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oh how seldom we belong

but how elegant our kiss

9 December
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!@#//;name:Rach H.
!@#//;statusLjunior in hs.
I don't always make sense,
and most of the time I'm not really trying to.
I ramble, I speak loudly.
I have my own opinions, and I share them.
Most of the time you will hate me, but at times - you will love me.

♥add me, comment to me, and then I will add you back♥
80s, adorable guys, art, awesome kids, best friends, billy idol, black, blink 182, blondie, bon jovi, books, brand new, brandston, brat pack, bright eyes, built to spill, bush, can't hardly wait, cell phones, chipping nail polish, circle pits, coheed and cambria, computers, copeland, costa rica, count the stars, cursing, cyndi lauper, dancing, daria, dirty dancing, drawing, dream theater, dreaming, earring, edward scissor hands, elijah wood, elizabeth wurtzel, emo, exchange students, fireflies, footloose, fuck, green tea, hanging out, hardcore, hey mercedes, highland drive, hot hot heat, hugs, james taylor, jets to brazil, jimmy eat world, johnny depp, lightening, livestrong, long way to fall, lyrics, madonna, mae, make up, metal, methal orange, midnight, mosh pits, moulin rouge, mp3s, my chemical romance, napoleon dynamite, nightmare before christmas, nirvana, norma, onelinedrawing, phish, photography, poetry, pretty in pink, prince, progressive metal, rainy days, reading, rent, rival schools, robert cormier, rock, saves the day, screaming, senses fail, sharpies, shows, singing, sixteen candles, smiling, something corporate, songs, sonic the hedgehog, soulfull eyes, sparkles, spazzing, stars, stripes, sublime, subway, summer, sylvia plath, taking back sunday, tegan and sara, text messaging, the ataris, the fuck up, the hue of two, the london hate, the lyndsay diaries, the moldy peaches, the rocking horse winner, the starting line, the used, the verve pipe, thursday, trapt, tulle, unwritten law, vine street victory, warped tour, waxwings, wheatus, writing, xo, yeah yeah yeahs,