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I finally have some clarity.

Casey: What was that all about?
Ashleigh: Some special last-minute panhellenic IFC thing. Special and last-minute sounds ominous, huh?
Casey: They're probably just picking the theme for next year's fall formal or something. I wouldn't worry about it.
Ashleigh: Ok, good. So what would be a good theme for the fall formal?

Ashleigh: Ok, you know, we can go, I feel kinda Betsyish getting a drink at lunchtime anyway.
Casey: It's fine, Ash, I don't need to leave a bar just because of Cappie, playing his drinking games at noon. My amazing boyfriend is back tomorrow! I'll have another Bloody Mary.
Ashleigh: Uh..
Casey: I'm just drinking it! Not playing a game with it.
Ashleigh: Are you sure? Cause with all the.. whole missing Cappie thing, and the whole Max coming back thing..
Casey: It doesn't matter, there is no Cappie and me, even if I wanted there to be, which I don't. You know, I've just been lonely, I haven't been myself.. I crashed a date with Rusty and Jordan for god's sake. As soon as Max gets back everything will go back to normal. Max is amazing, and perfect, and Cappie.. whatever!

I love her just staring at him while Ashleigh's talking. And methinks the lady doth protest too much. And Ashleigh's eye roll when Casey says she doesn't want to be with Cappie is great, ha.

Ashleigh: Yeah, Max is a great guy, he's cute and he's smart, and romantic. Oh, what about all that weirdness before he left, giving up CalTech for you, without telling you..
Casey: Max?
Ashleigh: Yeah, Max was the one who gave up CalTech, maybe you should stop at one Bloody Mary.
Casey: You're here! You're early..
Max: I know. I got an earlier flight. I had to switch planes in Amsterdam. I got you this.. and Runway Diva Extraordinare.
Casey: You're the best!

Aw, Cappie's faaaace.

Max: You sure you're ok?
Casey: I'm fine. It was just a stupid manhole. [giggles]
Max: What?
Casey: It's just..
Cappie: Manhole? [laughs] Sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt, I just..

Hehe. They both share their sense of humour over silly words. I love the awkwardness afterwards.

Max: Hey, you big bag of douche!
Cappie: Max, welcome back. Flyer?
Casey: Mm.

Casey's "oh shit" face when Max calls him a douche is hilarious, ha.

Max: What's with him? He didn't even make fun of me.
Casey: Oh, Cappie always has a one-track mind when he's planning a big party!
Max: End of the world party? Can we go?
Casey: You want to go to a Kappa Tau party?
Max: Few things are more thrilling to a scientist than contemplating the end of the world.
Casey: Really, I thought it was the human genome.. or something.
Max: Oh, but if it were the end of the world right now, I know I'd want to spend it with you.
Casey: ... I have to pee.
Max: Uh, ok.
Casey: Sorry, I just, I have to..
Max: Yeah.

Bwaha, oh Casey.

[Casey trips]
Cappie: Oh, woah, woah.. steady there.

They are just so pretty! His smile when he's looking down at her, and how she doesn't even want to let go of him when he walks off. That's where she'd rather spend her last minutes on eaaaarth.

Ashleigh: Case! You so missed it, you missed me putting a stake in Count Fracula's heart, out her in her place once and for all. She won't mess with us again.
Casey: Oh my god, the meeting..
Ashleigh: Yeah. Wait, where were you?
Casey: I'm so sorry Ash, I've just been.. having doubts, about Max, and the manhole.
Ashleigh: Seriously?
Casey: I know, it's crazy, I know I should be happy with Max.. so I made a list of pros and cons.
Ashleigh: Oh, a list of pros and cons, really. Can I see it?

Lol I can't even believe Casey actually starts talking about that and ignoring what just happened with Ash.

Ashleigh: [Screws up the list] Seriously, what is wrong with you? I almost get expelled, the house could have gone bankrupt, where were you?
Casey: Making lists...
Ashleigh: You used to be this focused, driven person, when did you become this girl? Someone who sits around pining and making lists, and second guessing your choices. Paging Dr Grey.

ILU Ashleigh! She was so incredibly badass in this episode and I adore her.

Casey: Ash..
Ashleigh: No, wait, you are more like Joey Potter.
Casey: Woah, ok, I get the point.
Ashleigh: No, you're worse. You're the F word.
Casey: Don't say it.
Ashleigh: Felicity.
Casey: You bitch.
Ashleigh: See, there. That is Casey Cartwright. God, toughen up.

Hee! I love this show and its completely appropriate pop culture references. And how completely self aware it is, acknowledging the fact that Casey has been involved in way too much annoying romantic drama.

Casey: I'm sorry, Ash. I'm sorry I let you down.
Ashleigh: It's alright. You're human.
Casey: And I'm in love with Cappie.
Ashleigh: That has been your problem all along. You have been bouncing around in all these different love triangles, failing to see the obvious.
Casey: Which is?
Ashleigh: What is the common point in all these different love triangles? Cappie. Time to stop bouncing around, Felicity.
Casey: I have to go tell him.
Ashleigh: Yeah.

They both look so beautiful here, it's kinda ridiculous. I love me some pretty close-ups! And I got insanely giddy at her actually flat out saying that she was in love with Cappie. I wasn't expecting to hear the L word!

Casey: Hey, Case.
Cappie: Hey, um, is Cappie around?

Was I the only one who smiled at how happy Beaver seemed to be to see Casey? Hee.

Casey: You've been avoiding me.

Oh, dark scenes, how I hate you. At least this is the good kind of darkness that's actually still nice and clear, unlike a certain roof scene later on. And the kissing silouette is pretty! Opinion time: Why did Casey say "You've been avoiding me"? When I saw the preview clip I thought that it was a callback to when Cappie dragged her into the closet in S1 and said the same thing to her. But I thought there would be an actual reason for it, but.. there wasn't. Cappie hadn't been avoiding her. So was it written that Casey was intentionally saying that because she remembered what he said the last time they were in there? I hope so, because that's pretty adorable.

Cappie: What are you doing?
Casey: Just wait.. something, something happened. I nearly died. Because.. of that manhole. And that's a funny word. But almost dying in that manhole made me realize that I could die at any time, I could slip in the shower, and.. I've been waiting, all this time, to feel with Max the way that I've always felt with you. And.. if it's the end of the world, I want to be with you.

I love their giggles so much! And everything she says, aw.

Cappie: Casey... Max is a great guy.
Casey: I know, that's what makes this so hard, I don't want to hurt him.
Cappie: Then don't. Don't ruin things with Max because of some.. fleeting thought.
Casey: This isn't some fleeting thought, this is how I really feel. I finally have some clarity.
Cappie: You think it's clarity, but it's not, it's a post traumatic stress reaction and it'll wear off. And you'll regret coming to see me tonight.
Casey: No, I won't.

Cappie: You'll remember that I'm a childish, lazy, unreliable, unpredictable, unambitious frat guy who let you down before, and that's why we didn't work.
Casey: You don't even wanna try?
Cappie: The world isn't gonna end tonight, ok.

Oh, Cappie. :( I do understand why he turned her down, and I really like how they did it. He's just scared that she'll have decided this on a whim and then when she remembers all the reasons she didn't want to be with him before, she'll dump him again. Spencer kills me when she says "You don't even wanna try?" gah.

Max: Um, I was at the house, they said you were already here..

Casey: Max, I can explain, um..
Cappie: I was, I was hitting on your girlfriend. See.. I'm not really over Casey, and I thought with you gone, I might have a shot at getting her back.
Casey: Cappie..
Cappie: And of course, she shot me down. When will I learn, right?! Ah!

Max: What the hell is wrong with you?
Cappie: I'm sorry man, look, I know it was a douche move, but.. what can I say. I'm a douche!

Aw, Cappie, I loved him 10x more than I already did when he did this for her. Although it's not entirely untrue, seeing as he kinda was trying to get her back in Social Studies, lol. Also: I HATE ABC FAMILY'S DAMN ADVERTISMENT THINGS. They're so huge and bright and get in the way of the pretty.

Max: Has he just been hitting on you this whole time I've been gone? Did.. did something happen.
Casey: No, nothing happened between us.. not really.
Max: I mean, who the hell does he think he is? It's like.. you know what, no, this guy's charm is gona wear thin one day. I mean, he can't just coast through life forever.

This scene is so gorgeously lit.

Casey: He just believes in letting things figure themselves out. He calls it karmic synergy.
Max: Ok, he can call it whatever he wants.
Casey: And it kind of works. And he's, he's not stupid enough to think he can do this fo the rest of his life. He's just going to do this for as long as he can. Because he loves it, he loves all of these guys. And he's a lot smarter than people know.

I love her defending him, so much. Sticking up for all the things Cappie thinks she doesn't like about him ♥ they really did need to show her being able to accept the way that he is.

Max: Why are you defending him right now? Do you still have feelings for him?
Casey: Nothing is going to happen between Cappie and me.
Max: Ok. Alright.

Does he not even notice that she doesn't deny having feelings for him?

Casey: But I don't think anything is going to happen between us either, Max.
Max: What? You said.. while I was away, you had a chance to catch up.
Casey: I felt that way when I said it. And.. but now I'm not so sure. And I can't keep bouncing around like this, it's not fair to anyone, least of all you.

Max: What happened?
Casey: You're the perfect guy, Max. You're just not perfect for me.

Spencer! She's so beautiful and so amazing here :'( before I'd assumed that Casey was going to break up with Max before telling Cappie how she felt, but I really like that it happened this way around. She could so easily have just settled with Max after Cappie rejecting her, but she couldn't do it. If that doesn't prove to Cappie how she feels, I don't know what else will!

Ashleigh: Casey! Did you talk to Cappie?
Casey: Yeah, I, yeah I did.. I broke up with Max.
Ashleigh: Wait..
Casey: Yeah, Cappie doesn't want to be with me, and.. who can blame him. But I can't be with Max knowing that I really want to be with Cappie, so that just leaves me with.. me.

Again with the fugly ads, ugh. I love how concerned Ash looks for her.

Casey: And I'm taking me home.
Ashleigh: Ok, I'll go with you.
Casey: No no, you stay here, have fun.. I could use some alone time.
Ashleigh: Ok, are you sure?
Casey: Positive. Go, throw some (?!)

Poor Casey.

The lighting of this scene paiiins me. This bit actually isn't so bad, but the next part is awful. As well as being horribly lit there's also some smoke of some sort floating past and making each cap a different lightness/colour, lol. But anyway.. the scene. Poor mopey Cappie, I really adore the first shot.

Ashleigh: So Casey broke up with Max.
Cappie: I see.
Ashleigh: Because of you. And she's going to break up with the next guy because of you, and the guy after that. And she's gonna keep doing it, bcause for some odd reason.. you're the one she's supposed to be with.

I love what she says so much, and all of Scott's reactions are perfect, as is Amber's eye roll when he says "I see". She was good with the impatient eye rolls this ep ;) This might actually be my favourite scene of the episode, just because the music, the acting, and that little speech from Ash are all so perfect.

Beaver: Ok everybody, it's almost midnight! Let the countdown to the end of the world begin! 10, 9, 8, 7..
Ashleigh: It's the end of the world, Cappie. What are you gonna do?

Such a good ending. I like the fact that the majority of CC fans aren't complaining about them getting together being put off til next season, because it was written so well I don't know how anyone could be truly disappointed. It would be silly for Casey to get out of her relationship with Max and get straight back together with Cappie again, even though she does know she's in love with him. She did care about Max and she needs some time to just be alone and get over that first.

I think if Cappie goes to her after this, he'll still say they need to wait for a bit. I'm predicting them actually getting back together in the mid-season finale ;) heh. Now their time line is slowing down to like, one semester a season, that amount of time won't be all that long to them. But I'm ok with waiting, their relationship is still going to be different now because they can openly flirt without being with someone else and having to hide their feelings. So I'm excited :D

gif time!

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