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Life: laugh learn love live

daily ramblings




October 18th, 2005


so i have this lj, and a xanga, and a myspace, and even this new super cute sohee inspired real journal, and i still want them all. but i think for now ill use this one mainly for not so normal stuff like myspace, or not so informative like xanga, or personal like my real one.... soooo i know this is a real shocker, but im prolly only using this now to get to my friends' page and read erm's lj. :) bc i really miss her and even tho i dont think she reads mine, i like laughing at everything she has to say.
the end.


August 22nd, 2005


happy birthday to my dad today! he is as old as my mom now hehehe

in other news, i am SOO relieved i have a dentist appt on weds before i leave...! ok, backtrack. yesterday was my last day at work. and about a yr ago i got this cap [fake part of a tooth thing], on my one tooth and while i was gnawing on a pen i felt a chip, and later i was brushing my teeth and it came off! i thought those were permanent...? whatever. so i have an appt to get a new one so i'll just get nice pens for college so i won't chew on them. hehehe..!

omg and im almost finished making cori's quilt...! im so proud of me LOL HOPEfully tonight i will be at Odette's in new hope watching kaitlin sing!! that is so exciting!! and then tuesday im going to that show with cori... and with everyone there, it will be such a great 'goodbye' thing ya know?

man, i hope i keep this up in college... i want kids in hs to read waht im doin bc i know im dying to know what my college friends aka ESTHER is doing right now...

im not nervous or anything... just anxious, in an EXCITED way!!

August 16th, 2005


8 more days of "being at home"-ness

all these last week of summer parties are so good! in the words of erm, there are a lot of people in PA that are cool.. but yeah i want to find more at college. haha im really not nervous at all.. just realllly excited! i need to make a list tho. of things i have to do in the next 8 days. things i Have to do...

1. pack
2. clean room
3. buy good shoes n boots
4. call lehigh about crap
5. finish making my quilt
6. finish making cori's quilt
7. figure out how to get loans and pay for college...!
8. hmm it seemed like there were a lot more yesterday... i need to remember them!

August 13th, 2005

hair n crafts


11 more days at home!

1. sohee called me yesterday- she and her family went to lehigh to see the place b4 they go back to korea [her cousins and all] and she called me standing in our room... LOL aparently its Really small, and only has one desk.... =/ idk whats up w/that. hopefully she got the wrong room?

2. my hair is now curly! or rather, not big curls, but small waves, but i <3 it, and i love that my mom has the skills so it was free and fun to do w/her. =D 3. so my neighbor/bestbud/anjuli makes and sells these bags that are like med-sized tote bags and they are AMAZING and she just gave me two [one for cori and one for my aunt] and im so impressed!

3. so cori knitted me a Huge blanket so i told her id make her this rag-time quilt like one i made myself... omg its so much work and she has no idea... i hate cutting, fluffing, and sewing fabric...!!! soooo thats what most of my time consists of now.. its ook..

Im suuuper stoked for all these last minute parties goin on next week, and yay college in less than 2 weeks!!!


August 3rd, 2005


soooooooooo this mornin at 830 i wake up to my cell and its bradley! and he's like 'GRR Clean your room and you'll get a surprise!' b/c i've def needed to clean up the pit of a bedroom i live in for at least a week lol.. so for like 3.5 hours [w/tons of breaks] i cleaned until i was done. and he came in my room and we were like YAY and went downstairs to see he made me [n julie bc shes a cripple n cant go anywhere anyway] breakfast!! MMM chocolate chip pancakes... sausage.... scrambled egg... it was all so good.
the cuban dessert was scrumptious too

then we watched family guy, and went swimming... lol im so tired tho, we played dumb games in the pool like hold ur breath long, and swim faster, and PIG, tho instead of p-i-g we played w/ j-u-l, julie's nickname bc she was outside w/us Bored bc again, she cant do anything w/o her right knee functioning.

sooo yeah, now he's going to the Y to get his gym membership haha then coming back! for hommade pierogies!!! MMMMM then...*shrug* possible movie at home w/sweet popcorn that the lovely esther got for me hehehe or... cd buying for college... or... IDK! yay this has been a pretty cute day and im super happy =D

omg i am getting nervous about school tho... i am hanging out w/ppl this month as MUCH as possible! :( i will be so sad if i dont see cori enough and she makes new friends... i cant WAIT to go visit philly and chill w/.... EVERYONE i know there. it will be a kickass time!

--oops doorbell ... yay!

July 29th, 2005


You Are a Frappacino

At your best, you are: fun loving, sweet, and modern

At your worst, you are: childish and over indulgent

You drink coffee when: you're craving something sweet

Your caffeine addiction level: low

July 22nd, 2005

(no subject)

in honor of mammals, lj is back. woo

July 19th, 2005

kinda bored... !!

According to sarah, 70 means you're a movie whore! Collapse )

June 26th, 2005

copy n paste

i just wrote this in xanga, but yeah ill put it here too... bc thats what people do?

im so pissed off i dont have the balls to go to all these graduation parties coughcough kim, dahneese, hmm think i missed another one... idk why i feel that i havent really talked to these people that often... idk why i would go?

i think i need to branch out and hang out w/more ppl than brad and cori. no offense, and i KNOW they are going to take offense to that, but i really need to. but i dont..

solla, i read ur x or lj whatever where u said basically this same thing how u wanna leave ur house but u were too lazy to call anyone or whatever, and i was like, omg lame-O.
and here i am.

[to everyone who reads this trash: do me a favor and kick me in the ass if i dont call u this week or next to hang out.]


i feel so loved.

sarah beautiful cotter- i was bored and feeling crappy bc im prolly pmsing (but that doesnt really matter) and surfing livejournals, and i found urs and i was happy to see u know mine, and might even read it. then i saw that a few other people know mine too and might also sometimes read it...? thanks for making me feel less bored and crappy.

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