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Friends Cut!

It was pretty thorough, I cut over 50 people :\ but I like my flist to be somewhat manageable! If you can 't read my last post, you're cut, sorry. I'm screening comments to this post, so if you really don't want to lose my awesomeness (ha), feel free to comment and tell me I'm being stupid and need to add you back.
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snip snip.

Friends Cut
I didn't really cut too many people. I use my LJ mostly for fandom purposes, so I mainly cut people who I don't have any fandoms in common with, and don't really have anything else in common with either. Other than that, it was mostly if we rarely if ever comment each other, LJs that haven't been update in months.. etc. The usual Friends Cut reasons.
The main purpose of this was really just to get me down to 100, because I like having a nice neat number. Hee.

I love you all anyhoo.
♥ ♥ ♥

I also re-did my user info, because.. I felt like it.
Oh and also? New Jason interviews that include quotes like this: "I have a friend that has a film up there, and we have a place up there, too. I'm actually going up with Ryan Hansen (who plays Dick), and I think we're going to meet Kristen (Bell) up there too. We might all go snowboarding together." totally make my day.

VM day! *dances*
Now I must go watch Heroes and Studio 60.