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top 5: lilykat interviews

05. E4 Interview (Part 1,Part 2, Part 3)

Kat: That was the one they gave us, so I saw like, millions of other Naomis do that thing as well.
Lily: Oh, did you?
Kat: Loooads.
Lily: How did they do it?
Kat: Not as good as you.

So, I had a hard time deciding which interview should get this spot.. there are so many others I love! AfterEllen, Waking Up With, 4Music... Buut I had to go with this one purely for how long it is and how adorable they look. There's lots of finishing each others sentences which always makes me happy. Kat resting her hand on Lily's leg multiple times. Drama school talk. Kat saying Lily is tough competition for her boyfriend in the kissing department. Lily talking about how happy they were when they heard about NE's happy ending in ep 9. The talk about how they just couldn't stop laughing during the oilzz scene. Their "sexy" faces. The bit I quoted ♥ The hilarity of Lily's face when Kat says she wants Emily with someone nice, LOL. They're just beyond cute in it, and it always makes me giggle!

04. The 5:19 Show (Part 1,Part 2, Part 3, Part 4)

Tom: Lily, is there anyone you wanna thank out there?
Lily: Yeah, yeah, uh.. Kat. Just Kat.

This interview is extremely random and there isn't all that much in the way of LilyKat moments, but the granny stuff makes it, haha. That whole bit is completely hilarious, and then the dancing! ♥ ♥ they're ridiculous, and awesome. And I do love the rest of the interview as well.. the bit I quoted always kills me, and I always wish the camera had panned out because Lily's obviously patting Kat when she says it, lol. Then there's the bit where Kat talks about how she never cleans up and how her bedroom is a state, and Lily's all "Yeah it is", because obvs she spends a lot of time in Kat's bedroom. The bit with their "loving thoughts". Lily/Merv's chair competition is hilarious, and when they make their Skins vegetable characters, lol. Plus, they both look insanely gorgeous.

03. Heatworld Interview (Link)

Kat: Was that the heart shaped cake?
Lily: Yeah! And I made a heart shaped cake, and I brought it with us.
Kat: It was us two.

This whole interview is just amaaazing and hilarious. Just look at them! I love all their dating stories, and both of them cracking up at each other constantly. Lily's "Wtf?!" at Kat being on a date when she was 12, haha. That whole story about the boys going to the toilet and not coming back, and Lily sympathetically patting her arm. Lily holding the mic for Kat, which always makes me smile. And obviously the bit I quoted! Oh Kat, joking about the two of you going on a date, you are good to us ♥ lol and Lily's reaction when she says it, which cracks me up. It's just overall completely adorable, and even when they're just smiling and giggling at each other's stories, I love it.

02. Bliss Interview (Link)

Kat: When we first had to do our first kissing scene, we hadn't really actually gotten to know each other properly yet, that was what made us get to know each other.. quite well.
Lily: I'm only joking, you were.. fine.
Kat: Thanks, you were.. mediocre.

Seriously, there are just too many things I love about this interview to even mention. They did sooo many interviews this day and they looked quite tired/bored in a few of them, when they were just answering the same old questions over and over again. So I loved when this one came along! Way more interesting and amusing than most of them, and even when they ask the good old "What's it like kissing a girl?" question, we got a new and funnier answer than usual, hee. Their bit where they describe their breakfast beforehand cracks me up. Then there's obviously the bits I quoted.. that little bit with Kat going on about how it's a tough competition between who was the best kisser and Lily's just like.. it's me. Haha. "MEH. KAFRYN." - Kat's impressiong of Meg, and Lily's impression of Kat, and of Kat doing an impression of her are possibly my favourite parts, I die everytime, LOL. And then their acting challenge and their faaaces. And their angry-face staring contest, hee. The whole 'surprised' bit is hilarious, and then the high five! And there are like a million other little moments that I adore. Like.. "You found love" "I did. She did!"

01. Myspace Webchat (Link)

Kat: And this is Megan.. "LILY!"
Lily: She used to always do that to me when we were in the flat! "WOULD YOU STOP. STOP IT."

Well, duh. I LOVE THIS INTERVIEW. Plus, bonus Meg! Right after we were all complaining about the lack of Trinity interviews this time round, they add Meg to the chat and all is right with the world. This whole thing is just.. hilarious. I think this interview out of all of them shows the most clearly how comfortable they are together, it's all just so relaxed and every little bit of their interaction is hilarious and adorable. Obviously the last couple minutes with their impressions and the three of them just constantly dissolving into fits of giggles is the best part, LOL. I die every time Kat impersonates Meg because it is seriously the funniest thing ever, and a LilyKat joint Meg impression makes it even funnier. The fact that Lily mentions Meg doing it in the flat just makes me even happier, because I can just imagine the three of them sat around in the flat and LilyKat constantly taking the piss out of Meg, lol. And then of course the German bit, all the giggling and touching and general hilarity. LilyKat's synchronised giggling when they both remember Meg falling over. Kat's "Lily Loveless - complete wreckhead" and the way she nudges into her as she says it. Kat talking about their depressing car ride home after filming the roof scene. Their amusement at Emily's purple pantaloons and pointy shakespeare shoes, LOL. I'm rather curious about when we get to see them. Meg telling Kat to shut up when she says she can do the splits, and Lily killing herself laughing, and all of them doing the ~sexy finger in mouth. POUR THE PERFECT PINT. And Lily's "please!" and brushing her arm when Kat does the Friends bit. The whole thing is just epic. And so are LilyKat.

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