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we were special.

Naked Emily! And Temper Trap! People were wondering if they'd use this song this season but I didn't think they would now it's been so overplayed, heh. But I love it so I'm glad they did. Especially combined with topless and adorable Emily. Look at that faaace.

Naomi: I love you.
Emily: Yeah, I know.
Naomi: Don't forget it though.

That line makes me so sad now. Oh, Naomi. But this scene is so ridiculously adorable, I've had a week to come to terms with the cute but I still haven't. The way Naomi looks at her.. the goggles.. Emily's adorable little face when she sees them ♥

They manage to be both incredibly dorky and incredibly badass at the same time. The cigarette sharing is so hot.

Emily: Dad? What are you doing?
Rob: Just clearing some space. Fitch hug.

Aw, I love Daddy Fitch so much. And the Fitch hug!

Jenna: We need to talk about your options for next year.
Emily: I'm going to Mexico with Naomi. Don't worry, it's all worked out.
Naomi: Morning Jenna, you're looking very beautiful today.

Jenna's a bitch, but I did feel kinda bad for her in this scene. She scared about losing her little girl! It's just annoying that it has to come with a dose of homophobia, heh. Naomi is epic.

Emily: What's the matter?
Naomi: Forgot for a second.
Emily: Forgot what? It's nothing to do with us.

THEY CUT DOWN THE KISS. The close-up bit was much longer in the first trailer we got, boo. Still pretty though. And adorable. They're just so happy together..

Emily: We only saw her-
Naomi: Uh, we were only at the party for ten minutes or so, we went home long before the accident. We didn't see her.

The way Naomi grabs her hand kills me. And Emily is so baffled.. honestly, the people who are all "It was none of Emily's business!" really confuse me. The police had both of their names, Sophia was telling people she was friends with Naomi AND Emily. The only thing that makes it more about Naomi is the MDMA, Emily still doesn't have a clue why people think she's BFFs with Sophia. So how is it not her business?! Why should she not look into something that concerns her just because Naomi forbids it?

Emily: I could have lent you some money!
Naomi: It was for these. I thought I could keep you safe. I'm sorry.

That line..oh Naomi, you can be incredibly sweet. And the hair stroking and hand holding ♥

Emily: Don't you want to know why they hard our names?
Naomi: No.
Emily: Why not?
Naomi: Because I don't want to go to jail. Could you just mind your own fucking business for once please?
Emily: Ok, sorry.
Naomi: We just have to act like everything's fine.

Kat seriously kills me with her Emily smiles. Cutest. Smile. Ever. And I love the kiss on the cheek even though this whole scene makes me sad and want to slap Naomi.

Mummy Sophia: Are you in with Naomi and Emily and that crowd?
Emily: Um, yeah, I see them sometimes.
Mummy Sophia: I thought they'd have called round by now, Sophia talked about them non-stop.
Emily: Did she?
Mummy Sophia: Did she ever talk to you about me?
Emily: Yeah, yeah. She really loved you.
Mummy Sophia: You're lying to me. It's kind of you.

I swear Skins just does parents so well. I mean, even when they're ridiculous characters they can still make me feel so bad for them with just one scene. I felt so bad for Sophia's mum here. Also: LOL NANCY.

Matt: Were you her girlfriend?
Emily: What? No! Girlfriend?
Matt: You're fucking lying to me. They're saying she killed herself. That's bollocks. I know she didn't do that.
Emily: How?
Matt: Because she didn't say goodbye to me.

WHY SO GORGEOUS KAT? Also, poor Sophia's mum having to discover her room looking like that after she's died :\ creepy. So is Sophia's brother.

Was the picture actually in the brochure? Because they usually do prospectuses before the open day, not a month of so after lol. And that picture they have up in the school with the flowers.. says "Not in our classes, or our memories, but forever in our hearts" Not in our memories?! Are they just admitting that they don't even remember her and never knew who she was? Heh, kind of an odd thing to put on something like that.

Jenna: Naomi's not right for you. And there's.. there's something about her, something I don't quite like, I'm just telling you.
Emily: Shove it up your tits.

I kinda want to go round saying "Shove it up your tits" to everyone now. And hey there, H from Steps! lol at her mum telling people she's dating JJ. Jenna pisses me off (even though she's kinda hilarious) and I would be so annoyed if she started gloating about Naomi after what happened. As if a guy wouldn't have ever cheated on her.

Effy: How was your summer?
Freddie: Not bad. I got Chlamydia.
Effy: Wow. Exotic.
Freddie: That's what I said. Then I realized Cook had it as well, and it didn't feel quite so special.
Effy: I bet it liked you more.

I don't care what anyone says, I think they're adorable! Smiley Effy makes me happy, and this scene was super cute.

Emily: Have you ever loved someone, and then something happens, and you wonder if.. perhaps you didn't ever know them at all? Do you trust her?
Freddie: What? No, what, I don't need to.
Emily: But if you two got together wouldn't you be worried that she might fuck Cook again?
Freddie: Emily, I'm sorry, I'm just a bit busy at the minute ok.

So.. I really don't get why people are saying Freddie's being rude in this scene. She doesn't really seem all that upset, and her first question seems rhetorical. Then she brings up Effy and asks about Effy/Cook which is probably something that he really does not want to think about, lol, so he doesn't want to talk about it and leaves. Eh. Also: Naomi + random friends still puzzles me.

Emily: Did you fuck her?
Naomi: No! You think I'd shag some random girl behind your back?
Emily: I'm not saying you did it.
Naomi: Well, what are you saying?
Emily: I'm just asking.

This scene is SO PRETTY. I love the scenery and the camera work. However, I reeeeally don't like Naomi in this scene. At first I thought Emily was being a bit harsh, but now knowing that Naomi actually did cheat, I don't care, heh. I have no love for people who cheat and then make their partner feel like a crappy person for suspecting them. Such a low thing to do, Naoms. And I don't like her blaming Emily for making the Mexico plans by herself etc. Try talking to her if you had a problem, how is it her fault if you just let her assume it's what you want to do? I wish it was more about her just not wanting to let Emily down but being torn between her and uni, rather than "You were pushing me into something I didn't want to do". I think the novel made Naomi's perspective on Emily vs. Uni a bit clearer.

Naomi: What the fuck?

I think that sums it up, lol. I both love and hate Emily holding Naomi's hand at the end.. she's probably so relieved because she thinks Naomi was telling the truth and Sophia was just crazy. Oh Emily. Also: MORE GARIBALDIS.

Naomi: She stalked me.
Emily: You're very stalkable.


Ok, so I was hoping the sex would be a bit longer and involve a bit more nakedness and/or actual sex. Because they didn't even get to the stage of tights removal, lol. And like the lake scene, there was way too many super-fast close up shots of body parts. But.. holy crap so pretty. Just look at them! The kissing is just.. gaaah. AND HELLO THIGH STRADDLING. And all the giggling.. they're so happy :'(

Emily: I want Naomi!
James: I want to fuck Naomi. What? I do. Get over it.
Jenna: Rob, did you just hear what he said?
Rob: Well she is attractive love.

I LOVE YOU FITCH FAMILY. Poor Rob. Lets Get Fitched! Katie > Everything. Her "where's my money?!" cracked me up, haha. And I wish we'd got a bit more info on why exactly James decided to see if he got curious while wearing womens clothing, hee.

Katie: Please don't go. I'll back you up. Don't leave me here.
Emily: I'm sorry.

I love this scene! Katie/Emily ♥ the twin speak made me melt, and I loved how Katie really didn't want her to go.. and saying she'd back her up! And lol at laying in the sun for five hours, never change Katie.

Matt: Was it you? Was it you she killed herself for?
Emily: No! And it wasn't Naomi ok. She didn't know either of us, she lied about that.
Matt: She wouldn't lie to me.
Emily: She lied to everyone! Look, I'm sorry you feel angry at her, but it's really not my fucking problem.
Matt: I need the truth. This isn't all of it.
Emily: No.
Matt: Emily, what are you scared of? We could help each other.

Creepy brother is still creepy. And Kat is still gorgeous. And again with the feeling bad for Jenna.. don't do that to me Skins!


Emily: I'm moving in.
Naomi: Where?
Emily: Here.
Naomi: Uhh, isn't that the sort of thing people usually discuss?
Emily: I need to ok.
Naomi: Ok.
Emily: Ok?
Naomi: Ok! Although, in many ways, it's sort of a violation. But fuck it, it's ok.
Emily: Really?
Naomi: Really. It'll be great! You can be my pyjamas. You need to do something about your moustache.

YOU CAN BE MY PYJAMAS. Cutest line to ever exist? I think so. And lol at the moustache bit, Emily's face when she says that is so cuuute. And Lily's is just ridiculous ♥

Mexicaaaans! Omg, as if they couldn't get any more adorable, they go and do this. I can't even explain my love for this scene, it's just hilarious and amazing and they're so perfect, you guys! Why couldn't it have stayed like this?! THEY HAD A FREAKING PINATA. AND KISSED WITH MOUSTACHES.

Naomi: Well, this looks kind of terrible.
Emily: Yeah.
Naomi: Fuck it. If it's rubbish, we'll just go back to ours.
Emily: Where?
Naomi: Ours.

OURS. OURS. OURS. At this point in the episode I couldn't believe how adorable and fluffy and wonderful they were being when I was expecting so much more angst. Oh, good times.

Lily's "I wiiiill find you!" cracks me up. Drunk Naomi is amusing! And lol, dancing Panda is hilarious. There really wasn't much of anyone else in this ep was there!

Cook: What's up Emilio man? Why you hiding in the pisser?
Emily: Do you ever get jealous, Cook?
Cook: If your shag isn't just a shag, you're always gonna get your heart ripped out somewhere aren't you.
Emily: What do you do about it?
Cook: Just burn, kid. Just burn. Just kick it to the other side.
Emily: Is that possible?
Cook: Yeah. You just look a bit stupid if you don't, don't ya. Look at me look, happy.
Emily: Effy?
Cook: You don't tell any of my secrets, I won't tell any of yours. We could just go out there in a blaze of glory. Dance, muff monkey?

lol some of what Cook said there could be totally wrong, I could hardly make out some of it. But I really loved this scene! I pretty much think Cook is a douche 90% of the time and he went right out of that bathroom and proved why, but he was really sweet to Emily here, in his own Cooky way.

Eep. Poor headbutted JJ :( but Naomi holding Emily's arm! And Freddie/Effy are pretty, even if they did just bugger off.

I actually though Emily was leaving without pants until I saw them in her hand, heh. Even though I knew what was coming, I still had a little squee at them being asleep together in their bed.

Naomi: Can't we just leave it?
Emily: I don't think we can, Naoms.
Naomi: She's dead. Let it go.
Emily: I can't.
Naomi: Can't we just go home?

Emily's face here, she's on the verge of tears already.. she knows it's not going to end well :(

Ok, so I didn't cry when I first saw this on tv. I think I was just kind of.. too numb and in shock that they were actually going there when I really didn't believe they would, to really feel the emotion of it. I didn't cry when I downloaded the ep and watched it again. But when I watched it again this morning to cap for this? I bawled. Like, full on tears, heh. Just imagining the pain Emily's feeling as she's reading through it.. and Naomi's face knowing what she's looking at. I think the worst part is how intimate it all is, with the hand holding and the talking, it wasn't just some random screw and that makes it so much more painful. And I thought the animated bit was such a beautiful touch.

Naomi: I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!
Emily: You've ruined it. You don't want anyone to care. We could be dead in a second. Everything's so.. fragile. Didn't you realize that? We were special.
Naomi: I was scared!
Emily: You're always scared.
Naomi: Emily! Emily!

Ok, I want to cry again just reading this. Kat and Lily are both amazing. The "we were special" just kills me everytime because I'm pretty sure that's what all the fans were thinking afterwards :'( it's such a beautiful and heartbreaking scene, and gaaah. Seriously, major props to the writer and director (and Kat and Lily, obvs) for making this scene so amazing and something I actually want to watch over and over despite absolutely hating what happened.

Emily: Was it ever the same again?
Rob: It was worse. And then it was ok. Then it got better. Then we got you, and we got all the things we love.
Emily: Did she hate herself for taking you back?
Rob: What? Hate herself, what for? She didn't do anything wrong. She hated me though, for a very very very long time. She's tough you know, your mum, you wanna be glad of that.
Emily: I'm not like her, dad.
Rob: That's ok too.

And this scene completely breaks my heart too. I really, really love Rob. And Kat is amazing. And Emily saying she's not strong like her mum I took to mean she couldn't take Naomi back and not hate herself for it.. which is why I don't think she went inside to take her back at the end.

The note :'( I wish they'd made Naomi look a bit more of a mess though. You can tell she's been crying, but a load of smudged mascara all over her face would have been nicer ;) but anyway, yeah, I don't think Emily went inside to forgive her or give her another chance. All her stuff was there so she'd have to go back at some point, and Emily seems like the kind of person who would want to at least talk to Naomi and not just leave things how they were on the roof. I think Emily will probably tell her that she's going to try and see if she can forgive, but they won't actually be back together or anything. They better fucking not be anyway because otherwise Naomi making out with Cook is going to piss me off beyond belief. I'll only accept it if they're officially not together, and even then I still hate that it has to happen at all :\

So yeah, in general... I loved the episode. I thought it was beautiful, well written, and Kat and Lily were fantastic. I just hate that they had to go down the cheating route because it's just so lazy. Which Skins couple has never involved cheating?! Oh yeah.. none of them. I find it so hard to ship couples when cheating is involved, so I hate that they've tainted them for me, because I just don't know how they can fix it in such a short amount of time. I have no doubt they'll end up together, I just don't know how Emily will be able to trust her again.

And I can understand why Naomi did it. I don't think it was a case of her being trapped by Emily herself, more that she felt trapped by how much she loves Emily. She's never had to think about anyone else besides herself, and what she wants. Now she has this other person who adores and relies on her and she has to think about what she wants, and how she feels. She wants to go to uni but she also wants to be with Emily, and Naomi is the kind of person who would hate that she was the kind of girl who would even consider putting off her own plans because of love. So she felt trapped, and then she met Sophia who understood, and she did something stupid to try to prove to herself that she could still do what she wanted and not what someone else wanted. I'm not going to justify it in any way because I still hate her quite a lot right now, heh, but I do understand the reasoning behind it.

I just hate that they had to go there at all, really. But oh well.. I comfort myself with the fact that in Skinsland, cheating is the only thing that they have to pull out of the bag to cause drama. And at least it was with a girl, so all the people who think Emily is just a blip in Naomi's uber-straight life can stfu. Heh, bright side!

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