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top 10 naomi/emily scenes

So I got back from my holiday earlier this week, and have nothing much to say except it was good and I'm tanned. And am now doing nothing much but picspamming to make up for the 2 weeks I had to spend without Photoshop. So, here's the first! With all the news of next season going around, I'm in an E/N mood.

Firstly: please let the whole page load before you look at it! There are gifs combined in the picspam but they're in seperate pieces, so just.. wait til they're all loaded and in place or it'll all look weird.

[watch scene]

#10 - I Want to Kiss You Now

Emily: How much you sold? I've done three bags, a tenner each.
Naomi: I don't even know why I'm fucking doing this.
Emily: Thanks for keeping schtum.
Naomi: I don't care what your sister thinks.
Emily: Yeah, well, I do. So thanks anyway.. I didn't take MDMA that night. I just.. wanted to kiss you. I want to kiss you now.
Naomi: You're gay?
Emily: No, no. I just.. sorry.
Naomi: Yeah, me too.
Emily: Shit, shit.

This is pretty much the scene that made me seriously ship them, but it's only so low down on the list because of Naomi's reaction. As well as earlier when she tells Katie she was the one who kissed Naomi, it was the first time we got to see Emily being upfront and outspoken, and I love it. Plus, it's a really gorgeously shot scene, and has the added bonus of lurking Effy. And of course; "Which one are you?" "Gay. I mean, Emily!"

[watch scene]

#09 - Can We Go Somewhere

Naomi: Can we go somewhere? Anywhere.
Naomi: Wow, it's lovely. It's a lovely place.
Emily: It's one of my favourites.
[Emily takes her shirt off]
Naomi: I didn't bring a swimming costume.
Emily: Neither did I. Sun won't shine forever.
Naomi: Someone might be looking!
Emily: Honey, your body aint that special.
Naomi: Don't look, ok?
Emily: Fine.
[Emily stares]
Naomi: I said don't look!
Emily: I wasn't looking!
Naomi: You were looking, perving!
Emily: I wasn't looking!

Such a cuuute scene. I love Emily not even being subtle about her staring at her while she changes, and how Naomi totally loves it, heh. The giggling and shoving ♥ and I still reeeally want to know what the scene in the lake was going to be, that they never shot because of Kat freezing to death in there.

[watch scene]
#08 - I Don't Wear Pyjamas

Emily: I don't wear pyjamas.
Naomi: Right. I don't know why she invited me anyway. I hardly know her.
Emily: I asked her to invite you.
Naomi: I thought we sorted this out.
Emily: No, I didn't mean like.. well, it doesn't hurt to get to know each other, does it.
Naomi: Emily..
Emily: We're in the same class! We'll be hanging out for the next two years...
Naomi: You going to tell people you're gay anytime soon?
Emily: What? I'm not.. I'm not gay.
Naomi: I'm telling you, Em. You haven't thought this through have you.
Emily: No.
Naomi: So can I just say again? Me, not muff muncher. Me, cock cruncher.
Emily: You getting any.. cock?
Naomi: I have done. Except he had erectile dysfunction. Seventeen times. I was getting tennis elbow, you know.

I love how Naomi's still trying to deny any interest in her, but she's not nasty about it in the way she was in the last ep, and the joking and laughing! They're so cute. And Emily announcing that she doesn't wear pyjamas amuses me every time. As does Pandora telling her mum that Ems and Naomi are "Real good" friends as they go inside.

[watch scene]

#07 - You Liked That

Emily: Just give me a fucking.. just, just give me a..
[Emily kisses her]
Naomi: Oh. It's only the drugs, right?
[Emily nods, they kiss again]
Emily: You liked that.
Naomi: You're gay.
Emily: Yes.

It feels kinda weird putting the kiss this far down the list, but.. the others just edge it out for me. But I do really love the scene, I was kinda freaking out all week before this episode because obviously we'd already seen it in a sneak peek, and then it just got better in the ep thanks to a nice bit of music replacement ;) I love that they're just hanging out together while everyone else is off angsting, the giggles when Naomi comes inside, both of them getting all intense, then pretty kissing, and Naomi trying to justify it to herself by pretending it's only because they're high. And Emily finally admitting she's gay!

[watch scene]
#06 - Not Your Experiment

Emily: Naomi.. I want to tell people.
Naomi: That you're gay?
Emily: I wanna tell people about us. Come to the college ball with me. Like we're.. together.
Naomi: I don't want to do that.
Emily: Why not?
Naomi: Em, it's nobody's business.
Emily: Why? Who cares what other people..
Naomi: Emily. I'm not like you. I'm not sure like you are.
Emily: What aren't you sure of?
Naomi: Can't things ever be complicated?
Emily: Fine. You like boys too?
Naomi: Maybe. Maybe I only like boys apart from you.
Emily: Well that's fucking great. You're so in touch with yourself aren't you. Come to the ball with me.
[Emily gets out of bed]
Naomi: Don't do that.
Emily: No, you don't do that. I'm not your fucking experiment. Where are my fucking.. urgh, my fucking shoes. Oh fuck it, keep them. I'm tired. I'm so sick and tired of it. We're still holding hands through a cat-flap aren't we? Have fun in Cyprus.

I completely adore everythiiing about this scene. The arm stroking and Naomi's content little smile when Emily asks her if she's ok ♥ I always love Emily sticking up for herself when Naomi's being a bit of a dick, and "we're still holding hands through a cat-flap aren't we" is one of my absolute favourite lines, and it breaks my hearts everytime I watch it :'( as does Lily's face while she's listening to her, trying to hold the tears in, she's so good.

[watch scene]
#05 - Oils and Stuff

Emily: I can just see it now, in lights.. 'Naomi; Get to Know Me'
Naomi: I thought it was quite catchy.
Emily: Yeah, well, so's AIDS.
Naomi: Do you think I can do it?
Emily: I think you can do anything.
Naomi: Really? ... I've been wondering. What do lesbians do? I mean, in bed.
Emily: I know what you mean! How would I know?
Naomi: You've never..?
Emily: No, I've never!
Naomi: I mean, is it all brogues and strap-ons?
Emily: No! I don't know, we just.. do what we do to ourselves, only to each other, probably slightly more aggressively. And with, you know.. oils and stuff.
[both giggle]
Naomi: Oils, eh?
Emily: Yeah, and stuff.
Naomi: Oiiilsss.
Emily: Yeah, lots of it. Oiiiils.
Naomi: Where do you put it, oils?
Emily: On salad.

I kinda wish I could put this scene higher because I love it so so much. We definitely needed a scene with the two of them just relaxing and having fun together, and it was kinda perfect. I love Naomi being the one to bring up lesbians and how she'd been wondering about their bedroom activities, heh. All the eyesexing and smiles during that part are just.. guh. And the oils exchange is just the most random and hilarious thing. Adorable. And then of course, the hair stroking in bed the next morning ♥

[watch scene]

#04 - I Can't Stand It

Naomi: You should dress up more often.
Emily: They're Katie's.
Naomi: Yeah, you look nice! From the neck down.
Emily: Naomi.
Naomi: I think I'm going away for the summer.
Emily: Oh.
Naomi: Spain, Cyprus perhaps. By myself, spend some time by myself you know. Do some thinking. By.. myself.
Emily: About what?
Naomi: Lets just be friends, ok?
Emily: We say that, don't we.
Naomi: Yeah. Have a good summer.
[Naomi walks away]
Emily: I'll miss you.
[Naomi stops, then walks back and kisses her]
Naomi: I can't stand it, I can't.
Emily: It's ok, it's ok.
Naomi: Jesus. Christ, lets get out of here.

What's not to love about this scene?! Naomi repeating "by myself" a bunch of times while staring at Emily's boobs is kinda my favourite part, but closely followed by the kissing. I love how it only takes the "I miss you" to totally break her down, and the desperate way she kisses her ♥ so perfect.

[watch scene]
#03 - Everything Once

Naomi: You alright Em? Hello? Hellooo, you deaf or what?
Emily: You know, that's the first time you've asked me something.
Naomi: What, today?
Emily: Ever.
Naomi: Well, answer it then. You alright?
Emily: No. I'm having the worst time of my life. The weather's shit, the company's even worse.
Naomi: Amen.
Emily: It's peaceful.
Naomi: Yeah.
Emily: Do you wanna do blowbacks?
Naomi: I never got blowbacks. Why can't people just smoke the damn thing straight?
Emily: It's fun. Have you even tried it?
Naomi: No. But being all seeing, I already know it's shit.
Emily: Come on, everything once.
Naomi: Oh fuck it, go ahead and disappoint me.
[They do the blowback, then kiss]
Naomi: Say something.
Emily: I'm all about experiments me.

The scene that reduced me to a flailing wreck in front of my television, it was a little embarrassing. I just love the whole tone of the scene and the setting, it's just so calm and peaceful. Their smiles during the blowback exchange are so sweet, and Naomi's little smile when she looks down at Emily holding her hand, guh. Love Naomi initiating the kiss, and the kiss has just the right amount of nervousness on both sides which makes it so realistic, as well as very very pretty. And you can't go wrong with gorgeous girls getting naked and implied oral sex.

[watch scene]

#02 - Less Alone, Less Lonely

Emily: I'm not gonna open the door. My face is all puffy. I've been.. crying a bit.
Naomi: I don't care.
[They both sit down]
Naomi: I do want someone, need someone. You were right.
Emily: And?
Naomi: And.. when I'm with you, I feel like I'm a better person. I feel happier.. less alone. Less lonely.
[Emily holds her hand through the catflap]
Naomi: But it's not as simple as that, is it, being with someone.
Emily: Isn't it?
Naomi: No. I mean, I don't know. I mean, I don't think so. I mean... can't we just sit like this? For a bit.
Emily: Yeah, we can. For a bit.

This scene just.. Lily and Kat are so fantastic in it, it's so emotional and perfect. Naomi finally opening up and admitting how she feels with her, and of course the hand holding through the cat-flap ♥ I really liked the "for a bit" as well, the symbolism of Emily saying they could stay in this place for a little bit, but then they'd have to move forward, and then her realizing in ep 9 that they were still there. It still completely baffles me how they could have a scene like this and then have Emily sleep with JJ in the next episode as if it was no big deal. I must learn to ignore that ever happened.

[watch scene]

#01 - I Love You, Too

Emily: Katie, I can't stand this. I'm a person. I'm not you.
Katie: I know.
Emily: You have to understand, Katie. I love you, and I'll never really leave you. But I can't fix this. I like girls. No, I like a girl. No.. I love her. Ok? I love.. her. Ok?
Katie: Ok.
[Naomi holds her hand out, Emily walks over to her and they walk out together]
Naomi: Some party.
Emily: Eventful.
Naomi: Yeah. I love you, too.
Emily: I know.

Obviously my #1. For obvious reasons. I kinda wanted to cry, I definitely wasn't expecting them to get an ending like this. Emily standing up to Katie and Katie finally letting her go, and Naomi holding her hand out in the background for about 10 minutes before Emily finally walked over, heh. Both of them admitting to loving each other ♥ it was perfection. And I cannot wait for some more public coupley goodness next season.

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