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just sit back and hold on

but hold on tight

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29 August 1991
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I'm barely on here anymore, but friend me if you want, whateva
"friends", acting, alan chang, alien ant farm, audioslave, baby john, barry pepper, bartleby, bcod 04, beetle juice, benny goodman, big bunny, big wolf on campus, books, brotherhood 2.0, bryan lipps, bublé, cats, cheetos, chocolate glazed donuts, cinderfella, colin firth, computers, crispin glover, dancing, daniel radcliffe, danny elfman, dave matthews band, david winters, daydreaming, donnie darko, donuts, doug funnie, douglas adams, draco, dumbledore, dumblydore, dvds, edward scissorhands, elijah wood, eric idle, exploding dog, ford prefect, friends, garbage, gingerbread, giraffes, glowsticks, hank green, harry potter, headphones, ice, iharthdarth, internet, jason mraz, jazz, jerry louis, jets, jhonen vasquez, john green, johnny depp, joyboy, jthm, jukebox socks, laughing, lemon demon, lemony snicket, linkin park, listening, lotr, machall, mail, makingfiends, malfoy, marvin the paranoid android, merton dingle, michael bublé, monty python, movie mistakes, movies, muffins, music, musicals, natalie dee, no doubt, orlando bloom, peter lawford, phantom of the opera, pictures, piggy cookies, pink, plaid, playing music, plays, poetry, queen, radio, rain, randy napoleon, reading, red, redmeat, renn fest, rocky horror picture show, roger maris, roses, rupert grint, russ tamblyn, shades, sharks, shaun of the dead, sighing, singing, sirius, sleeping, sleepy hollow, squirrel nut zippers, sugar cookies, swing, the nightmare before christmas, tim burton, tom felton, tommy marlowe, toothpaste for dinner, totally blonde, tucker smith, vlogbrothers, webcomics, west side story, whipped cream, x-men, zaphod beeblebrox

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