Hm well. This has taken abit. & since I couldn't get anyone else ot draw it...I decided I'd try.

Please...Be nice...

Oh yeah...Suggestions on where to get them?!

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BigDayOut fucking rocked!
Best time of my life. Ever.
I am sooooooo sore now. But...IT WAS WORTH IT!!!!! =D =D =D

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& Thats all people. I had the best time. Ever. So doing it again next year! YEEEEAH BOYYYEEE!!!


Jackass 2

Go see Jackass 2 NOW! Haha. It rocks.
The first one was better though. This one has more acting in it.
But still fucking funny! & Gross. [As Jackass usually is!]

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My legs hurt. I spent from 2 today til just now cleaning my room.
& I went shopping in Bundy today
Haha. I might take photos of them later, But for now, Photos of my nice clean room.
I'm thinking of putting a futon in my room somewhere. But.....I'm not sure where. Grrr.
& I got the best idea!!!
I hung a piece of ribbon, & put all my earrings on it.
Funky idea huh. Haha. WELL I FUCKING THOUGHT SO!

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[I made this public, So others could see]

I finally got my formal dress back today.
Nearly a year since I had worn it. Haha.

& now when I put it on, I have room to move in it, Whereas last year...It was tight. Eh?

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