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K, so I really wanted to picspam like.. the whole of Robin 101, but I didn't really feel in the mood, and I have other things I want to fangirl over, so everything gets little picspams.

Robin: Boyfriend. Barney Stinson is my boyfriend. I've said it like a hundred times, it still sounds weird to say.

I love how she's totally smiling when she says that, and Lily's grin! And lol at Barney, he's so ridic. Why does Robin have a basketball handy in her bedroom?

Barney: Hey, what's wrong?
Robin: It was just one thing after another at work today, then I found out my aunt's in the hospital, I'm just, I'm feeling so overwhelmed and I-
Barney: Shhhh. What you need to do, is talk through this stuff.
Robin: Thanks.
Barney: And then, once you're off the phone with Lily, I'll be down in the bar ready to have sex, m'kaaay.

Even though he was being a jerk, I still love all the hand/leg stroking and the forehead kiss!

I so want to know what he wrote on the card with the flowers, she's so smiley ♥

Robin: Did you know, that before intercourse, the male and female emperor penguins bow to each other? 'Mr penguin' 'Mrs penguin' oh god, silly penguins acting all fancy!

LOL so I wasn't going to picspam the non-BR stuff but I had to do this scene because the way Cobie delivered it was so hilarious, I've watched it like a zillion times. And all the Lily/Robin stuff in this scene was great, I love everytime Lily talks about her obvious Robin crush, and Robin and the sledgehammer cracked me up.

Robin: And you! You know, I got it into my head this week that you were cheating on me. I even broke open your briefcase to look for evidence!
Barney: That is a huge violation of my privacy! .... Go on.
Robin: You know, in a way, I was right. You cheated. You can't get some crib sheet on dating me, that's not how it works. If we can't figure out how to be with each other in a real, honest way.. I don't see the point of even trying.

All of the classroom stuff was so amazingly awesome. The pictures, Barney's A.D.. can we have class outside?! Ted saying he loves Barney ♥ I really loved how much Ted wanted to help them be happy. And aw, Barney's face when she leaves :'(

Robin: Since you know me pretty well.. am I fooling myself with this whole Barney thing?
Ted: I don't know. I will say this though; I've seen Barney work very hard to get women. I've seen him work very hard to get rid of women. I've never seen him work this hard to keep one around.

Oh Ted, I love you. And I love her smile after he says that ♥

Barney: Hey. Before you said anything, I'm done with this stupid Robin 101, ok, here, I'll get rid of the notebook. There's.. there's something that I did want to say to you.

Hand holdiiing ♥ I love that he was just sat there waiting for her.

Barney: Robin, I have been with a lot of women. Blondes, brunettes, redheads.. big boobs, small boobs, medium boobs.. some boobs that were big but kind of in a bad way. The point is- boobs that pointed in opposite direc- the point is.

Best part is totally Robin's little smile in the next set of caps after he finishes his boob rant, lol.

Barney: I'm really scared that you're gonna dump me, and that's why I did this, and I'm sorry.
Robin: You're an idiot.

I DIED. I know some people think it was kinda soon, because Robin knows what Ted told Barney she means by that, but idec because it was so sweet. How could she resist vulnerable Barney? And his faaaace, so adorable!

And they're also very, very pretty. I love them.

NE make me so happy! They're so pretty and smiley and wonderful. Katie looks gorgeous, I'm glad they've let Meg stay more Meg-like. Emily/Cook look pretty adorable too, I may have to like Cook if he's bffs with Ems. I cannot waiiit, why must January be so far away?

How gorgeous is she?! It's pretty much been KB overload the past week or so, we must have had about a zillion interviews. I'm sad we didn't get any Kristen/Jason pics at the premiere though, because their interviews are just too damn cute.

Spencer: You were wearing a bandana, which I kinda took as aloof, which made me think you were kind of, you know.. a douchebag.
Scott: She thought I was a d-bag.
Spencer: Yep, a little bit.
Scott: So that's how we met.
Spencer: But then as I got to know you I was oddly surprised at how nice you were.

Spencer: Favourite thing about Greek?
Scott: You.
Spencer: Aw.
Scott: Favourite thing about Greek? You?
Spencer: Clearly Scott Michael Foster.
Scott: Well thanks.
Spencer: Maybe Clark comes in a close second. Jacob's like on second too.

Scott: Women is an average of four partners in their lifetime.
Spencer: And Casey's pretty much right there. She's a good girl.
Scott: So she can't have sex with anybody else.
Spencer: I know, aren't Cappie and Casey getting married eventually?

They are so cute! The whole thing is so funny, they're ridiculous. And the bloopers at the end are so adorable.

Lol, my mum is now into True Blood. Love it.
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