Avner Kashtan (yggdrasil_) wrote,
Avner Kashtan

Font of Wisdom, or It’s All Greek To Me

The Greek typefaces are lovely. Symbols familiar from mathematical contexts and college fraternity movies suddenly given life as meaningful words. Deltas and omegas do thetas and mu, and deciphering signs becomes an algebraic equation with infinite variables. One sign results in “Exodus” and the biblical reference strikes before you realize it is nothing, in fact, but an exit.

Bonus tidbit #1: The letters Omega and Omicron, both pronounced pretty much identically these days, were originally a “Large O” and a “Small O” – “O mega” and “O micron”. Never noticed that until my brother pointed it out.

Bonus tidbit #2: The word for street is ODOS, and can be seen on all street signs as ΟΔΟΣ. You can’t help but feel, at first, that it’s a Playstation key combination. Noticed how three of the four playstation keys are Greek letters?

Tags: it's all greek to me, my journeys among the heathens

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