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E: "Are you alright? Say something."
G: "Forgive me."

Firstly, I have to say: What was up with all the blue in these scenes?! It made it a real bitch to colour, everything looks weird and kinda purple. So I apologize. I'm jealous of all the gorgeous lighting in Meredith's scenes. I'm also going to be adding in little excerpts from the commentary with Jack Coleman and Allan Arkush, because I enjoyed their Kristen/Zach gushing.

Anyway, the scene! So, Elle saved poor Gabriel's life. I love his "Forgive me." and the way he just starts crying and she holds him, so sweet.

J: "These two are so great together, you know they're really close friends, and they've got this wonderful chemistry, and are just very at ease with each other."
A: "Yeah, it was particularly fun to work with them. She's a real team player. For someone who's been a lead on a tv series, she really knows how to make everyone around her seem better."

I love that Jack commented on their chemistry and how close they are. Cuuute. And any member of the crew gushing about how awesome Kristen is always makes me happy.

E: "Everything is going to be ok."
G: "No it isn't. I've done something unforgiveable."
E: "Everybody does bad things. You think I haven't felt exactly how you're feeling right now? Maybe if you talk about it, sometimes when you talk about it.."
G: "I can't. A man had something that I wanted and I took it, at a terrible price."
E: "I know it seems hard to imagine, but you're gonna get through this. Because you're not a bad person."
G: "You don't even know anything about me."
E: "I know what I see. A man who deserves a second chance. The rope broke; you can't tell me that's not a sign."
G: "I don't even know your name."
E: "Elle."
G: "Elle. Well look at you Elle, just showing up out of nowhere. Like an angel."
E: "An angel with a broken watch."

I love that he calls her an angel, Gabriel is so.. melodramatic, heh. In a sweet way. And I really love his facial expression when he says her name, he changes and gets all intense. I like it. And Elle is so sweet and adorable.

A: "This is a very tender and intimate scene at the start of the act, and making it seem like she was such a nice person.. and the audience is thinking, well huh, this isnt the Elle we knew, whats she doing here, is this a coincidence?"
J: "Yeah, she was introduced originally last season as such a badass, and she seems so sympathetic and so warm, and lovely and embracing, then you realize that's she's you know.. she's working."
A: "Yeah, she's working. And she's being so kind to him and so understanding, and then explains herself, I just came in here to get my watch fixed, you know."

H: "Cute beat."
E: "I still don't understand why we don't just bag and tag this guy like the rest of them."
H: "For years scientists were stumped by the mystery of whale migration. Such a big ocean, how do they find each other. Then one night in the frozen pacific, some enterprising biologist recorded their song in the wild. They don't sing in captivity."
E: "So we've gotta get the whale to sing."
H: "What Mr Gray can do is extraordinary, the ability to transfer power from one vessel to another is extremely rare."
E: "Yeah, but how do I get him to do it?"
H: "Pie."

Elle/HRG! They make me so happy. Even though the whale metaphor went right over my head the first time I watched it. And Kristen's face at the end is the cutest thing.

E: "Hi. Do you like pie? Oh that rhymed, didn't it."
G: "Come on in. I'm really glad you came Elle, I wasn't sure you would."
E: "I've been thinking about you, and wondering how you've been since.."
G: "Better. I'm great, actually. Thanks to you. I've just decided to clean up this place, all this clutter, filling my head with bad thoughts."
E: "What's this?"
G: "It's just uh.. it's just a list of people like me."
E: "Nice single guys like you? Maybe I should take this list.."

They are just so adorable! Look at all the smiling, I love hers when he says he's great, thanks to her. I did think Elle was written a bit weirdly in this episode, because she seemed a lot more mature than if you compare her to what she was like in Four Months Ago, but I thought her relationship with Gabriel was so realistic and in character for both of them. They both crave affection and love, and it makes sense that they got attached to each other so quickly. Even though Elle's there on a mission it's written all over her face how pleased she is when he tells her it's thanks to her.

A: "She's hilarious here."
J: "I know."
A: "With the pie line. And there's one more thing about this, they were just so terrific together, their smiles back and forth."


G: "I'm sorry Elle, there's.. there's something you should know about me. I have a kind of a power. Um, an ability, that's out of the ordinary."
E: "I don't understand."
[moves cutlery]
E: "Oh my god."
G: "The other people on the list, they can do things too."
E: "Wait, there are others?"
G: "What kind of pie did you bring?"
E: "Peach."
G: "That's my favourite kind."

I love that he told her so quickly about what he could do. And the last bit is just so sweet! She's so happy that she brought his favourite.

A: "And the pie, he likes peach pie, it's hilarious, and the little smile on her part."

Hee, again with the smiling.

E: "I can't believe you can just lift your finger and move things. It must feel amazing."
G: "It does. But it can be.. overwhelming too. Like a drug that you can't get enough of."
E: "How many others are there like you?"
G: "With abilities, I don't know. To be honest I don't wanna know. I have a kind of problem. I guess you could say I'm like an addict, I have this overwhelming hunger to covet the powers of others. But somehow since the other day, since.. since meeting you. I feel like maybe I don't have to be so special. Maybe I can just be Gabriel again."
E: "But you are special Gabriel. You're special just the way you are."

HAND HOLDING! And eating on the floor, random but cute. I am so completely in love with Elle's smile in this scene when he says "since meeting you." It's such a genuine and adorable smile, the kind of smile that you just can't hold in even if you wanted to, hee. And Zach is so geekily cute.

A: "They were so good together, I never used the coverage til much much later."
A: "It builds up the relationship that we see them together in the same frame for so long."

I couldn't even make out what he was talking about with the coverage, but the "they were so good together" part is what's important, heh.

H: "Special just the way you are. I was afraid you were about to burst into song."
E: "I was just trying to win his trust."
H: "Well we're stalling out here, we need to kick it into high gear."
E: "I don't think he's going to kill again. I really think we should look into someone else on this list."
H: "No, we're sticking with the plan. Mr Gray is a killer, we know that, the only question is will we witness the act or will he do it in a dark alley somewhere."
E: "But what if you're wrong, what if his suicide attempt was a wake-up call?"
H: "You like this guy. Aw, isn't that adorable. You think he's sweet, is that it? What about this one, Trevor Zedlan."
E: "I'm not gonna do it."
H: "We need to seem him kill."
E: "I am not going to do it!"
H: "Alright, if that's how you feel. Here, go ahead, go on. New York City, you could.. I dunno, become a waitress. We have orders Elle, if you don't follow orders you're not an agent, if you're not an agent, you're on your own. Your father has been training you for this since you were four years old. Come on, lets introduce Mr Zedlan to Mr Gray.

HRG is so amusing. And also, an ass. I felt so bad for Elle, her whole life she's basically just been pushed around and forced into doing things she doesn't want to do. Although I'm completely confused by HRG saying Bob's been training her since she was 4. In Four Months Ago she said she had been at the Company for sixteen years, since she was 8. She set her grandma's house on fire when she was 6, but I doubt Bob was sat at home training her from Grandma's, and waited four years to actually take her into the Company. It doesn't make much sense.

J: "She's very hard on the eyes. Speaking of which.."
A: "When you mock her line, which I love."
J: "I actually should have broken into the Billy Joel song, which for legal reasons I will not go into here."
A: "But I think we shot this scene in like two hours."
J: "It was pretty quick."
A: "It was quick because the light was going."
J: "And there was a piece of coverage at the end here we almost didn't get, and I think at the last second you said no we have to have that, which I'm glad we did. Because it was on me."
A: "It was a wide shot. But you two were so good, and this was probably the first or second take."
J: "It's funny because sometimes.. I just felt comfortable with Kristen right away, she's just very easy to work with, easy to act with, and she gives you a lot, and there's a lot of energy coming at you all the time."
A: "I love that scene at the end of season 2, the scene in the cell with the rubber ball and her. That's one of my favourite scenes."
J: "Oh yeah."
A: "Love that scene."

Kristen gushing from Jack = ♥

E: "This ziti smells terrific."
G: "Can't wait."
E: "Hey have you ever been to that little theatre down the street? I saw that they had some sort of artsy spoken word thing there tonight."
G: "Maybe we should stop by later."
E: "Mm, maybe we should. Oh, I invited someone to join us, I hope you don't mind. It's open!"
T: "Yeah um, I'm Trevor, we spoke on the phone?"
E: "I'm Elle. And um, this is Gabriel. I thought you two should meet. Trevor has an ability too."
G: "An ability, I don't understand."
E: "Don't be mad, but I got Trevor's number off that list you had. I really think it's important for you to get to know people like yourself, I mean, alcoholics can't do it alone. Trevor, why don't you.. show us what you can do."
E: "Wow, that is so cool. Gabriel, isn't that special? Wait here, I have a great idea."

For some reason I'm totally in love with Elle telling him about the theatre and wanting to go there that night. She knew what she had planned, so she knew they obviously weren't going to be going to the theatre afterwards, heh. She didn't really have any reason to say it, which is why I think I find it so endearing. She wanted to go to the theatre, not kill someone :(

A: "Now Dennis Hammer gave me this note, he wanted her to have a moment of regret of what I'm about to do. And she really takes that pause there."
J: "Especially coming off the scene where she says lets not do it. I'm forcing her to do it."
A: "Yeah. And Gabriel has never had someone so pretty in his apartment."
J: "Yeah. Who has? Who has, to be honest."
A: "True. Well we dressed her down a little bit. Didn't make her look so.."
J: "Frumpier."
A: "Yeah."
J: "But that's, you know, their chemistry together, is great."

Jack's "Who has?" in regards to anyone having someone as pretty as Kristen in their apartment = best part of the commentary. So sweet!

E: "Oh, I love that, don't you love that?"
G: "It's great."
E: "It's so special. Let's see it again"
G: "You think he's so special? I bet he can't do this." [TKs Trevor against the wall]
E: "Gabriel."
G: "I think you need to leave now."
E: "Gabriel, don't! [zaps him] Please."
G: "How did you.."
E: "You don't have to do this."
G: "Who are you? [TKs her across the room] Get out."

Fake excited Elle is so amusing. Also, I'm totally shipping Elle/Trevor too, although that's a bit of a doomed romance now. They had chemistry! And he was totally checking her out in that cap up there. The actor was really good with like, zero lines, heh. And jealous Gabriel is just scary. But I love that she couldn't go through with it, and tried to stop him. Poor Gabriel. Poor Elle. Poor Trevor.

E: "We can't do this, Bennett we have to make him stop!"
H: "This is incredible. He actually exposes the brain."
E: "Oh my god."

EVIL HRG. Seriously, I still love him but lost so much sympathy for him in this ep. Elle's supposed to be the messed up one, but HRG is the one who's completely enthralled and grinning like an idiot at Sylar chopping someone's head off, heh. And Claire already hates him for the things he's done, I don't think she'd ever forgive him if she found out he was the one who turned Sylar into what he was. I think it's really interesting though, HRG must hate himself for it now, after what he's done to Claire.

I also really like the shot of the bloody hand prints fading into the shot of Elle.

H: "Don't beat yourself up, we've done invaluable work here, those tapes will be studied and analysed.."
E: "We created a monster, we set him loose on the world."
H: "I wouldn't worry too much about that, I get the feeling we'll be tracking down Mr Gray again soon."
E: "That's not the point! He had a soul, Bennett, he could have been saved."
H: "We're not missionaries. If they had wanted us to bring him in that would have been the assignment, it wasn't. We follow orders Elle, we're agents, that's what we do. Now excuse me, my ride is here."

This is where I thought Elle was weird. Can you imagine the Elle of Four Months Ago talking seriously about someone having a soul and deserving to be saved? But then again, Elle was much weirder in that ep and Fight or Flight than she has been in all the rest of her eps, so I'll just imagine they decided to tone her down from their original crazy idea of her, heh. Elle's a hard character to figure out anyway because there are so many sides to her. I do think her childishness and male fondling is mostly an act. This is where the continuity makes no sense as well though, because HRG got into that cab after Sylar killed Chandra right? But surely this is a day later at most? Oh well, Elle/HRG are still pretty.

So I shall finish with a quote from Jack's blog:

I had great time with Kristen Bell, as HRG spurred Elle to entice Sylar to kill. Kristen's always great to work with, lots of laughs, during breaks from her Blackberry. She is surgically attached to that thing, but she takes ribbing with good humor and responds with a simple explanation. "I can't help it. I'm running an empire."

We were shooting downtown and there were paparazzi all over the place. She and Hayden are hounded. We men are left alone; ignored, really. If I were a different kind of person my feelings might be hurt.

Hee. I love him. This bit made me giggle too:

I've got a cold. Thanks, Hayden. I worked with her all last week and she was sneezing all over the place. I have a sneaking suspicion, however, that the virus was transferred by way of burrito. She manhandled the darn thing before giving it to me. That was Monday, before I realized that she was polluted. Moments later, the sniffling and sneezing began. I've never seen a human being blow her nose so many times in one week. Let's hope I don't break her record.

Hayden/Jack with matching colds = cutest.

Oh, and of course..


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