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xbroken_hearts_'s Journal

13 December
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Sorry I'm just tired so,
You made a scene and you replied,
Sorry that I'm tired,
But can I just see you smile,
What was going through my head,
As we laid on the phone in our beds,
Always felt like you were wrong.

Sorry you're tired,
Cause I've been keeping you up half the night,
And bathing in your tears,
I've been oh so scared to lose you,
I'm holding on too tight,
Well I've been spoon fed,
I feel.

Sorry I love the way you do,
Forgive me in a heartbeat,
This heart that beats for you,
Tomorrow's a new day,
And I can't wait yea I can't wait,
To prove myself to you.

I'll prove myself to you,
I'll prove myself to you,
I'll prove myself to you,