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summer time is almost back.
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i need to be constant.
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So, I haven't written in quite some time now. So until i buy myself a nice hardback journal, i'll just be writing in here. I don't really care much if people read it or not. It's more for myself than for anybody else. But if you'd like to read it. i would enjoy that also.
Life has been amazing. Who knew a change of music genre could affect somebody so much?
I'm not stressed anymore. I put in a cd and i just lay and relax and tell myself, life is amazing, because it's true. In these past couple months things have been falling into place for me, which i really appreciate. I'm learning more and more about myself and what i really want, as opposed to what everybody else wants. I enjoy friendship a lot more and really cherish the good ones i have.
I decided at the beginning of the school year that this year will be different, and this time, i'm not letting myself down. I've got no good reason to be malicious to anybody. I know I'm no better than anybody else. Most people have an amazing quality hidden within their personality, and i love finding out what it is.
I've found new hobbies and new ways to achieve happiness. I love to paint and i love taking pictures. I love scrapbooking. I love listening to music while i ride in my car. I love just sitting by the water with friends. I love everybody in my life at this point in time. It's really amazing. Somebody is actually happy and that person is me. I'm really thankful. I appreciate all of my friends and family way more than I show it, I need to work on that [especially with the family part].
Mia and Lexi are amazing. I love making new friends. I now have 3 new really good friends. Katie, Brittany, and Rachel. They make life a little easier. Peter saves me everyday. Whenever i get the least bit stressed, he's the one who tells me life is going to take care of itself and i should just relax. Michael and Joey were fun to hang out with. It's nice to have calm and mature friends for once.
All in all, I don't think much of anything could mess up what I have going for me right now.
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calm calm
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rilo kiley
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Here are some collective photos from over the summertime.
From Beijing, China to the NW Florida Gulfarium.
opinions/criticism is great apprectiated.
North West Florida GulfariumCollapse )

Destin/Panhandle of Florida sceneryCollapse )

ChinaCollapse )
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are you going?
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new small series:
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my favorite photo i took in beijing:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Lexi Tidwell's sister was in a bad car accident.
She's in critical condition and may not hold on.

please pray for Lexi, her sister, and her family.

please please please take time to give her
even just 5 seconds of your day, it's more
important than sitting on myspace and igonoring

don't be selfish. this is very serious.
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i got my lisence
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