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3x11 Picspam.

ajkjshdjk. They are so amazingly pretty and there is so much I love about this kiss. Him cupping her face, running his other hand up her back and into her hair, then the other hand pressing against the small of her back, they way they break apart to get some air and then the breathing into each other.. yeah, it's just hot. However, I do get slightly amused by Zach's leg in the last close shot of them. And HEE, she looks so ridiculously tiny lying on top of him in the last ones. Also, where the hell did those sheets come from?

Again I'm going to apologize for the colouring of these, I hate this stupid eclipse. And I have used the same colouring for all the sections in this scene yet somehow they all look completely different, idk.

E: Do you think it's permanent?
S: What, our powers going away, or us?
E: Both, I guess.
S: I don't know anymore.
E: What if it is? Permanent.
S: Then you get exactly what you want.
E: And what is it I want?

Sylar asking if she means them is adorable. He totally wants them to be permanent. And her snuggling into his chest is just the cutest thing. Also; Kristen has as seriously sexy bedroom voice. I could listen to her say that last line many, many times.

YAY MORE KISSING. The first cap is one of my faves, it just looks so cute. And it's such a sweet little kiss, with the short one at the end.

S: A chance to reinvent ourselves.. free of powers, or parents.
E: Scary.
S: Yeah. And unexpected.
E: What, our powers going away, or us?

They're so cuuuuute. Yes, I had to put in that many caps of the face/hair stroking, I adored it. She looks so happy and content.

S: Come on, lets go Elle, come on!
E: Who's doing this?
S: Who do you think?

The image of Sylar scrambling up and running away naked is kind of amusing. But why oh why did it take HRG that long to get there? Honestly, it's a bit silly. Not that I'd blame him for wanting to watch, but still.

H: That's right, run! I want you to be scared, just like Claire was. This ends today.

E: Ow!
S: It's ok, it's ok.
C: May I help you?
S: No, we're fine here.
E: He's gonna call the cops.
S: It doesn't matter, you'll be long gone.
E: What are you talking about?
S: You've lead a trail of bread crumbs for Bennet to follow, he's going to be here any minute, we have to split up or else he's gonna kill us both.
E: No, we have to do this together, that's the point! With our abilities gone, Bennet is the powerful one. He's better trained, and he will kill you.

LOL, Sylar's hair is just so distracting in this scene. But not distracting enough for me to not love how protective Elle is of him, and how frightened she is at the thought of him facing HRG on his own.

S: Maybe I deserve it.
E: No, you've changed. Don't give up.
S: Do you have a plan?
E: We'll let him follow, set a trap. Numbers are our biggest advantage.
S: Ok, we do this together, come on.

S: Oh god, he's here.
E: This isn't good, it's too open.
S: Ok, come on.. take this down, I'll buy us some time.
E: What are you doing?
S: Goodbye, Elle.
E: Gabriel, no! Gabriel, no! Gabriel! No!

It's so incredibly awkward for him to be holding her arm around his shoulder when she's so much shorter than him, LOL. She has to stretch to even hold on. But gah, he saved her life knowing it would probably cost him his. Gabriel ftw.

E: "No.. No.."

:( I really wish we'd got to see her reaction when he came back to life. I bet there was a hug. We missed out on hugging!

H: Where's your mother?
S: She's with us.

Oh how I love them being badass together. Couldn't they have stayed like this? I am however really pissed that episode 7 seems to never have existed. A little acknowledgement between Claire and Elle would be nice, even if it was just Claire asking what happened to her, that she was starting to think there was some good inside her.

E: Stay back!
S: We're taking Claire with us, that's what we came for in the first place.
H: You following daddy's orders now, you trying to be a good boy?
S: Not a good boy, not exactly.. something else, something more like.. like you. Home, family, but not afraid to do the job I have to do.
C: Stop! Look, I will go with you ok, just please, leave him alone.
S: I think this game of cat and mouse is over.
H: They're not your parents.
S: What are you talking about?
H: They're manipulating you, Arthur and Angela, I read your files Gabriel, you're not their son. They're just leveraging your mommy issues to turn you into their weapon.

Home and family ♥ he wanted them with Elle, damnit. Also; HRG is a liar. I mean seriously, Sylar's power is just coincidentally nearly identical to Arthur and Angela's? And Angela and Arthur haven't been in contact, so why on earth would they both, at the same time, randomly have the idea to let Sylar think he's their son? And if I'm remembering right, HRG was alone with Angela right after she partnered them up the first time, right? Did he not think to ask her why the hell she was telling Sylar she was his mom? Yeah, doesn't really make much sense.

Also, Claire's face when HRG is saying that cracks me up "He's not a Petrelli.. wait, when the hell was he a Petrelli?"

E: He's lying. Don't let him get inside your head.
H: You know exactly who he is because you helped create him. You can't undo that, not ever. You really think you two can have a normal life? He killed your father, Elle.

HRG, stfu. Zach and Kristen are so good in this scene though, I love all their reactions to what he's saying.

C: No!
H: Bad man.
E: What the hell?
H: Save the cheerleader..

ELLE/HIRO! For a split second, but still, yay! And Claire/Hiro are so adorable. I love HRG and Sandra at the end wondering wtf just happened.

E: What was that?
S: Hiro Nakamura.
E: Strange day.
S: Was Bennet lying about my parents?
E: Of course he was, he's Bennet.
S: He seemed to think you knew something about it.
E: He's just trying to mess with you..
S: Sit down.

Believe her, Sylar! I honestly don't know why she would keep that from him. Would it not have benefited her more to tell him? She clearly didn't like the fact that he was checking in and taking orders from Arthur, you'd think if she knew he wasn't his dad, she'd happily tell him to get him away from that.

The way she flinches makes me sad. And it makes Sylar sad too. The kiss is hot though, and the hand holding is so adorable. I wish I could just pretend it ends here, but..

S: I've been thinking.
E: About what?
S: What you said about finding ourselves, free of parents, our powers..
E: What about it?
S: You were wrong. Nobody ever really changes.
E: You did. I saw you.
S: That was temporary. And then I got my powers back. And I understand now.. that I'm never gonna change. Neither are you, because we're both just damaged goods.
E: You're hurting me.
S: I know.

Ok, so.. my thoughts. After Ausiello said that Elle's death is permanent, I've given up hope of their being a twist. I really hoped there would be, because this makes zero sense, but I've just kinda given up now. So I'm going to rant about how absolutely sucky this is.

Firstly, both Kring and the writers of the episode, on seperate ocassions, told us that we would find out who the mother of baby Noah is in this episode. So obviously, they're implying that the sex at the beginning of the ep is when he was concieved. But what, then Elle dies? Why tell us she's the mother if Noah no longer even exists by the end of the ep? There is no possible reason why the future would have changed course at any point between the sex and the head slicing. This was proved by the fact that the final scene was sketched by Isaac, it was destined to happen. Everything that led up to them being at HRG's house and teleported to the beach should have happened in the future Peter saw, because he can't have seen a future different to what Isaac had already drawn, because that makes no sense. So yeah, Elle dying after concieving Noah is ridiculous. And it's a really shitty thing to do, getting everyone excited about finding out that Elle is the mother when they knew they were going to kill her and wipe out that future by the end of the episode. They should never have said anything at all.

And then there's that whole final conversation that makes no sense. Firstly Sylar asks her if she remembers what she said about them living without powers and parents. Um, Sylar said that, not her. Are they really that bad that they can't even remember what they wrote at the beginning of the episode? Then acting as if he realized he couldn't change when he got his powers back. Uh, not quite true, seeing as he had his powers when he was telling HRG he wanted a normal life and a family. It was what HRG said that made him flip, nothing to do with his powers. Sylar sacrificed his life for her earlier, and yet now, in the space of a few minutes, he decides he's going to murder her? And for what? Because she might know something, about something that might be true? What crap, he knows what HRG is like and I can't believe he'd fall for it so quickly. I just really want to see next week's ep, because I'm just praying that he shows some remorse over it. If he's just casual about it I'm going to even more pissed.

I just wish, that if they really thought they should kill her, they'd have just had HRG do it. If they wanted a reason for Sylar to go back to the darkside, her death after he finally accepted wanting to be normal and having a life with her would do it perfectly. But without the need for the badly written crap they came up with. Kristen deserved so much better than that ending. And if HRG really was lying, her death would have been for nothing, and it would mean nothing. And that just sucks.

Gah, that's enough ranting. Back to staring at the pretty I think.

♥ ♥ ♥
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