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Fell into the depths of a broken heart again [entries|friends|calendar]

Aesthetic perfection has fooled me once again. You'll always be the only one who feels like home. And with your hollow words and your plastic smile, You have the most beautiful name I've ever cursed. Yet I wait for you to find your way into my arms. And I'd wait here till you find your way. I would wait here all my life, I'd spend the rest of my days praying for AN END TO THIS MYSTERY
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August 21st, 2005]
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July 3rd, 2005]
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November 27th, 2004]
Sorry to be so anal, but I will be taking off the people that do not comment! so comment up if you want to stay added asap. Thanks. <33
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November 27th, 2004]

random information about me..because i was boredCollapse )

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September 5th, 2004]
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