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you're like my favourite person to do stuff with.

Alice: You can't marry Tonya.
Dana: What are you talking about, why?
Alice: Because.
Dana: Because why?
Alice: Because..

Alice: We need to counteract it. We just need to avoid all situations where we find each other most attractive. We need like.. rules of un-attraction.
Dana: Ok, like, never be alone together.. in places like the bathroom at The Planet.
Alice: Right. Never be alone together.
Dana: Especially never be alone together.. in places where there's like, a bed, or a couch.
Alice: Right. Or, a table. Or a floor. Or the backseat of a car.
Dana: Ooh, that'd be good. That wouldn't be good!

Alice: Dana. You have a really nice ass.

Alice: Congratulations, you two, um.. sorry, I'm a little.. I've known Dana a long time. And um, I guess like most things that are right in front of your eyes, you don't see just how wonderful they are until they're gone. Tonya.. you are the luckiest woman on earth. To my friend.. what can I say? Um. Congratulations. I love you.
Dana: Al, look at me. Alice. I really, really want to be with you.

Alice: We have to do it.
Dana: We did it all night long. We just went to sleep three hours ago, Alice, I'm beginning to think you're a sex maniac.
Alice: Not that. Sounds great though. We have to tell our friends.
Dana: Oh, god.
Alice: I know. They're gonna freak. It's a lesbian curse, you know. Whenever two people in a group of friends become girlfriends, it throws off the whole balance.
Dana: But they should be happy for us.
Alice: I know. It's just, I don't know, it messes things up. It's like, one minute we're their friends individually, and the next minute it's like "Ok well if we want to hang out with Alice, does that mean I have to invite Dana too?"
Dana: Thanks Al.

Alice: What am I gonna do for my audition? A once-a-week three minute culture spot. Great. I need fucking ideas.
Dana: People who ruin their lives because they can't stop having sex?

Dana: I am such an ass. Sorry, I just hate these cruises. I just get really seasick and scared, you know.
Alice: You don't have to be that scared, I'm going to be there to take care of you baby.
Alice: Captain Stubing, what are we gonna do about this big hard on you've been sporting all night?
Dana: I don't know Julie.
Alice: Lets go.

Dana: I love you.
Alice: I love you too.

Alice: I thought I lost you.
Dana: I'm right here. I'm right here.

Here I'm going to skip to the good part of S3, I may have only watched it a week ago but already I can't bring myself to rewatch the beginning, heh.

Alice: Guess what?
Dana: What?
Alice: I'm gonna take care of you, and I'll make sure that you're safe. I promise. I promise.

Dana: I'm sorry.
Alice: No. No. You're beautiful.

Dana: I like doing stuff with you. You're like my favourite person to do stuff with.
Alice: Do you miss Lara?
Dana: Yeah, I do. But I don't know, it's different with you.
Alice: Well, we're best friends, that's why.
Dana: Yeah. Yeah.
Alice: I mean, it took me a long time to get here, but you're my best friend, you know, I wasn't going to let you go, so..
Dana: Yeah I know, I'm glad. I'm glad we're back.. together as, as.. friends. It's good.

Dana: I love you.
Alice: I love you too.

Alice: Hey, um.. maybe sometime you and I could go for lunch, or..
Dana: Really? Yeah, Yeah, sure.
Alice: Really?
Dana: Sure.

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