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[February 2nd, 2012. 2:08pm]

Life is unpredictable. If you are wondering what I am up to, send me an email (je_ss__@hotmail.com) or add me on Facebook (Jesskim Oh). Don't anonymously post referencing an old friend of mine along with an ambiguous message. It's 2012.

I'm interested.

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[February 15th, 2011. 11:02am]
I am falling in love! :-D
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[September 13th, 2010. 9:07pm]

+ I like this one. I think he's got potential.

- Today is a bad day. Tomorrow will be a better one.
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[September 2nd, 2010. 1:35am]
Stood up for the second time by you?
Are you for real?!

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.

I feel like a big fuckin' loser.
I'm too loyal to people, what a fault in character!

On the up-shot, this isn't as big of a deal as I'm making it to be right now.
This is one person I met a couple of weeks ago.
I just get really angry when my time is wasted.

I wish this process of dating was easier.
People really piss me off.

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[July 15th, 2010. 3:22am]
It is so incredibly hard for me to have a mutual connection with someone and share great moments with them, but be clear at the same time that they are emotionally unavailable to me. I understand that relationships are draining. I haven't had any good ones and I'm not in one for the same reasons. It is just so hard to have someone ask how you got so cool, someone not being able to shut up around you, someone telling you deep things about their life, someone telling you that you are beautiful, someone touching and caressing you in all the right spots all morning and yet doesn't pressure you to have sex with them at all. How wonderful.. to then having to be taken home and not be emotionally tied to any of that. Not only that, but worry a lot about the way you communicate with them--if you are saying too much or too little. I am way better at being "a guy" than before, but I still have late-night troubles with it from time to time. It just sucks so badly sometimes. I don't know if it sucks being me or just being a girl. This sounds like the story of my life, only I am much better at being emotionally detached. The words "emotionally" and "detached" never sounded right together to me. I am a lover. I love. Why does it have to be such a flaw that I train to not exist? I have spent so much time training myself against it that by the time someone is ready to love me, will I be able to love them?
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