my super sweet 16

Today was extremely overwhelming, but in a good way! Aha

Soooo yes. Pictures. Of the things I got! OH and my new hair, cuz I dyed it. Purple. lmao yeah.

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AND OMG I HAD TO SIGN FOR MY ASL TEACHER TODAY BECAUSE WE HAD MASS AND WE ARE HER ASL II CLASS AND YEAH IT WAS REALLY HARD. Like I had to interpret the whole freakin' thing. Oh, my gosh. So stressful. I felt really dumb. But I learned the signs for "beheading" and "baptist," so it's all good.

Omg Colin is like "your hair is pretty!" lmao lmao ♥
shut up dad

La Redécouverte

I went to bed at six in the morning.
Six o clock. In the morning.

Now I feel like a bum again. I'm gonna do my hair today. And I'm gonna call Michael today. And I'm gonna get DRESSED today. I bet everything is closed because it's Memorial Day (right?) But I don't care.

What a lame entry, Rachel.

Yeah, oh well.
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Hey guys! I'm going BOWLING tonight! I'm so excited. Nora. Guess who is going bowling. besides me.


Not that I like him. No. Not at all. Apparently he has really long hair now. Yow. that's weird. oh well, even if he ends up looking like j. m. barrie's little buddy, i'll still like him. and by like him, i mean not like him.

sweet 16!!

happy birthday bibbit!!

in honor of your 16th birthday, i give to you this livejournal present!!

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(sorry it's so small!! phtotobucket is eeevil)