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I care about old people, I watch desperate housewives.

Casey: So, um, thanks for the walk home. I think I can take it from here.
Cappie: Um, how about a nightcap?
Casey: Right, sorry, goodnight Cap.
Cappie: No, no, no, I meant, I mean.. um.. wow, it must really be scary being the only one here.
Casey: ... No boys allowed upstairs.

Lol, that nightcap line was hilarious. Up there with Heath's "No Omega Chi is stepping foot in this house without getting pounded. By my fist. In the face, I don't know.." and Rebecca's "I care about old people, I watch Desperate Housewives." didn't they make a similar joke about DH/old people recently?

Cappie: Wait, wait. There's something I need to say. I've been thinking.. about.. stuff.
Casey: Really, me too. Like, like, should I get my hair coloured? Would I look good as a brunette?
Cappie: I think you'd look gorgeous with any colour.
Casey: Good to know.. thanks.

Just.. awww.

Cappie: So, anyway..
Casey: You've been thinking.
Cappie: Yeah, yeah, I um, yeah, I was thinking, um.. I was just.. I'm sorry, I'm nervous. I really wish things worked out with us.
Casey: That was my wish too.
Cappie: So your wish.. was that what you wished for on your wish.. pretzel?
Casey: You know, I'm sorry, I've been drinking, let's just talk tomorrow, ok..

He is so adorable when he admits he's nervous. I love that this conversation makes like, no sense at all. And aw, she's so nervous too.

Cappie: No, let's talk now.
Casey: Cap, I poured my heart out to you at the End of the World party, and you didn't come after me. You should have come after me.
Cappie: I know. And I have no excuse. But I'm here now, and I'm telling you that-
Casey: Telling me what?

The way she says "You should have come after me" kills me. And I adore how this scene is cut with Rusty getting his lightbulb to relight, gotta love some symbolism!

Cappie: I wanna try this again. I want to be with you.
Casey: I want to be with you too.

So . Damn. Pretty. And a kiss that isn't in complete darkness!

I just.. love this entire scene, and all the Cappie scenes leading up to it. Although he could have said "I had my chance to be with her" a few more times, I don't think he got that point across. Heh.

I'm annoyed by Evan though, tbh I'm not really annoyed with him because Cappie was acting like he didn't want to be with her and was even dating someone else, so it's not like Evan knew he was planning on getting back with her. I just hate that they had to go there at all, because I don't want Rebecca getting another Casey-ex who's hung up on her, and I love me some Cappie/Evan. Boo.

Loved Rusty in this ep too, Jacob was so good in that scene with Cappie on the roof. I really liked the Dale/Rusty stuff, I kinda felt bad for Dale as well as wanting to slap him. I get where he was coming from.

But back to CC, the sneak peek!

It feels kind of surreal that they're actually together. And kissing in daylight! They're so adorable, I love how she steps her fingers up his face, and playing with his hair is kinda the cutest thing ever ♥ their matching shocked faces! I love the Pilot callbacks. And lol, the rise and fall of Mischa Barton. I love how Cappie's all "Ahh." like that's a perfectly reasonable explanation, heh. And I may just be watching too much HIMYM at the moment, but his email/text/e-vite thing totally reminded me of Barney. I'm so happy we get an ep like this before hiatus, but.. ugh, hiatus. Why does it have to come at all :(

TV has been pretty good the past couple days, I actually kinda loved last night's OTH. Desperate Housewives was full of old people (including Deb Scott!) being horrible human beings but rather entertaining. And Dexter! Dexter/Deb are amazing. Heroes on the other hand.. well I've only watched the Claire scenes this season, but this Claire/Gretchen thing is annoying. Gretchen suddenly had a personality transplant this week and is now a stud who's had boyfriends and girlfriends and a ton of sex, mmkay. It's so forced, ugh. In my mind Claire's just transferring her lingering lust for Elle onto Gretchen.
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