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top 10 girl/girl ships

10. Glinda/Elphaba (Wicked)

The Witch alarmed. It was not just the novelty of seeing her again, but the strange charisma Elphaba possessed, which had always put Glinda in the shade. Also there was the thrill, basis indeterminable, which made Glinda shy and caused her to rush her words, and to speak in a false high voice like an adolescent... For when she chose to remember her youth at all, she could scarcely dredge up an ounce of recollection of that daring meeting with the Wizard. She could recall far more clearly how she and Elphie had shared a bed on the road to the Emerald City. How brave that had made her feel, and how vulnerable too.

I didn't really like the book, or book!Elphaba, but the part of it I did love was all the subtext between Glinda/Elphie. Well, not even subtext really, it's kinda blatant, at least on Glinda's end. And although book!Elphaba barely shows feelings toward anyone, she's affectionate toward Glinda, kisses her, tells her she loves her.. and it's sweet. And of course they completely own the musical ♥

09. Sugar/Kim (Sugar Rush)

Kim: You ever think about what would have happened if you haven't been taken away?
Sugar: Sometimes.
Kim: And?
Sugar: Kim, we have our moments, but most of the time we annoy the fuck out of each other. Saint's great for you. You two make sense and you know it. Besides... It'll never top the night we did have. I'll still be thinking about that one when I'm shuffling around in my incontinence pants. That's if I don't have Alzheimer's.

I guess I ship these two in a strange way, because I never wanted them to actually be together, because Sugar was straight (well.. considering she obviously enjoyed it when she and Kim slept together I think she was more just into anything that would give her an orgasm) and also a bit of a manipulative bitch, but they were just so much fun together! Sugar was mental but that's why I loved her, and it always amused me when she got jealous over Kim/Saint, even though that led to the aforementioned manipulative bitch. I loved the way the series ended, with Sugar encouraging Kim to not screw things up with Saint, and then asking to move in with them, heh. This show should not have been cancelled, ugh.

08. Blair/Serena (Gossip Girl)

Blair: I'm not anyone, I'm me. You can tell me anything.
Serena: No I can't. Because that would make you a part of it and you can't be a part of this.
Blair: What are you talking about? You're starting to scare me. Hey, hey, we're sisters, we're family, what is you is me. There's nothing that you could ever say that'd make me let go. I love you. What is it?

The only part of GG that still interests me! They're kinda the gayest BFFs on television, and I love them for it. I could do without all the petty arguments, but they're usually worth it for the make ups. They're just adorable and make me smile.

07. Luce/Rachel (Imagine Me & You)

Luce: Tell me to go. Tell me that's what you want, and I will walk away and you will never see me again.
Rachel: Is that what you want?
Luce: I want you.
Rachel: Luce..
Luce: I know.
Rachel: I can't..
Luce: I know. We'll be ok. [she hugs her] Don't forget me.
Rachel: I won't remember anything else.

I love this movie so much. It's nice to have an actual mainstream lesbian movie that actually plays out like any other romantic comedy. They have grerat chemistry, I love the storyline, and it's just a nice movie that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

06. Buffy/Faith (BtVS)

Faith: Well, look at you. All dressed up in big sister's clothes.
Buffy: You told me I was just like you- that I was holding it in.
Faith: Ready to cut loose?
Buffy: Try me.
Faith: Okay then. Give us a kiss.

My first ever slashy ship! I absolutely adored Faith, and their relationship. Buffy's awkwardness everytime Faith started one of her chats about sex or slaying making them horny amused me every time, lol. Bad Girls and Who Are You.. no explanation needed. Hearts on window! Sexy dancing! Faith admiring Buffy's body in the bath! And even when Faith went all evil and they were trying to kill each other, they still had a whole ton of chemistry. And they still cared about each other despite everything that happened. S7 only got good when she came back.

05. Jasmine/Debbie (Emmerdale)

Debbie: There'd be no point, you saying that I had no part in it, I can't be out here when you're in there. I'd lie. To be with you, I'd say it was both of us.
Jasmine: Do you think I want you to do that?
Debbie: No, Jasmine, because you're kind and you're honest. But I'd do anything for you. [she kisses her] you know how I feel about you, nothing ever changed.
Jasmine: No Debbie, everything's changed.
Debbie: Yeah, except for this! I'm not just gonna let you walk out of my life. Even if it means going to prison with you. When I'm with you I can cope. Jasmine I can cope with anything, but if you left me again..

I'm guessing hardly anyone is going to know who these two are; they're from a British soap. And seriously, one of the best gay relationships I've seen on a soap. The thing I love about them is that they were best friends first, and they always were even when they weren't together. Them as a couple was just like an extension of their friendship and I loved that - them being gay was never a huge issue, and they've never been into any other girls - they just loved each other. Of course, it's a soap so it wasn't without it's ridiculousness.. like Jasmine cheating on Debbie with her womanizing dad, LOL. After that, obviously they weren't friends for a long time, but eventually they made up. And then last year Jasmine killed a guy who was trying to rape her, Debbie helped her cover it up, and while they were angsting they got back together again. Everything eventually came out and Debbie took the fall for Jasmine while she escaped, because she thought she could cope in prison better than Jas. But Jasmine couldn't let her do it and eventually came back and admitted it was her. Now she's in prison :( and I miss her. Buuut she'll be back one day!

If you're curious - watch this scene, skip to 3:18. It's when Debbie's trying to talk her out of turning herself in when another guy is arrested for the murder, and they get back together. So sweet.

04. Willow/Tara (BtVS)

Willow: I still can't believe you didn't tell me about your family and all that.
Tara: I was just afraid if you saw the kind of people I came from, you wouldn't wanna be anywhere near me.
Willow: See, that's where you're a dummy. I think about what you grew up with, and then I look at what you are... it makes me proud. It makes me love you more.
Tara: Every time I - even when I'm at my worst... you always make me feel special. How do you do that?
Willow: Magic.

So I never really obsessed over these two, although I did love them, but they go so high up because they're kinda the reason I grew up thinking it was fine to be gay. I mean, I've never tried to deny that I'm gay or hated it or wished I wasn't like some people, and I do think part of that is because of Willow/Tara. Back in the day when they were on Buffy I wasn't aware I was gay, but I always thought W/T were just normal and sweet, and so I went through my early teen years thinking it was just natural. I'll always remember having a Willow/Tara still from OMWF as my computer background, and my mum walking past and being like "Oh.. hmph, I liked her with Oz." when she'd barely seen more than the odd few scenes when she'd come in the room while I was watching it. But it amuses me that back then I'd happily have a lesbian couple as my wallpaper not considering that my mum might think it odd... now I actually know I have something to hide, it's a little different, heh. I mean, I keep my L Word dvds in my wardrobe, LOL. Which.. is why I haven't got round to watching it yet, I forget they exist. But anyway, I adored these two, and I'm still bitter over how they ended.

03. Elle/Claire (Heroes)

Elle: Thank you.
Claire: For what?
Elle: For helping me. I've been nothing but a bitch and you've been nothing but sweet, it really just makes me hate you more.
Claire: No, I should be the one thanking you.
Elle: Why?
Claire: Because I was ready to give up. Stay home, deny everything that's been happening to me. I was scared.
Elle: Scared of what?
Claire: Of what I would find out about who I really am.
Elle: It's just.. it's nice to know that you're as messed up as I am.

I feel kinda silly putting these two as #3 when they had all of about 7 scenes together, but I have to go if I'm going by my depth of love for them, heh. Obviously the fact that I loved Kristen/Hayden so much made me love the idea of them, and how Kring and KB kept talking about how Elle was going to be the opposite side of the coin to Claire, and how Claire would have turned out if she'd been raised by the Company. Of course they talked about this so often I got my hopes up that they'd actually make use of this dynamic in the show on more than a couple occasions.. but oh well. Their scene in Truth & Consequences was wonderfully chemistry-filled, and then Eris Quod Sum was basically the holy grail of EC goodness. I'd like to kiss whoever wrote the plane scene, because there's no way that they weren't at least aware of how sexual it seemed. And all the smiles, and their last scene ♥ ugh, it just makes me bitter that they had so much potential and it was wasted. Even people who didn't like Elle or Claire said they liked them together. Elle was more in character in that ep than she was for the rest of S3, and Claire actually got to smile for once. And then the following episodes they interacted Elle was trying to kill her and they acted as if 3x07 had never happened. Oh Heroes, I do not like you.

02. Spencer/Ashley (South of Nowhere)

Ashley: Do you remember the first time that you realized you were gay?
Spencer: At the beach. How could I forget that.
Ashley: Well, even though we didn't kiss or do anything, I've always kinda considered that our first date. Because ever since then I haven't been able to get you off my mind.
Spencer: Thank you. I love it. [she pulls out a key]
Ashley: It's to the loft. I know that you don't know where you're going yet, but I do know that I need you. And I hope that you need me too. And whenever you go wherever it is that you're going, I hope that with the time you still have here that you'll spend every last minute with me. You don't have to decide right now, but I'm hoping you'll consider moving in with me.
Spencer: I thought you'd never ask.

Aw, these two. When I rewatched Ashley may have bugged me with her doucheyness to Spencer more than I remembered, but she makes up for it most of the time, and you can't not love them. Season 1 was just perfection, there's just so much about it that I love, and the way that their relationship develops. Seasons 2 and 3 not so much, but they still have their moments. Especially 3B, and all the extra kissing, tyvm. I love them.

01. Naomi/Emily (Skins)

Naomi: I do want someone, need someone. You were right.
Emily: And?
Naomi: And.. when I'm with you, I feel like I'm a better person. I feel happier.. less alone. Less lonely.
[Emily holds her hand through the catflap]
Naomi: But it's not as simple as that, is it, being with someone.
Emily: Isn't it?
Naomi: No. I mean, I don't know. I mean, I don't think so. I mean... can't we just sit like this? For a bit.
Emily: Yeah, we can. For a bit.

I don't think I even need to explain my love for these two because I have a million times already. I just found them so realistic and the way that a lot of gay relationships would happen between girls this age (with a bit less drama in real life, heh) They're way up my OTP list in general, I obsessed over these two pretty hardcore last season and I cannot wait for season 4.

Annnd I love a bit gayness in real life too, so it's a good thing that occasionaly their real-life counterparts enjoy getting snuggly too :D






♥ ♥ ♥

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