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Alright, who wants to hit pretty much every C/B shipper in the GG spoiler thread on FF? I have never known a more annoying group of people, the fact that everyone is now all "OMGZ LEIGHTON SUCKS!" because she said some not-so-awesome things about C/B is ridiculous. It's like the KBell/Lauren Graham thing all over again. People can be so frustrating. I thought lots of L/V fans were kinda psychotic, but I think the Chuck/CB fans have officially overtaken them in levels of crazy.

ANYHOO. I have finished my Kristen/Awesome people picspam, yay!

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Quick note first - this is not going on the KB gushing filter because I'm keeping it public to link for my girls at FF. Sorry!

Ok, so this is the last FSM gushing update. PROMISE. or not. But you can now watch the trailer in HD HERE, so naturally, I had to cap it and picspam. Because.. PRETTY!

I fail at commenting on the flist today, sowwy. Forgive me? I've been feeling crappy. The stomach pains have come back, after having disappeared for a week in which I happily thought the antibiotics had worked. Ugh.


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Right, now I should just.. stop fangirling for a while.