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Ok, first I'm going to apologize for abandoning LJ and barely commenting. I'M SO SORRY. I will be better, I swear. But the past couple weeks I've had a lot of work to do and have also been obsessing over Liam/Carla from one of our soaps. Normally I'd be picspamming and squeeing and such, but not a single person on my flist would care. So, LJ kinda got abandoned. But you know, Liam is all dead and stuff now and Carla's off for a bit so my obsession will probably fade a little. And I can be better. Promise ;)

AND NOW, YOU KNOW WHAT IS COMING. Last night's episode of Heroes owned me for two very cute little femslashy blonde reasons. So, picspam time!

C: "Elle?"
E: "Hey cheerleader."

HI. Also, Lyle saying "the bitch is back" was pretty awesome.

C: "What the hell are you doing here? Get out of my house."
E: "Not until I get what I came for."
C: "Fine. Then I'll throw you out."
C: "Why are you here?"
E: "I'm sorry. I need help."

Elle certainly has a.. unique way of asking for help, no? Seriously, I'm baffled as to why exactly she thought attacking Claire with her lightning bolts was going to help get her on side, ha. The fight was awesome though, particularly Elle throwing Claire down. And Claire lying on the floor taking the electricity.. yeah, pretty sexy. Also, I loved pro-active!Lyle, despite the fact that it hurt poor Elle. I felt so bad for her all curled up down there.

C: "Are you gonna be ok?"
E: "Yeah, I'm fine. I'm leaving."
C: "Is there something wrong with you?"
E: "I cant control it anymore. I keep overloading and.. I can't eat, I can't sleep. This girl found me, said I should go to this company, Pinehearst. That they knew what was wrong with me, and how to get me better. But I've never heard of it. I didn't want to go there without knowing what the deal was, and your dad.. your dad always seemed to be the one with the answers. So.. home invasion time."

They're just so pretty! Well, besides Hayden's wig.

C: "What if there's something wrong with all of us and they can fix it?"
E: "Well you're fine. You're perfect."

Best line of the night? YES. I love how clearly pissed off Elle is by that fact!

C: "No, I'm not. Whatever's happening to you it's happening to me too."
E: "You're still healing, aren't you?"
C: "Yeah. But I can't feel pain. And I think it's only a matter of time before I can't feel anything at all."
E: "You can't feel pain? I wish I had your problems cheerleader. My body is screaming, I'm in agony."
C: "Go with me. If there's a chance that these people at Pinehearst can help us.. we'll go together."
E: "Alright Dorothy. Then we're off to see the wizard."

Elle's bitchiness at Claire thinking not feeling pain was a problem was so cute, heh. And Claire/Hayden's little eye roll/head shake at the end is so amusing.

C: "Everything alright?"
E: "I'm what some people would refer to as an anxious flyer."
C: "Big tough Company angent can't handle being 30 thousand feet up?"
E: "Yeah, well, I was never a very good agent."
C: "So I read, you uh.. let all those villains escape Level 5 right?"
E: "Shut up."
C: "Hey I caught Doyle, I helped clean up your mess."
E: "Doyle?"
C: "Yeah, the freak with the puppets. This agent thing isn't so hard."

HERE BEGINS THE AWESOME. I adore Claire mocking her and bragging to her, and look at all the smiling and the undressing her with her eyes! And Elle's first adorable "Shut up", hee. They're so childish and I love it.

E: "You know, my father pushed me into this life, I wanted no part of it, and if you do, you're an idiot."
C: "Elle."
E: "You have no idea how good you have it."
Ca: "This is the Captain speaking, we'd like to remind all passengers to turn off all electrical equipment. Thank you."
C: "I think he's talking about you."
E: "Shut up."

Elle's shut ups are the CUTEST THING. I love her ranting to Claire about how good she's got it compared to the life she was forced into. She'd totally trade places with her in a heartbeat.

C: "Seriously, calm down. You have to turn it off or we're going to crash!"
E: "If I knew how to do that I wouldn't be here in the first place!"
C: "Take my hand. Let me help you, drop your electricity into me. Do it!"
C: "We did it."
E: "Do you mind?"

THIS IS THE PART WHERE I STARTED HYPERVENTILATING. Seriously, I never expected a scene like this. With hand holding and electricity everywhere and sexy heavy breathing and adorable grins and more hand holding and awkwardness! Seriously, has Claire smiled that at all this season?! They're so adorable and I love them. The way they kinda awkwardly shift away from each other after they let go is so perfect, ha.

C: "Hold on. We're almost there. You alright?"


E: "Thank you."
C: "For what?"
E: "For helping me. I've been nothing but a bitch and you've been nothing but sweet, it really just makes me hate you more."
C: "No, I should be the one thanking you."
E: "Why?"
C: "Because I was ready to give up. Stay home, deny everything that's been happening to me. I was scared."
E: "Scared of what?"
C: "Of what I would find out about who I really am."
E: "It's just.. it's nice to know that you're as messed up as I am."

I'm running out of ways to express how amazing they are. Elle's line about her hating how sweet she's been is so perfect, I love how they've managed to have them bond but still kept them in character. And their smiles at the end, omg. They're so happy they both have someone who understands them! Lovelovelove. This scene is also really pretty.

C: "Oh my god, Peter. Peter."
P: "What are you doing here?"
C: "Why are you bleeding?"
E: "He's not healing.."
P: "He took my ability, we need to go."
C: "Elle, help me get him in the car."

Of all the dumbass things Peter has done this season, INTERRUPTING THIS MOMENT TAKES THE CAKE. How dare he? Look at them, they're still eyesexing each other up until he comes crashing down. I was also kinda disappointed there was no real acknowledgement between Peter and Elle, I was hoping there would be.

E: "Claire, did you hear what he said, that they took his ability, that's what we came here for."
C: "You don't know what happened up there."
E: "I'm sorry Claire."
C: "Elle!"

Yeah, so Elle is completely stupid for going in there after someone just threw Peter off the roof. She could have just waited a bit, spoke to Peter and found out what was going on! I adore how she seems torn though, and apologizes to Claire. And Claire looks so worried about her! Oh girls. Get back together soon please.

I love Beeman, and I love K/H. Can you believe the last time we got proper Kristen/Hayden pics (I don't count that one lame filming candid in August) was in January? Seriously, I don't even know how that happened. They're sneaky.

Annnd to finish off, some animations! Just because I like to be able to sit and stare at the pretty in motion. (They may take a while to load)

Oh wait, did I say I'd finished? I lied.

NOVEMBER 11th BE HERE NOW PLEASE. Now I'm finished.
Tags: picspam, ship: elle/claire, ship: kristen/hayden, ship: sylar/elle, tv: heroes
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