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you don't belong on a funny farm

Just an FYI, this is just a picspam of my favourite parts. So it's mostly Naomi/Emily and Panda/Effy and ignoring Dr Foster/that entire storyline's existence ;)

FINGER SNIFF. Still hilarious, lol. Kat's face afterwards cracks me up, and when she sees Mandy.

Effy: Go Panda, they're after you! Bounce to me!

This scene is just the cutest ever, I love smiling Effy! And bouncing Panda. And Katie being awesome.

Naomi: Hi! I got eggs. We can have eggs, yeah? And Red Bulls, and pan au chocolat, annnd I got Heat! What? .. Has she been snoring like all night?
Emily: What?
Naomi: You were both so fucking trashed.. so I slept on the sofa with Panda.
Emily: Right.
Naomi: She's quite cute.. for a straight girl. Woah, in the scud. When did that happen?
Emily: I didn't notice.
Naomi: Good thing, you might have got, you know.. tempted.
Emily: I was wrecked.
Naomi: Yeah, you were both pissing gone. Like I said, cute. Is this bad? You wanna do breakfast? I can fry you, poach you, scramble you, do you any way you like. But shower though, cause Ems.. you smell of something, and it aint roses.

lol, I was pretty much as confused as Emily was during this scene. But Naomi cracks me up and breaks me heart at the same time, the subtle way her faces changes when she says Emily might have been tempted.. from snarky to actually looking scared :'( and it bugs me that they never even bothered to explain why exactly Panda was now living there too.

Some days are disasters, that you wish could just end.
Other days are bastards, just like a bad boyfriend.
But it makes me feel much worse than this, to see your face masked with a frown.
I'm not telling you to smile, but don't be down.
Don't be down my friend, don't do your wrists any harm, you don't belong on a funny farm.
And I'd rather see you in a party dress, than in a hospital gown.
I'm not telling you to smile, but don't be down.

THIS SCENE. Haha, I love it, it's possibly my favourite part of the episode. It was just so random and hilarious, and please marry me Pandora. Effy's smile and Katie just being like "wtf is she doing" ♥

Cook: Naomi, Arcia.
Naomi: Um, pardon?
Arcia: Arse-ia.
Naomi: Sorry, I didn't, I didn't quite..
Arcia: Arse-ia.
Naomi: Arse-ia.
Cook: Arse-ia, alright.
Naomi: Yeah, that's fine. Arse-ia, Arse-ia.. it's pretty. Arse-ia.

Lily is seriously so hilarious, I've missed snarky and bitchy Naomi. And Jack's face when she's grinding on his lap sans-thong after what she'd just been doing in the bathroom, haha. Oh and Naomi's sex leggings are hanging out to dry, lol.

Mandy: I don't want to be fucked around, Emily. Just because she won't take you to Goa. [kisses her]
Emily: Don't.
Mandy: I'd take you. We'd go dancing. Sleep in a hut. I'd make love to you on the beach. Isn't that what you want?

I'll never get over how insanely tall this chick is next to Kat! Emily's little face here ♥ and ngl, I kinda feel bad for Mandy, because who wouldn't want a piece of Ems if they could. Where did Goa come from anyhoo? Mexico > Goa.

Naomi: I'm doing cocktails. Who wants a ballbreaker? I've got rum, creme de menthe, ouzo, annnd.. rum.
Everyone: No thanks.
Naomi: Oh, come on! What's wrong with everyone? It's nearly half eleven!
Arcia: I'll have one. I looove that creme de menthe stuff, makes you piss green innit.
Naomi: There you go. Come on, you pussies. Ballbreakers! They're cool. If Effy's having one, you can all fucking..

I ♥ drunk Naomi. And Emily in those socks.

Naomi: We have problems, me and Emsy. Because.. because I was bad. That right Ems? See! I'm forgiven! It's just been heaven these last months. Fucking heaven. I'm only saying. I'm only saying, because...
Mandy: Naomi. If you don't want her, I do.

Lily is soo good in this scene, seriously. Her face when Mandy makes it very clear that she's isn't a straight girl.. so amazing. She looks so confused and then hurt and then angry.

Emily: I love you.
Naomi: Don't lie. My mum's coming back next week.. maybe you should go.

I hate that the only time we get to hear Emily say ILY straight to Naomi is in a scene like this! It kills me that Naomi was just laying there watching Emily sleep :( and she just seems so tired of it all. But lol, seems totally weird to me that Naomi still sleeps topless, seems a tad inappropriate!

Panda: Cook, Cookie!
Katie: What the fuck, what's happening?
Panda: Gotta go Cookie, the fuzz.
Cook: I'm on it. Looking good in lingerie Pandora.
Panda: Ta.

lol, I love that even as Cook's escaping from the police he managed to ogle Panda and give her a compliment. Also, it kinda made me happy that we got some Cook/Katie in this ep.

Panda: I've been trying to tell you something.
Effy: Spit it out, Pandapops.
Panda: I'm going away.
Effy: Really? Fine, where?
Panda: Harvard, on a history scholarship. I might have done some exams without telling anyone.

Ok, firstly.. Effy's smile when she sees Panda ♥ secondly.. LOL. Since when has getting an A* meant you automatically get a scholarship to Harvard?! I'm pretty sure it takes a little more than that.

Naomi: Hello mum. Yeah.. looking forward to seeing you too. Oh.. no, nothing much, just the usual stuff. Yeah, I'm.. I accepted a place at Goldsmith, but.. I know how proud you are of me, mum. I love you too.
.... It's all over.

More of Lily breaking my heart! She pretty much owns this episode. I so want to know what her "but.." was going to be after she said she'd accepted the place at uni. She obviously still wasn't sure if she wanted to go or stay with Emily and elope :(

lol, so hilarious! I love Jack grinning through the whole thing. He's got moooves.

:'( Emily t-shirt sniffing. I didn't realize the first time I watched this that she was staring at Emily's packed bags. I felt like the shed scene didn't have nearly enough build up in terms of showing us why Naomi decided it was time to say something, but at least this is something. I think she just realized that this was it, mentioning uni to her mum, her mum coming home, seeing that Emily really was about to leave.. it was like the whole time Emily was there she could convinve herself things would get better, but she knew that once Emily left that would be it.

Katie: What the fuck kind of lameo rave is this? I dressed up!

Katie ♥ I was bummed that Katie/Emily didn't get a decent scene together though. And I'm really baffled by both of their outfits here.

Naomi: I've loved you from the first time I saw you. I think I was twelve. It took me three years to pluck up the courage to speak to you. And I was so scared of the way I felt, you know, loving a girl. But I learned how to become a sarcastic bitch just to make it feel normal. I screwed guys to make it go away, but it didn't work. When we got together, it scared the shit out of me because you were the one person who could ruin my life. I pushed you away. I made you think things were your fault. But really I was just terrified of pain. I screwed that girl Sophia to kind of spite you for having that hold on me. And I'm a total fucking coward because I got.. these, these tickets to Goa for us three months ago. But I couldn't stand.. I didn't want to be a slave to the way I feel about you. Can you understand? You were trying to punish me back, and it was horrible. It's so horrible, because.. really, I'd die for you. I love you. I love you so much, it is killing me.

So, I still kinda prefer this scene out of context, lol. Part of me wishes I hadn't watched it last week, but part of me is glad I did because it didn't make me feel as much in the episode when I was expecting a bit more to come before it :( I still completely adore the scene, and everything she says, I still think it's the perfect speech for her to make and I totally buy Emily forgiving her after it. Buuut as I said before, wish we'd had a bit more before it. I was really disappointed after the ep, but after watching it a couple more times I've definitely seen it all in a different light though and am a bit happier with how everything went. And Lily just kills me here ♥

SO FREAKING PRETTY. And the way Kat sucks in her lips like that when she's upset kills me, it's so cute ♥

This was possibly my favourite part. Look at them! The way Emily blows the drops off Naomi's shirt and then Naomi blows to her, and then the smiling as they kiss and the smiles afterwards ♥ ♥ gaaah.

I totally paid no attention to this scene the first time because I was just watching NE be cute and hugging/dancing in the mirror, hee. So adorable.

Soooo yeah, in general I thought it was a really disappointing ep for a gen finale, no closure for a few of them (did they even tell us why Katie needed French lessons for an interview?!), ridiculousness like Thomas and Panda popping off to Harvard, an annoying final scene in which Cook barely seemed upset that Freddie was dead, which in itself was clearly the most pointless thing to ever happen. Oh, and why was Foster hanging around Freddie's shed anyway? :\ there were loads of funny moments and a lot of things I enjoyed, buuut.. I expected more. I wanted to just feel sad about losing these guys because I love them all so much, but I just left the ep feeling frustrated.

But, MOVIE! Now it's confirmed that it will be mostly gen 2, it makes me feel better about it all and I can just enjoy the ep for what it was.

Bye for now gen 2, I'll miss you ♥

Tags: picspam, ship: emily/naomi, ship: panda/effy, tv: skins

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