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adhesive she said

don't stick to me

the night is breathing
1 June
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The girl she was.
The girl they saw.
The girl she wanted to be.

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User Number: 6417262
Date Created:2005-03-11
Number of Posts: 120

People say I look like Janet Jackson. On that note, I'm pretty easy going, pracitcal, nerdy but not a complete push-over, zero-tolerance for stupid people, and a hopeless romantic... but more hopeless than romantic.
Strengths: writting, kindness, honesty, kissy kiss, tolerance for Pepto Bismal, etc...
Weaknesses: ice cream, men with better hair than mine, music, Hot Pockets, laughter, baked potatoes from Wendy's, Nick Zinner, John Cusack, Scarlett Johansson, zombie movies, and the like
Special Skills: Stuttering, eating Hot Pockets, coloring inside the lines, big people talk, making a mess like nobody's business, getting hyphy (obvious)
Weapons: bad hair, big glasses, flat feet, movie knowledge, and a mean right hook
Loves&Interests: Brie, Sara*NewHero*, Melsa, Nick, Baby Bruder, Big Perm, Maria, Grant, Steph, Tawny, LornaLove, Katie, Timmy//music, movies, love, the color brown, photography

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