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An Evening For Invisible Children - April 3, 2007

After two solid months of planning, Bell threw open the doors of Hollywood hot spot L’Scorpion—she's one of the investors in the Hollywood Blvd. bar—and invited her guests to eat, drink and get informed. “Kristen and I have known each other for a long time," said Hayden Panettiere, who chatted with October Road star Bryan Greenberg. "I sent an e-mail to the cast of Heroes and they were all really into the cause.” In attendance were two of Hayden's co-stars, Milo Ventimiglia and Zachary Quinto.

Our first ever picture! Back in the day before Kristen was even thinking about Heroes, they were still being all cute and giggly and adorable. I love how their hair is like exact same shade in this picture, they really could pass for sisters. Sisters with a hell of a lot of incestuous chemistry.

ETA: And now I've updated this section because we have to brand new pics from the event! More than 2 years later, heh. Squishy hugs ♥ HAYDEN'S HAND ON HER NECK.


Then Kristen joins Heroes!

That offer was definitely put on the fast track by Bell's connections to many of the folks at the NBC series. She's friends with Zachary Quinto (Sylar) and Masi Oka (Hiro), and has known Hayden Panettiere (Claire) since she was 18 because they shared a manager ("Kristen likes to say she practically changed my diapers," quips Panettiere).

Hee. I'm sure there were other quotes around this time from both of them, but.. I can't find them. There were so many interviews and media around that time that it would take me forever to get through them all. So if anyone can remember any, let me know!

Hayden's Birthday Party - August 17th 2007

I really, really wish we had this in better quality. It's so teeny! And the only one of the two of them from the party, boo. I do love the pic though, Kristen/Hayden/Milo/Zach > you.

Out Jogging - September 13, 2007

So who knows what posessed them to go jogging at this time of night, but I don't care, because they're cute. They're so smiley! And you know one of them stayed over at whoever's house they came from afterwards, seeing as it was so late. And they were all sweaty.

Heroes Pre-Emmy Party - September 14, 2007

They just look pretty here, they don't have to do much to look gorgeous. And I completely adore the pics with Zach, so sweet.

59th Primetime Emmy Awards - September 16, 2007

Gah, the last one! Hayden's looking at her so adoringly. She kinda ruins the pretty with her maternity dress, but I like red carpet posing regardless. It makes me even sadder that Kristen didn't go this year. Hayden also did a red carpet interview, which annoyingly doesn't seem to be online anywhere, but I remember she said something along these lines:

"Kristen Bell is with us tonight too, which I'm really excited about."

Declare Yourself - September 27, 2007

This where they start to get completely adorable, aka they finally gave in and hooked up. These are definitely some of my favourite pics of them. Just the way they're posing kinda kills me - how Hayden has her whole body turned and pressed against her, and Kristen has her arm wrapped right around her back to hold her against her. It's such a coupley pose. And all the giggling! And arm holding! And general cuteness! And you'll notice Kristen's forced and awkward smile as Rumer Willis tries to steal her girl. On an unrelated note - Nick D'Agosto is a GIANT. He even makes Adrian and Zach look like dwarfs, let alone Kristen and Hayden.

And an adorable little quote from the event:

Hayden is helping, too, by preparing for her speech inside. "She's nervous," Kristen Bell says of her Heroes costar. "I keep texting her 'Don't worry,' and she says back to me 'I'm freaking out!' "

Cute cute cute.

Elevate Hope Foundation's Bowling For The Arts "Celebrity Games" - September 30, 2007

The hugging! Hayden looks so adorably excited to see her. And Masi looks just plain excited by their face stroking. FACE STROKING. I love the Kristen/Hayden/Jack pic too, it's very aesthetically pleasing. Although I'm still confused by what's making Hayden so tall! Is she standing on something just so that they could make the picture pretty? I WANT TO KNOW. Also, Hayden keeping a posessive grip on Kristen's shoulder in the pics with Dania = amazing.

TV Guide - October 1 - 7 Issue

I really don't like the picture they used for the cover, or that fugly shirt they put Kristen in. But the bts pics are pretty! I wish we'd had more outtakes.

On The Set of Heroes - October 1, 2007

Do I even need to explain what is so amazing about these pictures? I think not. But I will anyway. Picture one: Hugging from behind; AMAZING. Killing themselves laughing; AMAZING. Kristen stroking Hayden's arm; AMAZING. Picture 2: Face cradling; AMAZING. Pictures 3 and 4 are less amazing, but still pretty.


Theeen they went to a hockey game!

It was a star-studded opening night on Oct. 6 for the L.A. Kings hockey team, but the players on the ice weren't the only ones squabbling. When OK! caught up to Heroes stars and newly connected-at-the-hip gal pals Kristen Bell and Hayden Panetierre at the Staples Center for the after-party, there seemed to be some feuding going on.

The cause of the tension? "I'm a St. Louis Blues fan!" confessed Kristen to OK!, referring to the team that had just beaten the hometown favorites 5-3 earlier in the evening.

"I kept telling her during the game," Hayden told OK!. "'I hope someone hears you and beats you up!"

Haha. I love them.

Christian Louboutin Party Hosted By Saks - October 17, 2007

Where do I even start? The eyesexing and giggling and general closeness/adorableness/prettiness.. I pretty much think these pictures are just the cutest things to ever exist, of anyone. I also really love the one of them on their phones, I just think it's a gorgeous picture.

And this:

After posing for a few pics, Kristen and Rachel chat on one of the leather sofas. But their tête-à-tête is suddenly interrupted when Trina Turk-clad Hayden Panettiere arrives.

Hee. Kristen is such a slut, just using Rachel til Hayden shows up.


Then we have some gushing from Kristen in a conference call she did with Kring.

I have known Hayden since she was eight, we met in New York, we had the same agent, I was substantially older then she was. I was just starting college and met her, and she came to some of the plays I did in New York, and she was such a lovely little girl. Even then you could tell that there was something so alarmingly special about who she was, and what she was going to be able to accomplish as a performer. Even at eight years old you could tell, it was right before she did Remember the Titans, she was so great in it, and I just socially kept up a relationship with her. Having joined the cast now it’s been really nice, because really good girlfriends are so rare to find in LA and she is a really cool and honest girl, and so we have sort of become closer because of the show. We always used to joke about trying to play sisters or friends in a project, we might not be either of those in this show, but it’s still fun to get to work together.

I lovelovelove all of this. Just the way she talks about knowing how special she was even when she was a kid, and how it's nice having got closer to her now, because it's hard to find good girlfriends in L.A ♥ just so sweet.

Scream Fest - October 19, 2007

Isn't the second pic so gorgeous? I really love the lighting. The way Kristen is looking at her in the pics on stage is just adorable, and they manage to be pretty in the last one despite Kristen's fugly outfit.

Lamborghini Opening with Cast of "Heroes" to Benefit the Epilepsy Foundation - November 14, 2007

Two things are tied for Cutest Thing About This Event - the more obvious lap sitting, and the less obvious coat sharing! The lap sitting pictures are just adorable, particularly the hand holding in the fourth one ♥ Annnd then there's the coat sharing. You'll notice that Kristen is wearing it in the lap sitting pictures, and various other pictures from that night, and Hayden is wearing it in the rest of them. And then it's just hanging out on the side in the last row. Why did they decide to only take one coat between them? I don't know, and I don't care, because it's just so precious!

And as a bonus.. video!

K: "Shoes? I don't think so."
H: [looks scared]
K: "And I can't reach the pedals now."
H: "What?"
K: "I can't reach the pedals. We're good to go!"
[both crack up]

Kristen's such a dork, and I love Hayden's freaked out expression at her throwing her shoes off, heh.

Big Apple Con - November 17, 2007

I can't find who this pic belongs to right now, but when FF comes back I can find the link and credit you, whoever you are! The con was lame and put them in seperate rooms, so zero pics of them together. Except this one! If anyone else got a joint pic with them, then they're holding out, because this was the only one I ever saw. They're such dorks though, I love it!


Then we got the TVGuide Interview from the filming of their scene in Cautionary Tales, which completely made up for it. For some reason the interview isn't on the TVGuide site anymore, but it is all here! I am about to quote nearly all of it, because it's hard to pick favourite bits from all the awesome.

Bell: This is what I wear to the office to kill people. But I wish I was in the cheerleader outfit.
Panettiere: Would they noticed if we swapped? It could be like Parent Trap! But Kristen’s not too coordinated. She keeps zapping people and falling over.
Bell: That’s because they’ve got me zapping people in high heels! I look like I’m in a comedy sketch!
Panettiere: Save it, honey. Last season, I had to do a dive out of a window and then do a tuck ‘n’ roll — all in 4-inch-heels, OK? It was easy.


Panettiere: And now Elle is Claire gone bad.… We don’t technically meet in this scene since we don’t have lines. I do my nasty glare and, trust me, it didn’t require much acting.
Bell: That’s OK. There’s a scene later where I get to zap the hell out of her with my lightning bolts.
Panettiere: [Rolling her eyes] Puh-leeze. She misses me and hits West [Nick D’Agosto].
Bell: I thought I hit you.
Panettiere: No, you hit him. Then he passes out on top of me and crushes me. What a gentleman.
Bell: Men! [Both squeal with laughter]


Panettiere: She used to change my diapers.
Bell: I did not change Hayden’s diapers!
Panettiere: We met when I was 8.
Bell: And I was… [Hesitates]… well, I don’t want to say how old I was. [Laughs] We were both with the same agency. Hayden doesn’t remember this but I happened to be in the office the day she booked Remember the Titans and she came in with her mom to celebrate. I was there having a meeting and all the agents were saying, ‘We knew it, Hayden! We knew you’d get the movie!” She had these long beautiful blonde curls.
Panettiere: [Grimacing] I know, I know… Don’t rub it in.
Bell: She was adorable.
Panettiere: And I went to see Kristen on Broadway in Tom Sawyer. I remember that very clearly.
Bell: Did you want to grow up to be me? Do you still want to? [Panettiere pretends she didn’t hear the question] No, the truth is, Hayden was a very big deal already back then. She was also on Guiding Light at that point. I was just doing Broadway Schmroadway.


Panettiere: We’re such good friends in real life that we carpooled to the set today.
Bell: I drove and we got so lost we wound up in a Lowe’s parking lot somewhere.
Panettiere: Yeah, and she wanted to drop me off there.
Bell: I said, “OK, Hayden, you’re here, get out!”
Panettiere: I was like, “Kristen, we’re supposed to be shooting at San Pedro beach today, not Santa Monica beach!”
Bell: I had us in the wrong place. We had like 10 minutes to get to the set and we were still 45 minutes away.
Panettiere: Now it turns out she’s working here till sundown and I’m out after just a couple more shots. So I’m stuck here for hours with no way to get home. I didn’t even bring a book. This wasn’t the best plan.
Bell: I’m sure everyone would love to think I sabotaged her, but it ain’t the truth. But we do enjoy sabotaging each other on screen, if we can keep a straight face.
Panettiere: Our scene today was so hard. I was trying not to laugh. At least Kristen gets to have a smirk on her face. But I have to restrain myself.


Bell: Hayden has the most level head of any 18-year-old I’ve ever met. She’s handling her fame with real grace, isn’t she? I couldn’t do what she does.
Panettiere: Oh, thanks. I had you as a role model. [She reaches over and caresses Bell’s face tenderly and they laugh like crazy]

-- Kristen, how long are you signed with Heroes?
Panettiere: [Perking up] Yeah, how long?
Bell: Hayden just wants to know because she likes to cradle my face.
Panettiere: That’s an inside a joke. About…?
Panettiere: About, uh, something interesting….
Bell: We can’t say. [They are called to return to the set]
Panettiere: Did we actually do an interview here?
Bell: It was more like a non-interview. I feel like we should have been telling information about the show as opposed to revealing that we cradle each other’s faces.
Panettiere: I’ll leave you with this. I’d like to keep Kristen around. I enjoy her. I have fun with her. She’s talented. She’s wonderful. I’m just never going to carpool with her again!

I.. just.. TOO MUCH AWESOME. Them mentioning the face cradling and it being an inside joke (I want an explanation!), the story about their trip to the set, Kristen's gushing about how amazing Hayden is, them talking about Kristen being around when Hayden booked RTT, and Hayden going to see Kristen in Tom Sawyer ♥ who else wishes this had been a video interview?

Joint Interview - November 19, 2007

BEST INTERVIEW TO EVER EXIST. Well.. after the one I just posted. They're just so giggly and adorable, I can't even handle it. The Family Guy voice and Hayden's hatred of it, LOL.

You both seem to be getting along very well today, is it hard when you have to sort of switch gears and be at each other's throats in a sense, when your characters kinda collide?
K: No, it's fun.
H: No, it's fun, she just does her voice from Family Guy and I go "Kristeeen" [glares]
K: [giggles] She hates it!

And then Hayden not being able to stop laughing while the interviewer dude was talking, and Kristen hitting her arm, just.. so cute!

Cautionary Tales - November 19, 2007

Our first little taste of Elle/Claire! Hotness with just one look. And we got pics from Beeman annnd the make-up lady:

First one is so pretty right?! And I love the second one so, so much.

Truth & Consequences - November 26, 2007

Elle/Claire eyesex begins! So much chemistry in this scene, they're amazing. And I love David's mention of them in the commentary for the episode:

David: "I was actually with both Kristen and Hayden the night before this, and we were up late, just dishing, just gabbing. And we had to be at work at like 7 in the morning. They were like oh we're not worried about it, and I was like.. ok, you guys are ninjas."
Stephen: "That's youth, that's youth."

Late night gossip ftw! And LOL at Stephen's youth comment, when David is a year younger than Kristen.


Then we got another interview quote from Kristen:

"I hang out with Hayden [Panettiere] quite a bit—they never take pictures of me. I just step to the side, and I push myself in front of her when she wants to get out of it, or put her in the car. I tried to drive her away from the paparazzi the other day, only to realize that I used my turn signal for half an hour. And I'm like, "God, why didn't I lose them! What's going on?" It was kind of invigorating, like I was playing Mario Kart or something."

LOL, I love her. Hayden should really know better than to get into a car with her at this point.


Then Hayden started looking for her own place, and of course the gossip sites all decided she was moving in with Milo. Which was rubbish, but I will choose to believe this part of one story, because it's cute!

Hayden, 18, has even been staying over with co-star Kristen Bell “as a way to get some space,” says a friend.

Hee ♥


Then we got some more gushing from Kristen:

"I've known Hayden Panettiere since she was 8 and I've watched her blossom into one of the loveliest young women out there." She goes on, "She is so articulate, so kind and so caring and I'm just proud of her. It's like a very sisterly relationship. I adore her."

Too. Damn. Sweet. I love how she talks about her, you really can tell how much she respects and admires her.

New Year, Old Navy - January 30, 2008

This event has got to be my favourite event to ever take place, for getting Kristen, Hayden, Ryan, Sophia, and Blake all together at the same time. And because Kristen/Hayden were ridiculously awesome. The hip grab, second pic on the third row, has got to be one of my favourite Kristen/Hayden things. The way that Hayden is talking to intently to Blake, and Kristen is looking over at Sophia, yet Hayden is still holding onto Kristen. I LOVE IT SO MUCH ♥ and of course the whole fourth row. Dorkiness ftw.


After this event.. we had a drought of epic proportions. Hayden went to shoot I Love You Beth Cooper in Vancouver, and when she got back Kristen was in NY/Rome shooting When In Rome, so they went months without ever actually being in the same city. They have no excuse for not going to an event together after Kristen got back though! I'm going to put these pics here, even though they don't fit here timewise.

Please don't ask for the originals. You can find the first one here though. Which is so adorable and random and I love it.

On The Set of Heroes - August 4, 2008

And the drought was over! Although it wasn't particularly exciting. One picture and some fuzzy caps from a bts video, but it was something. And meant we'd be getting new Elle/Claire!


Then we had two appearances lined up that they were both supposed to be at, but Kristen didn't go to the Band From TV event and then they didn't take any pics together at the Teen Choice Awards (Kristen ditched her for her other lovers Sophia and Minka) so it was very depressing. But! Then this sighting came about from People, and saved us from the depression.

• Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, fielding huge bear hugs from an excited Hayden Panettiere at Firefly, a restaurant in Studio City, Calif. The young Heroes star arrived for dinner before the couple, and waited patiently at her table for her group of friends to arrive.

YAY. I love that the three of them went to dinner together, and the fact that they describe Hayden as being excited when she saw them, and giving them huge hugs ♥ adorable.


Then Kristen did an interview, and along came some gushing.

Heroes has a very different feel, but in a way it's lovely because I get to see Hayden [Panettiere] play the kind of character I played on Veronica Mars, but on a greater scale. She's the heart and soul of that show; she's just so in touch with how to be a professional. It's inspiring.


Eris Quod Sum - October 27, 2008

The stills made me very happy. The prospect of an Elle/Clare catfight made me very happy. All the touching made me happy. Kristen being allowed to keep her shorter nicer hair made me happy. Hayden's wig made me sad.

AMAZING. I've already gushed way too much about this episode, so I'm not going to do it again. But it was perfection.

And then Beeman came through!

The picture drought was officially over! Heh. And they're still as adorable as ever.

Armani Celebrates The Launch Of A|X Watches - April 15, 2009

After 6 months of nothing, we finally have a new event! Surprise events are always the best. Especially when I get Kristen in a Hayden/Sophia sandwhich! We didn't get much but I love what we did get, I adooore the way Hayden is holding her in the pic of just the two of them, and they're all squished together.

MTV Movie Awards - May 31, 2009

Again with not getting much, but Kristen didn't take pics anyone else at this event and Hayden with only one person, so I think we're very lucky to even get this one! They were about an hour apart on the red carpet but they still managed to find each other ♥ but I'm still bitter because Hayden was presenting the award Kristen was nominated in, and thinking about the epic on-stage cuteness and hugging we would have got if Kristen had won makes me sad. But still, we got a pic!

Annnd the wait for more continues.
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