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Skins Screening!

So, I met up with stampy_stamp (Kay) and my friend Jas, and went down to the BFI. Kinda started off on a bad note because we got to reception and they told us they had no idea why the website was saying there was a red carpet, because they had no knowledge of this, heh. So we just sat down in the lobby and I entertained myself by reading out passages from the literary genius of the Skins novel. And spotting about 10000 girls with red hair, who we knew immediately must be Skins fans, haha. After a while we saw a few people heading toward the back looking like they had some sort of purpose, so we followed them out and found they'd set up a nice little alley outside the side door with a very flimsy barrier for us to stand and wait for the cast, heh. We got a good spot at the front, froze to death for a while, watching the paps set up camp and a woman from Company mag talking to people, and the guys next to us perving over Kaya.

Eventually they showed up and everyone went craaaaazy, especially over Lily and Kat, which was awesome. We got completely squashed into the barrier, which was just collapsing, and everyone just ended up shoving it to the ground and walking over it, lol. But seriously, these girls are SO stunning in person. I don't even know how they're real.

Arrival pics! The very few decent ones I could actually get while being shoved around and them barely being seen through the crowds. Click them all for HQs!

Lisa came over to us first, and was adorable. I asked for a pic and after we took it she was like "I am so sorry if I pulled a ridiculous face" haha, and then had some serious trouble trying to get the lid off someone's pen. Lily was next and seemed so nervous. I don't blame her because everyone was chanting her name, heh. She was so sweet though, I asked if I could get a pic and she said "Of course you can" all quiet and adorable ♥

I hate how I look in the Lily pic, but I don't think any normal person can look good next to her. SO BEAUTIFUL. HER EYES. AND EVERYTHING ABOUT HER. I've always been a Kat girl, but up close, Lily was converting me. She must have been looking at the wrong camera in the pic, haha. There were a lot of them.

I was keeping my eye on Kat who was slowly getting closer to us, but then Kat and Lily and the others were rushed inside to be interviewed, and we were told they'd all come back out again later. So we had a brief bit of calm while everyone just stared at them all through the window. I just stood there trying to get pics of Kat and Lily who were being adorable and giggly and flirty through all of their interviews. I hope they all get posted because they were there for ages, heh. I apologize for the blurryness of these pics but they were through a window, I was getting shoved, and security kept walking past, so I could never focus properly.

THEY ARE SO CUTE. I also got a really quick vid but I eventually gave up because a security guy kept walking in front of me and waving his hands about, as you can see. But I cut it off at totally the wrong moment, because Kat's faaace at the end! lol.

Youtube cuts off the very end but it's this bit, so amusing, if I'd just kept filming for a couple more seconds, grr. Hopefully that interview will get posted!

There were a bunch of Company mags that the cast were signing, but they had a very unfortunately placed plant in front of this part of the window so I couldn't get many pics.

MEG'S BACK. HELLO. The boys came back out and Jas got a pic with Ollie, and Jack was mental. But at this point I'd kinda given up hope of the girls coming back because they'd been inside for so long and the security kept saying we were going in soon :( but then Meg appeared! And I managed to grab her for a pic :D she smelled really nice, fyi. Annnd then Kat and Lily came back! They started right down the other end again so I was just praying Kat would make it up in time. And she did, but then got dragged away by security literally just as she reached me. But I was like "Kaaat!" and she turned around and came back and took the pic with me, hee. I wasn't going to let her get away! I would have been so bummed if I hadn't got a pic with her. She was sooo sweet.

And she has her arm around me! Even though you can only see a bit of finger. And my head looks huge :\ but I don't care, because I'M TOUCHING KAT.

Then we all got taken inside. I was kinda bummed that Kaya and Luke never made it to our end :( but LOL I saw Kaya with the drawing of her and Luke that someone gave her, and she looked so pleased, haha. So cute.

When we got inside I went to the bathroom.. and as I came out of the toilet, KAT WAS STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. Just chilling at the sink. I was so tempted to say something but there's really no easy way to strike up a convo in a toilet. So I just played it cool and washed my hands. Right next to Kat Prescott. And then she turned around and was like "Omg are there toilets around the corner?!" (it was a strange shaped bathroom) and me and a couple other people were like "Yeah!" in a giggly fangirl kinda way. And then she shot off to use them. IT TOTALLY COUNTS AS A CONVERSATION.

Then I came out and we hung around the lobby for a bit to stalk Kat and after she came out, she was stood around with a couple people and Lily came running towards her saying something about her phone. And because I was so pre-occupied with LILYKAT TALKING RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, I tripped and nearly fell down some stairs. Smoooooth. But then fans went up to them and were asking for more pics and I felt bad that they were having to do that inside too :\ so we went to go find our seats. We were waiting around for a bit and then the cast came in, first Kaya, Lisa and Meg, then Lily and an older blonde lady (her mum? idk, Jack shook her hand when he came in so obviously not a Skins-related person) then Kat and a older woman, and the guys.

You can kinda see how they were sitting in the last one, it was Lily, blonde lady, Meg, Lisa, Jack, Luke. Then Kat and Kaya in front of Jack and Luke. I'm not sure where Ollie and Merv went :\ Meg and Lily were talking for ageees, they were adorable and kept giggling. When Jack came to sit down he stood and talked to Lily for a while too, and introduced himself to blonde lady.

Then the ep! I thought it was really great. I might do a seperate post to talk about that tomorrow because I'm a bit lazy now, but if anyone wants to know anything I'll answer ;) everyone's pretty much spoiled everything already though, hee. I really enjoyed it though, Lisa and Merv were fantastic. But I will say that I hate the new opening credits :\ it was a bit of a mess and didn't look nearly as stylish as the previous ones. And the remix of the themetune is awful.

Then it was the Q&A with Lily, Merv, Jamie Brittain, Bryan Elsley, and the director of the ep. Hosted by Boyd Hilton from Heat which made me squee a little bit, haha.

Lily was hilaaarious. Apparently the Q&A is going to go online at some point soon anyway so I'll be brief and keep to the Lily parts - her American accent and "Omg this girl did coke last night and totally died" = win. If she were to be in another show she'd be in "NOTHING! Eastenders." LOL. She wanted Naomi to be a bit warmer this season. Said that she'd got a letter from a 40 year old woman who said that her mum had never accepted that she was gay, but she made her watch Skins and now she understand her ♥ totally lied at the "What's the craziest thing a fan has done" question and said someone sent her a bunch of flowers tonight, but it was really sweet. People have totally done crazier things ;) Jack stood up and said he wanted to answer that question, pulled his shirt up and said someone here tonight had the same tattoo as him, and he didn't know whether to be annoyed or flattered, hee. A girl asked Lily if she could buy her a drink, everyone was amused and Lily said yes, lol. She kept adjusting her top as if she thougths her boobs were going to fall out.. or she could subconsciously feel all the girls in the room mentally undressing her ;) Kaya asked Jamie which gen was his favourite "and I'm in both so I don't care!" but he refused to answer, hee. And there were loads of other things I've now forgotten.

As they were all leaving, there was a guy from Canada in our row (he'd literally flown in, come to the screening, then was going to go straight back) so as Kaya came down she was chatting to him, and someone tried to drag her away and she was like "No, I want to take pictures!" ♥ but then they succeeded in making her leave.

So then I went to the bathroom again.. and Jas jokingly said "Maybe Kat will be in there again!" and then who comes to queue up behind me? Kat and Meg. LOL. I died, again. They are so adorable. But they had a security guy who wasn't impressed with the fact that there was a queue so he decided to take them off to a quieter one :( boo.

Annnd that was that! So then I was going back to stay at Kay's house in Bath afterwards. And as we get off the train in Bath.. who do we see getting off too? Ollie! Haha, if only we'd been one carriage down, we could have hung out :(

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