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I think I was twelve.

Sooo, after Naomi's epic speech and announcing that she's loved Emily since she was twelve, I felt like this picspam had to be done. Because certain people have always been ridiculous enough to think that Naomi was some sort of super-straight girl who hated Emily and was disgusted by the idea of being gay. Now I don't actually believe Naomi loved Emily when she was twelve, because I don't think you can really love someone at that age lol, especially someone you barely even know. I don't believe she truly loved her until S3. But that was just Naomi being romantic, and I do however believe that the feelings were always there ;)

There may not be 1000 reasons, because we had very few scenes before past feelings became present feelings, but for the small amount we got of them? I think there's more than enough evidence.

- the look.

Now, I don't know about anyone else... but if I really don't like someone, I don't sit and stare at them for an unnecessarily long period of time, and become so focused on them that I can't even hear someone repeatedly shouting at me to get my attention.

- not telling anyone that Emily lied.

This is a pretty major one to me. I'd thought since the beginning that it seemed weird that Naomi never corrected anyone or dropped Emily in it when they were being twats to her about being a lesbian. Their whole school would inevitably have known about her supposedly coming on to Emily - Katie tells Effy the minute she's met her, so she definitely wouldn't have kept quiet at school. Naomi probably had to put up with everyone around her laughing at her and calling her names.. and yet she never says anything to anyone, even though she's at a brand new school and probably wanted to make a fresh start, she doesn't say anything. She tells Emily that she doesn't care what Katie thinks, and while we know that's probably true, what we also know about Naomi is that she definitely does care what other people think, especially when it comes to her sexuality. So what possible reason would she have to not tell anyone the truth, if not to protect Emily?

- showing up where she knew Emily would be.

If she didn't before, after going to Cook's party she knew for sure that Emily was part of the group. And yet, she still shows up to help Thomas, knowing Emily would be there, and to the pyjama party, again, obviously knowing Emily would be there. What reason would she have for going if she was seriously oh so annoyed by Emily? Because Naomi Campbell is just so desperate to make friends that she'd put up with her annoying stalker to hang out with the rest of the group? Hmm, no. She really didn't show any interest in any of the others, she leaves halfway through Cook's ep, and she says on two different occassions to Emily that she doesn't even know why she's there. If she really was was as irritated by Emily as some people like to believe, she just wouldn't hang out with them, simple as that. She has no other real reason to spend time with them.. unless she actually did want to see a certain miss Fitch ;)

- the denials and so-called annoyance

Honestly, it has always baffled me when certain people act like her denials are some sort of proof that she can't be gay and was totally straight until this season. Not every gay person is Spencer Carlin, realizing you're gay is not always a beautiful journey of self-discovery. Some people hate themselves for it. They reject it, they refuse to believe it. They act out, and act like being gay is something awful, because if they think that, they can't be gay themselves, right? And that's exactly what Naomi did. It was probably easier for her to ignore it back in school because she didn't have to spend time with Emily, and Emily didn't pursue her. But as soon as it becomes a real possibility that something could actually happen between them, she has to shut it down. That's just the kind of person Naomi is. If she acted like Emily was just some sort of annoyance and got rid of her, she could convince herself these feelings didn't exist. And her denials have nearly always been contradicted right afterwards anyway.. one my favourites being her screwing up her "Emily slept here" note and shouting at her to fuck off, and then just minutes later unscrewing it and sleeping with it. Then there's "Maybe I only like boys.. apart from you" which is probably the most amusing denial of all for people to actually take seriously, considering her experience with guys is limited to one dude with erectile dysfunction, and a make-out with Cook that she had stop because "This isn't right. Sorry, it just.. isn't a go-er." Ah, the straight lust is just overwhelming. And of course, Gina's wonderful "Nice to see you with a guy.. makes a change." lolol. Oh yeah, our Naoms is a man magnet.

- getting drunk/high

Another of my annoyances is when people say Naomi had to get drunk to be able to ~stand Emily, lol. My friend said the other day we should go to a gay bar, and my first thought was that I'm going to have to get totally wasted first. Not because I don't want to, but because I'd be scared to death. I think it's preeeetty common for people to get drunk to deal with nerves. Besides the fact that everyone in Skins is drunk/high 90% of the time they're together anyway. And I think that one line from Naomi is just so telling. If you have to look for confirmation that something is only happening because of the drugs, that's a sign that it definitely isn't. It's like Naomi used the drugs/alcohol for two reasons - firstly because she's totally nervous and needs some dutch courage, and because it's something for her to hide behind; if anything happens between her and Emily, she has something to blame it on. And then there's one of my absolute favourite moments when she wakes up after the oils scene, and just has that moment where she strokes Emily's hair before snapping herself out of it. It's a totally sober and natural moment for her and scares the crap out of her.

- having fun

Their interactions when Naomi hasn't got her guard up always had such a natural ease about them.. a comfort level that a straight girl probably wouldn't have with a lesbian with an annoying and unwanted crush on her ;) they always just slipped into that easy giggly mode so quickly, and I just don't believe for a second that anti-social Naomi Campbell would be able to be so open and have so much fun with someone unless she really cared about her. I've always loved that little bit at the lake when Naomi turns around to find Emily perving at her and just cracks up laughing.. that kind of sums it up for me.

This isn't a reason, just wanted to throw it in there to finish off ;) because in conclusion - Naomi wants Emily and always has.
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