Roy saw in Ed’s eyes was defeat, depression, and hopelessness. The fire was gone and only a dull, dead look remained.

A million questions ran though Roy’s mind, but none of them seemed appropriate for the moment, so he said nothing. Later would be a better time for questions, but not now. He let go of Ed’s chin and took a hold of his arm. It was like grabbing a sponge. Water gushed from the heavy clothing and ran down the sleeve of Roy’s uniform.

“Come with me, Fullmetal; you know it’s not safe for a State Alchemist to be out on his own, especially at this time of night.(4)”

Roy guided the younger State Alchemist toward the car and thought, I guess Fuery isn’t the only one with a weakness for stray dogs...(5)


1) Refer to episode fourteen. I am, obviously, taking some liberties here concerning the story line and the time line.

2)Throughout the series, you see Hawkeye and Havoc driving Mustang in a car. Having no idea who the car actually belongs to, I’m going to assume it is a military owned vehicle and that those of higher rank have a sort of limited use of the vehicles. In this case, I am going to assume that it would be alright for Hawkeye to drive Mustang home, but the car would need to be returned to the military building. Mustang could not drive himself home and keep the car there.

3) They’re getting the same storm Rizembool had. Rizembool is north of Central City.(refer to episode two.) Note: The fansub I watched used north, but the English dub said east, so I went back and actually listened to what Al was saying and he did say east... However, since it has already been established to being in the north in this story, I won’t be changing that.

4) As I said in the summery of what is going on in the FMA world in the first chapter, Scar is still on the loose.

5) You’ll remember in episode 13 when Fuery found the puppy it was raining, though the storm wasn’t nearly as bad as the one in this chapter.
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  • 100moods Challenge - Bouncy

    Title: Everyone Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist Characters: Mustang and crew Prompt: Bouncy Pairings: Roy/Ed hints Type: General, Implied Yaoi…

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