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S: "Where are you taking me?"
A: "It's time I started acting like your father, Gabriel. That hunger you've got, it's not about killing, it's about power. You can take all the abilities you want without killing, I can teach you."
S: "How?"
A: "By accessing your empathy, that part of your heart I know is there. You've had this power all along."
S: "Empathy? What makes you think I'm capable of that?"
A: "Because I know you're the one that saved Peter from that fall."

Aw, I kinda love Arthur. He knew that Elle was the key to unlocking that part of his heart!

E: "You."

Poor little chained up Elle. The last shot really freaks me out too, she's pretty much exploded him into little pieces, heh.

E: "I will kill you, you son of a bitch. You murdered my father!"
S: "Yes I did."
E: "How could you do that to me?!"

How much do I love that last line? She's not only angry that he killed Bob, but because he could do something like that to her.

S: "I'm not going to insult you by saying I'm sorry. You deserve so much more than that, Elle, you deserve vengeance. I'll take whatever you've got."

Rawr. I love the way he delivers the "you deserve so much more than that, Elle" line.

E: "Murderer! Murderer!"
S: "I didn't want to kill him. I didn't want to kill any of them, you know that. You saved my life, remember Elle, you know the pain I feel over this. The urge. But I'm not going to let it control me, not anymore."

Blah, I still don't like how they're going about Sylar's redemption, him not wanting to kill any of them is crap, seeing as he murdered people without remorse when he didn't even have his powers. I don't get it. But, whatever. I love her constant zapping, heh.

E: "I'll kill you, I swear to god I will kill you."
S: "I understand. You need to let it out. The anger, the betrayal. You can take it out on me, I can take it all."
E: "Go ahead. Kill me. Please."

The shot of Sylar with the electricity coming out of his eyes/mouth is freaky. But Kristen looks pretty down there on the floor.

E: "Kill me. Take my power, that's what you want. Kill me and make the pain stop."
S: "I want to make it stop, Elle. But I'm not going to kill you."

Here is where Elle/Kristen starts to completely kill me. These scenes are so intense and they're both great.

E: "Please just do it."
S: "I'm sorry. I want to be a good person."
E: "You're a monster. Like me."
S: "No. Your father made you this way, just like my mother made me. We were never good enough for them Elle, you never meant to be this way, you wanted to be normal. You just didn't know how. You saved my life once Elle. You gave me the will to live, don't you see, I know you."

She is amazing, omfg. I can't even get over how good she is in this scene. And I love how Sylar compares the two of them, and their parents being responsible for who they are. And the last line ♥

E: "I only saved you so we could use you. Like a lab rat."
S: "You were just following orders. But I forgive you. Now you need to forgive yourself."

Ok, gotta say, I was a little confused by how this turned from Elle being pissed at him for murdering Bob, to Elle being the one who needed forgiveness, heh. But her face when he tells her he forgives her, so sweet.

E: "The pain.. it's gone."

I adore the way he runs his hand down her arm and across her leg. Guuuh. And also, the tear rolling down Sylar's cheek when he realizes what he's done? ZQ, I love you.

E: "No-one's ever done anything like that for me before."
S: "You forgave yourself Elle. We're all at war with ourselves, that's what it means to be human. The trick is figuring out how to be on the winning side."
E: "Wanna try?"
S: [laughs] "Clearly, I don't have it figured out yet."

How pretty does she look in this scene? She looks so cute, and the giggling is adorable. I do think they went way too fast into this after what just happened, but hey.. Daphne is in love with Matt after knowing him for a couple days, so this doesn't seem so bad in comparison.

E: "Let me show you a few tricks. You aim.. and go like this."
[Sylar makes a very pathetic attempt at doing nothing like what she just showed him]
E: "That's good.. this time loosen up, you know, give it some attitude. Give it some english."
[Sylar does it a little bit better. Still not worth the praise]
E: "That's really good! Keep it up you'll be a gunslinger in no time."
S: "Thank you. It's amazing."
E: "Thank you."

ALL THE TOUCHING. AND NAKED CHEST. They're so beautiful, and Elle is just adorable here, how she gets all excited when he does it. And the way he looks down at her, last cap on the third row? Gah! They're killing me. And LOL, Arthur the voyeur. I don't blame him, I'd probably be watching it 24/7 if I had them on camera too.

I just really love how this whole sequence was shot. And Team Company kinda seems like the safer option right now. (btw, totally loved how Tracy turned in this episode)

HI, PRETTIES. This is probably my absolute favourite ZQKB pic now. They're so adorable and snuggly, the way they're holding each other and his face in her hair. Aww. Too cute. And it's even cuter knowing Zach has it on the wall in his trailer

And you know I'm going to squee over the promo again.

I need this in HQ right noooooow. It's so insanely hot, I cannot wait.
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