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I love you too.

Emily Fitch is a hot bitch.

JJ: Hi, Katie, I-
Emily: Hi.

Aw, I love his little smile when he realizes it's Emily.

Yeah, can't really blame him for the ogling here.

Katie: I'm rubbish at History anyway. I'm rubbish at everything. Not like Emily.
Jenna: Oh hush. I hope they lock that Stonem girl up when they find her.

Aw, Katie. And she thinks Emily is the jealous one? Also, for some reason I really love when her mum says "Come and do playstation with James." idk why, I think think it's because it's such a normal thing for a mum to say? Heh, that sounds stupid. I know what I mean!

Naomi: Nice job.
Emily: Stop it, don't, it took fucking ages!

Ok, firstly: The poster we see for the love ball before this says it's on June 30th, and I'd already assumed that it was around that time because of the exams, but seriously? Are we actually supposed to believe these 9 episodes have covered a 9/10 month period? Because.. no.

Anyway, ONTO THE CUTENESS. I love how Naomi is just stood there lurking behind her locker and waiting for her. What a ~stalker ;) and Emily's happy little smile when she sees her! And Naomi's total flirting with the wiping of the makeup and Emily's giggling and gah. Adorable.

Naomi: Yeah well, wish I had someone to pass my exams for me.
Emily: Yeah.
Naomi: I hope you're going to finish the job, and dump Freddie for her as well.
Emily: Oh, that's over, Katie knows it.
Naomi: Yeah.. it was an eventful barbeque. Adultery makes a party go with such a swing.
Emily: It's not funny. Effy hurt her.
Naomi: Like I said, it was eventful. You should dress up more often.
Emily: They're Katie's.
Naomi: Yeah, you look nice! From the neck down.

Naomi checking her out is completely the hottest thing ever. The smile on her face! And Emily's pleased little smile when she compliments her, aw. As if you're about to tell her you want to be friends when you've just spend the last few minutes flirting your ass off, Naomi.

Emily: Naomi.
Naomi: I think I'm going away for the summer.
Emily: Oh.
Naomi: Spain, Cyprus perhaps. By myself, spend some time by myself you know. Do some thinking. By.. myself.
Emily: About what?
Naomi: Lets just be friends, ok?
Emily: We say that, don't we.
Naomi: Yeah. Have a good summer.

Oh Naomi. Her constantly repeating "by myself", the last one while totally staring at Emily's boobs, amuses me. Poor Ems.

Emily: I'll miss you.
[Naomi walks back and kisses her]
Naomi: I can't stand it, I can't.
Emily: It's ok, it's ok.
Naomi: Jesus. Christ, lets get out of here.

Cap overload? I DON'T CARE. Guh, I lovelovelove this kiss. Naomi's so weak, ha. It's so gorgeous and desperate and needy, and her "I can't stand it" while Emily reassures her. Amazing. And so pretty.

Freddie: Katie? I.. thought you were Katie.

I love that he notices it's not her even though he barely sees her. Aw, picture staring.

Loved this! And I love the camera focusing on Blondie, heh. But is that Fergie? Emily, you usually have such great taste..

James: That's secret!
Katie: Fuck off, worm.
James: Dinner's ready, bitch.
Katie: Excuse me?
James: Gordon McPherson says bitch all the time, now I say it too!
Katie: What's in the box, James?
James: It's a secret!
Katie: I'm waiting!
James: Ok, ok. Fannies! It's full of fannies!

LOL, I may have started laughing out loud when he announced that it was a box of fannies. I assume it's porn mags? But I got this image in my head of Emily actually taking porn mags and just cutting out the fannies, and keeping them all in a box. Also, I love James' shirt, heh.

Emily: You ok?
Naomi: Yeah.
Emily: What about your mum?
Naomi: This is my room. No-one's allowed in here.

Arm stroking!! So, so pretty. It's so nice to see Naomi being the affectionate one. And I love her little smile when Emily asks if she's ok.

Emily: I wish I had a room like that. Katie and me, we're always together. Everything together. Eating, sleeping.. until we were 9, we used to take a dump at the same time.
Naomi: Jesus!
Emily: Yeah. No secrets, there's no point.
Naomi: What about this one?

More pretty stroking! I really love those shots. And Naomi's content little smile, and the giggling over Emily/Katie's joint dump taking, heh.

Emily: Naomi.. I want to tell people.
Naomi: That you're gay?
Emily: I wanna tell people about us. Come to the college ball with me. Like we're.. together.
Naomi: I don't want to do that.
Emily: Why not?
Naomi: Em, it's nobody's business.
Emily: Why? Who cares what other people..
Naomi: Emily. I'm not like you. I'm not sure like you are.
Emily: What aren't you sure of?
Naomi: Can't things ever be complicated?
Emily: Fine. You like boys too?
Naomi: Maybe. Maybe I only like boys apart from you.
Emily: Well that's fucking great. You're so in touch with yourself aren't you. Come to the ball with me.
[Emily gets out of bed]
Naomi: Don't do that.

Oh Naomi. I know the majority of people assume Naomi is bi, but when have we really ever gotten the indication that she likes guys at all? I'm sure some will argue her passionate lust for Cook, but I'd hardly say "this isn't right" and "It just isn't a goer" are signs of her deep attraction. And even her mum commented on it being nice to see her with a guy "for a change". I'd like to know if she really does like guys as well or if she's just saying she does, because there's not really anything conclusive either way, heh.

Emily: No, you don't do that. I'm not your fucking experiment. Where are my fucking.. urgh, my fucking shoes. Oh fuck it, keep them. I'm tired. I'm so sick and tired of it. We're still holding hands through a cat-flap aren't we? Have fun in Cyprus.

Emily, you kill me. When she said they were still holding hands through the cat-flap, it kinda broke my heart a little bit. And Lily was amazing here, love how hard she's trying to hold it together and not cry.

Thomas: Hi Emily. Emily, where are your shoes?
Emily: I, um.. dunno. I couldn't find them.
Thomas: Well you can wear mine.
Emily: No, you don't need to..
Thomas: It's ok. I don't mind bare feet, it's easier to run. Here, let me give you a jacket.
Emily: No, really Thomas..
Thomas: It's fine. I have three coats, see? Now, all fixed up, yes?
Emily: What do you do if someone you love lets you down? Really fucks you over?
Thomas: You must try to stop loving them.
Emily: And is that possible?
Thomas: No, I don't think so.
Emily: I'm gay, Thomas.
Thomas: That's fine. Shall we call a taxi, I don't think this bus is going to come soon. And besides, my feet are extremely cold.

Love this scene so much! Thomas is such a sweetheart, everyone should have a Thomas for a friend. The shots of Emily in his giant shoes are just too cute for words. And Emily really needed a hug. ♥

James: I want fish & chips. This tastes like bollocky wankshite.
Jenna: James!
James: What? They say bollocky wankshite all the time at Gordon McPherson's house. Mrs McPherson says as long as swearing is used in context, it's fucking a.
Jenna: Rob!
Rob: That's ten reps on the naughty bar kid.
James: Why why why?
Rob: We're not McPherson, we're Fitch. Do it. Go, go, go! And proper extension, boy.

Papa Fitch is hilarious and weird, I love his babbling about work and Mama Fitch obviously wishing he'd just shut up. And hee, James and Gordon McPherson.

Emily: It wasn't a boy.
Katie: Yeah see, so let's just-
Emily: It was a girl.
Rob: You've been fighting with a girl? That's not very ladylike.
Emily: No, dad, I've been making love to a girl. Ok? Everybody satisfied?
Katie: You're such a liar! Don't listen to her.
Emily: Her name's Naomi. She's rather beautiful. So I was nailing her.
Jenna: Sorry?
Rob: Ok, ok, I get it, nice one! Had me going there, I gotta mind my own business, yeah, funny, very nice. Very nice! You've gotta give it to her, convincing.
Emily: Dad! I'm trying to tell you-
Katie: Shut up!
Rob: I've got mambo badminton at nine, high calorie burn! Oh ho, I love those moves. Nailing her, you're funny.
James: Gordon McPherson says you call them dykes because you have to stick your finger in them.

I adore this scene. I imagine this is how it goes for a lot of people coming out to their parents, them thinking it's a big joke and laughing it off, heh. "Her name's Naomi. She's rather beautiful." ♥ and lol, James, I love you.

Katie: You ruined my fucking top.
Emily: I sat your exam for you, you could have at least backed me up.
Katie: I did back you up. I just spent an hour downstairs trying to convince mum that you made it all up.
Emily: That's fucking great.
Katie: Because you have!
Emily: What?
Katie: You've just conjured up this thing with Naomi because.. I don't know, maybe you're jealous of me.
Emily: Jealous?
Katie: Yes, jealous. Because I get more boys than you, I look better in clothes than you, and I'm more popular than you.
Emily: Fuck off.
Katie: Yeah, I think so. You can't stand it, sad. So are you going to stop now before you hurt anybody?
Emily: Fuck. Off.
Katie: You're not gay, you're just stupid.
Emily: Right, I'm stupid. I'm stupid because I don't let anyone fuck me when they're in love with somebody else.
Katie: No.. what?
Emily: You let Freddie use you, and look what it's got you. That's a normal relationship, isn't it. She fucked you up good didn't she. Nobody hits me over the head with a rock, loser.
[Katie gets into bed]
Emily: Katie. Look at me! I'm still Emily.
[Katie cries]

Wow Katie, I really do want to slap the girl sometimes. Loved Emily standing up for herself, and the "Nobody hits me over the head with a rock, loser." is pretty amazing, heh. But then I did feel bad for Katie when she started crying :(

Jenna: Oh!
Naomi: Sorry!
Jenna: It's ok, I'm always in a rush. Oh I'm sorry, I don't think we've-
Naomi: Um, Naomi, I'm a friend of Emily's.
Jenna: Come in.
Naomi: Oh I thought you were in a-
Jenna: No no, really, it's fine, they're all still in bed. Come in.
Naomi: I should go..
Jenna: Please.

I looove that Naomi came, and how nervous she is. And heh, Mama Fitch when Naomi tells her who she is.

Jenna: Sit down. Please.
Naomi: I just wanted-
Jenna: Emily's impressionable.
Naomi: What?
Jenna: She's the younger twin.
Naomi: Right.
Jenna: And that means that somehow she's always in her sister's shadow, I don't know why that is, but it is, Katie's always in charge. And I think Emily wants to, I don't know, do something to feel like she's-
Naomi: I don't know what we're talking about here.
Jenna: Yes, you do. So I want you to stop putting ideas into her head, ok? She's not gay.
Naomi: I'm not gay!
Jenna: Right, so there's nothing to worry about then is there. Because they're the apple of their dad's eye, he loves them like fierce, you know, just the way they are, normal happy twins. And they're more alike than you'll ever know.
Naomi: You sure of that?
Jenna: I want you to disappear now, Naomi. Don't screw her up, ok? Goodbye, Naomi.

Hee, the thought of Naomi being the one putting ideas in Emily's head makes me laugh. Mama Fitch is mean but I kinda get why she's doing it? Or maybe I just like Ronnie Ancona, and I love the way she says "Like, fierce" heh.

Emily: You getting dressed? Are you going out?
Katie: Yep. I'm sick of this fucking house, I'm sick of being sick.
Emily: Where are you going?
Katie: We're going shopping.
Emily: For what?
Katie: For love ball dresses.
Emily: We don't have dates.
Katie: So we'll go together.
Emily: I don't want to.
Katie: We're going together! Please, I need you ok?
James: I want my packed lunch!
Katie: Shit!
James: Woah, you're naked bitch!

Not going to try and transcribe the twin speak, hee, but it was so adorable! I loved it. And then Katie being a bitch again but telling Emily she just needed her. ♥ and James, creepy and awesome as ever.

Panda: I bought this dress for the love ball, in case Thomas forgave me. Anyway, I'm taking it back.
Katie: Well we haven't got anyone to go with either, but we're still going, right Ems?
Emily: Yeah, I suppose.
Katie: So keep the dress, and we'll go together, just the girls right?
Panda: You mean like, go girls?
Katie: Yeah, go girls, right, you got it.
Panda: Ok, go girls, whizzer!
Emily: See you Panda.
Panda: I'm never doing surf & turf with boys ever again. It just fucks everything up don't it?

I thought it was really sweet of Katie to invite her to go with them, although she then goes and invites Freddie/JJ and they go as a foursome, seemingly forgetting about Panda, heh. And I love Emily's smirk at "Go girls". Also, Panda.. sex in general is not the problem you had, the problem was that you cheated on your boyfriend.

Pretty scene, fugly dresses.

Katie: Shit, shit, what is he doing here?
Emily: Do you wanna go?
Katie: Yeah.. no, I don't know.
Emily: Come on, lets go.
Katie: Oh christ, is he coming over.
Emily: No, he's not that stupid. Oh fuck.
Freddie: Hi Katie.
Katie: What do you want?
Freddie: Nothing, I just wanted to.. see how you are.
Katie: Oh, now you want to see how I am! Thanks, that's well compassionate. Cheers.
JJ: Hi Emily.
Emily: Hi.
Freddie: I didn't know what to say! I fucked up.
Katie: No Freddie, you fucked Effy, when you were meant to be fucking me. Oh yeah, after she hit me with a rock.

Heh, go Katie. "No, he's not that stupid." then Freddie coming over cracked me up.

Emily: You didn't tell anyone about me and you, did you JJ?
JJ: No, no, of course not.
Emily: Because that's a secret.
JJ: Yep, yep, schtum, need to know basis. Zipped it, total total secret. I told Freddie.
Emily: JJ!
JJ: No no no, it's fine, it's fine, it's fine, he doesn't even mind that you're gay either.
Emily: Come on, lets get you a fucking tie.

Did she honestly expect him to keep it secret? This is JJ! He accidently outed you to Freddie and Katie! He does not do secrets, heh.

Freddie: Can't you see I just want to make things right?
Katie: You can't. Look at the state of me.
Freddie: What can I do?
Katie: You humiliated me. Effy doesn't even want you.
Freddie: No.
Katie: No, because otherwise she'd be here and not with Cook. There's nothing I can do to make you want me more than her, is there?
[Freddie shakes his head]

I did feel bad for Katie here. Although "Effy doesn't even want you" and Freddie saying no? I don't really get that. Where do they get that idea from? Effy left because Freddie and everyone else were disgusted at what she did to Katie, it's not like she's turned Freddie down and just run away. He's the one who didn't want her :\

Katie: How? How did something like that just happen?
Emily: He wanted a rumble and so did I.
Katie: That's not a rumble, that's insanity spelled g-e-e-k. You're such a secretive little cow!
Emily: What the fuck, can't I sleep with someone now?
Katie: That's not someone, he's a mong!
Emily: Right, well, I felt like having sex with someone, I don't have to ask you.
Katie: Yes you do!
Emily: What?
Katie: You have to ask me! Katie saygo, Katie saygo! Not gay, stupid.

Katie is a psycho. It's especially weird considering they showed the Freddie/Katie sex in the previouslies, with Emily asking why she didn't tell her and Katie being all sarcastic. I don't like how Emily's implying she had sex with JJ because she wanted to have sex with someone. That's just.. no. Unless she's just saying it so she doesn't embarrass JJ by telling Katie it was pity sex, heh.

Jenna: Emily. Please don't be horrible to Katie.
Emily: She's a bitch, mum.
Jenna: She's been hurt, you've got to remember that. Please Em, no-one's hurt you like that.
Emily: Ok.

She looks so beautiful here! And Naomi calling her ♥ although the phone says July 10th, I hate phone date continuity, heh. Shows always do it and I don't understand why, it's not hard to change it! Anyway. Em's face when Mama Fitch says no-one's hurt her like that, aw.

Emily Katie: What?
Naomi: Please, Emily, I have to speak to you.
Emily Katie: What for?
Naomi: Don't hang up.
Emily Katie: Fine, you can meet me for coffee.

I looove seeing Naomi pining and obsessing over Emily. And walking out of an exam for her! Amazing. Although come on Naomi, that was very obviously Katies voice. Also, haha at the giant Love Ball poster with Doug in it.

Naomi: Emily.
Katie: You gonna sit down?
Naomi: Was that you, on the phone?
Katie: She shouldn't leave it lying around.
Naomi: So?
Katie: Leave her alone. She's mine.
Naomi: She can't help what she is, Katie. Neither can I.
Katie: Yeah, seemed like she could help it when she was fucking JJ.
Naomi: What?
Katie: Apparently he's quite keen actually, you know, after she sorted him good and proper.
Naomi: That's not true.
Katie: You hurt her. Now she doesn't want you.
Naomi: Why are you so horrible?
Katie: Because I love her more than you ever can. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got dresses to buy for a ball. You won't be there. Because if you are...

As much as I hated the JJ thing, part of me is fine with it because we got this. And I'm a sucker for stuff like this, getting to see how much it hurt Naomi, while it's not exactly nice for her, shows us how much she really does care about Emily and I love it. It's about time she got to feel what it's like, hopefully made her realize how much she's been hurting Emily with what she's been doing. Also, Katie is totally acting like a posessive girlfriend in this scene.

JJ: JJ, hi. Hello, Jonah. Pleased to meet you. Yo, Fitch family.
Freddie: What are stressing about? It's tradition, parents just want to know their little girls are in safe hands.
JJ: They'll know, they'll know just where these hands have been.
Freddie: JJ, they're not going to know you had sex with Emily.
JJ: My mum knew straight away, it was written all over my face.
Freddie: Mr Fitch! Freddie, JJ.
Rob: Ah! The young men have arrived. They're getting ready, you know how girls are. If they're not still virgins tomorrow, I'll hunt you down like dogs.

LOL, I love everything about this scene. JJ being all nervous, Papa Fitch smiling at Freddie and then frowning as soon as he looks at JJ. And saying the last line with a huge smile on his face, heh.

Katie: Did she ring you again?
Emily: No.
Katie: No. Because she doesn't want to go with you, and I do. So just put the dress on and lets go out.
Emily: Don't touch that!
Katie: I know what's in here, Ems.
Emily: Please, put it back.
Katie: It's a box of fannies. Is it making you happy?
Emily: No.
Katie: So put it away. Please can we go to the ball now?

I see what you did there Skins, literally putting her back in the closet!

Jenna: So, tell me JJ, do you know Emily well?
JJ: Um, pretty well.
Jenna: Oh, she hasn't mentioned you.
JJ: No, well, it's a bit of a secret you know.
Jenna: Really?
Freddie: JJ's a bit shy.
Jenna: Oh I can see that, it's written all over your face!
JJ: No it's not!
Freddie: Jay.
JJ: I didn't, I mean, well, I did, but pyjamas, she made me do it.
Jenna: Huh?
JJ: Yes, but it was all terribly safe, so so don't worry.

Heh, oh JJ. Mama Fitch being so confused and Papa Fitch just sat there with his creepy grin on his face was hilarious. And then his even creepier grin as he stares at them in the last shot, LOL.

That first shot totally has Emily/Naomi walking out of the ball, heh. People already thought it might be them because that shot was shown in the promo too. People have good eyesight, I would never have noticed if other people hadn't pointed it out. Anyone else think the shot of Naomi and her back was kinda random?

Doug: Pandora! Step this way. I must say Pandora, you are a vision.
Panda: Thanks Doug!
Doug: Where is your beau?
Panda: Here, see.
Doug: No, your beau, your boyfriend, your escort.
Panda: No, I tried escorting, I didn't like it. So I'm getting myself to a nunnery, you know, no boys, no way no how. They're idiots, I've had it.
Doug: Oh, yeah. In that case, would you allow me the honour of a dance? Lets get this party started, shall we?
Panda: Great, cause I'm a wicked dancer.
Doug: You're in the hands of a master.

Lol, the dancing is hilarious and amazing. I love Pandora! And Doug.

Emily: Katie, this is too weird.
JJ: This is just.. this feels a bit weird, you know.
Freddie: I know, we have to do it though alright?
Katie: We're just on a date.
Freddie: We're just on a date. No.. shagging.
JJ: No? Well, I'd quite like to, you know, if she'd let me.
Emily: Just so long as I don't have to shag him.
Katie: No-one's shagging, we're just going to-
Freddie: Chill out, that's it, ok?

Hee. Favourite part was totally Katie spitting the drink out, saying it's disgusting, then knocking it back anyway. Also, someone needs to let JJ know what gay means.

Freddie: Welcome to the Love Ball.
JJ: Yes, love is all around, hopefully.
[They all turn and see Naomi]
Naomi: Aw, how sweet, out in a foursome. Look at you JJ, suave! Well it should be fun, Emily's great in the sack, isn't she JJ?
JJ: Uh, uh.. yes, I mean, wait, I mean.. oh bobbins.
Emily: Naomi.. I wanted to tell you.
Naomi: Yeah? But you didn't, did you, hun. So.. if you'll excuse me.

Aw, Emily's smile when she first sees her. Poor Naomi though, she looks like she's been crying. But I kinda love the way she says "hun".

Katie: Fuck off!
Naomi: Youre such a fucking cow, aren't you Katie!
Katie: You're so fucking right. [slaps her] That's for fucking her up.
Naomi: Oh, that wasn't me.
Katie: She's my sister! You're just a slut.
Naomi: Takes one to know one, doesn't it.
Katie: Oh go fuck yourself, Naomi.
Naomi: You didn't need to blab about JJ, you just loved doing it, didn't you Katiekins.
Katie: She deserved it!
Emily: What did I deserve, Katie?
Katie: Emily! No, it wasn't like that, Emily, Emily please don't walk away.

Psycho Katie! Do people still believe Effy must have been imagining their fight? Katie clearly doesn't have a problem with violence, heh. Poor Emily. Also, lol at "Takes one to know one".

Fights are so hard to cap! It's just one big blur. And hee at Harriet/Doug almost getting it on, aw. Nearly everyone got a happy ending! And ahaha, it cracks me up everytime I see Emily punch Doug now, after the behind the scenes vid and Kat actually smacking him, lol.

Emily: Katie, I can't stand this. I'm a person. I'm not you.
Katie: I know.

Aw, Katie just looks so sad here, and I love Emily fixing the strap of her dress. And whoever in the background says "Kiss her!" and the wolf whistling when Emily takes the dress off, hee.

Emily: You have to understand, Katie. I love you, and I'll never really leave you. But I can't fix this. I like girls. No, I like a girl. No.. I love her. Ok? I love.. her. Ok?
Katie: Ok.

So much to love about this scene! I swear I get all teary every time, even though I've watched it about a zillion times already. Kat is so fantastic, I love everything Emily says and the way she looks at Naomi. And then Katie just accepting it, and Naomi holding her hand out for Emily, gah. It's such a huge a huge turning point for Naomi, that she's willing to do that in front of everyone. No longer holding hands through a cat flap. And the way she smiles at her, and they just walk off ♥ with a slow clap! Ha, that kinda makes me laugh and is incredibly sweet at the same time. And it's adorable how short Ems looks next to Naomi without her heels on.

Thomas: Pandora.
Panda: Please, can we start again? I promise, I promise I'll never-
Thomas: Hello. I am Thomas. So glad to meet you.

So I was already a bit emotional, and this scene just finished me off. When I first read the spoilers that implied they'd get back together, I was like.. wow, how lame, that's way too soon. But how can you not love this?! Maybe it's because of how fantastic Lisa is, the way her face goes from total disbelief, to relief, to being totally ecstatic is just amazing. And Thomas' smile, and gah. They're just adorable.

Naomi: Some party.
Emily: Eventful.
Naomi: Yeah. I love you too.
Emily: I know.

ahjkgdfk, the ending could not have been more perfect. I think I was like a shaking mess at this point because I couldn't believe it was actually happening the way we hoped it would, heh. I'd convinced myself the most we'd get was something remotely hopeful, not a full blown happy ending with a love confession from Naomi! And Emily's adorable happy smile, and "I know". Guh, perfection.

Now the thought of nothing til next season depresses me. Bring on the DVDs! I really hope JJ or Freddie at least mention them next week though. That they went off to Cyprus together or something, heh. And now we just have to wait a very long time to S4 and pray they don't screw them up. But unlike with most Skins couples, I actually have faith that they won't. ♥

Tags: picspam, ship: emily/naomi, tv: skins
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