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So much for my idea I was going to get a few picspams done this week, heh. I've actually been busy with very boring things, but I have almost finished my top 10 female characters one, so that can get posted tomorrow.

I've also been pre-occupied with The Big Bang Theory, I wanted a new show to watch and I've always enjoyed the odd episode I've seen on tv, so figured I may as well watch from the beginning. Finished it now, and I love it! I adore Sheldon/Penny, although I'm not sure I'd say I ship them, because I find it kinda hard thinking of Sheldon in a romantic context, heh. But they're definitely my favourite part of the show. Is there a link to the S2 bloopers anywhere? I know I've seen people talk about them but I can't find them on YT :(

I just wish show would hurry up and come back already! Although I'm only really excited for HIMYM, for obvious reasons. The new promos are killing me with the awesome.

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Less exciting is that I have to go back to college on Tuesday. Why must something bad come with the something good? Although getting a nice chunk of student loan is a plus.

I've had to avoid all Glee posts on the flist the past few days because I was saving it til I finished TBBT, and I've just remembered it, so I think I shall go watch.