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[+] Neeew layout, because my girls are looking rather gorgeous lately.

[+] I might be seeing KStew on Wednesday! I'm so excited, omg. There's a New Moon fan event in London with Kristen/Taylor/Rob. You have to win tickets to actually get into it, and I doubt that'll happen, but there's going to be a red carpet that anyone can go to. Me and my friend were planning to go up to see Breakfast at Tiffany's (with Anna Friel in ♥) at some point soon so we've decided to go on Wednesday and go to the red carpet too! I cannot waiiit. I don't look forward to braving the fangirls, but they'll be focused on Rob and Taylor so I can stalk Kristen.

[+] I'm actually going to post some icons later, shocker. But I've made quite a lot lately, mostly of HIMYM/Greek, and I feel the need to post them. I always feel kinda weird posting icons in my main LJ, but there's no chance I'm starting an icon comm when I'd probably update once every 5 years.

Anyhoo, tv.

All I got from this was that Barney is eating a banana on a plate with a knife & fork. With a knife & fork!! It's the most ridiculous but amusing thing I've ever seen, lol. I love their methods of avoiding a fight, and I loved Ted high fiving him for Robin getting naked, considering he and Robin used to have sex to avoid arguments. Oh, also, I need this list of 83 beds they've had sex on. Where do you even find 83 beds?! I love them.

There was one small dispute about which one of us was more awesome. We just called it a tie and had sex.

My new favourite BR line? They're awesome. And I looove how he strokes her hair, they don't even need to fake it to be cute!

Barnstormer and Ro-Ro may be sickeningly sweet but they provide pretty caps! And seeing as we haven't had a kiss since Robin 101, I very much appreciated it :D the blowing a kiss/ass slap cracked me up.


I just love that they went on a skii trip together in the first place. And hee, their faces in this scene. "Maybe just my pants?" And so much love for the little argument over Barney's camera in the headboard and his defense of it.

I totally love the plate throwing and "stab me!" but I wish we'd seen a few more fights. In the sides they had Robin pull a gun on Barney in his sleep and I think that was what I was most looking forward to in this ep! I was so disappointed it wasn't in there, heh.

Sex in the elevator > the real stuff! And I love that they hold hands as they walk off ♥

So yeah, I really loved this episode, BR were great and I really like how the whole thing was handled/resolved. Lily/Marshall were fun too, I loved Marshall slowly giving in to Barney's advice, heh, and T-Mos being so against it. And all the mutliple LM fights, with all the Marshall's telling her to stop it with the Shining impression, heh. And the Barney/Lily fantasies = ♥

getting naked / kiss / hair stroking / ski bunnies / snuggly / blowing kiss / ghandi / dancing / skiing / fighting / lmao @ real stuff / elevator sex please

In other tv news, I kinda loved OTH this week. BH were adooorable and hilarious.

And speaking of Soph, I watched The Narrows.. not really my kind of film but she was amazing, and so gorgeous. I really loved her character.

♥ she is too cute.

Nothing else is really doing it for me at the moment.. TBBT, well, Leonard/Penny are so pointless and annoying. I actually enjoyed the first few eps of Gossip Girl but it's starting to annoy me again now. I am kinda liking Chuck/Blair though, so that's something :\ but Blair is such a brat. Dexter has been amazing though, this season is definitely getting better and better. Bones was fun this week, the BB hand holding scene in the diner was one of the only ones that has felt really natural to me lately. I haven't squee'd over them in a while and I did there ♥
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