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For picspammy's Something Different challenge. Because I have been obsessed with Girls Aloud for seven years and it's a travesty that I have never picspammed them before.

Girls Aloud were the first thing I thought of when I saw this challenge. I've loved them for seven years, since they were wee little things auditioning on Popstars: The Rivals. I loved them all individually (although Nadine has been my favourite since day one, and still is), and I loved them even more as a group. Reality tv show produced acts pretty much have a very high failure rate, and girl groups in general don't seem to do well these days, but these girls are in the record books for being the most successful group to ever come out of a reality tv show (and also for the most consecutive top 10 hits by a UK girlband) and I don't think anyone even thinks of them as a reality show group anymore. They've had some fantastic songs, they can put on a hell of a performance, and they're all just awesome people in general. Plus, one of the few girlbands who actually like each other. And they're beautiful, which helps, as evidenced by the following.

I kinda wanted to do a picspam of them in general, but I thought it would be too huge a job so I just went with the music videos. Which.. was also a bit of a huge job. But fun! Their videos.. well, they aren't always the best because they rarely let them venture outside of a damn studio (WLH & Call the Shots, ily), but they're always quirky and fun, and they can make anything gorgeous.

Sound of the Underground [watch]

No Good Advice [watch]

Life Got Cold [watch]

Jump [watch]

The Show [watch]

Love Machine [watch]

I'll Stand By You [watch]

Wake Me Up [watch]

Long Hot Summer [watch]

Biology [watch]

See the Day [watch]

Whole Lotta History [watch]

Something Kinda Ooooh [watch]

I Think We're Alone Now [watch]

Walk This Way [watch]

Sexy! No No No [watch]

Call the Shots [watch]

Can't Speak French [watch]

The Promise [watch]

The Loving Kind [watch]

Untouchable [watch]

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