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3x10 Picspam.

Sorry I haven't been commenting or anything for the past few days, but I've been staying at my dad's. Will get back into the swing of things soon! For now..

E: You're getting pretty good at that.
S: Yeah, well it's not as easy as you make it look.
E: You'll get there, don't sweat it.
S: Yeah well I need to get there now, I have to prove myself.
E: To who?
S: It's nobody, I'm not sure you'd understand.
E: Ok. Then lets go again.

Sylar doesn't think Elle would understand wanting to please daddy? Pfft. Her face when he says that, she looks hurt, poor thing.

A: Gabriel. I need you to do something. Find Claire Bennet, bring her back to me. You think you can do that?
G: Yes sir, of course I can.
E: I'm going too.
S: What?
E: Well they're not going to make it easy for you, getting Claire. You need help. And I was raised to be a Company girl.
S: Wait, I thought you'd left all that behind you.
E: Yeah, well, it's all I know. You need help. Let me help you.
S: You ok with this dad?
A: I think the two of you together.. it's a good pairing.
E: Lets go get the cheerleader.

I love that they focus on Elle's reaction to Arthur saying Claire's name. Even though seeing it in the sneak peek did make me think she might be wanting to go to help Claire. Boo. Also, shippy Arthur is pretty awesome. This is whole scene is so pretty too, they look gorgeous.

This week's commentary was fun again, unlike last week's, so I'm going to add a few of my favourite parts in like I did with my ep 8 picspam. It was with Sendhil and Greg Beeman.

G: You know Zachary Quinto-
S: I do.
G: And Kristen Bell, are good friends in real life.
S: Yes they are.
G: And I actually think they hang out, even before this show, they used to hang out.
S: They did.
G: You know that?
S: I know that. I've hung out with them. We all went to.. Kristen has a hot tub, at her place, and a bunch of us went over and hung out in the hot tub.
G: That sounds very Hollywood.
S: It was a bit Hollywood actually! They work really great together.

KRISTEN/ZACH/SENDHIL IN A HOT TUB. Thanks for that image, Sendhil.

E: Who was on the phone?
S: Arthur. Just updating him on our status. He thinks Claire's with her father.
E: Ugh, glasses himself. That's scary, he's not going to make this any easier.
S: Actually, he is. Bennet wanted to get inside my head so he could kill me, but it worked both ways. I know how he thinks, I know where he'll hide her.
E: I'm worried about you. All these 'yes sir's and checking in like a good little boy..
S: I'm just trying to be responsible.
E: Oh, sure. Responsible!

Ha, she's so freaking cute. And I love Sylar's little smile at her calling HRG 'glasses'.

S: Where is this damn rental car guy?
E: Probably calling the police. Because I told him you were a serial killer and that you kidnapped me.
S: You must be joking, why the hell would you do that?
E: Because I'm trying to help you. Because it was wrong of the Company to hide our abilities. Because we can do whatever we want. We can take whatever we want. Trust me..
S: We're going.

Again with the cuteness. And the craziness.

G: You're not going anywhere!
E: Oh god, oh help! Please help, please!
G: Let go of the girl.
E: Thank you, oh god, thank you.
S: Sir, please put down the gun, you really don't understand what's happening here.
G: Well she filled me in pretty good. You serial killing scum of the earth.
E: They're all trying to make you into something. Boy scout, a monster.. who's it gonna be, huh? Who are you really?
S: Shut up.
G: I should kill you right now. Say it was self defense. I'll be famous, a bonafide hero.
S: I hate heroes.

So, I'm still having a hard time figuring out what she was actually trying to do in this scene. I liked it when I thought she just wanted to see whether or not his good guy thing was just an act, but then the way she smiles at the end.. it seems like she wanted him to go back to his evil killing ways, and I don't really get that. On its own maybe I'd just put it down to her being turned on by psychoness and her wanting them to just take what they want.. but then there's her line later on, which I'll get to.

But regardless, this scene makes me giggle. His eye roll cracks me up, and her face while taunting him.

G: This was a fun scene to shoot. I think they both got into a kind of playful mode, They were both sort of reversing their usual characters, he's being the company man and she's being the renegade.


S: Here, that was the best part of the scene for me. It made me laugh.
G: I like Kristen in the background too, because she's like taunting him.
G: Maybe I'm wrong too, because I didn't notice this was a funny scene until people came in and read it.
S: I thought it was hilarious.
G: He made it funny, and that was the first time I realized it was comedic.

Them being badass and all Bonnie & Clyde is pretty awesome, though.

G: Kristen was actually driving that.
S: Of course she was, have you seen her drive?
G: I have, I did when I was over at her house that weekend.

Hee. Kristen's driving skills are infamous.

E: Hey girls. [...] you have the Haitian in here?
H: No. Just me. Back out of the house now, you're not getting Claire.
S: Funny story; we are.

Ha, I love seeing them all cocky and confident and their expressions when they realize their powers are gone.

H: Claire, stay back.

Oh, Elle. I'm glad she didn't shoot Claire on purpose, but I was kinda hoping for a bit more Elle/Claire than this. Claire is badass and awesome, saving her daddy.

S: It hurts!
E: Well it's gonna hurt forever if we can't set it, quite being such a baby.
S: Thanks.
E: Yeah. [..] What's happening to us?
S: I have no idea. I used to understand everything, but.. nothing makes sense. We're just human.
E: You ok with that?
S: It's actually.. a relief. I felt the hunger, the need to have power.. so numbing. My mind felt like it was full of cotton and ice, but I haven't felt like this since.. since I first met you.

Heh, screaming Sylar. I love Elle calling him a baby. And guh, that last line, kills me. He's so sweet when he wants to be.

G: He still doesn't have his powers. You know what that means?
S: It means that there's an eclipse.
G: And that he's vulnerable.
S: Ah, and that he's vulnerable.
G: But remember there was one more drawing. We've had all the drawings have come true, the guys fell out of the sky, Claire got shot, you were in the cocoon.. do you remember the drawing?
S: No.
G: Let me tell you. It was these two, like macking on each other.
S: (Gasps)
G: Yes!
S: That's right.
G: That's why Arthur said at the very beginning 'oh I think you'll make a good couple'.
S: That's right.
G: A good team.

E: I pushed you to become that monster, it's my fault.
S: No. You were just following orders, a Company girl.
E: Exactly, we're both so..
S: Powerless?
E: We can't take what we want anymore.
S: Says who?

Now, that line up there is why I get confused about the scene at the car dealership. If she's still feeling guilty about turning him into a monster, what's with her being so pleased with herself when he got all monstery earlier? Oh well, what happened next made me forget it.

YUMMY. I'm kinda obsessed with the way Kristen moans when he starts kissing her. They're hot. So hot they have both Arthur and HRG spying on them. The only thing that isn't hot is the shitty way this scene was lit. Obviously it was because of the eclipse, but seeing as it was bright and pretty in the promo, that's what I was expecting! Grr. So the caps needed a lot of playing around with, and even them being HD didn't help much. Blah.

S: Here it is.
G: Ah, Oh! Oh!
S: Ohh nelly!
G: It was very manful wasn't it.
S: Yeah, it was. It was with purpose.
G: And she succumbed. But now, woah! Nooo!
S: Ohh yeah, you don't see that coming.
G: I didn't see it coming.
S: I didn't see that coming at all.
G: What's he gonna do?
S: Pop a cap in his ass.

So gorgeous! But also makes me sad seeing how ridiculously beautiful it could have been in that lighting.

Can next week be here now please? I'm so excited, but also.. well, I'm sure most people have read those possible spoilers by now. I don't think I need to go into detail, heh.

Favourite Claire/HRG Scenes.

C: This is Stephen Canfield's house.
H: You'll be safe here. Out of harm's way.
C: Last time we were here we almost got sucked into a black hole, what makes it so safe now?
H: Simple set-up, controlable.
C: I know how you like to control things.
H: Ok, I'll bite, what does that mean?
C: It means you'll do whatever it takes to keep the catalyst safe, right?
H: Hey, I want to keep you safe, Claire. You, not some catalyst. Do you understand?
C: Yeah, I understand.

Hayden's ass walking up those stairs was very distracting. And it makes me sad when Claire doubts that he wants to protect her. I love all Hayden's facial expressions in this scene though, heh.

C: What's this for?
H: Hit me with it. You wanted me to train you, lets do it. Right here, right now.
C: Is this how you get over your guilt? Because I've been just fine without you.
H: Have you?
C: I caught the puppet guy.
H: Yeah, you got lucky. And you almost got your mother killed, these are serious, dangerous criminals.
C: I know.
H: You're not acting like it.
C: What am I acting like?
H: Like a girl who can't get hurt; stupid and careless.
C: What do you know? You're the one who left, remember?
H: My absense does not give you license to act like a brat.
C: I have been trying to do something good with my ability.
H: And I'm trying to keep you safe.
C: I don't need your help.
H: Then hit me. I said hit me. [..] Good news is, you've certainly got the strength. Bad news is you're clumsy, slow, and obvious.
C: Thanks.
H: This time, get your body weight into it. That way all of the power will be on the end of the board ok, lets go again.
C: What is this, Tae Kwan Do?
H: No, it's baseball. Lets go again.

I adore the way this scene was filmed. Isn't it pretty? I loved that he called her on being irresponsible, and Hayden's bitch face when she's about to hit him, hee. The caps with him holding her are so pretty too.

H: Good; control first, follow-through second. You feel that power? Again. Tell me what you're thinking.
C: No.
H: Tap into that anger, it'll give you strength. Here, take a swing at me now.
C: I don't want to swing at you.
H: Come on, swing at me, see if you can hit me. Lets go. Come on. You're not even trying Claire, tell me what you're thinking.
C: Everytime you would come home fro ma trip, I'd always hug you as tight as I could. Because I thought if I held you tight enough you wouldn't leave me again. Why did you always leave?! I need to get some air.
H: Claire, wait a minute, lets talk about this.
C: No, I didn't mean to bring it up, just forget it.

Hayden kills me in this scene, she's so good. Most of the time I feel like Claire is being a bit unfair to HRG because we know how far he goes to look after her, but a lot of it is justified, and I'm sure most people would feel the same way in her position.

C: What happened?
H: I don't know. I wish I did.
C: Maybe you were right. I've been stupid, careless. I thought I was invulnerable.
H: You shouldn't have..
C: It hurts. I never thought I'd be able to hurt again. It sucks, but it's wonderful.
H: Thank you for saving my life.
C: Anytime.

They're so sweet. Claire loving her pain amuses me.

H: Hey. No fever. You feeling ok?
C: Yeah. Pretty good all things considered.
H: We're going to figure out what's happening to you. But for now you just rest. I'll be right downstairs.
C: I love you, dad.
H: I love you, Clairebear.

♥ ♥ ♥ forehead kiss!

Annd to finish:

Love them ♥
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