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06 November 2009 @ 11:13 pm
01 - 20 | how i met your mother
21 - 44 | greek
45 - 72 | misc television (heroes, one tree hill, alias, btvs)
73 - 97 | celebs (kristen bell, hayden panettiere, girls aloud)

we just called it a tie and had sexCollapse )

Greek 3x09 - The Wish Pretzel + sneak peek spoilersCollapse )

TV has been pretty good the past couple days, I actually kinda loved last night's OTH. Desperate Housewives was full of old people (including Deb Scott!) being horrible human beings but rather entertaining. And Dexter! Dexter/Deb are amazing. Heroes on the other hand.. well I've only watched the Claire scenes this season, but this Claire/Gretchen thing is annoying. Gretchen suddenly had a personality transplant this week and is now a stud who's had boyfriends and girlfriends and a ton of sex, mmkay. It's so forced, ugh. In my mind Claire's just transferring her lingering lust for Elle onto Gretchen.
06 August 2007 @ 07:55 pm
Icon time! Some Pushing Daisies that I made last week, and Greek, because I am newly in love with that show. If you aren't watching it already.. do it! Now! It's the perfect summer show, so much fun.

24:; pushing daisies
23:; greek

who said it's over?Collapse )