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Blind Obsession - Chapter 1

Title:  Blind Obsession

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist

Rating: NC17

Type: Yaoi, Smut (with a side order of plot), AU?

Warnings:  Smut, Language

Paring: Roy/Ed

Summary:  Roy finds Ed having some ‘fun’ with himself, and decides to include himself in the entertainment without letting Ed know it’s him.


A/N:  this story doesn’t follow any exact timeline, so I suppose you could say it fits in the AU category.  Ed is seventeen in this story, and Al has his body back.

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Blind Obsession




Familiar Strangers



Roy walked down the street, not exactly in a straight line, but in more of zigzag.  It was Friday night, which meant either he had a date, or he went out drinking with the guys.  Either way, he had a great time; well, usually.  Drinking with his friends was always fun, while his dates could go either way.


He glanced around and frowned when he realized where he was.  How the hell had he ended up in the warehouse section of the military compound?  Rolling his eyes at his own drunken stupidity, Roy glanced around trying to think of the best way to get home when he noticed that one of the warehouse doors was slightly ajar.


Suddenly feeling a little more sober, Roy dug in one of his pockets and pulled out one of his gloves before creeping quietly toward the door and slipping inside.  Glancing around, Roy slipped the glove on his hand and listened carefully.


After a moment, he caught a slight sound from deeper in the warehouse.  Moving stealthfully, Roy crept around shelves containing surplus clothing, bath linens, and bedding before he caught sight of someone kneeling on the floor near the supply officer’s desk. 


Roy’s mouth dropped open and his cock twitched at what he was seeing.  There, in jeans and a tee-shirt, with long, blond hair pulled back in a high ponytail, was Edward Elric.  His jeans were undone and pooled near his knees, and his real hand was stroking his very erect penis with slow, deliberate strokes.  He was leaning slightly forward on his automail elbow as he stared down at something on the floor.  The teen’s breathing was heavy and erratic, and Roy could see in the dim light coming from the windows that Ed’s mouth was hanging open, trying to get more air as he slowly stroked himself.


Roy let his eyes move lightly over what he saw, then reached down and touched himself through his pants.  What he wouldn’t give right now to go over there and fuck the shit out of that smooth, round ass.  He could only imagine how tight Ed must be, and the thought made his heart beat heavily in his chest. 


Of course, Ed was good looking, Roy had never failed to notice that, but he’d never thought of the teen in a sexual way before.  It was too easy to think of him as the eleven-year-old child he’d found in Rizembool.  Now, however, he couldn’t see Ed as anything but what he was—an over-sexualized seventeen-year-old.  How could he have missed the kid growing up?  He wasn’t sure, but at this moment, that really didn’t matter.


Roy remembered full well what it was like to be a teenager, and he was sure that Ed would probably kill him if he realized Roy was watching.  He wondered if he could get away with getting himself off while Ed did the same.


You are one sick man, he thought to himself, but shrugged it off immediately.  He knew he was, and he didn’t care.


Suddenly, Ed sat back on his heals and Roy saw that it was a magazine that Ed had been looking at.  Roy smirked, wondering which publication the teen had gotten his hands on, then watched closely as Ed slowly turned the page with his automail hand.


The hand that Roy was using to fondle himself froze as he realized what he’d seen on that page.  He’d been expecting the normal heterosexual fair from the teen, but that had been one of Central’s most well known gay publications. 


Roy glanced over the blond alchemist with a little more interest.  He would have never guessed in a million years that Ed Elric preferred his own gender, not with him being so close to the Rockbell girl.  He’d teased the boy about her before, and when Ed had gotten angry, saying that they were only friends, Roy hadn’t believed him.


He believed now.


Roy watched closely as Ed continued to stare at the magazine hungrily before he turned and grabbed something out of Roy’s line of sight.  As he turned back, Roy smirked as he watched Ed flip open a cap and lube up his automail fingers before reaching back and slipping one into his ass.  Ed leaned over and rested his forehead on the magazine as he continued to stroke himself with his other hand.


Fullmetal, you naughty boy... Roy thought excitedly.  He didn’t want to just watch, he wanted to get in on the action, but how?  It wasn’t as if he could just walk up to Ed and say, ‘Oh, hey, saw you wanking off in here and though I’d join you.’  No, that just wouldn’t go well.  Besides, he was Ed’s commanding officer, there were rules against fraternizing with your subordinates.


Trying to think of a good solution, Roy’s eyes slid to one side and rested on a stack of dark-blue, military-issue pillow cases.  Roy snatched one and looked at it considering.  The fabric was thick, and...  He folded it three times so that it was a long strip of cloth, then gave the teen a predatory look.


Maybe he would get in on the action after all...




Ed’s eyes eagerly devoured the pictures in the magazine.  It was all so damn hot.  When he’d first started looking at pictures like this, he’d come almost immediately, but that was three years ago.  He’d matured a lot since then, and it took him a little longer to get off. 


He stroked himself slowly, savoring the tingling need in his groin.  Part of him wanted to just finish and be done with it, but part of him wanted it to last.  It was always so much better when it was prolonged. 


He wondered what it would be like to be with another man like in the pictures.  Ed didn’t know that he’d ever find out.  It wasn’t as if he could just come out and pronounce that he liked guys... it was just... too embarrassing.  This was the one thing that Al didn’t know about him.  Despite the fact that they shared everything else, this was just something Ed didn’t feel comfortable talking about, thus the reason he snuck away and pumped his meat in this warehouse during the late night hours.  Milking the lizard with a gay porno magazine was definitely something you just did not share with your brother, no matter how close you are.


Ed sat back on his heals, reached over, and slowly turned the page.  Damn... what he wouldn’t give to be fucked like that... or just to be fucked by someone else...  He turned and grabbed the bottle of lube he’d brought with him before lubing up his automail fingers.  Ed leaned forward and rested his forehead on the magazine.  There were disadvantages to sticking his automail up his ass as opposed to his real fingers, but he liked it better because it seemed like it was someone else doing him.


Besides, it felt so kinky, so... sexually dirty in a good way to do it with the automail.  He loved that feeling, that kick he got from doing strange shit like that.  Even the fact that he was yanking his chain like this on military property got him excited.  It was safe enough that no one would catch him, but it still felt...


He touched his opening with his finger and carefully slid it in past the first ring of muscle, then the second.  His cock twitched in response and he had to stop stroking so that he didn’t get himself off right away.  His heart beat loudly in his chest and it was a wonder that the whole world couldn’t hear it. 


He moaned softly and closed his eyes before slowly working another finger in.  Again the urge to just abandon all control seized him, and he lifted his head slightly off the page.  He wanted something to look at while he got himself off.  He was on the verge of working another finger in when the world went dark around him.


He cried out in surprise as he felt something wrapped around his head and quickly tied tightly near his ponytail, before both of his wrists were grabbed and he felt someone press against him.  He was about to start ranting, when he heard, “Shhhhh,” in his ear.


Ed’s heart was beating wildly in his chest as he tried to figure out what to do.  Quick, brash movements were out of the question with his automail fingers still up his ass.  He licked his lips, then said shakily, “Who are you?” 


He could yell and scream, but the last thing he wanted was for yet another person to find him like this.  Besides, the person who held him didn’t seem to be an enemy.  If he had been, then Ed was sure he’d already be in pain.


Hot breath tickled his neck as the other hushed him again.  No, if this was someone who meant him harm, then it would have already happened.  With this thought in mind, Ed quieted and waited.


The person gently guided Ed’s real hand away from his cock and pulled the automail fingers out.  A moment later the hands that held his let go and slid up his arms to his shoulders.  He felt himself pulled back a little before lips pressed lightly against his neck.  His mouth opened, as if he would object, but... did he really want to object? 


A tongue ran wetly along his the skin of his neck up to his ear and traced light over it before the person claimed it with warm wet lips.  Ed swallowed hard, not sure what to do.  He wanted this on so many levels, but... but he didn’t even know who this person was!  He couldn’t even see them, and whoever it was didn’t seem to want to talk either...


Hands traveled down his side and slid under his shirt to rub his stomach and chest.  The hands were large and strong leading Ed to believe that the person behind him was male.  The thought excited him.  How long had he wanted to do the nasty with another guy?  His initial shock was beginning to wear off, and Ed supposed that it kind of didn’t really matter that he didn’t know who this was.  In a way, it made it that much more exciting.  And besides, now that his hands were free, if the guy tried to hurt him, Ed could easily defend himself.


He felt the man plant kisses along his spine as he pinched one of Ed’s nipples between his fingers.  Ed moaned loudly and thrust his hips forward.  He was already so aroused from what he’d been doing earlier...  The hand that had been resting on his stomach slid down and gently touched his penis making Ed gasp.  He’d never had anyone else touch him there before and it was so arousing that he didn’t know if he’d be able to hold out very long. 




Roy stroked Ed’s cock slowly as he moved his lips down the teen’s back.  It had been a gamble, but the alcohol had given him the courage to do it.  Truthfully, he’d had no idea how Ed would respond, but he had hoped...  Ed seemed to be on the verge of climax, so he moved his hand away and a disappointed moan escaped the teen. 


“Don’t stop...” Ed panted.  “Please...” 


Roy grinned while reaching down to undo his own pants.  Oh, he wouldn’t stop alright, but he wanted to get his as well.  Freeing his own erection, Roy covered it with lube before leaning forward and pressing it against Ed’s opening.  He felt the teen stiffen reflexively, but Roy waited, rubbing Ed’s back as he did so.


He could tell Ed to relax, but he wouldn’t.  Roy wasn’t about to give his identity away by speaking.  Instead, he made the same hushing sound while he gently massaged Ed’s lower back and rear.  The teen seemed to get the message and slowly his body relaxed. 


Kneeling behind the boy, Roy pushed his cock in a little and Ed gasped loudly.  Roy thought he understood what was going on here.  His cock was thicker than Ed’s fingers, and it was coming in all at once instead of one finger at a time.  With the head of his penis just inside the first ring of muscle, Roy paused and reached around to fondle Ed’s cock.




Ed’s heart pounded heavily in his chest.  The man was putting his cock in him!  It was both frightening and exciting at the same time.  Frightening because he’d never had someone take him before and exciting for the same reason. 


The man’s penis was thick and when he pushed in, Ed felt a little stinging as his opening stretched wider than it ever had before.  It didn’t take him long to get used to it and when the man began to fondle him, Ed begged for more.


“More... Please.  I can take it,” he pleaded breathlessly.  He wanted to know what it was like to be filled by another man’s cock; to have someone cum inside of him.  The man slid his hand away from Ed’s penis and gripped Ed’s hips before slowly pushing in more. 


“Oh, fuck, yes!” Ed moaned loudly.  The man behind him was breathing noisily and Ed was pretty sure that if the man hadn’t been trying not to speak, then he’d be just as vocal as he was.  Again the man stopped.  It seemed he was waiting for Ed to get used to him, but Ed didn’t want him to stop.  He wanted more.  He wanted it all. 


“Don’t stop!” Ed cried and moved his ass back, taking in more of the man’s length.  “Fuck me, I need it.”  The dirty language only served to turn Ed on more, so he continued.  “Screw me.  Make me your bitch.” 


The man behind him let out a low moan before gripping Ed’s hips tightly and thrusting hard.  Unprepared for this, Ed let out a yell.  The man stopped again as if unsure whether he’d gone too far.  While it had hurt a little, the pain was fading fast. 


“I’m fine, don’t stop,” Ed assured him quickly.  His cock begged for attention and Ed reached around, grabbed the man’s hand, and guided it to his groin. 




“Screw me.  Make me your bitch.” 


The words surprised the hell out of Roy.  Ed was asking to be someone’s bitch?  He didn’t dwell on it for long though.  People often did things you didn’t expect during sex.  The kid sure had a way with words though.  It was making him so horny he could hardly concentrate. 


A low moan escaped his lips.  He couldn’t help it.  It was just too much...  Grabbing Ed’s hips, Roy gripped tightly and thrust forcefully into him, but froze when Ed cried out sharply.  Had he gone too far too fast? 


“I’m fine, don’t stop,” Ed said quickly as if he could read Roy’s concerned thoughts.  Reaching around, Ed grabbed one of Roy’s hands and guided it to his cock making Roy grin.  It seemed that even with sex, Ed wasn’t afraid to show people what he wanted.


Roy laid his body over Ed’s, feeling the teen’s smooth back beneath his chest.  Sweat from both of their bodies acted as a lubricant as Roy’s body slid along Ed’s as he thrust slowly into him. 


He could feel Ed’s penis, hard and almost ready to burst, pulse in his hand.  Each time he thrusted, Ed’s hips moved forward making his cock slide through Roy’s grip.  A loud, ‘aaaah’ sounded from Ed each time Roy plunged into him.  It was all just so delicious; the sounds, the feels, the smells... 


Leaning down, Roy clamped his lips onto Ed’s sweaty neck, sucking hard as his thrusts became more erratic.  His groin was burning for release and need was taking him hard in its grip.


Suddenly, Ed’s body stiffened and the teen yelled out.  The boy’s cock hardened even more, before Ed thrust his hips forward and cum spurted from him, making a thick, milky puddle beneath them. 


As Ed climaxed, the muscles in his ass tightened around Roy’s cock making him suck on Ed’s skin even harder.  Oh, how he needed to fucking blow his load!  Ed’s body started to relax under him, and Roy reached around and smacked Ed’s ass to keep him where he was.  Gripping Ed’s hips, Roy impaled the boy roughly, letting his desire guide him.


When he came, he came hard and Roy had to consciously keep himself from biting down where he’d been sucking on Ed’s neck.  That had to have been one of the best fucking orgasms he’d ever had.  As he started to come down from his high, Roy released Ed’s neck and saliva dribbled down Ed’s skin. 


Roy shakily sat back and wiped his mouth on his sleeve.  All his energy had just been spurted up Ed’s ass with his cum and now he was ready to sleep.  Of course, he couldn’t do that here.  For a few moments there was nothing but heavy breathing in the room, then Ed reached back and touched where the blindfold was tied. 


“Can I...”  Roy scowled and slapped Ed’s naked ass.  No way in hell was he going to let him take that blindfold off.  Ed seemed to get the message because he lowered his hand and muttered, “Okay... so now what?” 


Roy was wondering the same thing.  He’d really enjoyed what they’d just done, and he’d like to do it again, but how to proceed... 


Standing up, Roy did up his jeans and looked around before hurrying over to the supply officer’s desk.  Snatching up a pen, Roy hurried and wrote something for Ed on a piece of paper, then left it on the porno magazine where Ed would be sure to see it. 


He glanced one more time at Ed, kneeling on the floor with cum dribbling from his limp cock and cum leaking from his ass, before making his way toward the exit.  When he reached the door, Roy let himself out and shut the door as loudly as he could so that Ed would know that he’d gone before hurrying away from the warehouse.

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