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I'm Katie Fucking Fitch.

Ok firstly: As much as I wish I could have done a full-episode picspam I didn't have the time, so.. it's just my favourite scenes. But it is pretty much the entire episode anyway, heh.

Doctor: Your results show you're going through something called a premature menopause.
Katie: Oh, right. Shit.
Doctor: I can't imagine what you're feeling. Not being able to have children, well.. it isn't a nice thought is it. Especially at your age.
Katie: What are you talking about?
Doctor: Kathryn, the menopause prevents you from ovulating. Which means you won't be able to concieve babies.

Katie :'( people had speculated this might happen when we heard about the medical news, and I was hoping it would be something this rather than a lame pregnancy or her getting sick or something. So sad. And I love that Emily is the first person she calls afterwards, aw. And hee at Kathryn being her fake name. Or is that her long version of Katie? :\

Jenna: We are so finished, consider yourself divorced!
James: What's happening?
Katie: It'll be alright. Everything's gonna be fine.

Aw, I love all the Katie/James in this episode. And lol I'm pretty sure James would make the worst but most amusing gynecologist ever.

Katie: What's going on, mum? Is dad coming back?
Jenna: We'll talk about it later. You need to concentrate on doing a good job for me tonight, ok? We've got a lot riding on this wedding now sweetheart. Let me look at you.. ah, perfection.

She's so preeetty. I love the K/E thing on the mirror, and how much Katie's obviously missing her. And the way Jenna looks at her at the end there is so creepy, lol.

Katie: Youre in my way, move.

Her face as she's listening to them talk about Brandy being pregnant, and then how pissed off she was at her drinking.. gah. (Also, I loved that Danny was brought up again, heh)

Katie: You haven't changed. I can see straight through you.
Effy: Likewise. Ever gonna let that smile falter?
Katie: Only when yours does.
Katie: I'm Katie Fucking Fitch, who the fuck are you?

HBIC. And I looove that Katie/Effy exchange.

Katie: So what's it like?
Effy: What's what like?
Katie: Love.
Effy: Great. Its really lovely.
Katie: That sounded convincing.
Effy: It's fine. Nothing's ever perfect, you know.
Katie: I thought it could be. I wanted the perfect boyfriend, perfect marriage, perfect everything.
Effy: What's changed?
Katie: Me. I don't know who I am anymore.
Effy: I thought you were Katie Fucking Fitch.

THIS SCENE. There's hand holding and chest touching and smiling and awesomeness. I love that Katie's never smoked before (although I find it hard to believe she's fine taking a load of MDMA but not having a fag, lol). It's so pretty too!

Rob: Can you just read out your court order so I know you're not, you know.. cunts.

Oh Fitch family, how I adore you and all your dysfunctional awesomeness. I died with all of them running out to the car.. and Rob running back for his Hyper Fitch chair, hee. Also, there's a lot of hand holding in this episode! I counted 7.

James: I hate KFC.
Katie: What?
James: Elliot Evans' parents got divorced, and his dad spent every night in KFC. Then he met this woman, and she had a huge problem, so he tried to help her.. and her friend got really angry, and he ended up with only one kneecap. And now, his mum's doing pornos, and his dad's a junkie, and he never sees them! Except on the internet, and then he has to pay for it! I mean, how unfair is that?

James has the best friends, y/y? And yeah, I've been in that position.. in the car with my brother while the parents fight outside. As if you can't see or hear them, lol.

Katie: Good morning Naomi. You're looking sexy. You heard of a shower?
Naomi: What do you want?
Katie: This is difficult ok, but.. we've lost our house.
Naomi: Oh, that was careless. So what?
Katie: We need somewhere to stay. Your house is pretty empty at the moment.
Naomi: You're having a fucking laugh.
Katie: Yes Naomi. I'm kidding that my parents have no money, no house, and are about to split up.
Naomi: I'm sorry.. but it's not my problem.
Katie: Oh but it is. Because it's Emily's problem, she's your girlfriend, that makes it your problem.
Naomi: No lesbian digs?
Katie: That I can't promise.

They're so hilarious together. Katie's face when she says she can't promise ♥ and I kinda love that Naomi's still a total mess, lol. And that she takes them in when Katie tells her it's Emily's problem too.

Emily: Stay out of my way. This is my house, I live here with my girlfriend, and we're having a barbeque. Alright?

Return of the garibaldis! This must be some kind of inside joke with the writers because it's an incredibly random thing to bring up over and over again, lol. And poor Katie :( I always laugh whenever anything pulls the good old "saying something important to someone who's fallen asleep" thing. And I don't blame Emily being pissed, even if she wasn't totally off her head. Her mum's been nothing but disapproving of Naomi and her relationship, told her neither of them were welcome in her house.. and then has the nerve to show up at Naomi's asking for a place to stay, lol. And that kiss makes me sad :(

Emily: Who's got any more pills? Effy?
Katie: Don't you think you've had enough?
Emily: Don't think, makes things much easier. Naomi darling? Got any more of your special powder?
Naomi: Don't, Em.
Emily: Where's Cook when you need him, eh?
Naomi: Another fun day at Mrs & Mrs Campbell's.

Mrs & Mrs Campbell's makes me smile even though it is depressing ♥ and lol at Effy saying she doesn't have any pills and then taking some later. I like to think she was looking out for Emily and just knew she shouldn't take more!

Naomi: What the fuck are you doing Emily? Emily, fucking stop this shit, now.
Emily: Naoms, darling, am I making you nice and wet?
Naomi: Fuck you, this is a fucking pantomime.

Ok firstly: I lol'd at Thomas asking Katie if she wanted him to ask everyone to leave. Um.. you can't tell people at someone elses party to leave on behalf of someone else who doesn't live there :p

Also: I feel like one of the few people who has no issue with the way Emily behaved here, heh. I mean, obviously it wasn't the ~right thing to do, and it's sad seeing her like that.. but she needed to blow off some steam and give Naomi a taste of her own medicine. I think she was probably just fed up of acting like things were ok, and it all just came to a head. And Kat's posh voice amuses me. Also, that face when she finishes kissing that chick and turns to Naomi? Unf.

Emily: Why don't you all just fuck off? Look at you.. pretending to be happy families, pretending to love each other.
Jenna: Don't you dare speak to me like that.
Emily: Get off your high horse.
Jenna: I can't be here anymore.
Emily: A bit melodramatic. Remind you of anyone?

Oh Emily, she breaks my heart :'( how incredibly sad she looks when Naomi starts talking about what she did. And poor Katie just having more and more crap dumped on her. The way Naomi says "Ems" at the end there kills me. I don't really like how Rob just takes James and leaves Emily there crying though, when he knows what she's going through.

Katie: I can't have kids. They say I can't have kids. Ever.
Thomas: And you are sad? You think.. maybe no man will ever want you? But I am a man, and I think you are a beautiful, magnificent woman.
Katie: Panda was an idiot not to forgive you.
Thomas: I was the idiot. I wasn't honourable.
Katie: We can be friends.
Thomas: Yes, I'd like that.
Katie: Me too.

HOW SO CUTE MEG. Seriously, I can't really focus on much other than how adorable she is here. I'm glad this scene played out like it did, I thought it was really sweet.

YOU ARE MY LOBSTER. Oh NE, why must you be so cute and make it hurt even more? And I'm still amused at them putting the LilyKat twitter pic on their shelf.

I love them so much ♥ this scene was so beautiful, and then the hand holding outside the house! I really hope we get a conversation between the two of them about Katie's infertility, because they'll definitely be able to bond in the sense that Emily's not going to have kids in the ~traditional sense either.

Katie: Mum. Mum, I can't have children. I went to the doctors yesterday, and they said there's nothing they can do. I wanted to tell you, but.. you were too busy shouting. It's all about you. I don't want to let you down, but you let me down. I really needed you, and you weren't there.
Jenna: My baby girl.
Katie: It doesn't matter mum. The house, and the money, I don't want it. I'm not going to be you. I just want a mum who loves me, no matter what.
Jenna: I do love you no matter what. I'm so sorry.
Katie: Yeah, well we love you mum. So appreciate us. Stop trying to push us away.

Gaah, way to nail it Meg! I cried. She is so, so good ♥

Rob: I love you.
Jenna: You stupid bastard.
Rob: I'm sorry.
James: Ugh, they're using tongues and everything.

I have so much love for this scene ♥ FITCH FAMILY. Favouritest family on tv right now, hands down. This scene was so perfect, and the bts vid made me lol, I want to hear them singing their Fitch themetune. And Fitch family spin-off, yes please!

And fiiinally, why did they delete this?!

Obviously this would have been Emily telling Naomi she was moving out and back with her family, and I'm really pissed they cut it. Seeing as Naomi is smiling they obviously at least left each other on good terms, so how are they going to be acting next time we see them? Because if they're alright with each other, that's not going to make any sense to people who haven't seen these pics. Ugh, I just feel like we're going to have next to nothing in terms of NE from now until the finale, so I'm annoyed that a scene like this, that actually seems important, was taken out.

But in conclusion: I loved the episode, although it didn't quite live up to my expectations.. but I think they were a tad too high! Meg was great, and Katie was fantabulous. Next week: KATIE/EFFY CLINGING. KATIE LOOKING GORGEOUS. I'm excited.

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