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Blind Obsession - Chapter 2

Title:  Blind Obsession

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist

Rating: NC17

Type: Yaoi, Smut (with a side order of plot), AU?

Warnings:  Smut, Language

Paring: Roy/Ed

Summary:  Roy finds Ed having some ‘fun’ with himself, and decides to include himself in the entertainment without letting Ed know it’s him.


A/N:  this story doesn’t follow any exact timeline, so I suppose you could say it fits in the AU category.  Ed is seventeen in this story, and Al has his body back.

Go here for previous chapters.



Blind Obsession




Written Temptation



“Are you even listening to me?”


Ed burrowed deeper into his blankets and growled, “No!” 


He heard a sound of exasperation, then, “Brother, you’re being anti-social!”


Ed rolled his eyes beneath closed lids and let his breath out in exasperation.  It wasn’t even nine in the morning yet, and his brother was up and running around, not to mention interrupting his precious weekend sleep.


“Al, it’s Saturday.  I want to sleep.  Go away,” he muttered tiredly.


“Well, if you didn’t stay out at all hours of the night doing who knows what,” his brother retorted irritably. 


Ed grunted.  “You’re just mad that I wouldn’t go out with you and... whoever...”


“It’s Dani, and she’s really nice!” Al threw back in an offended tone.


“Fine, whatever.  You actually going to stay with this one?” 


There was a pause then, “Maybe.  I hope so...”


Ed sighed heavily.  Al went through about as many girlfriends as Roy Mustang.  The biggest difference between the two was that Mustang had no intentions of settling down, while Al simply wanted to find ‘the one’.


Alphonse was incredibly romantic and idealistic.  He wanted to settle down with someone, have kids, live in a nice cozy house and well... just basically live a nice, quiet life.  The problem was that Al was too clingy.  His relationships were great in the beginning, but after a while his girlfriends would want some space.  The novelty of it all had worn off and they didn’t want to be around him twenty-four hours a day.


It was sad, really, because his brother was hesitant to reveal to anyone why he was so clingy, so needy.  Ed knew, of course.  Al hated to be alone because it reminded him too much of not having a body, of spending so many nights awake by himself, and of never quite being like everyone else.


Ed was the only one who understood, which meant that Al wanted Ed to spend time with him and his dates—another thing that really didn’t go well with the women.  Ed liked telling himself that he was doing his brother a favor by refusing to go out with him and his girlfriends, but he knew a more selfish reason lay behind it all.  


As much as he enjoyed his brother’s company, he just wanted some time to himself.  He needed his space; and frankly, he was ready to get a place of his own.  He and his brother were just turning out to be too different...  Al was a morning lark, Ed was a night owl.  Al liked to go out and be sociable, Ed liked people well enough, but lately he just wanted a more ‘laid back’ social life... 


He tried not to admit it to himself, but he knew that part of it had to do with his sexual preferences and interests.  Al and he were definitely at odds on what was right and proper which meant having to hide his magazines, or having to go off somewhere else if he wanted to indulge in a drawn-out masturbation session.  With Al, nothing was sacred.  The bathroom door is shut?  Doesn’t matter, he’ll walk in anyway.  He wants to talk to you face to face, but you’re in the shower?  No problem, he’ll just stick his head in. 


When they were younger that hadn’t been a problem, but now Ed really wanted—needed— his privacy.  Besides, he’d recently been thinking that perhaps he’d like to explore his sexual preferences more... Find guys who were into the same thing as he was...  If he brought someone home for the night, Ed didn’t want to have to worry about explaining himself to his brother. 


Unfortunately, he was stuck between a rock and a hard place for now.  He couldn’t ask Al to move out, or move out himself, without feeling like an insensitive jerk, and he couldn’t live with his brother without feeling frustrated and suffocated.


It was a no win situation.


“We’re going out today,” Al said, breaking into Ed’s thoughts.  “You should come.  She has a friend that you could...”


“No!” Ed said firmly.  “I’m tired of you trying to set me up on dates.”  Though he never said it, Ed was sure that Al had some sort of secret hope that they’d find a nice girl together, have a double wedding, and live next door to each other.


“They haven’t all been bad,” Al said defensively.  “What about that girl from the bank?  You really liked her.”


Ed shook his head, causing the covers to rub against his hair.  “Not like that...  We sparred in the parking lot for an hour, and got food.  It was fun, but she made it pretty clear that I was too young for her to be interested in romantically.”


“Well, what about...”


In frustration, Ed rolled out of bed, snatched up the clothes he’d been wearing the night before and headed toward the bathroom.  Shutting the door firmly behind him, Ed clapped his hands against the doorknob making it meld against the doorframe.  Moments later, he heard the outside knob turning back and forth. 


“Brother!” Al called out.


“I’m not going.  I’m sure you’ll have fun without me!” Ed responded loudly, trying to block out Al’s assurances that it wouldn’t be nearly as fun without him along.


With a frustrated sigh, Ed looked down at his clothes before bending over and pulling a folded note from one of the pockets in the jeans.  Just the thought of what had happened the night before caused his heart to pound in his chest.  It had been so fucking hot!  His cock throbbed and hardened at the memory.  Just the mere thought of last night’s stranger was the enough to bring him nearly to full attention.    


Ed set the note down on the counter and walked to the toilet, intent on giving himself a little self service.  Leaning forward a little, Ed put his hand against the wall behind the toilet to steady himself.  Reached down with his other hand, Ed pulled his cock out of his boxers, and began fondling himself with slow deliberate strokes. 


He watched interestedly as his penis slid easily through his fist.  He wondered what it must have looked like from the other man’s point of view when he’d fucked him.  Ed wondered what it would look like to see his own penis thrusting in and out of someone’s body.


He closed his eyes and tried to imagine it... In and out, in and out, faster and faster...  He started to moan, then cut it off as he remembered that his brother might be able to hear him.  While the idea actually turned him on even more, the thought of having to live with Al’s questions was enough to make him hold it in.


Ed swallowed hard and clenched his teeth in an effort to keep quiet.  His mind seemed to shift gears at that point, and he was suddenly recalling the night before with a vividness that almost made him cum right there.  He could almost feel the blindfold around his eyes and the unknown man behind him, touching him, breathing hotly on his neck... pounding into his ass... 


Ed opened his eyes and glanced around in eager desperation.  The head of his cock was an angry red and clearish precum was oozing slowly out of the slit.  This wasn’t enough...  He wanted something in him; something large and thick like...  He glanced around the bathroom, but saw nothing useful.  Letting go of himself, Ed moved over and rummaged through the drawers; his hands shaking with eager anticipation.




Ed stared at the door in irritated frustration.  If only Al wasn’t out there, he’d be able to go look for... well, something...  Ed moved back to the tub and sat down heavily.  He felt sexually frustrated and disappointed, but there was no helping it.  Frowning, Ed glanced at the bathtub faucet and turned it on.  At least with the water running he wouldn’t have to worry about Al hearing his every sound.


Instead of getting in, Ed got up and walked over to the pile of clothes on the floor.  Bending down, he pulled the dark-blue pillowcase from his jeans before tying it around his eyes.  Even with the light in the bathroom, he could see nothing.  Waving his hands around, Ed moved over to the tub, and when he found it, he carefully sat down on the edge. 


Turning, he put one foot in the tub.  Straddling the side, Ed carefully laid down so that his back and head rested on the side of the tub as well.  The water was loud in his ears, but he didn’t mind; in fact, he liked it.  The white noise added to the experience.  


Blindly, Ed reached up and moved his hands along his naked chest, down to his groin, then to his spread legs.  How would it feel to be fucked in this position, Ed wondered, his mind conjuring images from his magazines.  How would it feel to have someone’s cock buried inside of him while he lay like this on his back? 


His hips bucked reflexively in response to the mental image and he moaned quietly.  Ed gently rubbed the inside of his legs where they were the most sensitive, losing himself in the pleasurable tingling sensation, before bringing one hand down to his ass and lightly touching the entrance there.  He could put his fingers in there, but that wasn’t want he wanted.  He didn’t want fingers, he wanted a cock... 


Ed swallowed, then let his mouth hang open as he breathed in heavy anticipation.  Leaving his one hand at his entrance, Ed moved the other up, lightly touching the skin on his ass, and then to his balls.  He let his fingers touch the tender area gently, feeling the wrinkled skin beneath his fingertips before slowly moving to the shaft of his cock.


The touch made his penis twitch and quiver as though his body had a mind of it’s own and it knew what was coming.  Slowly, ever so slowly, Ed deliberately caressed his cock up to the head.  His breathing was quick and labored now and the blood in his body seemed to have all gathered in his groin, making the rest of his body feel a little cold.  Ed pushed slightly against his opening with the tip of his unlubed automail finger and felt move in slowly.


Wrapping his hand lightly around his cock, Ed kept his hand still as he thrust his hips forward, then back.  Though he couldn’t work his unlubed finger in very far, the sensations still urged him on.  Harder and faster he fucked his hand, until he was so close that he couldn’t stop himself from pumping his shaft in swift, jagged strokes.  He forced his finger into his ass at the same time, feeling it work itself in bit by bit. 


As he reached the point of no return, Ed clenched his teeth to keep himself from moaning too loudly.  Hot cum dribbled down the backside of his flesh hand as he gently pulled his finger out.  He could feel the thick liquid pooling on the skin around the base of his cock, and he moved his hand down to touch the warmth.


He’d gotten his own cum on himself countless times before, and like many of those times, Ed wondered what it would be like to have someone else cum on him.  Would it feel the same?  Would it be just as warm or as thick?  Ed couldn’t help the excited grin that touched his lips.  It would just be so fucking dirty... so raunchy and vulgar...


The thought excited him more than he could ever admit to anyone...   


Finally, Ed sighed and moved his hand away.  It had been good, but... It hadn’t been nearly as fulfilling as what he’d had last night...  Bringing his hands over to the running water, Ed rinsed them off before sitting up and pulling the makeshift blindfold off his head.  Tossing it over to his pants, Ed glanced at the note on the counter and not for the first time, seriously considered what it said.




When Ed got out of the shower, he quickly dried himself off before picking up his pants and sniffing them.  With a shrug, Ed slipped into them.  They still smelled okay.  He picked up his brush and roughly combed out the tangles in his wet hair before braiding the damp strands together.  Ed glanced into the foggy mirror, then shrugged as he undid the transmutation on the door.  He was sure he looked fine, he didn’t need to see.  Snatching up the note and the blindfold, Ed hurried out of the steamy bathroom and shivered slightly at the temperature change.


He could hear Al on the phone with his girlfriend, and he knew that if he could escape before his brother got off the phone he wouldn’t have to worry about more prodding.  Stuffing the makeshift blindfold into one of his drawers, Ed slipped the note into his pocket, pulled on his boots, and hurried toward the front door.


Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Al look up, then, “Brother...”


Ed cut him off by raising a hand and waving.  “Off to the library.  See you later!” he said, then rushed out the door.




Roy walked down the alleyway and entered the small shop that lay hidden behind a crate of barrels.  The shop was prosperous enough to afford a more prime location, but its customers preferred the shadowy location given the merchandise.  A small bell jingled and the shop owner, a short, balding man, looked up at him from behind the counter.  A smile lit the older man’s face when he saw who it was.


“Roy, good to see you,” the man said cheerfully, peering at him from behind wire-frame glasses.  “Is there something specific you need or just here to browse?”


Roy returned the man’s grin and said, “Good to see you too, Dickie.  I’m actually here for something specific.”


The shop owner, Richard Kendel by name though—ironically enough for a sex shop owner—nicknamed ‘Dickie’, put down a pen he’d been holding and walked out from behind the counter.  “What can I get for you then?”


When Roy said what he wanted, Dickie merely nodded and waved him to follow as he headed deeper into the shop.  Roy didn’t really need a guide, the shop was small enough and he’d been there several times before, but Dickie liked his customers to be happy with what they got.  If he didn’t have exactly what they needed, he’d find it come hell or high water.


Roy took note of some of the merchandise they passed.  Perhaps if things went well, he’d have to get himself some of those to try with Ed.  Maybe.  He didn’t even know if there would be a repeat yet.  He hoped so, after all, Ed seemed to have really enjoyed it, but it was hard to tell.  People were strange like that.  What was fine in the heat of lust was unacceptable the morning after. 


Stopping at a shelf, Dickie waved a hand at the goods, then stepped back so that Roy could examine what was available.  Pressing his lips together, Roy inspected what Dickie had in stock.  Tapping his fingers on his trousers, Roy quickly selected two that he thought would be good.  He picked each up, scrutinizing them, before deciding on one.


After paying for the item, Roy tucked it carefully in his pocket before heading out of the shop.  Pulling a small list out of his other pocket, Roy looked it over before deciding that the library would be his next stop.




Near the back of Central City’s public library, Ed sat at a table with a stack of books.  Instead of reading the books however, his attention was drawn to a small note.  The writing was sloppy and hurried, but he could read it quite well.


If you want more, meet me on the top

of the building located at 285 Pine, in

South Central at 11:00PM on Monday night. 

The blindfold must be worn while you are

waiting or I will not show.  Do not take the

blindfold off when we are together, or we

will not meet again.


That was it.  He supposed he could understand the person not wanting to be found out.  Ed wasn’t sure that he’d want the person to know if he was in that guy’s place.  Ed tapped his finger on the paper in thought.  He did want it again, but was it safe?  Was it okay that he did this?     


He knew what Al would say, hell, Al would probably freak out and try to lock him in the house.  What kind of insanity was it that would make him want to go out and fuck around by someone he didn’t even know—with someone he couldn’t even see. 


Ed licked his lips, then gently bit on his lower lip.  That’s what made it so awesome... It was so bad, so dirty...  Knowing that his brother wouldn’t approve, that it was forbidden, made it all the more enticing. 


He felt his cock spasm at the thought, and his heartbeat began to quicken.  He wanted it...  He definitely wanted it...  So what if he was blindfolded?  Ed was pretty sure he could defend himself in any situation if needed, so there really wasn’t any need to worry about it being dangerous.


Ed glanced around vaguely before staring at the note again.  Monday night... He’d have to wait until Monday...  He wasn’t sure if he could handle waiting that long.  Already he couldn’t concentrate on his research as it was.  All he could think about was what waited for him just a few days from now. 


He let out a small groan at the thought of it.  His penis was so hard right now... Ed wondered if he could get away with jacking off in the bathroom so that...


Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted by an amused, “What are you reading?”




Roy picked out the books he needed quickly.  It was Saturday, and he didn’t want to be stuck running errands all day.  He turned out of the isle, intent on heading for the front desk when something caught his attention from the corner of his eye.


Glancing toward the back of the library, Roy saw a short teenager with blond hair pulled back in a braid.  There were a stack of books on one side of the table he was sitting at, but that wasn’t what was holding the teen’s attention. 


A moment later, Ed looked up and glanced around before looking back down.  Walking around so that he wouldn’t be noticed, Roy started for Ed.  He couldn’t help the smile that came to his face as he kept his eyes on the boy.  Memories of the night before, of coming up on the boy from behind, flashed through his mind and it made him want to kidnap Ed and fuck him all over again.


Of course, that would never do.  He couldn’t let Ed find out who he was, and he’d put Monday on the note so Monday it would have to be.  That made him feel a little frustrated in a way.  He wanted it now, dammit!  But then, having Ed wait was best.  It was good to give the kid time to think about it; stew over if he wanted it or not, and marinate his mind with the memories of it all. 


When he stepped up behind Ed, Roy quietly glanced over his shoulder and saw the note he’d written.  He instantly wanted to kick himself.  Ed didn’t really know his handwriting all that well, and the note was written rather sloppily, but still it could give him away.  He would have to be sure not to make that mistake again...


A soft moan escaped the boy, and Roy grinned widely.  It was obvious Ed was thinking about last night, and it was flattering to know he’d been so good that it brought that kind of response from the kid.


“What are you reading?” Roy asked, not able to keep the amusement out of his voice. 


To this, Ed jumped and spun quickly in his chair.  Roy reached over and snatched the note from Ed’s hands before the teen could respond, but didn’t look at it; he didn’t have time.  Ed was instantly on his feet and grabbing for the paper.


“Give that back, you asshole!” Ed snarled.


This only served to further amuse him.  Ed had definitely been so different last night...  Normally, Ed was bratty, stubborn, and pissy, but last night he’d been so willing, so slutty and...  Roy could feel his body react to that, so he pushed the thoughts away.  Now wasn’t the time for lusty thoughts about his subordinate; now was the time for teasing the hell out of him.


Holding the note out of Ed’s reach, Mustang said, “Something that you’re studying so intently must have something interesting on it.”


“Mustang!” Ed shouted angrily, jumping for the paper again.


Roy stepped back, and pushed Ed away.  “Now, Fullmetal, we are in a library.”  To that he received a dark scowl.  “As your commanding officer, it is my duty to inspect your research and...”


“That isn’t research, you bastard, now give it back!” Ed growled in a low tone as if he were trying to keep his voice down.


It was then that Roy saw it, and he couldn’t help but give a toothy grin. 


There, on the side of Ed’s neck, was a dark, and very noticeable, hicky.  He couldn’t have felt smugger if he’d tried.  He had given that to Ed.  He had been the one who had marked the kid in such a way.  He had been the one who had sucked hard on the boy as he’d fucked his brains out and yet no one knew it.  Not even Ed knew it had been him.


“What?” Ed snarled at the look on his face.


To tease the kid, or not to tease the kid...  Roy smirked.  Tease him, of course! 


Roy stepped forward and touched Ed’s neck.  “What’s this?” he asked, unable to keep the perverse glee from his voice.  Ed blinked and touched his neck. 


“What’s what?” Ed asked in bewilderment, then turned to stare at himself in the window near him.  His reflection was faint, but the love bite was obvious enough to be seen.  Roy watched in amusement as the kids eyes widened and his cheeks reddened darkly.  Ed silently mouthed, ‘fuck,’ in shock.  Turning back to face him, Ed said, “It’s nothing, just... me and Al... we were sparing and he hit me there...”


It was an obvious lie, and Roy was going to call him on it, but Ed quickly snatched the note—Roy having let his hand fall a little—and started off, but stopped when Roy said, unable to resist one more jab, “I didn’t know the two of you ‘fought that way’.”




Ed stopped and glared death at his commanding officer before growling, “Fuck you!”


For some reason, Mustang seemed to think this was the funniest thing in the world.  Laughing loudly, Mustang turned around, gave a small wave, and said, “If you say so!”


Ed scowled, shook his head, and started off.  Seriously... he really hated that man.  Roy Mustang was the bane of his existence, and he wouldn’t shed one tear if the man dropped dead tomorrow.  Ed seethed as he stomped through the library.  Mustang was a stupid fucktard who only found pleasure in tormenting him!  The man was an egotistical waste of elements that didn’t care about anyone but himself!  Ed left the library and started home with the intention of finding a shirt with a turtleneck. 


Yes, he hated Roy Mustang, and that would never change.

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