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09 October 2007 @ 03:55 pm
I think it's time for a new.

Peace out bitches.

Word to your mother.


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XDressforFuneral (2:40:25 AM): so i def. realized that Holly proably loved me more than anyone in the fucking world and i fucked that up
YourLittleOnexo (2:40:34 AM): i could get them to wake up
XDressforFuneral (2:40:37 AM): and i had to give that up for some shitty relationship
XDressforFuneral (2:40:44 AM): that ended up meaning nothing
YourLittleOnexo (2:40:44 AM): fuck you
XDressforFuneral (2:41:30 AM): im just saying she was always there for me and proably even though were not friends, still care about me more than you ever would or will
YourLittleOnexo (2:41:45 AM): fuck you
XDressforFuneral (2:41:57 AM): ooh so you dont like the truth
YourLittleOnexo (2:42:06 AM): you dont mean that
XDressforFuneral (2:42:16 AM): acutally I do
XDressforFuneral (2:42:21 AM): and Holly was a great friend
XDressforFuneral (2:42:30 AM): and I regret losing her over you
YourLittleOnexo (2:42:34 AM): you were the one who fucked it up
XDressforFuneral (2:42:44 AM): exactly
XDressforFuneral (2:42:47 AM): I know i did
XDressforFuneral (2:43:07 AM): But i liked holly, and me being a prick left her for you
XDressforFuneral (2:43:17 AM): she never would have done this to me

AHAHAHAHAHA. I'm sorry but this kinda makes me happy.

Happy Thanksgiving. Or getting fat day. 
I love you all. Fo Realz.

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01 January 2005 @ 08:57 pm
1.add me first 2.then post and ask me to add you. that's all. Haha.
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